May 29, 2016
Ashleigh-in-hospital-with-Mum-FBMunchausen Syndrome by Proxy Label Destroys Families – Covers Up Vaccine InjuriesRead More
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Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Label Destroys Families - Covers Up Vaccine Injuries

In my first article titled Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – A False Diagnosis to Blame Parents for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths, I described what Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is, the man behind the label, Sir Roy Meadow, and his involvement in the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunization, an ...

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Cancer-causing Glyphosate Herbicide Found in Urine of 93% of Americans

The Detox Project, using laboratories at the University of California San Francisco, has found the presence of glyphosate, the most used herbicide in the world, in the urine of 93% of the American public during a unique testing project that started in 2015. "Glyphosate was found in 93% of the ...

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FDA Taking Over State Food Regulation

In FDA’s words, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) “directs FDA to build an integrated national food safety system in partnership with state and local authorities explicitly recognizing that all food safety agencies need to work in integrated ways to achieve public health goals.” To FDA “integrate” means dictating to ...

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Mother Who had Son Medically Kidnapped Runs for Office in Washington State

Having a child medically or legally kidnapped by the state is one of the most difficult things that a family could ever experience, as many parents tell us every day. Parents tell us that there is nothing that compares to the despair and hopelessness of being powerless to protect one's ...

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Our Daily Dose: The Lunacy of Water Fluoridation

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has hailed water fluoridation as one of the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century. Beginning in 1945, it was claimed that adding fluoride to drinking water was a safe and effective way to improve people's dental health. Over the decades, many ...

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  • GMO-tested-Glyphosate-tested-corn

    Healthy Traditions Offers First-ever GMO-tested and Glyphosate-tested Heirloom Corn Products from Mexico

    Over the past few years we have tried to find corn in the United States that tested clean for the presence of genetically modified material and the herbicide glyphosate. We tested corn products that were USDA certified organic, and corn that also made claims to be GMO-free.

    We found that all of them were contaminated.

    We have been successful in some years growing clean corn with our farmers in Wisconsin, but often subsequent harvest years turned up positive results of GMOs in our testing, forcing us to find new sources of open pollinated heirloom corn. As a result, we did not have much corn to sell to our customers, and some years we had none.

    But now, we have located some rural farms in Mexico that seem to have clean corn from native varieties.

    Healthy Traditions is excited to bring you a new line of products made from corn grown in the region where corn is thought to have originated, Central Mexico! In order to find a consistent supply of corn that tested negative for both GMO and glyphosate contamination, we began searching in Mexico, where commercial GMO corn production is currently banned because of the rich genetic diversity and cultural significance that corn has there.

    This open-pollinated corn has been grown in a traditional fashion, much the same way it has been done for hundreds, if not thousands of years in this region. The family of the farmer that grew this corn has a connection to the land for over a century, and the seed he uses has been passed down from generation to generation.

    Healthy Traditions views the opportunity to help preserve this genetically diverse corn as a great honor and one in which we are proud to be a part of. We are also pleased to work with a grist mill that has agreed to dedicate one of their stone grinders just for grinding GMO-tested and Glyphosate-tested corn. This mill processes no other grains in this facility and our corn is ground in small batches to ensure freshness.

    • assortment of milk products

      Full-Fat Dairy Healthier than Low-Fat Dairy: Eating High Fat Linked to Lower Risk for Diabetes

      The number of people with type 2 diabetes equals 9.3 percent of the population of the U.S. or 29 million people. This is an increase from the 2010 estimate of 26 million people. Another 86 million people have pre-diabetes, where their blood sugar is higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed with diabetes.

      If those with pre-diabetes do not make changes to their diet and exercise habits, between 15 percent and 30 percent will develop diabetes within the next five years. These numbers are overwhelming when you consider the complications related to diabetes have an impact on the individual, the family and the workforce.

      Diabetes is a serious health condition with serious complications. Without consistent blood sugar control, excess glucose in your blood causes damage to your heart, blood vessels, kidneys, eyes, gums, teeth and neurological system.

      The advice to eat low-fat foods and dairy products originated as far back as the late 1950s and early 1960s. A single research study performed by an economist proposed that high-fat diets were the cause of most heart disease, stroke and high cholesterol levels.

      Before that study, and since, other well-designed and peer-reviewed studies have refuted that evidence.

      • raw-italian-almonds-FB

        Healthy Traditions Adds Traditionally Produced and Glyphosate-Tested Raw Almonds to Product Line

        Tropical Traditions announced this week that they have added Raw Italian Almonds to their Healthy Traditions product line.

        Unlike almonds grown in the US, that are required to be pasteurized by law, these almonds, grown in Italy, are free from that regulation.

        These almonds are grown by sustainable methods with no chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers used on the almond trees. It carries Healthy Traditions’ highest standards to earn the “Traditionally Produced” label. As an added security, they are tested for the presence of glyphosate for each batch.

        The family-run farm that grows these almonds for us is a diverse farm, not an almond monoculture, and these almonds are never irradiated, so they are suitable for sprouting.

        • Beetroot with leaves, fresh whole beet isolated on white backgro

          Power Up With Beets

          A new study has emerged that may give hope to those who may see themselves as the proverbial “90-pound weakling.” Surprisingly, the remedy can be found in the garden.

          The study, recently conducted at the Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis, is one of several university trials revealing that a small amount of beet juice is all it takes to beef up your exercise performance and endurance.

          The researchers found nine heart failure subjects who experienced the typical symptoms — loss of skeletal muscle strength, reduced ability to exercise and even evidence that quality of life was suffering. Each individual exhibited measurable improvement.

          The patients were given 140 milliliters — about two-thirds of a cup — of concentrated beet juice, followed by testing, which found an almost instantaneous increase in their muscle capacity by an average of 13 percent. The study was published in the journal Circulation: Heart Failure in September 2015.

          One of the study’s coauthors, Andrew Coggan, assistant professor of radiology at the university, asserted that’s the type of boost one might get after a few hard months of resistance training. The source of this impressive difference, studies revealed, came from nitric oxide.

          One of the most important benefits beet juice offers the heart is that its compounds “de-stiffen” patients’ blood vessels when the individual is at rest. This prevents the heart from having to work so hard and also demonstrates potential value to diabetics.

          Interestingly, it’s occurred to more than a few scientists that a similar therapy might be useful for lowering blood pressure.

          When testing was being done on individuals with heart failure, scientists concentrated specifically on the muscles used to extend the knee, looking for improvement in power, which they specified as a combination of force and velocity. This is crucial for athletes in training, such as sprinting or gymnastics.

          That easy-to-take-for-granted strength is also required by people who want to climb stairs, move furniture around, or simply get up from the toilet, an action that — if they’re unable to accomplish — is what most often puts people in a nursing home.

          • bison-stock

            Grass-fed Traditions Offers Bison Bone Stock for Broth to the Public

            Grass-Fed Traditions, part of the Tropical Traditions and Healthy Traditions network, has announced that it is offering bison bone stock to the public.

            The stock is sourced from the bones of grass-fed bison that are raised on pastures that are never treated with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. These magnificent animals yield bones that are perfect for making a nutrient dense stock.

            • Coconut with jars of coconut oil and cosmetic cream on wooden ba

              Study: Saturated Fats and Coconut Oil Prevent Colon Cancer

              A recent study published in the American Journal of Physiology challenged a long-held belief that high fat diets contributed to colon cancer. The authors of the study correctly stated that the lipid profile of the fats being consumed is very important to understand: “High-fat-diet (HFD) consumption is associated with colon cancer risk. However, little is known about how the lipid composition of a HFD can influence pro-oncogenic processes.”

              This study out of the University of South Carolina looking at the effects of saturated fats on colon cancer is a very welcome study, and many more similar theories about the “dangers” of high fat diets should be challenged and looked at more carefully, studying the lipid composition of the fats being consumed.

              The conclusions of their experiments showed that a high fat diet rich in saturated fats, specifically coconut oil, protected against colon cancer.

              • Coffee Cup And Coffee Beans

                Coffee Benefits May Outweigh Health Risks for Many

                Coffee’s affect on general health has been considered mostly negative for decades. But recent years have seen more reports and studies pointing to beneficial health effects from consuming coffee on a regular basis.

                Despite a recent epidemiological study that alluded to longer life without dangerous diseases among those who drank five or more cups daily, moderation and understanding one’s own physiological reaction tolerance is basic for managing coffee’s health benefits beyond risks.

                Some cannot manage even one cup of coffee without getting too fidgety to function. Others have a threshold of time for coffee that can’t be broken if they want to get a good night’s sleep. Another aspect to consider is the type of coffee consumed, how it’s brewed, and what is added to the final brew.

                • eggs-bacon-web-702x336

                  Government and Corporate Interests Censor Free Speech on Nutrition

                  What are the supporters of the government’s “US Dietary Guidelines for Americans” afraid of?

                  Last week, investigative journalist and author Nina Teicholz was disinvited from participating in a panel discussion at the Consumer Federation of America’s National Food Policy Conference. Other panelists reportedly said that they would not participate with her, and got the organizers of the conference to rescind Teicholz’s invitation.

                  Why did this happen? A few background details are necessary to explain why this episode typifies how Big Food works in sneaky ways to silence dissent from the established orthodoxy.

                  • Maple Syrup

                    Studies Show Neuro-Protective Effects of Real Maple Syrup

                    Over the past several decades of unsustainable agricultural practices, farmland topsoil has lost much of its organic mineral content. There are a few food items from crops that do not depend on topsoil for its nutrition. Among them is maple syrup.

                    The large more commonly used maple tree varieties and even occasional birch trees tapped for their saps have roots that extend far below the topsoil level into layers of relatively pristine and less adulterated deep soil. It’s there that maple syrup gets its high mineral content.

                    Recent lab studies have aroused interest in maple syrup’s health benefits. Current research has discovered more micronutrients and minerals in real maple syrup than previously considered, with potential positive health effects and even dementia prevention.

                    • Variety of heirloom gourmet potatoes on white background

                      The Much Maligned Potato is Actually Very Healthy

                      What would motivate a relatively healthy man to undergo a 60 day diet of potatoes only? In 2010, Chris Voight began his successful 60 day potato fast to prove the health merits of potatoes.

                      His inspiration was ignited by the federal WIC (Women, Infants and Children) low-income assistance program’s decision to remove potatoes from the list of vegetables that were being provided.

                      Due to his losing weight and having improved health markers from blood testing, his experience went viral at that time.

                      He did this on a Spartan variety of 20 potatoes or less daily, cooked differently with healthy oils and seasoned lightly but never smothered with butter or sour cream or bacon bits. Chris’ 60 day potato diet was done without supplements, yet his health profile after the 60 days was amazing.

                      As a result of Chris’ experiment with the 60 day potato only diet, a handful of other individuals followed his lead with somewhat shorter potato only diets, usually around 30 days, also with amazingly health boosting weight loss results.

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                      • Ashleigh-in-hospital-with-Mum-FB

                        Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Label Destroys Families - Covers Up Vaccine Injuries

                        In my first article titled Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy – A False Diagnosis to Blame Parents for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths, I described what Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is, the man behind the label, Sir Roy Meadow, and his involvement in the Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunization, an organization that sanctions vaccines in the UK.

                        From extensive research it appears that Sir Roy Meadow did not work alone. Another professional who has been found to be deeply embroiled in the vaccine injury cover-up, is a Professor David Southall.

                        • Anne-Giroux-Candidacy-filed-300x169

                          Mother Who had Son Medically Kidnapped Runs for Office in Washington State

                          Having a child medically or legally kidnapped by the state is one of the most difficult things that a family could ever experience, as many parents tell us every day. Parents tell us that there is nothing that compares to the despair and hopelessness of being powerless to protect one’s children when Child Protective Services takes over. The system seems designed to break down both parent and child, and some who have fallen prey never recover from the devastation.

                          Anne Giroux of Washington State is a mother who has lived through this trauma, and has decided to turn her experiences into something that can help and inspire other families. She is running for local office.

                          When she realized that candidates have the ability to have their voices heard as they speak out about their platform, she decided to learn how to run for office. She has taken the bull by the horns and is now an official candidate for Legislative District 28 for the office of State Representative Position 1.

                          • DOJ-Vaccine-court-report-March-2016-300x152

                            Vaccine Court Stats on Injuries and Deaths Betray Government's Position on Vaccine Safety

                            Every day, people in the United States are being injured and killed by vaccines. This is a fact that is not in dispute, as the Department of Justice’s quarterly report on vaccine injuries and deaths clearly demonstrates. And yet, the government’s official public statement about vaccines is that they are safe and effective, and should be mandated for all people. Any opinion or presentation of facts to contradict their position is vigorously suppressed and censored all in the name of “public health” for the “greater good.”

                            The American public is largely unaware that there is a vaccine court known as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). This program was started as a result of a law passed in 1986 that gave pharmaceutical companies total legal immunity from being sued due to injuries and deaths resulting from vaccines. If you or a family member is injured or dies from vaccines, you must now sue the Federal Government in this special vaccine court. Many cases are litigated for years before a settlement is reached.

                            Once every 3 months the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines meets, and the Department of Justice issues a report of cases settled for vaccine injuries and deaths. As far as I know, Health Impact News is the only media source that publishes these reports each quarter.

                            The most recent report is from March 3, 2016. Every quarter for the past couple of years, it has been increasingly difficult for Health Impact News to obtain this report, which used to be routinely published on the Health Resources and Services Administration (HSRA) government website. Health Impact News just now received the report from March, and in a couple of weeks the next report will be due at the June meeting.

                            The report for March 3, 2016 which covered the period from 11/16/15 to 2/15/16 had 199 cases adjudicated. 108 of them were listed in the report, specifying the vaccine, the injury or death, and the amount of time the case was pending before settlement.

                            There were three deaths: two related to the flu vaccine, and one related to the TDaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis) combo vaccine.

                            88 of the 108 cases settled were for injuries and deaths due to the flu vaccine, making the flu vaccine the most dangerous vaccine in the U.S., harming and killing more people than all the other vaccines put together. Here is the report the government would prefer you not see.

                            • de-niro-today-show

                              VAXXED Film Opens in Washington D.C. - Will Lawmakers View It?

                              The controversial film VAXXED, which has been censored at certain film festivals across the United States, recently opened at the Angelika Pop Up theater in Washington, D.C.

                              The film is produced by Del Bigtree, a medical journalist and the past producer of the popular daytime show “The Doctors.”

                              Mr. Bigtree states that when he learned about the top scientist whistleblower at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), that he knew this was the biggest story of his life, and that this was “bigger than Watergate.” Since the 2004 study that supposedly proved there was no link between the MMR vaccine and autism was published by the CDC, more than one million children have been diagnosed with autism, and now one of the study’s authors at the CDC has revealed that data was concealed that actually showed there was indeed a link between the vaccine and autism in some children.

                              There will be Q&As on Tuesday, May 24th and Wednesday, May 25th following the 5:45pm and 7:45pm shows at the Angelika Pop Up theater in Washington, D.C. with producers Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey and director Dr. Andrew Wakefield available to take questions.

                              This is a perfect opportunity for members of Congress to view the film for themselves, since it has been mostly censored in mainstream media.

                              • Giwa-family-portrait-FB-300x175

                                Children of Texas Family Victimized by Medical Kidnapping Now Safe, Away from CPS

                                The Giwa family’s nightmare with Child Protective Services is over, and their children are safely with their family, outside of Texas and away from CPS. They want the world to know that prayer did what man could not do, and they give the glory to God for their victory. Kathy (Olubunmi) Giwa tells Health Impact News: “The fundamental part of the battle was won on our knees.”

                                Ahmed Giwa echoes her words with his message that he wants to tell families who are fighting CPS for their children: “They shouldn’t give up. They need to keep fighting and PRAYING and believing that it is only God that can do it for them. There is someone that is greater than CPS, and that is GOD!”

                                He says that even the best attorneys cannot do what God can do.

                                Now, it is time to heal and rebuild. This whole ordeal has left the entire family traumatized. The once-secure children are now needy and clingy. They are fearful. They are glad to be together again, but their mother reports that they are exhibiting behaviors they did not before they were stolen from their parents.

                                However, the Giwas are confident that the same God who delivered them from the hand of CPS will also work to heal their trauma. They look to the future that they will share together. They are thankful to be free to be a family again.

                                Kathy tells Health Impact News: “Every day when I go into their rooms and see them sleeping in their own beds, I am so thankful that they’re back home with me, and I get to raise them and be their mother. I remember the nights without them, and the despair and the hours of missing them.”

                                • Angelia-Borths-FB-300x176

                                  Mad Angel: Former Foster Child Now Parent is Creating an Army of Victims to Fight CPS

                                  I’m here to correct the misconceptions or false claims from CPS (Child Protective Services).

                                  For years I’ve watched in horror as children and foster children have tried to stand up to their abusers; tried to get anyone, the public, to hear their cries. Sadly, I also watched as the abusers described these children’s words as meaningless, attention seekers and trouble makers. And the public believed the word of the abuser over the truth and the reality of the child’s words.

                                  Pedophile, child rapist, child murderers, child abusers, child sex traffickers – there I’ve said the words that make you cringe, that make you want to pull back and hide and pretend it isn’t happening. Those are the words that I’ve shown to be associated with people in authority. Preachers, judges, lawyers, doctors, teachers, foster and adoptive parents and above all CHILD PROTECTION WORKERS.

                                  Sadly, those horrific words are ones that children placed in their care can not just pull away from. They can not ask for help, they can not tell the nearest adult.

                                  • Gabriel-Fernandez-photo-300x169

                                    California Governor Wants to Shield Corrupt LA County Social Workers by Making Child Death Files Secret

                                    Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration has quietly drafted a bill that would gut key portions of the state’s landmark law requiring child protective services agencies to release records when a youth dies of abuse or neglect. A vote is expected within the next week.

                                    It is the second time in two years that California Department of Social Services Director Will Lightbourne has introduced the bill on an emergency basis through a “trailer bill,” introduced as part of the state’s May budgeting process. That approach bypasses the usual committee review and fast-tracks the proposal for a vote.

                                    Earlier this year, Los Angeles County prosecutors filed criminal charges against four social workers who handled the case of 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez in the months before he was tortured and killed. The case was first reported in The Times based on information that included documents released through the disclosure law.

                                    The social workers union has staged protests against the criminal charges and worked with the administration to craft the bill that would reduce public scrutiny of the case files for child fatalities. The state child welfare directors association also supports the administration’s bill.

                                    • Doctor says I don't know

                                      “Consult Your Doctor” on Vaccines? Medical Doctors Receive Little to No Training on Vaccines in Medical School

                                      There exists a general belief among the public that medical doctors are “experts” with regard to vaccines. Newspaper and magazine articles and medical and public health websites frequently advise that, when it comes to vaccination, people should “consult your doctor.“ The counsel is the equivalent of the “ask your doctor” to which TV viewers have grown accustomed to hearing at the conclusion of advertisements for prescription drugs.

                                      The underlying assumption is that doctors have received considerable vaccine education and training when they attended medical school—so much, in fact, that they merit the public’s belief that they are indeed experts on the subject and that they can be trusted to provide accurate, scientifically based information. But is it right to assume that is true? Do medical school students learn a lot about vaccine science, history, and ethics?

                                      • Mother-Assaulted-Baby-Seized-300x190

                                        “We Don’t Need a Warrant” — Police Enter Home Through Window, Rip Infant From Mother’s Arms

                                        In February, a family experienced a horrifying home invasion during which their children were taken from them, and they were assaulted. The father and husband, Ilya Petrenko caught the perpetrators on video — they were police officers with the Vancouver Police Department.

                                        After more than an hour of asking the police to politely leave, Ilya began filming. Police had guns and tasers drawn as they swarmed the house to attack the family. The entire time, the couple is demanding to see a warrant and they are told by the police that they do not need one.

                                        The police eventually entered through a window, and began to assault the mother who was holding the child. The mother passed out, and the police carried the children from the home.

                                        • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

                                          Heartburn Meds Causing Kidney Burn Out

                                          Despite the name, heartburn doesn’t affect your heart, but rather your esophagus in the area of your chest around your heart. You’ll feel a burning sensation in your chest and maybe experience a sour taste in your mouth. Some people find that the pain lasts for just minutes and others experience the pain for hours.

                                          Occasional heartburn is common and usually not serious. However, if you experience it frequently, it can lead to inflammation of your esophagus and, over a long period of time, to esophageal cancer.

                                          One of the most common prescriptions written for heartburn are proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). Some of these drugs are available over-the-counter and others are prescription only.

                                          While these drugs are easily accessed and often provide some relief, they have been associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD), sometimes leading to kidney failure.

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                                          • Girl-drinking-tap-water

                                            Our Daily Dose: The Lunacy of Water Fluoridation

                                            The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has hailed water fluoridation as one of the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century.

                                            Beginning in 1945, it was claimed that adding fluoride to drinking water was a safe and effective way to improve people’s dental health. Over the decades, many bought into this hook, line and sinker, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

                                            The featured film, “Our Daily Dose,” reviews some of this evidence. As noted in the film’s synopsis:

                                            “Filmmaker Jeremy Seifert lays out the dangers of water fluoridation informatively and creatively, highlighting the most current research and interviewing top-tier doctors, activists, and attorneys close to the issue.

                                            Through thoughtful examination of old beliefs and new science, the film alerts us to the health threat present in the water and beverages we rely on every day.”

                                            • congress-landscape-web

                                              New Sneak Attack to Restrict Access to Dietary Supplements

                                              It’s the same tactic these senators used last year, and with your help we will beat it back again.

                                              Last year, Sens. Blumenthal (D-CT) and Durbin (D-IL) attempted to attach anti-supplement amendments to a must-pass defense appropriations bill, but were stopped by our grassroots activists and other stakeholders.

                                              It looks as if the same tactic is being deployed once again: Sen. Blumenthal, in closed door meetings of the Senate Armed Services Committee, floated a proposed amendment that would restrict access to dietary supplements for members of the Armed Forces.

                                              • Pablo-Ross

                                                New GMO Experiment: Part-Human Part-Animal Embryos in Development

                                                A handful of scientists around the United States are trying to do something that some people find disturbing: make embryos that are part human, part animal. The researchers hope these embryos, known as chimeras, could eventually help save the lives of people with a wide range of diseases.

                                                “We’re not trying to make a chimera just because we want to see some kind of monstrous creature,” says Pablo Ross, a reproductive biologist at the University of California, Davis. “We’re doing this for a biomedical purpose.”

                                                • hormone-therapy2-web-702x336

                                                  Big Drug Companies Threaten Natural Hormone Therapy

                                                  Big drug companies want the entire hormone therapy market to themselves.

                                                  If they’re successful, the price of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy could go through the roof. And you won’t be able to get the therapy in the right form, either.

                                                  In 2014, TherapeuticsMD, a drug company specializing in women’s healthcare, was granted two new patents for the company’s combination bioidentical-estradiol-and-progesterone drug. The patents are for the particular “recipe” of bioidentical hormones (presumably a particular ratio of estradiol to progesterone, combined with a proprietary solubilizing agent), and for the “method”—that is, the claim that this formulation is a method of treating menopause symptoms in women.

                                                  The company is also in the midst of conducting a Phase III clinical trial on this drug, meaning that it could be very close to coming to market.

                                                  Keep in mind that this is occurring against the backdrop of the FDA’s war on natural medicine.

                                                  • Pregnant woman talking to midwife

                                                    What If Home Birth Is Actually SAFER Than Hospital Birth?

                                                    Jennifer Lang, M.D., a highly skilled surgeon and obstetrician, chose to deliver 2 of her 3 children at her home in Southern California. Lang says home is where she felt safest and most relaxed.

                                                    “I had an expert midwife who kept meticulous records of her outcomes,” Lang explains. “I’ve never seen an obstetrician at the first prenatal visit hand over their complete list of how many thousands of births they had done, what their overall C-section rate was, how many complications they had, what the complications were. My midwife did that for me and I felt incredibly safe in her hands. Her statistics were far better than any of the OBs I’d ever met, or even my own.”

                                                    • doctor-sulak-FB

                                                      How Cannabis Can Be Used for Safe and Effective Opioid Drug Withdrawal

                                                      Dr. Dustin Sulak, DO, is considered an international expert in clinical medical cannabis.

                                                      Dr. Sulak heads his own Integr8 Health Clinics in Maine and a satellite clinic in Massachusetts where not only does he practice medical applications of cannabis, his clinic analyzes different cannabis strains and researches their specific applications. He also provides a free online educational service for health practitioners and patients that provides the latest data and advice for using cannabis medically.

                                                      Dr. Sulak delivered a two hour presentation in Portland, Maine to a live audience that was carried simultaneously online. His lecture focused on how he uses cannabis to replace prescribed narcotic opioid pain killers, such as Oxycontin and morphine, to avoid or cure opioid addictions.

                                                      • Baby Talcum Powder Container

                                                        Behind the $55 Million Verdict: Johnson & Johnson Knew About Talcum Powder Cancer Risks Since the 1970s

                                                        Like the tobacco companies a generation ago, Johnson & Johnson and its cosmetics lobby have known about the link between its talcum powder and cancer for 40 years, distorted research about the talcum-cancer connection, and lied to the public about the dangers. The big lie was exposed on [recently] when, for the second time in three months, jurors blasted Johnson & Johnson with an 8-figure verdict in a trial charging that the company knew that its talc-based Baby Powder and Show to Shower Powder causes ovarian cancer.

                                                        For decades, according to the plaintiffs, J&J and its lobby the Talc Interested Party Task Force (TIPTF) distorted scientific papers to prevent talc from being classified as a carcinogen. As a result, J&J is facing now 1,200 lawsuits in Missouri and New Jersey, charging it with fraud, negligence, conspiracy, and failing to warn consumers about the cancer risks.

                                                        • black-seed-oil

                                                          Black Cumin Seed Oil: Ancient Seed is Cure for Many Modern Diseases

                                                          Black cumin seed oil continues to receive serious attention from medical researchers around the world.

                                                          Since Health Impact News first published two reviews of black cumin seed oil research in the summer of 2014, there have been another 215 scientific papers published about this amazing oil.

                                                          This article will provide you with a summary of recent findings from early 2016, which can be applied to a variety of health concerns.

                                                          Topics in this article include: learning, memory, and anxiety; oral health; diabetic health; radiation exposure; male infertility; female infertility; breast pain; preventing paralysis from aortic surgery; lead poisoning; corneal injury; and MRSA infection.

                                                          • science, chemistry, medicine and people concept - close up of yo

                                                            Will Congress Protect Americans From Untested Chemicals?

                                                            Most people think that manufacturers must prove chemicals safe before they put them on the market.

                                                            They’re wrong.

                                                            Instead, federal law presumes that most chemicals are safe until proven toxic.

                                                            • holistic-cannabis-summit-purchase-fb

                                                              First Holistic Cannabis Summit Seeks to Educate Public on Health Benefits of Marijuana

                                                              Seems like there’s always some sort of summit being held online for various aspects of alternative health, which should be called real health. These summits gather several experts relating to a particular health topic, diet, optional cancer treatments, etc. But this author never expected a medical cannabis summit. Nevertheless, there is one now.

                                                              Speakers from several medical and nutritional practices who prescribe cannabis partially or wholly with their individual practices are available in this summit, the Holistic Cannabis Summit. The amount of cannabis experts weighing in represents a very encouraging growing trend towards medical marijuana acceptance by holistic M.D.s and medical practitioners of all types.

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                                                              • Spraying-Pesticides-herbicides

                                                                Cancer-causing Glyphosate Herbicide Found in Urine of 93% of Americans

                                                                The Detox Project, using laboratories at the University of California San Francisco, has found the presence of glyphosate, the most used herbicide in the world, in the urine of 93% of the American public during a unique testing project that started in 2015. “Glyphosate was found in 93% of the 131 urine samples tested at an average level of 3.096 parts per billion (PPB). Children had the highest levels with an average of 3.586 PPB.”

                                                                • FDA_Sign_&_Bldg_21_at_Entrance_(5204602349)

                                                                  FDA Taking Over State Food Regulation

                                                                  In FDA’s words, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) “directs FDA to build an integrated national food safety system in partnership with state and local authorities explicitly recognizing that all food safety agencies need to work in integrated ways to achieve public health goals.” To FDA “integrate” means dictating to the states what their food safety laws will be.

                                                                  • Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.19.22 AM

                                                                    Veteran Farm News Cartoonist Fired for Speaking the Truth About Big Ag - Exposes Mainstream Media Censorship

                                                                    Rick Friday is a veteran political cartoonist for Farm News, an Iowa newspaper. That is, he was their political cartoonist up until earlier this month. After drawing more than 1,000 cartoons over his 21-year career, he was fired from the newspaper after one of its advertisers complained.

                                                                    It’s true that money talks, and this is a clear example of who’s really in control of the press. The career-ending cartoon pictured two farmers talking. One said, “I wish there was profit in farming.”

                                                                    The other responded, “There is, in year 2015 the CEOs of Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer and John Deere combined made more money than 2,129 Iowa farmers.”

                                                                    As for who complained, it was reportedly “a large company affiliated with one of the corporations mentioned in the cartoon,” according to a Facebook response written by Friday. The company canceled their advertisement with the paper after the cartoon was published, leading to Friday’s termination.

                                                                    Monsanto claimed it had no role in Friday’s firing, but a reported email sent by his supervisor said it was a “seed dealer” that canceled their advertising.1

                                                                    Friday’s cartoon was accurate, by the way, but it doesn’t matter. When you receive advertising money from Monsanto, DuPont and other bigwigs, you have to censor what you say so they — and their products — are painted in only a positive light. In rebuttal, Friday wrote:

                                                                    “I did my research and only submitted the facts in my cartoon. That’s okay, hopefully my children and my grandchildren will see that this last cartoon published by Farm News out of Fort Dodge, Iowa, will shine light on how fragile our rights to free speech and free press really are in the country.”

                                                                    • Tractor Fertilize Field Pesticide And Insecticide

                                                                      Lawsuits Begin Against Herbicide Glyphosate in Roundup: Found in Most Foods and Linked to Cancer

                                                                      Lawsuits are now beginning in the United States against Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, the number one herbicide in the world used in modern agriculture. The active ingredient glyphosate, found in most of our foods, has been linked to cancer by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

                                                                      As reported by EcoWatch, four Nebraskan agricultural workers have now filed a lawsuit against Monsanto Co. alleging that Roundup gave them non-Hodgkin lymphoma after many years of exposure. The plaintiffs have also accused Monsanto of purposely misleading consumers about the safety of its agricultural product, which contains glyphosate as its main ingredient.

                                                                      The plaintiffs allege that Monsanto mislabeled the product in defiance of the “body of recognized scientific evidence linking the disease to exposure to Roundup.”

                                                                      Could this be the beginning of many more lawsuits? Glyphosate is used so heavily in the U.S. that it has been found in human breast milk, feeding tube liquids given to babies and children with cancer in hospitals, and 75% of the air and rain samples tested in the Mississippi delta region.

                                                                      In 2014, Tropical Traditions tested some of the USDA certified organic products they were selling, and found glyphosate residue in organic food as well. They have now begun testing all of their products for the presence of glyphosate.

                                                                      • Gmo Sign

                                                                        Biotech to Receive Tax Payer Money to Promote GMOs?

                                                                        Hidden within a large federal spending bill is a proposal for $3 million to go toward consumer education and outreach to “promote understanding and acceptance of agricultural biotechnology”—a campaign to be carried out jointly by the FDA and the USDA.

                                                                        In plain English, this proposal would spend taxpayer dollars on an effort to convince Americans that GMOs are just fine—perhaps even that they shouldn’t be labeled.

                                                                        • Crop-Duster

                                                                          Herbicide Glyphosate Found in Organic Eggs and Dairy

                                                                          ANH-USA tested common breakfast foods for the presence of glyphosate, the toxic herbicide. Here’s what we found. Action Alert!

                                                                          By now it has become common knowledge that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup—the most common weed killer in the world—poses many grave threats to human health and has been classified as a possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

                                                                          We also know that glyphosate is increasingly prevalent, turning up in blood, urine, and even breast milk. To dig deeper—to see just how pervasive glyphosate is in our food system—we tested twenty-four popular breakfast foods and ingredients, including items such as flour, corn flakes, bagels, yogurt, potatoes, organic eggs, and coffee creamers.

                                                                          • Fresh strawberries in blur natural green field background, fresh

                                                                            Strawberries Top the List of Worst Fruits and Veggies for Pesticide Residues

                                                                            Of all the fresh fruits and vegetables available for sale in the United States, sweet, sun-kissed strawberries are the most likely to be contaminated with pesticide residues, according to EWG’s 2016 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce.

                                                                            This year, for the first time strawberries top EWG’s Dirty Dozen list of produce with the highest amount of pesticide, even after you’ve washed them. Other dirty produce includes peaches, nectarines and apples – previously No. 1 for five years running.

                                                                            • campbell-gmo_custom

                                                                              How Little Vermont Got Big Food Companies To Label GMOs

                                                                              You’ll soon know whether many of the packaged foods you buy contain ingredients derived from genetically modified plants, such as soybeans and corn.

                                                                              Over the past week or so, big companies including General Mills, Mars and Kellogg have announced plans to label such products – even though they still don’t think it’s a good idea.

                                                                              The reason, in a word, is Vermont. The tiny state has boxed big food companies into a corner. Two years ago, the state passed legislation requiring mandatory labeling.

                                                                              The Grocery Manufacturers Association has fought back against the law, both in court and in Congress, but so far it’s been unsuccessful.

                                                                              And since food companies can’t create different packaging just for Vermont, it appears that the tiniest of states has created a labeling standard that will go into effect nationwide.

                                                                              • dr-jonathan-lundgren

                                                                                Is the USDA Just a Corporate Lobbyist Group?

                                                                                “When independent, government scientists produce research that threatens corporate agribusinesses, the USDA — according to at least 10 government scientists — censors the results, waters down the findings and punishes the researchers.”

                                                                                Jonathan Lundgren is one of these 10 scientists. The other 9 have all chosen to remain anonymous for fear of even more reprisals.

                                                                                In the first week of November 2015, Jonathan Lundgren, who spent the last 11 years working as an entomologist at the USDA, filed a whistleblower complaint against the agency, claiming he’d suffered retaliation after speaking out about research showing that neonicotinoids had adverse effects on bees.

                                                                                • Kids In Bavarian Costumes In Wheat Field

                                                                                  99.6% of Germans are Contaminated with the Herbicide Glyphosate

                                                                                  A new study carried out by the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Germany has found that 99.6% of the German population has been contaminated by the herbicide glyphosate. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the world’s most widely used herbicides, such as Roundup.

                                                                                  This study follows another study released in February (2016) that found glyphosate in each of Germany’s 14 most popular beers.

                                                                                  Coconut HealthShow all Coconut Health
                                                                                  • Natural Oral Hygiene.

                                                                                    Study: Coconut Oil Pulling Kills Mouth Bacteria

                                                                                    A new study conducted in India and just published in the Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice shows once again the health benefits of “oil pulling” with coconut oil. The study compared regular coconut oil with commercial Chlorhexidine mouthwash, and the effect on reducing Streptococcus mutans bacteria in the saliva. A control group was simply given distilled water.

                                                                                    The study found that both the group that used the Chlorhexidine mouthwash and regular coconut oil significantly reduced Streptococcus mutans bacteria in the saliva. The coconut oil group used a method called “oil pulling,” an age-old practice in India that has gained modern popularity in promoting oral and systemic health. They rinsed their mouth with 10 ml of coconut oil for 10 minutes.

                                                                                    • Coconut with jars of coconut oil and cosmetic cream on wooden ba

                                                                                      Study: Saturated Fats and Coconut Oil Prevent Colon Cancer

                                                                                      A recent study published in the American Journal of Physiology challenged a long-held belief that high fat diets contributed to colon cancer. The authors of the study correctly stated that the lipid profile of the fats being consumed is very important to understand: “High-fat-diet (HFD) consumption is associated with colon cancer risk. However, little is known about how the lipid composition of a HFD can influence pro-oncogenic processes.”

                                                                                      This study out of the University of South Carolina looking at the effects of saturated fats on colon cancer is a very welcome study, and many more similar theories about the “dangers” of high fat diets should be challenged and looked at more carefully, studying the lipid composition of the fats being consumed.

                                                                                      The conclusions of their experiments showed that a high fat diet rich in saturated fats, specifically coconut oil, protected against colon cancer.

                                                                                      • mediterranean-diet

                                                                                        Could Eating Saturated Fats Save 1 Million Lives per Year?

                                                                                        Saturated fats:

                                                                                        Increase your LDL levels, but they increase the large fluffy particles that are not associated with an increased risk of heart disease,
                                                                                        Increase your HDL levels. This more than compensates for any increase in LDL.
                                                                                        Do NOT cause heart disease as made clear in all the above-referenced studies.
                                                                                        Do not damage as easily as other fats because they do not have any double bonds that can be damaged through oxidation.
                                                                                        Serve to fuel mitochondria and produce far less damaging free radicals than carbs.

                                                                                        • Virgin-Coconut-Oil-Beats-Drugs-in-Treating-Alzheimers-book-cover-FB-300x210

                                                                                          88 Year Old Woman Recovering from Alzheimer's and Diabetes Using Coconut Oil

                                                                                          I brought my 88 year old mother out of 7 years of nursing home neglect/abuse on February 14, 2016. I’ve been studying the effects of coconut oil and Alzheimer’s disease.

                                                                                          She was taking 4 units Novolog insulin at meals and 10 units Lantas at night. After applying coconut oil all over her body, I noticed her sugars were continuing to lower without insulin shots. The first 2 days, I saturated her skin and added 1 teaspoon in protein shakes. Her sugars went from 300’s to 140.

                                                                                          My mother is diagnosed with stage 6 Alzheimer’s. She is speaking better and I gave her a Bible story book to read me yesterday and she could read it through with exception of a few words. My mother could not do this one week ago or for the last two years.

                                                                                          She is remembering people and things that have not been spoken of for years. I can now show her pictures and she can name people, even her children now. I’m thrilled!

                                                                                          • Coconut oil and fresh coconut

                                                                                            Virgin Coconut Oil Helps Reduce Diabetes

                                                                                            A new study from India published in the Journal of Food Science Technology showed positive results in improving glucose metabolism in high fructose diets in rats.

                                                                                            Coconut oil is a common dietary oil in South India, so the researchers wanted to compare the common refined copra-based coconut oil found in the market place with the less-refined “virgin” coconut oil which has become more readily available in recent years.

                                                                                            The results were very promising. The researchers found that glucose metabolism only increased 17% in a high-fructose diet as compared to 46% for those rates fed a standard coconut oil diet.

                                                                                            This research confirms what we have observed over the years since we brought Virgin Coconut Oil into the U.S. market: many who switch to Virgin Coconut Oil see their blood sugar levels normalize. Here are some testimonials.

                                                                                            • Plantain Salve-5

                                                                                              How to Make Your Own Healing Salve with Plantain-infused Olive and Coconut Oils

                                                                                              Whether you are looking for a safe salve for diaper rashes, or something to rub into working hands that could use a little TLC from all those winter-weather cracks, or an active playful child who has knees and elbows, this salve is for you.

                                                                                              It’s good for use on insect bites, scratches, rashes, nicks, cuts, dry skin, you name it – and even works as an earthy lip-balm.

                                                                                              • Senior-Couple-Being-Served-Meal-300x200

                                                                                                Study: Coconut Oil Improves Cognitive Functioning in Alzheimer's Patients

                                                                                                Health Impact News has been a leader in the alternative media publishing research and testimonials supporting the positive use of coconut oil with people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. These remarkable stories of families seeing dramatic improvement from Alzheimer’s and dementia are documented at In many cases, adding several spoonfuls of coconut oil a day to the diet of one suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia has resulted in memories returning, the ability to once again converse with friends and loved ones, etc. (Read the testimonials.)

                                                                                                However, pharma-based physicians and groups have largely condemned the use of coconut oil, stating that all the evidence is “anecdotal,” lacking peer-reviewed scientific research. Of course coconut oil is a natural food, with virtually no risk or side effects, and funding for research on a natural food is difficult to come by when no product can be patented as a result of the research, such as lucrative pharmaceutical drugs. As we have stated in the past, the lack of scientific research on coconut oil and Alzheimer’s should not stop people from trying it.

                                                                                                Some are taking notice and beginning to publish studies, however, so the claim that coconut oil improving Alzheimer’s lacks scientific support may not be true much longer. A clinical trial in Spain was published this month (December 2015) studying the effects of coconut oil on Alzheimer’s, and the results were very promising. Another study in Florida is in process and should be published in 2016.

                                                                                                • Coconut-And-Organic-Coconut-Oil

                                                                                                  Study: Candida Infections Can Be Controlled with Coconut Oil

                                                                                                  A new study from the University of Tufts shows that a diet high in coconut oil can control Candida yeast infections. In addition to this study and other previously published studies, there have been many anecdotal reports on curing Candida by including large amounts of coconut oil in the diet. The studies also confirm coconut oil’s efficacy for curbing Candida without side effects from the oil itself, a claim anti-fungal pharmaceuticals cannot make.

                                                                                                  • coconut-oil-on-spoon

                                                                                                    Coconut Oil and Other Saturated Fats Are Essential for Health

                                                                                                    Saturated fats are commonly solid fats like animal and dairy fats and plant fats like nuts, avocado, and coconut oil. Unprocessed coconut oil remains solid up to 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

                                                                                                    It’s impossible to know about a food’s health benefits if the food is officially taboo. The nutritional taboo of saturated fat started by one man’s highly publicized hypothesis that declared dietary saturated fats as the major source of heart disease.

                                                                                                    His name was Ancel Keys, a physiologist and researcher with the University of Minnesota who conducted a massive international study called the Seven Countries Study. Even then, several scientists questioned Keys’ epidemiological evidence that led to his hypothetical conclusions.

                                                                                                    Ancel Keys made the cover of Time Magazine in 1961, the year when he managed to persuade the American Heart Association (AHA) to issue dietary guidelines that excluded saturated fats. In their place came refined carbohydrates and processed vegetable oils.

                                                                                                    The false causation of heart disease from saturated fats true cause is currently scientifically disputed by iconoclastic cardiologists such as Dr. Dwight Lundell, Dr. Stephan Sinatra, Dr. Ron Rosedale, Britain’s Dr. Aseem Malholtra and other cardiologists and health experts who have been courageous enough to publicly speak against the unproven theory of the saturated fat causing heart disease theory.

                                                                                                    • coconut cranberry lip balm open tin

                                                                                                      How to Make Your Own Naturally Tinted Coconut Oil Lip Balm

                                                                                                      When there are so many reasons to smile, why should yours be painful, dry and cracked?

                                                                                                      The good news is, your lips don’t have to suffer that way – with a little TLC you can keep your gorgeous smile on all year long, naturally!

                                                                                                      Come learn how to handcraft small batches of shimmery, healthy lip balm – only 5 ingredients – 100 percent organic.

                                                                                                      Created4HealthShow all Created4Health
                                                                                                      • Death-of-Humanity-Weikart

                                                                                                        Darwinism: the Meaninglessness of Life and of Death

                                                                                                        In a video on YouTube, University of Chicago evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne states that science has demonstrated that “the universe and life are pointless….Pointless in the sense that there is no externally imposed purpose or point in the universe. As atheists this is something that is manifestly true to us. We make our own meaning and purpose.”

                                                                                                        He went on to say: “Evolution is the greatest killer of belief that has ever happened on this planet because it showed that some of the best evidence for God, which was the design of animals and plants that so wonderfully matched their environment could be the result of this naturalistic, blind materialistic process of natural selection.”

                                                                                                        Coyne is by no means alone in claiming Darwinism, with its insistence that all organisms have arisen through chance events (mutations) without plan or purpose, leads logically to the position that human life has no meaning or purpose. In my book The Death of Humanity: And the Case for Life, I provide many examples of evolutionary biologists and other intellectuals who argue Darwinism sweeps away the benighted notion that human life has meaning.

                                                                                                        • Shanghai, China aerial view over Yan'an Elevated Highway.

                                                                                                          Epigenetics, a Revolution with a Long Onramp, Poised to Accelerate Design Thinking

                                                                                                          Some revolutions have long onramps. Modern epigenetics has been around for well over a decade, but its impact has yet to be fully explored. Which interpretation of biology — evolution or intelligent design — stands the best chance of advancing scientific understanding of genomics through epigenetics research?

                                                                                                          • Opiliones_harvestman

                                                                                                            Stasis: Life Goes On but Evolution Does Not Happen

                                                                                                            Species often explode suddenly into life, as in the Cambrian explosion, which even Darwin found to be a problem for natural selection. Some of them do not persist beyond the age to which they are adapted. That does not require an explanation.

                                                                                                            But others just settle down to long eons where they don’t change much, no matter what the environment. And “stabilizing selection” does not account for that. The cockroach, for example, is still around and still easily identifiable after perhaps 350 million years. The 350-million-year-old coelacanth fish and the 300-million-year-old horsetail grass survive largely unchanged.

                                                                                                            • Priest holding Bible. Portrait of priest reading the Holy Bible

                                                                                                              Is "Pastor" A Biblical Title for Church Leaders?

                                                                                                              The English word “pastor” today is most often used in front of a person’s name as a title of someone in a leadership position within a church or religious organization. But is this common title used so often in modern culture really biblical? Would believers in Jesus Christ in the First Century, among whom are the writers of the New Testament portion of the Bible, have used this term as a title, representing leaders and authorities?

                                                                                                              Who will follow the one true Pastor Jesus, who is the rightful owner of the one true flock, and tend to his sheep under his leadership? Who will pray in faith with the power and authority of Jesus to affect true healing for the multitudes that are suffering in the 21st century? Who will deal with the disease and effects of sin and receive the forgiveness from Jesus that cleanses and heals?

                                                                                                              • Red And White Polka Dot Theme Gift Box Present With Heart Shape

                                                                                                                The Practice of Receiving

                                                                                                                What do you enjoy more? Giving a gift, or receiving one? If you are like most people, you enjoying giving gifts to others more than you do receiving gifts. However, the joy you receive back in seeing someone accept your gift is 100% dependent on that person deciding to receive it. If they don’t take it, they rob you of the joy you receive in giving the gift.

                                                                                                                Did you know that your unwillingness to receive gifts could keep you from entering the kingdom of God?

                                                                                                                • Sterilization_protest

                                                                                                                  The Corrupting Influence of Scientism

                                                                                                                  Perhaps the greatest leap of blind, uncritical and unquestioning faith that I see among well-educated people today is something called scientism. Scientism is the belief that science is the best and only trustworthy method to discover truth. Supernatural explanations are a priori ruled out. The result is atheism dressed up as science.

                                                                                                                  • Fetus

                                                                                                                    Planned Parenthood Caught Selling Body Parts of Aborted Fetuses in Undercover Video

                                                                                                                    After a 3-Year investigative journalism study of Planned Parenthood, the Center for Medical Progress released its videotaped exposé filmed on July 25, 2014. The video shows two actors posing as employees of a human biologics company discussing with Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services, how Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted fetuses, using partial-birth abortions to supply intact body parts.

                                                                                                                    Selling and buying fetal body parts is against federal law, a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000.

                                                                                                                    Planned Parenthood denies that they are selling fetal body parts, and claims that the money discussed is related to transportation costs.

                                                                                                                    • Artificial Intelligence

                                                                                                                      Is Artificial Intelligence Possible?

                                                                                                                      Over the past half-century, Artificial Intelligence has been all the rage among computer scientists, and among many other scientists and philosophers and the general public. Can machines think? Is it possible that a computer could have intentions and desires and understanding of its own?

                                                                                                                      Many otherwise well-informed people have taken it for granted that machines are capable of thought, particularly if a substantial level of complexity is reached. Several philosophers and scientists have argued that AI is not possible — machines will never be capable of thought. They are right to deny the possibility of AI. The arguments against AI are several.

                                                                                                                      • ideal-aryan-baby2

                                                                                                                        Mapping the Genome and Modern Genetics: Eugenics Repackaged for Modern Times

                                                                                                                        The “science” of eugenics in America’s past history resulted in racism, forced sterilization, forced vaccination, and tyrannical government policies all in the name of developing a “superior” race of people. In Germany, the “science” of eugenics was used by the Nazi Party to “eliminate” over 11 million men, women, and children.

                                                                                                                        The term “eugenics” has fallen out of favor and is no longer a politically correct word to use, because of its negative stigmatization. But has the philosophy behind “eugenics” simply been replaced with the “new science” of genetics, and the mapping of the human genome?

                                                                                                                        Is there reason to suspect hidden motivations of certain groups who want us to be convinced that our genes, and only our genes, control every aspect of our health and well-being? Can we trust everything we hear about the benefits of genetic research? Is there a dark side to genetics? Is America heading down the same path that eugenics led us in the past, and that led Nazi Germany up to World War II?

                                                                                                                        • Dr. Josef Mengele, Rudolf Höss, Josef Kramer

                                                                                                                          Eugenics in the United States Today: Are We on the Same Path Nazi Germany Followed?

                                                                                                                          The word Eugenics means “good genes.” Eugenicists believe that principles of Darwin’s theory regarding “the survival of the fittest” can be used to support the elimination of weak and undesirable people from society.

                                                                                                                          When Adolf Hitler applied Darwin’s theory of evolution and the principles of eugenics to the goals of the German state, the result was the murder of eleven million men, women and children. These lives were sacrificed in the name of eugenics. Eugenicists were seeking to improve the conditions of life for humanity by creating a “superior” race of people.

                                                                                                                          The eugenics movement had a very dark side, which led to social control, loss of reproductive freedom, and the loss of life. Should we be concerned that modern genetic science might have a dark side as well? Will the fruit of genetic research be misused by ill-intentioned people to gain control over others as happened with eugenics in the past? Has modern genetics completely severed itself from its roots? Or, might it become the tool that will be used to try to control the lives of certain groups of people in America today, such as those who refuse vaccines?