by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

In March of 2023, several months before the current war between Hamas and Israel broke out, Norwegian film producer Tonje Hessen Schei premiered the documentary film, Praying for Armageddon: When Biblical Prophecy Fuels Political Power.

Here is the tagline/description from

An influential movement of Christian fundamentalists in the US, who with millions of dollars in backing and threads into the government are fighting for the end of the world. (Source.)

The use of the term “fundamentalism/fundamentalist” is unfortunate, (and I am sure intentional) as it is a stereotypical pejorative term that really is meaningless, as it can be defined many different ways and really does not define any specific group of people or religious doctrines.

The more accurate term is “Evangelical Zionism”, as everyone they expose in this documentary fits into that category.

So what this documentary film does is expose the Christian Zionist Cult, from the non-Christian perspective.

It was just re-released to the public a few weeks ago on Al Jazeera, who published it in two parts (using the more correct term of “Evangelical” instead of “Fundamentalist” in their descriptions), both of which are now available for free to watch on YouTube.

This is a very enlightening, and VERY timely, documentary to watch to understand the “other side” of how non-Christians and non-Americans view Evangelical Zionism.

I highly recommend viewing this film, even though I don’t agree with everything in it.

It accurately exposes how massive amounts of money in Evangelical Christianity define and support Zionism politically.

No Republican politician can ever lead the United States without being part of this Evangelical Christian Zionism movement, and wholeheartedly agreeing with it and the Zionist (mis)interpretation of the Bible.

One of the things I learned from watching this is that there was a major war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza in early 2021! I was watching the bombing and buildings being toppled in Gaza, and I thought I was watching what happened after October 7, 2023 in the current war.

I was so busy in early 2021 reporting on the mass murders in the U.S. through the COVID bioweapon injections, that I barely had time to look at anything in my newsfeed regarding the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.

This documentary also reveals why President Trump, during his first term in office, moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which legally gave the U.S. a presence in Jerusalem, so that if the U.S. Embassy was ever bombed by the enemies of Israel, it would be legally interpreted as an act of war against the United States.

That international law that states all embassies and consulates are considered as part of the countries where they originate, and that any acts of violence or attack on these embassies would be legally considered as an act of war on that country which would then give that country the “right” to strike back, is EXACTLY what just happened with the Israeli attacks on the Iranian Embassy in Syria.

The whole world knows that this was an act of war by Israel against Iran, and that Iran has a legal “right” to strike back, something that is considered imminent at the time of my writing this.


UPDATE: Since publishing this Iran has responded by shooting drones and missiles into Israel, which appears now to be over with no reported casualties yet. Iran’s statement is that this was in response to Article 51 of the UN Charter and that their military action was “in response to the Zionist regime’s aggression against our diplomatic premises in Damascus.”


And while everyone today seems to agree that Iran is about to make retaliatory strikes against Israel which they have a “legal right” right to do, what is not so clear is what the response of Israel and the United States is going to be, and if this is going to greatly escalate World War III.

If it does, and if American lives are lost, look for stricter laws, executive orders, and emergency actions to be taken against “antisemitism”, much like we saw during COVID with actions taken against “the unseen enemy (virus)” (to use Trump’s words), with mandatory orders (masks, lockdowns, social distancing, vaccines, etc.) given to allow continued participation in society.

The main leader and face of the American Christian Evangelical Zionism movement today is undoubtedly Donald Trump, and he has already publicly stated that he wants a federal “death penalty” imposed for “antisemitism.”

With the next escalation of World War III set to happen any minute now, I think it is a good investment of your time to watch this documentary on Evangelical Zionism to better understand both sides of this war we are currently entering into, and that is about to potentially change all of our lives forever.


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