Main Image: Art Del Cueto of the National Border Control Council with President Donald Trump at the White House in January of 2019. Source.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Almost everything you read or hear about the border crisis between the U.S. and Mexico today is false.

The fact is that BOTH the United States and Mexico greatly profit from “illegal” migrants streaming into the United States, and this has been happening since 1848, with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the end of the Mexican-American war.

If the U.S. actually closed the border and deported all illegal “aliens,” which has been the platform of the GOP for many years now, the entire economy of the United States would very quickly collapse, as these “illegal” Mexicans fulfill roles in agriculture and industry with jobs almost no American will do.

From the agricultural sector in California where most of the nation’s food is produced, to the dirty poultry operations in the south where sometimes tens of thousands of chickens are confined in warehouses to produce the nation’s eggs and poultry products, the entire system would very quickly collapse without their cheap labor, because Americans have no desire at all to work at these jobs.

And even if they worked at current minimum wage standards, they would still be making more than illegal Mexican migrants in most cases.

Because of the strength of the U.S. dollar, as of 2017, money from Mexican laborers sent back to Mexico represented about 3 percent of Mexico’s gross domestic product (GDP). (Source.)

Here in the U.S., these migrants continue to supply cheap labor to keep the U.S. economy running, while also being trafficked in the lucrative “illegal” drug trade, with children being trafficked for sexual exploitation in the highly lucrative child sex trafficking industry.

Consider this article published by Bloomberg this week:

Tyson Is Hiring New York Immigrants for Jobs No One Else Wants

For politicians in Washington and New York City, an unprecedented stream of asylum seekers presents an intractable problem with no easy answers. For companies like Tyson Foods Inc., struggling to fill unpleasant jobs with a US unemployment rate of 3.9%, this new population presents an alluring opportunity.

Tyson is joining the nonprofit Tent Partnership for Refugees, which was founded by Chobani yogurt magnate Hamdi Ulukaya, with a plan to hire some of the 181,400 migrants that have come through New York City’s intake system over the past two years. The meatpacker already employs about 42,000 immigrants among its 120,000-strong US workforce.

“We would like to employ another 42,000 if we could find them,” said Garrett Dolan, who leads Tyson’s efforts to eliminate employment barriers such as immigration status or the need for childcare. (Full article.)

Today, the Mexican cartels control the human trafficking industry that comes across the border, and they do it through funding by our very own U.S. Government. It doesn’t matter if the current administration is Democrat or Republican.

At the top, Freemasons run corporate America, with Wall Street and Silicon Valley billionaires deciding who will be (s)elected in the respective political parties to be the next president.

However, even at the bottom, labor groups and unions are also run by Freemasons. The top tier Freemasons tend to be Republican and pro-business, while the labor groups and unions tend to be Democrats and pro-labor.

But the same group of people, the Freemasons, control both groups.

Here are a couple of sources that document the beginning of the Freemason labor groups in the United States:


Freemasonry and the Labor Movement: Ancient Order of United Workmen

I have produced a video showing how everything happening at the border today is pure theatrics, and how the U.S. Government funds the cartels and the human trafficking across the border, and how former President Donald Trump worked through his Freemasonry network to ensure that a fellow top level Freemason was in charge of border policy.

(Note: While I realize that many people who participate in Freemasonry have no idea what it is all about, one cannot say that about Art Del Cueto, who never seems to appear in public without the Freemason symbol on his body somewhere, usually a lapel pin, or sometimes hanging around his neck on a gold chain, letting the public and his masters know who he serves.)

This is on our Odysee channel, as well as Bitchute and Telegram. It’s only 15 and a half minutes long.

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