Iris is now reunited with her mother, Jennifer Guskin.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Jennifer Guskin was sexually trafficked and suffered Satan Ritual Abuse (SRA) growing up as a child in the U.S. Foster Care system. She was trafficked by the rich and powerful politicians and business leaders in New York and the Washington D.C. area throughout her childhood.

Like many survivors of child sex trafficking in Foster Care, once she became an adult and had her own child, the system again came after her, this time by medically kidnapping her newborn infant daughter.

As an infant, I was adopted by a family in NY who subsequently sold me to various individuals and entities throughout my childhood.

I’ve been to Epstein Island and on multiple Lolita Express types of flights.

I’ve witnessed high-profile individuals forced to rape children while being filmed under threat of death for themselves and their loved ones.

Shortly after going public with my story, Child Protective Services opened a Substance Exposed Newborn case, even though all drug tests came back negative, and took my child “In case of neglect”.

Their stipulation for her return?

Stop talking on Social Media.

The question becomes – How many other families has CPS done this to? How many times has CPS opened a fraudulent case, taking a child(ren) “In case of neglect”, and lie about key aspects of their case to the court to facilitate the termination of parental rights?

I am not the first. (Source.)

Read our original investigative report on the medical kidnapping of Jennifer’s infant daughter that we published in 2018:

Mother Who Was Sexually Trafficked as a Child in Foster Care Has Her Own Baby Medically Kidnapped – Fears for Her Safety

We reported last June that Jennifer had decided to sue the Baltimore County Department of Social Services Child Advocacy Center, working together with Howard County General Hospital, who took custody of her newborn daughter on false charges of drug abuse.

We made a public appeal for an attorney to come forward to help Jennifer with her case, and I also reached out to my contacts trying to find one to help her, but none were willing to take on her case, so she filed Pro Se.

The defendants filed a motion to dismiss the charges, which could have been the end of the matter.

However, it would appear that Jennifer had a sympathetic Judge assigned to her case, because while the Judge did dismiss the charges against some of the defendants, she did not dismiss them against all the defendants, and gave Jennifer 45 days to refile her complaint with proper legal codes showing how the defendants had violated Maryland laws.

According to Jennifer, the Judge actually told the defendants, “Do you understand that she is claiming that you medically kidnapped her daughter?”

I was shocked when I heard this, as we were the first ones to publicly use the term “medical kidnap” in 2013 when reporting on the Justina Pelletier case, which led to an avalanche of so many parents contacting us with similar stories, that we started in 2014 to document their stories. This was the first time I had ever heard that a judge sitting on a bench in court used the term.

I am sure that the 2023 Maya Kowalski medical kidnapping case in Florida, made popular by a Netflix movie on this case, has done quite a bit to bring more public awareness of this tragedy happening in the United States.

Sadly, Jennifer probably has very little chance of succeeding in court Pro Se without any attorney, and as the Plaintiff she does not have access to any legal help that one would have access to if they were the defendant in a criminal case, where the system at least supplies a public defender.

Jennifer tells me she is not even seeking compensatory damages, she just wants these crimes to stop, so other children do not have to suffer. In all my dealings with her these past years, not once has she complained and played the “victim card,” but has sought to work hard to expose the corruption in Foster Care.

However, because Jennifer’s civil suit includes claims of criminal activities, such as kidnapping, child trafficking, fraud, assault, and others, this is really the job of Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott D. Shellenberger, as well as Maryland’s Attorney General, Attorney Anthony G. Brown, who should be investigating these claims of criminal activity, since that is their primary job as prosecutors.

Jennifer has emailed both of these Public Servant Attorneys copies of her complaint.

The public can help Jennifer by contacting each of these attorneys and requesting that they investigate Jennifer’s case.

Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott D. Shellenberger:

Email: – Phone: 410-887-6600 (Source.)

Maryland Attorney General Attorney Anthony G. Brown:

Phone: 410-576-6300 – Email: (Source.)

Will Anyone in Jeffrey Epstein’s Child Sex Trafficking Operation Ever Face Justice in U.S. Courts?

Wife Swapping?

As far as the crimes committed against Jennifer herself during her childhood in Foster Care, there is very little hope of seeing justice in a human court of law.

The list of names that have been exposed to the public recently who were associated with the Epstein pedophile network has shocked the world, as the names include very famous people, including former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton. See:

Epstein’s Child Sex Trafficking Network in Ukraine Exposed

Another name is former President Donald Trump, who has been named in several lawsuits by his former victims, including Katie Johnson and Sarah Ransome. These victims are usually forced to recant or drop their lawsuits, and the Trump supporters are very quick to jump on the side of their idol, refusing to believe that Donald Trump would ever commit such a hideous crime, as they continue supporting him, rather than supporting his victims.

Jennifer Guskin, however, has not prosecuted Trump, and in fact has been supporting him since 2017, when Q started, as she believed that Trump was going to come clean with his past sins, and help fix this problem.

So she went public with her horrific story in 2017 with a series of YouTube videos, which I saved, and then last year (2023) I condensed them down to 45 minutes.

Many of you should probably not watch this video, as it could cause you severe emotional trauma. If you have watched the documentary published by Polish film producer Patryk Vega, called “Eyes of the Devil,” and were able to handle that, then please know that Jennifer’s story is far worse.


This is on our Bitchute channel.

As we have previously reported, based on the investigative work of Pam Martens of Wall Street on Parade, the U.S. Virgin Islands case against JPMorgan Chase and those who financed Epstein, is the REAL case where names should be unsealed.

But that will probably never happen now, because Chase Bank reached an agreement to settle, and part of the agreement was to make sure that no Attorney General for any state can ever bring this case up again for criminal charges. See:

The Epstein Beast Banking System: A House of Cards Banking System Built on the Back of Global Child Sex Trafficking

And this is beside the fact that the Globalist Billionaires who run Wall Street and Silicon Valley own the judicial system, and that no justice could ever happen in the United States in terms of prosecuting these pedophiles without first replacing the judicial system. See:

Justice for Sale – Why the Criminals Running the U.S. Will Continue to Operate Until the Corrupt Judicial System is Replaced

But rest assured, there WILL BE JUSTICE for these pedophiles, because the God who created the heavens and earth sits as judge on the ultimate Supreme Court, and the day is coming, perhaps soon, when he will render his verdict and then carry out his punishment.

Please stand for Truth, and not political idols, and share Jennifer’s story far and wide.

God is just: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you and give relief to you who are troubled, and to us as well.

This will happen when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven in blazing fire with his powerful angels. He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out from the presence of the Lord and from the majesty of his power on the day he comes to be glorified in his holy people and to be marveled at among all those who have believed. (2 Thessalonians 1:6-10)

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