We’ll cover the truth regarding the dangers of prescription medicines and vaccines.

Maine Legislator Compares Forced Vaccination to “Horrors of Nazi Germany”

Rep. David Sawicki, R-Auburn, is asking Maine lawmakers to approve a bill that would make it illegal to discriminate against any person who decides to forgo certain vaccinations. Sawicki is the sponsor of LD 950, An Act to Prohibit Discrimination against a Person Who Is Not Vaccinated. Sawicki said Monday that his bill is simple, in that if a person or the parent of a child decided against vaccinations for any reason, he or she could not be discriminated against by a school, employer or any other entity.

Success with Troubled Youth Using No Drugs or Mental Health Therapy – A Threat to the Medical Kidnapping System

Health Impact News recently published an article from Nehemiah Flynt, a former foster parent who left the foster care system after seeing how corrupt it was. Nehemiah exposed how CPS often takes children away from loving parents. He noticed that almost all of the foster children were drugged. Nehemiah left the foster care system, and became part of a ministry that worked with troubled youth without using drugs or mental health services. It was a highly successful program, but soon CPS came knocking on his door, and effectively shut down the program, since it was not using "approved" drugs and mental health services. Is this the state of "Child Protection Services" in the United States today? Have we as a society allowed the government and their social services programs to redefine "abuse" and "health"? Is "abuse" and "mental health" now defined as the absence of psychiatric drugs? Who are the true abusers of today's troubled youth? I asked Nehemiah Flynt to describe the former program he worked in that was so successful, that it became a threat to CPS and the psychiatric drug industry.

Detroit Homeschool Mom who Faced SWAT Team in Medical Kidnapping Case Sues CPS

Maryanne Godboldo is back in the news again. Detroit prosecutor Kym Worthy, after losing in court four times, has filed a fifth case against her. This time, Maryanne is striking back with her own lawsuit, as she sues CPS.

Reports of HPV Vaccine Injuries Outside the U.S. Continue to Mount – Victims Speak Out

While most countries around the world are now starting to question the safety of the HPV vaccine, with reports of injuries and auto-immune diseases pouring in, the U.S. continues to censor any negative information regarding the HPV vaccine, and instead is continuing to promote the Merck HPV Gardasil vaccine as safe. Therefore, much of the news we are reporting is from outside the U.S. Three different women from the Czech Republic speak out regarding their problems with the HPV vaccine.

Parents Should Demand the Truth About Vaccination Studies

Many of us are aware that much of the research that we read today regarding the safety of vaccinations has been funded by the pharmaceutical industry. Whilst this satisfies many parents researching the subject, others are beginning to question the validity of these studies. They are asking themselves whether or not the information that is being provided could be biased in any way. Did you know that the majority of the vaccine studies being used by professionals to prove that vaccines are safe and effective are actually being written by scientists who have a vested interest in the pharmaceutical industry?

5 Children Kidnapped from Family in Missouri When Baby with Low Vitamin D Found with Broken Bones

December 21st, 2014 Rebecca Wanosik was blessed with her 5th child. A beautiful baby girl was born in her home in Lebanon, Missouri. It was an uncomplicated home birth, and she was assisted by her midwife. But soon their family was completely torn apart when CPS came in and took all 5 of their children away, after the baby was found with fractured bones. Being now listed as "child abusers," Rebecca would later learn that she had Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, with low vitamin D levels for both her and her baby. The quiet house is hard to deal with, and Rebecca talks about the memories she holds onto. The quiet house is hard to deal with, and Rebecca talks about the memories she holds onto. From the screams of excitement when she picked her children up from school, to the snuggles and wet kisses, and all the joys and hardship of motherhood, she is now left with a broken heart. Now as their visits are supervised in an unnatural setting, she talks about medical kidnapping. “Many people think that medical kidnapping is made up and think it doesn’t happen, the truth is that it is very real.” Rebecca wants people to know this has been a life altering, traumatic experience. She wants people to know this is a long road that no parent should have to travel.

California Columnist Exposes Corrupt Practices of Child Protection Services

California is one of the few states in the U.S. that has passed legislation to try and pierce through the cloak of secrecy surrounding Child Protection Social Service agencies. In 2008 California passed Senate Bill 39, which gave the public a chance to review how well — or poorly — child protective services did its job prior to a child’s death while in foster care. Columnist Lois Henry of The Bakersfield Californian reported how "the State Department of Social Services planned to sneak a measure into a budget trailer bill that would have increased secrecy regarding the deaths of children who die of abuse or neglect" while in the care of CPS. Lois Henry does a good job explaining how CPS is all about hiding their practices and protecting themselves, instead of protecting children.

Former CDC Director Julie Gerberding sells 38,368 shares of Merck Stock for $2.3 Million

Julie Gerberding was in charge of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from 2002 to 2009, which includes the years the FDA approved the Merck Gardasil vaccine. Soon after she took over the CDC, she reportedly completely overhauled the agency’s organizational structure, and many of the CDC’s senior scientists and leaders either left or announced plans to leave. Some have claimed that almost all of the replacements Julie Gerberding appointed had ties to the vaccine industry. Gerberding resigned from the CDC on January 20, 2009, and took over as the president of Merck’s Vaccine division, a 5 billion dollar a year operation, and the supplier of the largest number of vaccines the CDC recommends. It was reported earlier this month that Dr. Gerberding, now the executive vice president of pharmaceutical giant Merck, sold 38,368 of her shares in Merck stock for $2,340,064.32. She still holds 31,985 shares of the company’s stock, valued at about $2 million.

CPS and our Family Courts – A Criminal Consortium?

"CPS and our Family Courts - A Criminal Consortium?" When does abuse of power cross the line into flat out criminal behavior? With precedent setting court cases challenging this criminal enterprise under such statutes as RICO (criminal racketeering), Misfeasance (wrongful exercise of lawful authority) and Malfeasance (legally unjustified/harmful act by a public official) succeeding, and the exposure of Child Trafficking and Abuse by these same agencies, it is very clear who the real criminals are. More frighteningly, they are still operating flagrantly and for the most part without any penalty at all. In this show we speak with Melissa Deigel, a mother desperate to save her medically kidnapped children who instead, has been threatened and silenced and stripped of her rights, Advocate Malinda Sherwyn, who has both witnessed and stood up for many such parents facing criminal abuses and Advocate and Author Eugenea Couture, whose compelling experience as a child abused in this system gives her a unique insight as to what really happens when CPS steps in to 'protect' children from loving parents.

What Doctors Don’t Tell You: Our Gardasil Horror Story

Lotte Amit has not lived a proper life for two years since she had the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer. Tragically, her story is one of a growing number that suggests there is something terribly wrong with the vaccine. Lotte, who had always been a vibrant and energetic girl, suddenly became very lethargic and couldn’t get out of bed, and would sleep for the entire morning. Her periods stopped abruptly. She also developed a strange obsessive–compulsive problem: whenever anyone sniffed, she felt excruciating pain in her hands and feet. This got so bad that she often ran out of the house at all hours of the day or night, once when she was naked.