by Brian Shilhavy

I have been operating an online e-commerce store here in the U.S. for 22 years now, called Healthy Traditions. We were one of the first in the U.S. to start selling food online back then, when was beginning to sell more than just books.

Google was still in its infancy back then, and had not yet moved to their current location in Mountain View, California, and Facebook didn’t even exist, as it was still two years away from their initial launch.

Many young technology companies did not make it through the dot-com crash that year, but our business soon flourished due to the growing popularity of Virgin Coconut Oil, as we used the technology and the Internet to educate consumers on the true story behind coconut oil and saturated fats, showing how U.S. Government dietary advice was very wrong, and very harmful.

In those early days, the technology worked for us, and not the other way around as it is today, where we are now being forced to work for the technology as it seeks to enslave us.

We survived the financial crash of 2008, and we also survived the COVID lock downs of 2020, because we were an e-commerce company.

We’ve also survived multiple attempts by the U.S. Government to destroy our business as we grew to levels that threatened the market share held by others, as they used the FDA and the IRS to try to knock us out of business.

And while they failed to destroy us, they did knock us down to a size where our business was drastically reduced, and today is no longer a threat to the market share of big Wall Street and Silicon Valley businesses.

I don’t see that as a failure, however, but as a success for the American consumer, because now one can walk into virtually any grocery store today and find some brand of coconut oil being sold, something that did not exist prior to starting our e-commerce business back in 2002. Back in those early days, we easily had over 90% of the U.S. dietary coconut oil business, while today that market share is probably well below 1% for us.

So while the technology is what allowed this business to grow in the early years, today here in 2024, as we are in the beginning stages of World War 3 and in a national election year, we see the technology as a threat to our business, not knowing if the Internet will even be reliable, or what might happen once the economy and the banks fail, and the Government pushes everyone to some kind of Digital ID that will be required for everyone who buys and sells on the Internet.

Therefore, we have been in the process of recruiting distributors and resellers around the U.S. the past couple of years, in anticipation for the day when the Internet is either not reliable or available, and where one will have to comply with digital IDs, where your entire life can be observed and watched through your online activities.

Preparing for What Lies Ahead

We currently have ocean freight in route to our warehouses from four different countries: the Philippines (coconut oils), Chile (honey and olive oil), Colombia (sugar) and Italy (glyphosate-tested heirloom grains).

With the current naval war in the Middle East expanding every day, we do not know if these may be among our last shipments to import into the U.S. for awhile. As these containers arrive in the days and weeks ahead, we will be very well stocked in inventory of most of our products.

So this is a good time for us to extend an invitation to our customers and friends to consider becoming resellers of these products in your own communities. This will provide some food security for you, and also be a potential way to serve your community should the supply chains be disrupted again, as they were in 2020.

If you are a customer who is used to being able to purchase our products online, and would like to continue purchasing them even when we are not selling on the Internet anymore, then take a look at our current resellers here to see how far you would have to drive to pick up some of our products.

Currently our largest distributor is Naturally A Deal, which works like a CO-OP and currently has 67 drop-off locations in 10 states in the Southeast, Ohio, and Michigan. I believe they are getting ready to make another large purchase from us, so if you are in the general vicinity of their drop-off locations, you might want to contact them and see if they can add your location to their route, if you are not close enough to their current drop-off locations.

And if you are close to one of their drop-off locations, contact them to make sure they stock the Healthy Traditions products you want to purchase.

But we need a lot more distributors and resellers to cover the entire country, so we are extending the offer for more of you to join our network.

We offer two types of programs: Distributors and Resellers.

Distributors are offered to existing businesses that are serving their communities, and requires a larger initial investment to obtain distributor pricing, the lowest pricing we offer for bulk purchases.

Naturally A Deal is an example of a Distributor.

Resellers are local businesses that carry our products in their community. Their initial investment is significantly lower, to obtain wholesale pricing.

And while we have only allowed registered businesses to become Resellers in the past, we are extending the definition of “Reseller” so that it could include something like a local CO-OP where a few families pool their resources together to be able to purchase at wholesale rates.

The main condition to become a Reseller, is that you must have a public location somewhere where our customers can drive to in order to purchase and pick up our products. It could even be a garage that only serves as a pick-up location on the days the products are made available for pickup.

We would need to list you on our Reseller Page, but if you are not a publicly listed business, you would not need to publish your exact location. City and State, with a way to contact you (usually by phone or email/website), is all that would be required. We would recommend that you do NOT list your personal residence location, or the location where you may stock your products, if you are not currently a public company listed on the Internet or in business directories.

Long-Term Storable Food

When considering investing in food that can be stored for many years, if not indefinitely, whole grains are at the top of the list, along with Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Honey, Dried Beans (good source of protein), Green (unroasted) Coffee Beans, and Sugar.

You can see a list of long-term storable food that we carry here. Some of the items that are currently out of stock are in route and should be restocked soon.

We have the most inventory of our grains, and these are not just any grains. They are ALL tested for the presence of the herbicide glyphosate, and they are almost all “heirloom open-pollinated” varieties, which means you can plant them and they will grow true to the original. Most of our grains are also “ancient” grains, which means they are very old varieties that have not been hybridized over the years to increase gluten content for faster rising bakery items.

In a time of emergency or crisis, you want to be sure that the food you have in storage is healthy and non-toxic, and that it is the kind of food you are used to eating.

If you are storing packaged foods, like MREs, which are probably full of not only the toxins from herbicides and pesticides used to produce it, but also preservatives to extend their shelf life, then you will almost certainly get sick when you try to eat this food in a stressful time or crisis, especially if you have never before eaten it.

With all the stress you will go through seeing society’s infrastructure crumble, along with mass casualties possibly all around you in a worst case scenario, the last thing you will want to do is eat food that will make you sick, and create even more stress.

I cannot emphasize this enough: Don’t wait for calamity to hit to start eating the food you have stored! Start eating it NOW, and learning how to prepare it NOW, to lessen the stress of your eating habits during times of calamity.

I have a grinder and have been grinding my own flour from our Ancient Grains recently, experimenting with different recipes to get used to eating them in their natural state. It is a bit difficult to get used to eating such grain products, as they are so radically different from the store-bought breads and pastries in the market today which are anything but “healthy.” But I know that for myself, my digestive system has improved by eating whole grains freshly ground.

Next on my list is learning how to roast raw green coffee beans in my cast iron skillet on a stove top, learning how to roast them to the right degree I am used to for making coffee.

And if you have been diagnosed as “gluten intolerant,” please consider that you may in fact not be so gluten intolerant as you’ve been told, but may be mainly allergic to all the harmful toxins in our highly processed wheat products. See:

Is the Gluten Intolerance “Epidemic” as Bad as Claimed or a Clever Marketing Tool?

Whole grains can be boiled like rice to make your own cereal, ground into flour for baking, sprouted to provide fresh greens, or even grown into grass that can then be either juiced, or eaten like a salad. Most dogs also eat grass, so growing your own grass from uncontaminated whole grains can help in your pet’s diet as well.

We have very many tons of these grains stored right now, in various places around the country, as we have considered these clean, ancient grains as a better investment than leaving money in the bank. We have even considered starting our own “grain exchange” where grain could become the common “currency” to be used in a barter system, for those who choose to opt out of whatever the new financial system is going to look like after the “Great Reset”. This future Beast financial system will probably require a digital ID linked to a biometric, like a face or palm scan, in order to participate.

We are not currently including our grass-fed meats in offerings for Resellers, as most of the animals from our Wisconsin farmers have already been processed for the year. But later this year we could offer bulk purchases of our grass-fed meat and poultry as well, and potentially even do custom cuts. To store meats, of course, one needs freezer storage and back-up power to run your freezers when the grid is down.

But you need to get into our network NOW, before the crisis hits, when you can no longer order our products over the Internet.

If this interests you and you want more information, please contact us here.


Healthy Traditions: 20 Years of Demonstrating God’s Faithfulness in Offering an Alternative to Commodity Food and Products

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