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Top Advances in the Understanding of Vitamin D on Human Health in 2019

Research on the effects of vitamin D continued at a strong pace in 2019 with 4541 publications with vitamin D in the title or abstract listed at for 2019, up from less than 1500 per year prior to 2004. Here I highlight some of the important advances in the understanding of vitamin D's effects on human health in 2019.

FDA-Created Monopoly on IV Vitamin C Threatens Consumer Access to Popular Therapy

In 2017, McGuff Pharmaceuticals received FDA approval for an intravenous vitamin C (IVC) product for the treatment of scurvy, and thus market exclusivity. The FDA notified other manufacturers of IVC that they must stop producing it, giving them a one-year grace period that has now expired. McGuff has subsequently raised the price of IVC. The FDA-created monopoly on IVC will hurt patients. This is a medicine that is ubiquitous in integrative medicine practices as a key ingredient in Myers’ Cocktails, chelation, and cancer IVs. IVC is not normally covered by insurance, so patients need to pay out of pocket. Intravenous administration of nutrients is crucial, as it allows patients to achieve serum concentrations of nutrients that are not obtainable through oral administration. For example, vitamin C’s antiviral effect has been demonstrated to occur at 10-15 mG/dL, a level that can only be achieved intravenously. Cancer patients require multiple vials in a single session and can have multiple sessions per week. IVC is also a potent antiviral, so these patients will also have to pay a premium or simply go without it. Like CBD, the case of IVC is a prime example of the crony medical system—a cheap, safe, and effective natural medicine widely available to consumers is once again turned into an expensive monopoly drug. We must demand that the FDA not enforce market exclusivity for McGuff’s IVC product.

The CBD Health Revolution is Online and FREE

Is CBD really the wonder medicine it’s purported to be? Join us to learn about the revolutionary healing properties of CBD (legal in all 50 US states) for chronic pain, insomnia, addiction, cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, PTSD, diabetes, skin issues, MS, Alzheimer's and other conditions! The CBD Health Revolution is online and FREE from January 13-19, 2020. You’ve probably heard of “CBD” by now, since it became legal in the US it has been added to many coffee shops, gas stations and retail stores. However, not all CBD products are the same! It’s vital for you to learn why and when to use it, where to find it and how to use it properly. We’re collectively re-learning the many ways CBD can be applied to enhance health — even though the plant has been around for thousands of years — both as a preventative and a restorative solution, as well as how to apply it to cooking, feeling more energetic and enhancing your love life.

FDA Wants to Restrict Brain Health Supplements Which are a Threat to Big Pharma

Earlier this year, the FDA fired off warning letters to seventeen companies that, in the agency’s view, were illegally marketing supplements to treat Alzheimer’s disease. One of the supplements targeted in the FDA’s action was piracetam, a derivative of GABA, continuing an FDA trend of attacking brain health supplements to protect drug industry profits. Piracetam has been on the market as a supplement for years. It is approved as a drug in Europe and prescribed for cognitive impairment and dementia. Researchers think that piracetam helps the brain by boosting energy production in brain cells. As we age, our brain cells decline in their ability to generate energy; this decline in energy causes cellular “debris” to accumulate which can kill brain cells and eventually lead to senility. The FDA has also moved against vinpocetine and picamilon, two other brain health supplements. At the same time, major trials for Alzheimer’s drugs keep failing…and failing. Is the FDA clearing the way for Big Pharma to turn these natural compounds into expensive drugs? Given the agency’s recent history, this seems the most likely explanation.

Powerful Industry Lobby Group Behind 5g Roll-Out Despite Public Opposition and Health Dangers

Today, many of us in the environmental movement consider that the greatest danger to human health and the environment is going to be the full roll out of 5G technology. This article exposes one of the largest organizations in American that is paving the way to make 5G a reality: the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC claims that its membership is “comprised of nearly one-third of the country’s state legislators and stakeholders from across the policy spectrum.” About 80 percent of these are members of the GOP. There are also about 270 industry and trade associations, conservative foundations and many of the nation's largest mega-corporations represented. Therefore ALEC events and networks have become a paradise for large corporations to gain direct access to state legislators. PR Watch reveals that "even though many states prohibit corporations and lobbyists from influencing legislators through gifts and favors, ALEC has provided a way for special interests to sidestep these laws." Therefore it is no surprise to find ALEC's fingerprints all over the aggressive push to roll out 5G technology across the nation.

New Illinois Law Making Marijuana Legal to Result in over 700,000 Pardons of Convictions of 30 Grams or Less

As 2020 started last week, Illinois' new law legalizing marijuana went into effect. Illinois became the 11th state in the U.S. to make marijuana legal for recreational use, and the first one to do so via legislation rather than a ballot initiative. On Dec. 31, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that he was issuing 11,017 pardons to people with low-level marijuana convictions. Vaidya Gullapalli, writing for The Appeal, states that these pardons by the Illinois governor "are a reminder of the scale of marijuana arrests," which target Black people and Latinos in a much larger proportion than the rest of the population. Since the "war on drugs" began in the 1970s, the U.S. has incarcerated a larger proportion of their population than any other developed nation in the world. Illinois offers a snapshot of the magnitude of this problem, as The Appeal reports: "All told, state officials estimate that a total of 116,000 convictions involving 30 grams or less of marijuana are eligible for pardons under the new law, reported CBS News. The process is not automatic, but state officials have sought to make it as close to automatic as possible. There are also an estimated 572,000 marijuana arrests that will be expunged over the next five years. People may also apply for expungements of convictions for marijuana possession over 30 grams, putting the total number of possible pardons at over 700,000."

The Great Diabetes Lie

Intriguing research into the diabetes epidemic has shed new light on the main drivers behind this disease. Conventional wisdom tells us that sugar consumption, lack of exercise, and obesity are behind the surge in diabetes. While these are contributing factors, new work in this area implicates environmental toxins as a far more important cause of diabetes, including chemicals like BPA and phthalates that are found in many everyday consumer goods. And while the evidence mounts demonstrating the toll these chemicals are taking on our health, the government is stubbornly refusing to do anything about it. Joseph Pizzorno, ND, demonstrates that the rise in sugar consumption predated the diabetes epidemic by four decades, casting doubt on the idea that sugar is a primary causal factor in diabetes. The increased incidence of obesity is another common culprit, but Pizzorno argues that obesity is caused by the same things as diabetes: persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Pizzorno demonstrates that the rise in production of synthetic organic chemicals is closely aligned with the prevalence of diabetes. Pizzorno and his colleagues have been working to estimate the percentage of disease that is caused by POPs (you can read about their methodology here). The results are stunning. According to their research, about 90% of diabetes cases could be attributed to the “massive increase in body load of toxins.” The worst chemicals are BPA (bisphenol A), arsenic, phthalates, PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons).

FCC Reaffirms Radio Frequency Radiation Exposure Limits but Turns Blind Eye to 5G Dangers

Over the past months, we’ve been documenting the issues surrounding the launch of 5G networks. As we edge closer and closer to a wider rollout of this technology, more information is coming to light demonstrating the negative impact on human health that could result, not to mention the damage to wildlife and the environment. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is paving the way for this rollout and is apparently too beholden to the telecoms industry to care that we’re being used as guinea pigs in this experiment. The latest outrage in this story is the recent announcement from the FCC that they will reaffirm the radio frequency radiation exposure limits that were adopted in the 1990s, based on research from the 1980s. These were derived from behavioral changes in rats exposed to microwave radiation and were established to protect humans from short-term heating risks from radiation exposure. Yet the peer-reviewed research since then has found harmful health effects from much lower radiation exposure.

Synthetic Menopausal Hormone Therapy Continues to Increase Breast Cancer and Death Rates

The headline on (12.20.19) states, “Remarkable New Data on Menopausal Hormone Therapy.” Folks, there is NOTHING remarkable or (much) new about the data reported. What is remarkable is that the FDA, who should be working for us, has not pulled synthetic progesterone from the market even though over three decades of data have proven that it significantly increases breast cancer risk. One reason women have to suffer with the increased breast cancer risk is because the FDA was not doing its job and removing synthetic progesterone from the marketplace. Another reason is on physicians’ shoulders for prescribing this toxic therapy in the first place. If they studied endocrinology and looked at how MPA works in the body, it is not hard to predict there will be problems with it. The 2019 findings found that after 19 years of follow-up, women who used MPA had a 29% significant increased risk in breast cancer.   The original 2002 study found a 26% increase risk in breast cancer with MPA use. In terms of death from breast cancer, the 2019 report found a 45% increase in deaths from breast cancer in women who used MPA. Breast cancer affects one in seven women across the US. It is a pathetic statistic. It is also pathetic to prescribe a therapy that significantly increases a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer when there are safer versions available.

ZERO Deaths from Vitamins: 36th Annual Report from American Association of Poison Control Centers

The 36th annual report from the American Association of Poison Control Centers shows zero deaths from any vitamin. Supporting data is in Table 22B, p 1412-1413, at the very end of the report published in Clinical Toxicology. It is interesting that it is so quietly placed way back there where nary a news reporter is likely to see it. Throughout the entire year, coast to coast across the entire USA, there was not one single death from a vitamin, mineral or any other nutritional supplement. If supplements are allegedly so "dangerous," as the FDA, the news media, and even some physicians still claim, then where are the bodies?