May 30, 2023
Big Tech Communism has Arrived: Amazon Sidewalk Joins the Helium Network to Connect All Internet of Things (IoT) DevicesRead More
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Big Tech Communism has Arrived: Amazon Sidewalk Joins the Helium Network to Connect All Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

Big Tech Communism has arrived in the United States, as the U.S. has now surpassed China and other communist countries to become the world leader in spying on its citizens. It was announced this past week that Amazon Sidewalk has now joined the Helium Network allowing all Internet of Things (IoT) devices, ...

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Does Your Airbnb Have Hidden Cameras? Here's How to Check

Memorial Day is the traditional kickoff of the summer vacation season in the U.S. Over the past several years vacation rentals such as Airbnb have become popular alternatives to hotels, where people offer their private furnished homes (or rooms) for short-term rentals. PCMag states that many guests staying at these vacation ...

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Our Duty to Shine the Light into the Darkness and Expose the Evil

Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God's wrath comes on those who are disobedient. Therefore do not be partners with them. For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light ...

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20,000% Increase in Retinal Eye Damage Following COVID-19 Vaccination

Earlier this month (May, 2023) a large scale study was published in the npj Vaccines journal, which is part of the Portfolio, and looked at the "Risk assessment of retinal vascular occlusion after COVID-19 vaccination." The study included 7,318,437 people from the TriNetX network divided into vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, ...

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Profiting from War and Death: The Organ Harvesting Business in Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has issued a plea to deal with the "big business" of organ harvesting and called for close international monitoring of these illegal activities in the combat zone of Ukraine. She stated: "The existence of this terrible bloody business is impossible without sponsorship at the highest ...

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  • Amazon-Sidewalk-from-Good-Morning-America-768x432

    Big Tech Communism has Arrived: Amazon Sidewalk Joins the Helium Network to Connect All Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

    Big Tech Communism has arrived in the United States, as the U.S. has now surpassed China and other communist countries to become the world leader in spying on its citizens.

    It was announced this past week that Amazon Sidewalk has now joined the Helium Network allowing all Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which are currently in the homes of most Americans, to be connected into one large mesh network nationwide.

    The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) goals for the 4th Industrial Revolution and Great Reset where nobody will own anything and be confined into 15-minute cities, is clearly a modern day Big Tech version of communism, where the rights of the individual are sacrificed for the rights of the community.

    This new system of surveillance, which is creating the ultimate police state, is well underway in the United States, which has, by far, the largest proportion of its population connected to the Internet, including cell phones, vehicles, cameras, and household appliances, than any other country in the world.

    Learn more about Big Tech’s plans to monitor every aspect of your life and how to opt out.

    • hidden cameras

      Does Your Airbnb Have Hidden Cameras? Here's How to Check

      Memorial Day is the traditional kickoff of the summer vacation season in the U.S. Over the past several years vacation rentals such as Airbnb have become popular alternatives to hotels, where people offer their private furnished homes (or rooms) for short-term rentals.

      PCMag states that many guests staying at these vacation rentals find hidden cameras in the homes, and they have just published an article with tips on what to do to make sure you are not being subject to surveillance when you stay in these residences.

      • Silhouette Light Bulb Ceiling Light, Black And White Line Drawin

        Our Duty to Shine the Light into the Darkness and Expose the Evil

        Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of such things God’s wrath comes on those who are disobedient.

        Therefore do not be partners with them.

        For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) and find out what pleases the Lord.

        Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

        For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret.

        But everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for it is light that makes everything visible.

        • Ocular injuries covid vaccines

          20,000% Increase in Retinal Eye Damage Following COVID-19 Vaccination

          Earlier this month (May, 2023) a large scale study was published in the npj Vaccines journal, which is part of the Portfolio, and looked at the “Risk assessment of retinal vascular occlusion after COVID-19 vaccination.”

          The study included 7,318,437 people from the TriNetX network divided into vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, and they concluded that “individuals with COVID-19 vaccination had a higher risk of all forms of retinal vascular occlusion in 2 years after vaccination, with an overall hazard ratio of 2.19 (95% confidence interval 2.00–2.39).”

          This is one of the first large scale studies published that examined COVID-19 vaccination side effects which are continuing more than 2 years following a COVID-19 injection.

          The U.S. Government’s vaccine adverse events reporting system (VAERS) database shows that there was an astounding 19,665% increase in retinal disorders following the COVID-19 experimental shots compared to all FDA-approved vaccines for the past 32 years.

          A Health Impact News subscriber from Australia alerted us to a recent news story about a 21-year-old man who became permanently blind following a COVID vaccine which destroyed his career. The government is refusing to compensate him for his injuries, despite the testimony from two renowned eye surgeons who agreed that his condition was caused by the Moderna vaccine.

          • Organs for Sale in Ukraine

            Profiting from War and Death: The Organ Harvesting Business in Ukraine

            Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has issued a plea to deal with the “big business” of organ harvesting and called for close international monitoring of these illegal activities in the combat zone of Ukraine.

            She stated: “The existence of this terrible bloody business is impossible without sponsorship at the highest government level.”

            Her plea came on the same day that the head of Russia’s private military Wagner Group, Evgeny Prigozhin, went public and stated that his private military forces lost around 20,000 soldiers during the fight for Artyomovsk, and that half of these deaths were from inmates recruited from Russian prisons.

            Ukraine has a long history of participating in organ harvesting and trafficking, even before the CIA-led military coup in 2014. One can’t help but wonder if the Wagner Group is also profiting from organ harvesting, as a single prisoner from Russia who dies fighting in Ukraine could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for their organs.

            In March this year (2023) we published a video of a Russian soldier who stated that they found a “baby factory” in Ukraine where young children are raised for the pedophile child brothels, or murdered to harvest their organs and sell on the Black Market.

            And yet many in the western media, even in the alternative media, are calling this “Russian propaganda” and “disinformation.”

            However, it is the western media that has reported for over a decade now that organ harvesting and trafficking in Ukraine is a very real and horrible problem, long before the current war started.

            • bud light ban sign

              "Nobody Imagined it Would go on This Long": Bud Light Sales Continue to Plummet over Mulvaney Backlash

              The controversy, now nearing its third month, has turned off a broader customer group than just those who characterize themselves as conservatives.

              Sales of Bud Light continue to plummet, reflecting ongoing backlash to the brand’s decision to hire transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesperson.

              According to data cited by the beverage industry trade publication Beer Business Daily, sales volumes of Bud Light for the week ending May 13 sank 28.4%, extending a downward trend from the 27.7% decline seen the week before.

              AB InBev shares have fallen more than 10% since Mulvaney’s social media post went live. In a note to clients published Tuesday, JPMorgan analysts said that even if the decline in Bud Light sales stabilizes, “We believe there is a subset [of] American consumers who will not drink Bud Light for the foreseeable future.”

              “Nobody imagined it would go on this long,” Schuhmacher said. He continued: “It seems random — it struck a nerve. I’ve never seen anything to compare it to, in all of the [consumer packaged goods] industry. It’s a real shock.”

              • Bud light sales

                The Financial Fall of Budweiser Shows the Hidden Power that the American Consumer Still Has Over Wall Street Billionaires

                Anheuser-Busch, the largest beer company in the world, is learning the hard way that the American consumer still has a hidden power against corporate America, as their company value has lost $15.7 billion since April 1st, when they hired transgender-influencer Dylan Mulvaney to promote their Bud Light beer, which sent sales diving all across the U.S.

                This has been truly historical, and I have to say I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime.

                More powerful than protests, even the “Occupy Wall Street” protests of 2011, and certainly more powerful than voting for politicians, the American consumer’s most powerful voice for protest and change, is how they decide to spend their money, by voting in the only place that really matters, the marketplace.

                And let’s be very clear here and give credit where credit is due. This is NOT simply a “conservative” protest, but this is a protest by AMERICANS that crosses political divides. And that is the main reason why a Wall Street corporate giant is reeling today, and trying to backpedal as fast as it can.

                Americans are rejecting the transgender culture, from trans “women” biological males invading sports and completely annihilating every female sports record on the books, to children committing suicide after receiving transgender medical procedures, to trans “women” biological male prisoners being incarcerated in women prisons and jails where rape and sexual abuse is skyrocketing, the majority of Americans are saying “this has gone too far.”

                And in doing so by voting with their money, they are discovering the hidden power of the American consumer to fight back against the Wall Street billionaires and bankers.

                • Fed Debt

                  Is The Federal Reserve Large-scale Human Behavioral Experiment since 2008 Coming to an End?

                  The Fed has trained the trading-rats all too well, and there is no way to avoid the unintended consequences of the Fed’s large-scale human behavioral experiment.

                  • Hospital closed

                    Falling Off the "COVID Cliff" - The Collapse of Big Pharma Has Begun as 30% of Rural Hospitals in America Facing Closure

                    The Big Pharma financial bubble that was created in 2020 during the Trump Administration, which pumped $trillions into Big Pharma for COVID, has burst.

                    It is being referred to in the corporate media as falling off of the “COVID Cliff.”

                    Those falling the deepest are the ones who greatly benefited from the COVID scam, as reflected in the 2023 first quarter financial reports of drug makers.

                    Leading the collapse are the COVID mRNA “vaccine” makers, as sales for BioNTech decreased 80%, Moderna sales decreased 69%, and Pfizer sales decreased 29% during the first 3 months of 2023.

                    In addition to the pharmaceutical drug cartel, 646 rural hospitals are at risk of closure due to financial issues, comprising around 30 percent of all rural hospitals in the U.S., according to the Center for Healthcare Quality & Payment Reform.

                    Normally all these financial losses in the U.S. medical system would have crashed the economy by now, but of course the U.S. Stock Market ponzi casino is pumping money into the current financial bubble: Big Tech.

                    The crash of the U.S. economy and the following “Great Reset” is all but certain now, with the only question remaining being: When?

                    It could come soon if the U.S. does not remove the current debt ceiling and begins to default on its financial obligations.

                    But even if a last minute deal is struck to avoid a U.S. sovereign debt default, that will not stop a major collapse of many U.S. banks as the liquidity crisis will increase.

                    • Biometrics New World Order Financial System

                      44% of Americans Now Using Biometrics Instead of Passwords to Log In to Their Accounts - We are Closer to a One World Financial System

                      A new report published by the FIDO Alliance states that 44 percent of Americans are now logging in to their online accounts with biometrics, rather than a password, and more than half of Americans today, 58 percent, state that they are interested in replacing their passwords with biometric passkeys.

                      The FIDO Alliance report clearly states who is pushing the adoption of biometric passkeys at the beginning of their report:

                      “It’s been a year since Apple, Google and Microsoft announced their commitment to passkeys with plans to expand support  for a common passwordless sign-in standard created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium.”

                      The FIDO Alliance leadership and members are comprised of the biggest names in Big Tech and the financial sector, including, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Meta, Intel, Yahoo, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, CVSHealth, U.S. Bank, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, and many others.

                      The most widespread biometric ID system currently being rolled out in many locations across the U.S. today is probably Amazon’s palm scanning system called “Amazon One.”

                      A report published by Gizmodo today states that Amazon’s palm scanning technology has now been updated to record your age, so you can purchase alcohol now without an ID by just letting them scan your hand.

                      As I reported yesterday, the latest fad in the field of biometrics is Sam Altman’s Worldcoin system and their “Orb” to scan people’s eyes to create a unique “World ID”.

                      The system to produce a new one-world financial system is already in place, and it could happen now a lot quicker than most people realize.

                      • Beautiful Woman Look Up And Eye With Biometric Data Scanning And

                        Get Ready for World ID and WorldCoin Universal Basic Income Offering Free Money in Exchange for Your Eyeball Scan

                        While the American public and even some U.S. politicians have been sounding the alarm recently over the dangers of the potential future rollout of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and the loss of all privacy in any financial transactions, a new blockchain financial network that was launched in 2019, before COVID, has been gaining momentum here in 2023 and is now being used in dozens of countries around the world with over 1.5 million users.

                        And it is now being launched in the United States: World ID with the Worldcoin cryptocurrency.

                        World ID is not some concept for the future. It is already here, and already being used around the world with the World App and Worldcoin, for both financial transactions and “World ID checks.”

                        Why have so many people around the world so quickly signed up for a World ID?

                        Because they are being offered free cryptocurrency, and in some cases even free money in their local currencies, by using their new World ID.

                        And what do they have to do to receive this free money?

                        They just have to have their eyeball scanned by the Worldcoin “Orb” which will then create their unique World ID.

                        Scanning one’s eyeball seems like a pretty creepy way to create an ID, so what is the rationale to use one’s eye as a biometric ID?

                        It is to prove that “you are human” and not an AI, or so they say.

                        This system is going to be rolled out in the United States within the next few weeks, so if you are not familiar with this network yet, I suggest you get up to speed ASAP.

                        How fast could this World ID and World App program be rolled out?

                        Well considering that the founder of Worldcoin and World ID is Sam Altman, the same person who created ChatGPT which last November became the fastest downloaded app in history with hundreds of millions of downloads, I think it is safe to conclude that this World ID could be rolled out very quickly.

                        • Yellen more bank mergers CNN

                          Yellen: "More Bank Mergers Necessary" as Banks Lose Tens of $Billions in Deposits the Past Two Weeks

                          It appears that the Biden Administration is abandoning their rhetoric that “the banking system is fine.”

                          CNN reported today that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen met with CEOs of large banks yesterday and told them that “more bank mergers may be necessary.”

                          Her statements killed a stock rally this week that saw the stocks of regional banks increase 10%, in one of their best weeks since 2020.

                          Not anymore.

                          As ZeroHedge News reported today, reports show that $billions of losses in deposits at U.S. banks have occurred in the past two weeks, with over $70 billion lost in large US Commercial Banks.

                          • Hyperinflation Economy And Global Inflation Concept Or Overvalue

                            Expectations of an Imminent Big Tech Crash Bringing Down the U.S. Economy is Expanding

                            While I was among a very small minority in the 4th quarter of 2022 warning the public about the Big Tech crash that was coming and was a threat to bringing down the entire U.S. economy, judging from my newsfeed the past 2 weeks, I no longer think that this view is the minority view anymore.

                            Both the alternative and corporate media are increasingly printing news and opinion pieces about how dangerous it is right now to have just a handful of Big Tech companies holding up the entire stock market, and mostly because of the hype over AI.

                            I am going to highlight much of this news in this article, along with evidence that the banking crisis is actually getting worse, and then go further than most will dare to go, and consider the question: Is this all intentional??

                            • American Torturers

                              The United States of America: Largest Sponsor of State Terrorism in the World

                              A new report has been published this past week that details the United States torture program used primarily by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) called “enhanced interrogation techniques” (EITs) used at Guantanamo Bay and other black sites.

                              The report contains drawings of Zayn al-Abidin Muhammad Husayn aka Abu Zubaydah, a Saudi Arabian man who was the first prisoner brought to Guantanamo from Pakistan and tortured using EITs.

                              The CIA and FBI now admit that Mr. Zubaydah was the wrong guy they were after, and allegedly even knew that before they tortured him, but did so anyway so they could develop their torture techniques.

                              The report was published by Mark Denbeaux, a professor at Seton Hall Law School, and Dr. Jess Ghannam, clinical professor of Psychiatry and Global Health Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco, and Mr. Zubaydah himself and his drawings of many of the tortures used in EITs.


                              The report notes that Zubaydah’s drawings “viscerally convey the brutal reality the CIA sought to hide with its calculated destruction of video recordings of torture conducted by its agents,” and “dovetail with the recent accounts of Dr. James Mitchell, a chief architect of the torture regime, who both wrote a book on EITs and testified in hearings on Guantánamo.”

                              “These sources, together with the report of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, provide the most complete—and compelling—account to date of America’s torture program” in the years after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, the publication states.

                              This is just further evidence that the United States of America, particularly the CIA, is the largest supporter of State terrorism in the world, and not Middle Eastern Muslim countries who are constantly portrayed as terrorists in the U.S. media and entertainment industry. 

                              • Donald Trump's Personal Attorney, Rudy Giuliani

                                President Trump and Rudy Giuliani Sold Presidential Pardons for $2 Million

                                At the end of President Donald Trump’s presidency in January of 2021, I reported how Trump not only did not keep his promise to “drain the swamp” when he became president in 2016, but that he proved that he was part of that very swamp based on who he pardoned in his last days in office.

                                On his last day in office, Trump pardoned Israeli colonel Aviem Sella, the convicted handler of US-born Jewish-American intelligence analyst and traitor Jonathan Pollard, who stole US military secrets and sold them to Israel.

                                Many of Trump’s supporters were hoping that he was going to pardon two whistleblowers who have risked their lives to reveal the workings of the deep state, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.

                                In addition to not pardoning Edward Snowden and Julian Assange nor those arrested in the January 6th entrance to the U.S. Capitol, Trump pardoned several Big Pharma executives who had been convicted of medical fraud.

                                And now we have reports that President Trump and his personal attorney and former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, in the true fashion of corrupt mafia criminal actions typical in NYC, offered Presidential pardons for the cost of $2 million dollars.

                                While the Trump supporters will undoubtedly be quick to point out that the one making this claim of Presidential pardons being for sale for $2 million is part of a lawsuit by a woman who was a former aide to Giuliani and is accusing him of sexual harassment, and is not a trustworthy source, The Independent today has published an investigative report that corroborates her claim with a former CIA officer, John Kiriakou, who has stated the same thing; that he was offered a Presidential pardon by Trump for $2 million.

                                • Outdoor Billboard Mockup, Outdoor Outdoor Advertising Poster For

                                  Don’t Tell Chat AI Anything You Wouldn’t Want to See on a Billboard

                                  Chatting with an AI program feels personal and conversational, but don’t be fooled. Here’s why you should keep a lid on what you reveal to ChatGPT and its ilk.

                                  ChatGPT is a gossip. Google’s Bard, too, and maybe Bing AI. What you get out of them depends on all the information that went in. And that’s precisely the problem.


                                  Because everything you ask them, tell them, or prompt them with becomes input for further training. The question you ask today may inform the answer someone gets tomorrow.

                                  That’s why you should be very, very careful what you say to an AI.

                                  • Elon Musk Talulah

                                    Elon Musk is Latest Billionaire to be Subpoenaed in Jeffrey Epstein Virgin Island Case

                                    Elon Musk became the latest billionaire subpoenaed in the Jeffrey Epstein Virgin Island case today. He has allegedly been trying to avoid being served since last month.

                                    According to investigative reporter Whitney Webb, Epstein provided business contacts to Musk helping him start Tesla and SpaceX. Elon’s brother, Kimbal Musk, sits on the board for Tesla and SpaceX, and also dated one of Epstein’s girlfriends.

                                    In a 2020 article published in The Sun, Musk’s ex-wife Talulah Riley denied “truly awful” rumors that Ghislaine Maxwell had handpicked her to be Musk’s “child bride”, although she did admit that she and her then-husband Musk had been entertained at Jeffrey Epstein’s house in New York City.

                                    • sad dollars

                                      $14 Billion in Foreign Deposits at Silicon Valley Bank were NOT Bailed Out - More than $1 Trillion Foreign Deposits at Chase and Citibank as U.S. Debt Crisis Looms

                                      The Wall Street Journal sent shock waves through the financial world Saturday night when they reported that the FDIC seized nearly $14 billion in foreign deposits at Silicon Valley Bank in the Cayman Islands last March, mostly from Chinese investment firms, which had been waiting to gain access to their funds.

                                      It’s not happening.

                                      As Pam Martens reported this morning, this will most certainly cause a bank run on all unsecured foreign deposits, which is over $1 trillion in just two banks: JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup’s Citibank.

                                      As Mike Shedlock of reported, the FDIC has now sent a clear message to foreign depositors: You can’t trust U.S. Banks.

                                      If this news wasn’t bad enough, we also have the alleged political posturing going on right now over whether or not Congress is going to raise the U.S. debt limit, or default on some government obligations, like U.S. Treasuries.

                                      Asia (Japan and China) holds a vast majority of foreign held U.S. Treasuries, and probably a lot of the same investment firms that just lost all their deposits at Silicon Valley Bank.

                                      This past Friday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated that the U.S. has “to default on something” if a new debt ceiling is not reached by Congress, and that includes U.S. Treasuries.

                                      • Erdoğan unhidden hand

                                        Turkey Defies the U.S. and Western Media as President Erdoğan Wins Popular Vote - Victory in Runoff Almost Certain

                                        Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan emerged victorious in today’s national Turkish elections, despite the Western Media’s attempts to discredit the conservative Turkish President, and support his main opponent, liberal Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

                                        As I reported last week, even the Right Wing Christian Conservative media put out hit pieces against Erdoğan and supported Kılıçdaroğlu, in spite of his liberal pro-LGBT views in a country that is 99% percent Muslim.

                                        The reason why the Christian Right sided with Biden and the democrats to try and affect the Turkish national elections, is because both sides in the U.S., both the “liberals” and the “conservatives”, overwhelmingly support the war in Ukraine while demonizing Russia.

                                        At the time of writing this article, over 64 million people in Turkey, which has a population of about 85 million, had cast their vote and about 97% of the ballots had been counted, giving Erdoğan a 2.3 million vote lead over his nearest opponent, the U.S.-backed Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

                                        Erdoğan is just short of reaching 50% of the popular vote at this point, which would mean that there will be a runoff between him and Kılıçdaroğlu in two weeks.

                                        Unless something happens to Erdoğan in the meantime, he is all but assured to win the runoff elections.

                                        A few days before the elections, one of the other candidates for President, Muharrem İnce, withdrew from the race over allegations that a recording of him in a sex scandal had surfaced.

                                        İnce claimed that the tape was a deepfake, using footage taken from “an Israeli porn site”.

                                        Western media sources were quick to predict that İnce’s withdrawal would help Kılıçdaroğlu defeat Erdoğan.

                                        If İnce was correct in blaming this on a smear attack by Israeli and U.S. sources to boost Kılıçdaroğlu’s chances of winning the election, then the plan didn’t work, as Erdoğan still came close to reaching 50%, and could still potentially reach that amount at the time of this writing, as some votes have not been calculated yet.

                                        • Google Earth Bedroom view 5

                                          Google Introduces Plan to Use Generative AI to Take Over the Internet - AI's Real Threat to Society

                                          Google announced its new plans for AI this week at their annual I/O developer conference, and to say that not everyone in the Tech Industry was thrilled by their plans to integrate Generative AI into their search engine, would be an understatement.

                                          Emily Dreibelbis, writing for PC Magazine, published one of the more apocalyptic articles warning that Google could basically destroy most websites on the Internet.

                                          Maggie Harrison, writing for Futurism, issued similar warnings for the future of independent journalism due to Google’s plan for Generative AI, noting that Google still owns 91% of all Internet searches.

                                          This is one of the REAL dangers of AI, the fact that the largest technology companies that control the Internet could very easily drive everyone else out of business and thereby control all the content on the Internet.

                                          And in fact, that trend has already started in the technology sector, as year-to-date there have already been 193,860 employees laid off in the technology sector, with many tech businesses failing, as well as some of their top banks also failing, like Silicon Valley Bank, that funded these companies.

                                          This investment in the future of AI, is the main thing holding up the U.S. stock market right now. Five technology stocks, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta and Amazon, have accounted for 89% of the S&P 500 YTD price return.

                                          It is looking more and more every day that we are looking at a total market collapse at some point, and then only the largest banks and the largest technology companies will be left, because they are “too big to fail,” especially since the U.S. military and their Intelligence agencies all depend on Big Tech, who hold all their data in their Cloud Computing data centers.

                                          This appears to be the goal of the Wall Street billionaires and their bankers, since there is no way they can pay off their debts. Just crash the entire financial system, and choose which Tech companies and banks survive.

                                          Then they will have total control of the flow of money as they require digital IDs and work towards a Central Bank Digital Currency, operated by the Big Tech companies that survive, who will also control the flow of information through AI.

                                          Will enough Americans wake up soon enough to prevent this from happening, or will it take a total collapse of the economy to reveal what is really happening with this “Great Reset”?

                                          • Peter Flaherty was arrested at a shareholder meeting

                                            Berkshire Hathaway Investor Arrested by Warren Buffet at Shareholder Meeting for Pointing out Ties to Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein

                                            Peter Flaherty, who is chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center and also a shareholder in Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway company, was arrested during Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder’s meeting last weekend for proposing that Warren Buffet should step aside as Chairman of the Board and CEO so someone else who was not tied to Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein could lead the company.

                                            “I was treated like any other criminal, fingerprinted, handcuffed,” Flaherty said. “I’ve always been courteous with decorum at the annual shareholder meetings. I didn’t raise my voice. I was not disruptive.”

                                            As we have previously reported, Warren Buffet was one of the main board members funding the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation just after the foundation started. The Foundation basically owns the World Health Organization.

                                            Flaherty said Buffet had donated tens of billions to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, adding:

                                            “If ‘woke’ culture is a disease, then philanthropy is the virus. The Gates Foundation bankrolls the teaching of Critical Race Theory around the country, including that math is inherently racist.

                                            The Gates Foundation offers a Gender Identity Toolbox which asserts that gender is the result of ‘socially and culturally constructed ideas.

                                            This is a lie. Gender is not a cultural construct. It is a genetic and biological fact.

                                            We know how much Bill Gates cares about children. He met and traveled with Jeffrey Epstein many times after Epstein was convicted of sex crimes.”

                                            • Twitter secure image

                                              Twitter Rolls Out Encrypted Messaging, Don’t Trust It

                                              Twitter did it. The company met a deadline and released something on the promised date under Elon Musk’s leadership. The social media platform put out its first-ever encrypted messaging option late on Wednesday night, just under the wire. Yet in the mad dash to deliver, the site seems to have made some confusing compromises, as outlined in a Twitter blogpost.

                                              To the company’s credit, it is upfront that its first stab at encrypted DMs isn’t perfect.

                                              “When it comes to Direct Messages, the standard should be, if someone puts a gun to our heads, we still can’t access your messages,” the Wednesday blogpost reads, quoting a previous tweet from Musk. “We’re not quite there yet,” it continues.

                                              As Twitter points out in its own statement, its version of encryption doesn’t necessarily protect against “man-in-the-middle” attacks. This means a technically competent bad actor or Twitter itself could theoretically intercept messages without the knowledge of the sender.

                                              • Happy Family. Mother Holding Small Child. Family Concept. Woman

                                                Humans are Indispensable - Why AI will Never Replace Humans

                                                Are you going to be replaced by a machine? Could a robot really be curious? Or experience love? Could a computer plot evil?

                                                Some really smart people think machines will achieve not just human but super human consciousness.

                                                Oxford professor of mathematics John Lennox and Baylor University computer engineer Robert J. Marks disagree.

                                                Non-algorithmic properties are solely attributes of humans. Computers will never show the creativity, empathy, or love that human beings do.

                                                • brittany-LA-DCFS-Foster-Youth-Center

                                                  LA County May be Forced to Pay $3 Billion in 3,000 Claims of Child Sexual Abuse in Foster Homes, Children Shelters, and Probation Camps

                                                  Three years after the Child Victims Act went into effect, L.A. County — responsible for facilities meant to protect and rehabilitate the region’s youth — has emerged in court filings as one of the biggest alleged institutional offenders.

                                                  Two weeks ago, in an otherwise dry budget document, county officials delivered figures that stunned even some of the most seasoned California sex abuse attorneys. County officials predicted that they may be forced to spend between $1.6 billion and $3 billion to resolve roughly 3,000 claims of sexual abuse that allegedly took place in the county’s foster homes, children shelters, and probation camps and halls dating to the 1950s.

                                                  The county is gearing up to litigate the cases, bringing on 11 law firms to work through the claims.

                                                  Experts say the volume is unlike anything they’ve heard of in local government.

                                                  There is only one apt comparison, attorneys say: the Catholic Church.

                                                  • Josh Sabey and Sarah Perkins with children

                                                    Family Files Federal Lawsuit Against Massachusetts Police and Government for Medically Kidnapping Infant & Toddler at 1 a.m. in Home Invasion

                                                    A family who took their 3-month-old son to an emergency room in Waltham, Massachusetts last year at the advice of their pediatrician because the infant had a 103 degree fever, is now suing Waltham police and social workers who came to their home unannounced at 1 a.m. in the morning and forced their way into their home to remove both their 3-month-old baby and his 3-year-old brother, with no warrant, simply because an x-ray taken of the baby a couple of days earlier showed a healed fractured rib in the baby.

                                                    That was all it took for local authorities to medically kidnap their children, by forcing their way into the family’s home in the middle of the night and terrorizing the young children by kidnapping them and taking them away from their parents.

                                                    The parents were eventually cleared of all charges and their children were returned to them, but now the parents are suing to try and stop this from happening to other families.

                                                    This story has received national media attention, and The Pacific Legal Foundation has taken up their case and filed a federal lawsuit.

                                                    Sadly, this is a common story in the U.S. and not rare at all. We have covered dozens of these stories over the past several years.

                                                    As we have reported over the years, taking your child to an emergency room is one of the most dangerous things parents can do these days, as there is a huge industry devoted to “medical child abuse” and “child abuse pediatricians” along with their “child abuse” teams which can only be funded and their salaries justified by finding “child abuse” in pediatric patients brought to the hospital.

                                                    Unsuspecting parents bring their child to the emergency room and often end up having x-rays taken of their child, and based solely on an x-ray these “child abuse” pediatric doctors will order a child be seized from their parents, even before an investigation can be conducted.

                                                    It is a horrific violation of constitutional rights, as even terrorists, rapists, murderers, etc. are afforded due process of law in the criminal justice system, but parents are not given those same rights in Family Court.

                                                    After a medical doctor suggests “child abuse”, the children are often ripped away from the parents without any charges even filed, and then they have to prove their innocence, which can take months or even years, to get their children back.

                                                    • Pregnant Woman Wearing Face Mask Protective For Spreading Of Dis

                                                      INFANTICIDE: 4,739 Dead Babies in VAERS Following COVID-19 Shots Injected Into Pregnant and Child-Bearing Aged Women

                                                      The U.S. Government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) now reports that there have been at least 4,739 fetal deaths reported following COVID-19 vaccines given to pregnant and child-bearing women.

                                                      If we compare the yearly average of 75 fetal deaths following FDA approved vaccines for 30 years with the number of fetal deaths recorded in 2021 following the COVID-19 experimental shots, which is 3,863 fetal deaths in a single year, that is an increase of over 5,000%.

                                                      There have been numerous doctors and nurses who have noticed this horrific increase in fetal deaths who have tried to warn the public throughout 2021 and 2022, and we have featured most of them here on Health Impact News.

                                                      The public has been warned about how dangerous the COVID-19 shots are, especially for pregnant and child-bearing aged women.

                                                      But the U.S. Government has still not warned the public, and continues injecting pregnant women with these lethal shots.

                                                      Maggie Thorp JD and Jim Thorp MD have just published an explosive report that serves as a criminal indictment for those who have participated in this infanticide, with over 70 footnoted references.

                                                      • Iran and Oman Ditch dollar

                                                        Iran Central Bank and Oman Ditch the U.S. Dollar

                                                        The strategic policy of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) is to set aside US dollar in trade and FOREX exchanges with other countries, the CBI chief said.

                                                        Mohammad Reza Farzin made the comment in his meeting with Omani Minister of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion Qais bin Mohammad Al Yousef in Tehran on Monday.

                                                        During the meeting, Farzin pointed to the full readiness of the Central Bank of Iran to remove the US dollar from trade and economic transactions between Iran and the Sultanate of Oman.

                                                        • 1.7 million Istanbul rally erdogan

                                                          The Real Reason Why the U.S. is Trying to Control the Elections in Turkey this Week

                                                          Yesterday, (May 7, 2023), there was a rally of reportedly 1.7 million people at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport showing support for Turkey’s current president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, ahead of national elections this coming Sunday, May 14th.

                                                          On Saturday, (May 6, 2023), Erdoğan’s opponent for president in the national elections, Kemal Kiliçdaroglu, also held a rally in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, but I have been unable to find any published reports about how large the crowds were, although some of the foreign English media have reported that the crowds were in “the thousands” or “tens of thousands.”

                                                          The media here in the U.S., however, in both the corporate media and the alternative media, are reporting that President Erdoğan is either losing or in a close race with Kiliçdaroglu, as they characterize Erdoğan as losing support in an election that “really matters.”

                                                          Why do they say that this election “really matters”?

                                                          They use the same old excuse they always use when the U.S. has an interest in interfering with elections in other countries where they do not like the outcome: “democracy is at stake.”

                                                          As someone who has lived for many years in Turkey in the past, and was at one time fluent in Turkish and worked as a translator in Turkey, I am going to report the “other side” of this Turkish election that you are not likely going to read in Western English news reports.

                                                          To sum up the “other side” of why the United States does not want Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to be re-elected as President of Turkey, it is because Turkey is clearly choosing sides in the conflict between the U.S. and Russia in Ukraine, and they are choosing their neighbor, Russia, who is helping Turkey become energy and military independent from the U.S., and part of a larger coalition of Middle Eastern Countries who are banding together to fight years of U.S. military dominance in their region over oil.

                                                          Some have even suggested that the deadly earthquake in Turkey earlier this year was not natural, but caused by an HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) weapon used by the U.S. to punish Turkey for working together with Russia.

                                                          • COVIDISM trailer

                                                            New Trailer Released for Documentary: COVIDISM – Contagious Deception

                                                            When Health Impact News premiered the new documentary, COVIDISM – Contagious Deception, last month, I asked the producer if he had a trailer for the 4-part documentary.

                                                            He told me he would put one together, and now you can watch a 2-minute trailer that highlights the topics covered in the 4-part documentary.

                                                            This is on our Bitchute Channel, and will also be on our Rumble, Odysee, and Telegram channels.

                                                            Please copy and redistribute freely.

                                                            “Covidism: Contagious Deception” is the most comprehensive documentary on COVID-19 I have had the pleasure to watch, as it thoroughly analyzes both the scientific and political aspects of the COVID-19 mass deception launched in 2020.

                                                            The documentary has received many positive reviews and is even being submitted to an Independent Film Festival.

                                                            • Heart Contols Mind and Thought as well as emotions

                                                              The Brain Myth: Your Intellect and Thoughts Originate in Your Heart, Not Your Brain

                                                              Those of us who have been educated in Western Culture today have been taught to believe that the center of a person’s consciousness and thoughts is our brain.

                                                              Like a computer that contains a microprocessor that allows the computer to accomplish all of its various tasks, the idea that a human being also works like a computer with a brain that functions like a microprocessor, is something that almost all people raised in Western Culture assume is a fact.

                                                              But it is not a fact. It is a belief system.

                                                              And as a belief system, would it surprise you to learn that this is a fairly modern belief, and that historically it has not been the brain that has been considered the driving force in humans that allows them to think and reason, but that historically it has been the heart that is attributed to human consciousness, including our mind, speech, and thoughts?

                                                              When we look at the ancient literature written in non-Western cultures, the idea that the brain controls human thought and consciousness is mostly absent.

                                                              The largest collection of writings of antiquity that exist to us today is contained in the Bible, a collection of 66 unique writings spanning over thousands of years.

                                                              Most of the Bible was written in Hebrew and Greek, and the most common translations of the Bible found today are English translations.

                                                              I have an electronic Bible I use every day (e-Sword), and in this program I currently have about 16 different English translations of the Bible.

                                                              I searched every English translation I have for the word “brain,” and all of them turned up a negative result with ZERO instances of the English word “brain” used to translate any of the words in the original languages.

                                                              If one does a search for the word “heart,” however, it will return a result of almost 1000 matches where words in the original languages were translated into English as “heart.”

                                                              • vehicle privacy report privacy 4 cars

                                                                New Free Vehicle Privacy Report Shows if Your Car Might Be Tracking You, Selling Your Data

                                                                Almost all modern-day vehicles are now connected to the Internet with the ability to transmit your personal data back to the car manufacturer where it can then be viewed and sold to others.

                                                                Tesla is probably the worst one, due to the fact that some models have up to 9 cameras, and a recently published report admitted that Tesla employees were sharing photos and videos of Tesla owners, including “intimacy”, their kids, and their location.

                                                                There is now a new free online tool that drivers can use to see how much their car may be spying on them.

                                                                • pacwest-bank- collapsing

                                                                  Another California Bank on the Verge of Collapse!

                                                                  Earlier today, when Jerome Powell openly lied to the American People during the FOMC press conference stating without a hint of irony that the US banking system is “sound and resilient”, we balked: how could this former lawyer lie so brazenly to the American people, the narrator wondered, when in just the past few weeks we had seen over half a trillion in bank failures, making the current bank failure episode even worse than the global financial crisis?

                                                                  Well, as usual, the narrator was right, because while Powell’s lies were still ringing in our ears, the next regional bank collapse was on its say.

                                                                  Shortly after the close, Bloomberg reported that another regional, California-based bank (of course), PacWest Bancorp., was weighing a range of strategic options, including a sale.

                                                                  The Beverly Hills-based bank – whose financial conditions it appears has been far worse than the Fed, which just hiked another 25bps, thought – has been working with a financial adviser and has also been considering a breakup or a capital raise, according to Bloomberg sources. While it is open to a sale, the company hasn’t started a formal auction process.

                                                                  And sure enough, following the Bloomberg report, PacWest – which had $28 billion in deposits at last check (far less as of this moment) and $44 billion in assets, saw its stock plunge more than 60% after hours…

                                                                  • trump biden domestic terrorists mass murderers

                                                                    Will Anyone Be Held Accountable for the 300,000 Americans Murdered by the COVID-19 Shots in 2021?

                                                                    2021 will go down in history as the worst year of “death by lethal injection” as an estimated 300,000 people in the United States were killed by lethal injections.

                                                                    Lethal injections are only supposed to be injected into convicted criminals who receive the death penalty in a court of law.

                                                                    But starting in December of 2020, when President Trump threatened the FDA and forced them to approve experimental injections of COVID-19 shots that were produced by U.S. Government funds through his Operation Warp Speed program, through 2021 when President Biden instituted mandates for people to receive those lethal injections as a condition for employment, an estimated 300,000 Americans lost their lives from these lethal injections.

                                                                    Will anyone be held accountable for these acts of domestic terrorism and mass murder?

                                                                    Donald Trump and Joe Biden should be tried as domestic terrorists and mass murderers for these crimes, along with their entire administrations who participated in them.

                                                                    And yet, both men are running for re-election for President of the United States.

                                                                    I am going to present the evidence for their guilt in these crimes against the American people in this article, using publicly available information published by the U.S. Government that anyone can fact check.

                                                                    • AI replaces humans

                                                                      How AI Will Replace Humans Like The Wizard of Oz and Save the Economy

                                                                      As long as we mint millions from a Never-Ending Bull Market, we’ll always stay one step ahead of the Debt Monster. AI! .

                                                                      Of the many astounding developments of the current era (AI!), none is more remarkable than the proliferation of soothsayers peering into crystal balls to predict The Most Important Trend In The Universe–a Bull or Bear stock market. The computing power and wealth thrown at conjuring up charts, statistics and forecasts is astounding in and of itself, but the proliferation of crystal balls and soothsayers is even more astounding.

                                                                      After reviewing hundreds of charts, statistics and forecasts on the most arcane correlations and the deepest data-dives (AI!), I’ve reached soothsayer satori: the secret to insuring a Never-Ending Bull Market in which monumental wealth will be piled up by all those entities (software and wetware alike–AI!) who buy every tiny dip and continuously roll over their zero-expiration-day-call-options is this:

                                                                      Say “AI” 300 times with fervent enthusiasm and then click your heels three times. You will then be transported to a magical paradise where stocks only go down for a few moments to enable dip-buyers the immense satisfaction of buying more stocks at a discount.

                                                                      • Bill Gates Jamie Dimon

                                                                        More U.S. Banks Collapsing as JPMorgan Chase CEO Consolidates his Power - Is this the Next Phase of the Great Reset?

                                                                        Another blood bath in American banks was seen today in stock market trading, with a “total collapse” of regional banks.

                                                                        This follows the collapse of the second largest bank in U.S. history that occurred over this past weekend with First Republic Bank.

                                                                        On Monday morning, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who stepped in to purchase the remaining assets of First Republic Bank at bargain rates, announced that the U.S. Banking system is “very, very sound.”

                                                                        Pam Martens of Wall Street on Parade, who has extensively covered the multiple felony charges that have been filed against Jamie Dimon over the years since he took over at Chase, published an article this morning explaining how we cannot trust Dimon’s statements that he is “saving” the banking industry, because he is one of the main reasons these smaller banks are failing in the first place.

                                                                        Jamie Dimon’s Bank now holds over 10% of America’s deposits, and that percentage will only increase as more and more smaller banks collapse.

                                                                        Most of these banks that have failed so far have been with banks holding the deposits of venture capitalists and billionaires from Big Tech. Some are now speculating that Dimon is looking to start dominating Silicon Valley, and have a greater influence with Big Tech.

                                                                        Could this be the next step in the “Great Reset” and digital control over the population as the U.S. economy crashes?

                                                                        • biden vs. AI nuclear threat 2

                                                                          Is Congress Really More Concerned About AI Launching a Nuclear Attack than an 80-Year-Old Demented President?

                                                                          A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators have introduced the “Block Nuclear Launch by Autonomous AI Act,” which would “prohibit the use of Federal funds to launch a nuclear weapon using an autonomous weapons system that is not subject to meaningful human control.”

                                                                          This is so absurd, that I don’t know if members of Congress are actually this stupid, or if this is a psyop to instill fear into the public over AI, similar to how fear was used to convince most of the public that there was a deadly coronavirus that threatened humanity back in 2020.

                                                                          Let’s start with the fact that there is no such thing as “autonomous AI.” It is fake, it does not exist. Some believe it could happen in the future, but even that is based on either ignorance or intentional fear mongering to get people to fear AI.

                                                                          But no matter what your beliefs are about AI’s capability in the future, nobody in the Tech industry today working with AI would say that AI is now “fully autonomous.”

                                                                          We haven’t even been able to develop a “fully autonomous” car yet after almost 20 years, let alone something that could launch a nuclear attack.

                                                                          So this is a meaningless bill. It would be the same thing as filing a bill to “Block Autonomous Handguns from Killing People.”

                                                                          But guns are not autonomous. They need people to wield them, and the same is true of AI or any computer code for that matter.

                                                                          The real threat today to launch a nuclear attack, lies with the President of the United States, who “has the unilateral authority to choose to use nuclear weapons.”

                                                                          However, there are ways that “Congress can limit when and how the president uses nuclear weapons.”

                                                                          Wouldn’t that be a better use of Congress right now, given the ongoing real threats in Ukraine and Taiwan that could escalate into nuclear confrontations, and the fact that the U.S. has an 80-year-old president who continually shows signs of deteriorating mental capabilities?

                                                                          • CIA_Director_Burns

                                                                            CIA Director William Burns Met with Jeffrey Epstein According to Epstein's Private Calendar

                                                                            In one of the most explosive revelations yet about the people who associated with and did business with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the Wall Street Journal reported this weekend that a trove of previously unpublished documents, which allegedly includes Epstein’s private calendar, reveals many people in positions of high power.

                                                                            The Wall Street Journal does not state how they obtained these documents, but it has been widely published that the Virgin Islands is currently suing JPMorgan, the United States’ largest bank, accusing them of funding Epstein’s pedophile network.

                                                                            Many high profile people have already been subpoenaed to testify in the case, including JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, as well as several billionaires, including Google co-founder Sergy Brin.

                                                                            However, in these new documents that the Wall Street Journal has obtained, several high profile names that were not previously associated with Jeffrey Epstein have emerged, including current CIA Director William Burns.

                                                                            It is truly amazing to see how these people in positions of power and wealth are trying to backpedal their past associations with the accused and convicted pedophile.

                                                                            • God-will-not-be-mocked-NEW

                                                                              God Will Not be Made a Fool - A Person Reaps What he Sows

                                                                              Do not be deceived. God will not be made a fool. For a person will reap what he sows, because the person who sows to his own flesh will reap corruption from the flesh, but the one who sows to the Spirit will reap eternal life from the Spirit. So we must not grow weary in doing good, for in due time we will reap, if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:7-9)

                                                                              • First Republic Bank 2

                                                                                4th U.S. Bank Collapses as Bank Runs Continue

                                                                                The 4th U.S. Bank has collapsed in less than 2 months, as it was announced late Friday that First Republic, an FDIC bank, was being purchased by JPMorgan and PNC after a government seizure.

                                                                                The bank is headquartered in San Francisco, and is part of the Silicon Valley crowd with rich clients who have money deposited way above the FDIC insurance limits.

                                                                                So the bailout of wealthy Big Tech investors continues.

                                                                                • RSS create own newsfeed and search

                                                                                  RSS: How to Create Your Own Newsfeed and Search

                                                                                  With it becoming more and more difficult to find information on the Internet with Google and Microsoft increasingly working hard to control all online content, it is more important than ever for people to learn how to use RSS feeds.

                                                                                  RSS feeds allow you to capture new articles published throughout the day without using email subscriptions, social media, or having to use online search engines or AI chat bots.

                                                                                  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (or sometimes Rich Site Summary.) It was developed back in the 1990s during the infancy of the Internet, and was originally called RDF (Resource Description Framework).

                                                                                  Almost all websites publishing content still use this technology today by using an XML file format that is included with each new article published, that can then be retrieved by an RSS feed reader as soon as that content is published.

                                                                                  The more sites you add to your RSS reader, and the longer you use it, you will soon have your own “database” of sites that you prefer, which you can then search on your local computer or device.

                                                                                  And don’t just add sites you agree with, but add other sites that give different perspectives, so you do not succumb to online propaganda.

                                                                                  When it comes to news, add other country’s English news sites as well, such as Russian, Chinese, Arab, etc. so you can compare what the U.S. corporate media is reporting, compared to what other countries report on the same news topic, even if the other country’s news site is just propaganda also from their government.

                                                                                  • chat ai bot 2

                                                                                    The "Godfather of AI" Says Doomsayers Are Wrong and ChatGPT Isn’t Remarkable - Mainly an Advanced Disinformation Tool

                                                                                    The hype over AI Chat searches as well as the “AI is going to take over the world and replace humans” is continuing unabated, and investments into AI are now the only thing left propping up the U.S. economy.

                                                                                    I suppose this is the result of having a generation of adults who have now grown up in the “computer age” starting in the early 1980s who are now running the economy with their beliefs in AI and technology.

                                                                                    Old school technologists like myself, who watched all of this technology develop, and know better, are having little to no effect in trying to dispel these false beliefs. I have earned my living and built my career on this technology for over 25 years now, but that doesn’t seem to matter with this generation.

                                                                                    My views on the hype over this “new” AI fad are not unique at all, as many others also share them, but it is much more interesting to state that AI is going to take over the world and replace humans, and that is the view that gets clicks and traffic today, which can obviously be monetized as well.

                                                                                    Therefore, the “AI is going to take over the world” view is the predominant view, not because it is true, but because it is more popular and sells more.

                                                                                    So I am going to highlight some of the other dissenting voices in this article, and then I am going to show what this “new” AI Chat software is actually doing today, as it has been out in the public for about 5 months now.

                                                                                    But if you want the spoiler as to what it is actually doing today with hundreds of millions of users, here it is: It is a disinformation and data collection tool.

                                                                                    • yuan vs dollar

                                                                                      Yuan Surpasses U.S. Dollar to Become the Most-used Currency in China’s Cross-border Transactions

                                                                                      The news regarding the U.S. dollar’s status as the world’s #1 currency continues to be negative, as it was just reported today that the yuan surpassed the U.S. dollar to become the most-used currency in China’s cross-border transactions last month.

                                                                                      This follows another report from last week that Russia is completely abandoning the U.S. dollar and Euro from energy exports.

                                                                                      China and Russia are not the only countries that are abandoning the U.S. dollar.

                                                                                      • Erdogan-y-Putin-ok-780x470

                                                                                        Russia Helps NATO Member Turkey Reach Nuclear Status

                                                                                        Turkey announced today that they had finally reached “nuclear status” as they received their first batch of nuclear fuel from Russia.

                                                                                        Turkey’s partnership with Russia, despite being a member of NATO, is another dramatic example of how the political landscape in the Middle East is rapidly changing, as the region looks to break away from its ties to the United States and U.S. worldwide dominance in energy.

                                                                                        Being the only Muslim country in NATO, Turkey also has the largest number of armed forces in NATO outside of the U.S., and they are a strategic country that spans through both Europe and the Middle East.

                                                                                        Last year they patched up their differences with Saudi Arabia over the 2018 killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, and last month Saudi Arabia reportedly deposited $5 billion into Turkey’s Central Bank to help prop up their economy.

                                                                                        As an example of just how dramatically the geopolitical map is rapidly changing today, Turkey’s historical archenemy since the end of World War I, Greece, is now inviting Turkey to become part of the recently formed East Mediterranean Gas Forum, which began in November of 2019.

                                                                                        Check out the member nations that comprise this recently formed East Mediterranean Gas Forum, to which Greece is extending an invitation to Turkey to join: Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan and Palestine.

                                                                                        Wait, what?? An organization consisting of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Countries all cooperating together “on developing an infrastructure for gas trade within the region and with external markets”??

                                                                                        And now Greece is inviting their archenemy Turkey to also join??

                                                                                        • Kennedy Malone Kirsch future political leaders

                                                                                          Unpopular President Biden Announces 2024 Campaign as DNC Announces "No Debates"

                                                                                          Despite recent polling that indicates a majority of Democrats do not want President Joe Biden to run for a second term as President of the United States, the 80-year-old oldest ever President is apparently doing just that as he announced his re-election campaign today.

                                                                                          Before Biden officially announced his candidacy for re-election today, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) stated that while they would support the Biden campaign, they had “no plans to sponsor primary debates.”

                                                                                          This has angered a lot of people in the Alternative Media who wanted to see Robert F. Kennedy Jr. debate Biden and address certain issues, but the reality is that both parties, Democrats and Republicans, have historically NOT sponsored primary debates when their party had an incumbent President running for re-election.

                                                                                          This was true for Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. when they ran for re-election after their first terms.

                                                                                          When it comes to the issue of debate and free speech, there is another issue in the Alternative Media that I have not addressed until now.

                                                                                          That issue is the fact that Dr. Robert Malone has inserted himself into the Alternative Media since 2021, developing his own narrative around the COVID issue and other political topics, and now is suing other publishers in the Alternative Media who dare to disagree with him.

                                                                                          In my 2 decades plus of writing and publishing in the Alternative Media, I have never seen anything like this before.

                                                                                          I am including it in this article, because Malone is closely tied to RFK Jr. and also his financial backer, wealthy Silicon Valley technologist Steve Kirsch.

                                                                                          One of the people Malone is suing is Dr. Peter Breggin, who has had an outstanding reputation in the Alternative Health Media for many decades now. If you search Health Impact News for his name, you will find more than a dozen articles where we have covered his work over the years exposing the corruption in psychology and psychiatry.

                                                                                          Breggin has just published an interesting article titled: “Robert Kennedy, Steve Kirsch, and Robert Malone – What’s It All About?”

                                                                                          • Hyperinflation Economy And Global Inflation Concept Or Overvalue

                                                                                            JPMorgan: "ChatGPT has Driven Half the Gains in the Stock Market this Year" - Mega Financial Bubble About to Explode

                                                                                            I have been reporting on the Big Tech Crash since it started last year (2022).

                                                                                            This crash picked up speed in 2022 following the collapse of the mega Cryptocurrency company FTX, which revealed a huge criminal Ponzi scheme that raked in $billions while its founder and associates reveled in their wealth with drugs, wild parties and sexual orgies.

                                                                                            Criminal prosecutions and other civil lawsuits are still ongoing, and we may never know just how far this scandal reached, and the extent of those involved, which includes many famous professional sports figures. The Miami Heat NBA Basketball team’s arena was even named after FTX, and had to recently change its name just after FTX had purchased a multi-year sponsorship of the arena.

                                                                                            Here in 2023, however, investors have continued to pour money into Big Tech stocks, in spite of the losses they suffered in 2022 and the hundreds of thousands who have now been laid off by these companies, and I have been warning for the past 3 months that this is a huge bubble because most of these investments are going into the newest fad in Big Tech: Artificial Intelligence Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, in spite of the fact that these new software products are not producing any revenue yet.

                                                                                            And in a report published today about an analysis from JPMorgan, the analysis stated that “The interest sparked in artificial intelligence driven by ChatGPT and other large language models has driven more than half the gains in the S&P 500 this year.”

                                                                                            WOW!!! That’s worse than even I expected! Not only is Big Tech in trouble and about to crash, so is the entire United States financial system.

                                                                                            • ExxonMobil refinery expansion

                                                                                              The Myth of "Fossil Fuels" and the Myth that the U.S. is Transitioning Away from Oil to "Green" Energy

                                                                                              The United States has been the world’s most dominant economic nation since World War 2, and the primary way they have maintained their empire has been by controlling the world’s oil and energy.

                                                                                              But the world is quickly changing as more and more people wake up to the fact that the Ukraine war has been a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia, and that the goal of the U.S. has been to cut off Europe, which does not produce near enough oil to meet the needs of its population, from the cheap energy they were importing from Russia.

                                                                                              The blowing up of the Nord Stream pipeline was part of that strategy, to force Europe to start buying more of their energy from the U.S. instead of Russia.

                                                                                              But the rest of the world is striking back now, and quickly abandoning the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, which has been called the “petrol dollar,” being the currency that the world has used to trade oil.

                                                                                              In order to convince the American public to support the endless wars the U.S. has engaged in since the end of WW II, which have primarily been wars to control the world’s oil, they have had to engage in decades of propaganda spreading lies and myths to justify their military actions.

                                                                                              So let’s dispel some of these myths regarding energy and oil, including the myth that petroleum is a “fossil fuel” and not “renewable.”

                                                                                              • What does it take to crash the U.S.'s technology

                                                                                                Will America's Addiction to Computer Technology be it's Downfall?

                                                                                                America is the most technology-dependent society in the world, by far.

                                                                                                As I reported last week, the United States has the ability to spy on its citizens at a greater percentage than even China, due to the fact that a higher percentage of U.S. citizens are connected through technology and their cell phones than citizens in China, where over one third of the people in China do not even own cell phones yet.

                                                                                                There is another way to measure America’s dependency on technology besides cell phone and Internet usage, and that is by looking at how many data centers are in the U.S. that host all the server hardware that is required to keep all this technology running.

                                                                                                In this category, the U.S. has no serious competitors. In fact, the U.S. owns more data centers than almost all other countries of the world combined, according to

                                                                                                These physical computers, which are housed in physical buildings in physical locations, require tremendous resources to operate, which include energy resources and human resources, to keep it all running.

                                                                                                Almost everything connected to the Internet today is run by these data centers that provide Cloud Computing.

                                                                                                And all of these computers are primarily owned by three companies: and “Amazon Web Services” (AWS), Microsoft and “Microsoft Azure,” and Google with their Cloud Services.

                                                                                                If an enemy of the United States wanted to totally cripple our country, including military and intelligence operations, all they would have to do is take down the data centers owned by these three companies.

                                                                                                The physical locations of these data centers is a matter of public knowledge, and I was able to find lists of their physical locations by using their own search engines, in less than 5 minutes.

                                                                                                • Dollar Crisis

                                                                                                  As U.S. Bank Deposits Resume Outflows, How Quickly Will The U.S. Dollar Collapse?

                                                                                                  While it has been a relatively quiet week in the financial sector, it may not be long before the economy takes over headline news again.

                                                                                                  ZeroHedge News reported today that U.S. banks are experiencing more runs on deposits.

                                                                                                  Pam Martens of Wall Street on Parade addressed the current “credit crunch” that was revealed this week with the release of the Federal Reserve’s “Beige Book” report.

                                                                                                  Almost everyone now in the corporate news media financial sector is admitting that the U.S. Dollar’s decline is a foregone conclusion in the future.

                                                                                                  The only question left is, how quickly will it collapse?

                                                                                                  Alasdair Macleod of Goldmoney has written the best analysis of the current U.S. Dollar situation that I have read so far, and it was republished on ZeroHedge News as well.

                                                                                                  This is a bit of a long read, but it is well worth it to understand what is probably in store for the U.S. Dollar in the future, as he tackles the question: “How quickly will the dollar collapse?”

                                                                                                  If you want a spoiler statement from this article, it would be this:

                                                                                                  “Assuming that foreign holders reduce their dollar exposure and at the margin buy renminbi (Chinese currency), the fall in the dollar relative to the renminbi could be unexpectedly sudden and substantial.”

                                                                                                  • MilaJacksonTaken1-1800x1200-c-default

                                                                                                    Texas Medically Kidnaps Newborn Baby Born at Home Because Parents Refused to Bring the Baby to the Hospital

                                                                                                    A newborn baby was medically kidnapped in Texas last month (March, 2023) because the parents chose to have a home birth with a licensed midwife, and when they took the baby to their pediatrician for a routine checkup, the doctor stated that the child had jaundice and required to be hospitalized.

                                                                                                    The parents refused to take the baby to the hospital, choosing instead to treat the jaundice themselves under the care of their licensed midwife, so the doctor called Child “Protection” Services who then came with police to the home and abducted the breastfeeding baby by force.

                                                                                                    The parents finally got to take their baby home earlier today (April 20, 2023) now over a month old, mainly because this became a national story and many people from the community came out to protest.

                                                                                                    This family will now have to deal with this trauma for the rest of their lives, and who knows what medical treatment was given to the baby while out of the care of the parents.

                                                                                                    • Harts Murder Foster Children

                                                                                                      Florida Parents Continue to Expose Child Trafficking as Pleas to Abolish the Nation's "Child Welfare" System Pick up Momentum

                                                                                                      We have previously reported about a lawsuit in Florida where dozens of parents were suing the State for illegally taking their children away from them. This has been an ongoing problem in Florida, where children are taken away from families who love them, and put into the foster care system where they are often sexually abused and trafficked.

                                                                                                      The original lawsuit filed last year has since been thrown out by a judge calling it a “shotgun complaint.” The lawsuit accused the State of taking away their children illegally, and placing them with strangers instead of placing them with relatives.

                                                                                                      Many parents and their attorney have now amended that lawsuit and refiled it on the grounds that their Constitutional rights have been violated. Interestingly, Gov. Ron DeSantis, who was a defendant in the original lawsuit, seems to have been dropped in the amended lawsuit.

                                                                                                      The late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer was one of the first to call for an end to the nation’s Child Welfare System over a decade ago, and it cost her her life.

                                                                                                      But a couple of new books just published this year, 2023, show that others have now taken up the call to end the nation’s child trafficking system that is so wrongfully referred to by such terms as “Child Welfare” and “Child Protection Services.”

                                                                                                      • COVIDISM Cover_FULL

                                                                                                        New 2023 Documentary Premiere: COVIDISM - Contagious Deception

                                                                                                        Health Impact News has just published the premiere of the 2023 documentary film, Covidism: Contagious Deception.

                                                                                                        “Covidism: Contagious Deception” is the most comprehensive documentary on COVID-19 I have had the pleasure to watch, as it thoroughly analyzes both the scientific and political aspects of the COVID-19 mass deception launched in 2020.

                                                                                                        The documentary was written and produced by a Health Impact News subscriber, Bonum Vincit (pseudonym), a Bulgarian independent film producer who would like to remain anonymous.

                                                                                                        This is an amazing film that features interviews and footage of many of the leading dissenting scientists and doctors who tried to warn the public as this mass deception unfolded. These voices were censored from the corporate media and the major social media sites.

                                                                                                        We have published this film in four parts.

                                                                                                        Part 1 carefully examines how authorities worldwide have been gaming the numbers regarding cases, hospitalizations and deaths from the alleged coronavirus. Part 1 also explains how health officials actively suppressed safe and effective treatments for Covid-19, while employing deadly protocols for hospital patients.

                                                                                                        Part 2 focuses on the fascinating timeline of events, which led to the global Covid-19 response, and investigates whether or not the science on the lethality and infectivity of Sars-Cov-2 justified countermeasures such as lockdowns and mask-wearing.

                                                                                                        Part 3 is a deep dive into the topic of Covid-19 “vaccines,” detailing the plethora of scientific evidence for their unsafe and ineffective nature, while exposing the deceptive tactics of manipulating the statistics.

                                                                                                        Part 4 puts all the pieces of the puzzle together, exposing the premeditated sinister political motivations behind the global Covid-19 response, and how it is intricately tied to a much larger agenda – The Great Reset.

                                                                                                        This work was a labor of love, and the film producer began it back in 2020, which means it took him almost 3 years to produce this film.

                                                                                                        He is not accepting any donations for this amazing work, and he wants everyone to freely copy and distribute the film.

                                                                                                        • Jamie Dimon BankOne

                                                                                                          Jeffrey Epstein's Link to the Banking Industry Cartel: Pedophilia, Ponzi Schemes, Money Laundering

                                                                                                          Whitney Webb of the Unlimited Hangout was just interviewed by Jimmy Dore regarding her recent article:

                                                                                                          “The Rise of Jamie Dimon: As JPMorgan’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein are being scrutinized in court, Whitney Webb reveals how the same powerful players who brought Epstein to prominence were largely responsible for the rise of JPMorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon.”

                                                                                                          If you want to understand just how evil the current banking system is in the United States, take 27 minutes of your time to watch this very informative video about how the Banking Cartel has been tied into the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s business operations for many years now.

                                                                                                          • Apple banking services 2

                                                                                                            Apple Turns iPhone into Ultimate Tracking Tool by Offering Banking Services - AppleID to Become National Digital ID?

                                                                                                            Who needs CBDCs or a National Digital ID program to track every financial transaction you make, when Apple has already beat everyone to the punch with their AppleID that now can be linked to your bank account as well?

                                                                                                            Yesterday, Apple announced that they are now offering attractive rates on savings accounts through their Apple Wallet, as they team up with banking giant Goldman Sachs.

                                                                                                            With Elon Musk and others racing to create the first “do everything” app that can track pretty much everything one does in life, Apple just beat everyone to the punch by effectively making the iPhone, which is already in the hands of over 120 million people in the U.S., and over 1 billion worldwide, a device that can now pretty much link everything you do to your AppleID.

                                                                                                            This is a brilliant move by Goldman Sachs, which like all U.S. banks right now, is seeing a mass exodus of deposits since the banking crisis started last month.

                                                                                                            In their first quarter report today, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon admitted that this partnership with Apple will increase bank deposits for their troubled bank.

                                                                                                            Pam Martens of Wall Street on Parade also covered this new venture today, reminding everyone how Goldman Sachs is part of the criminal banking cartel with their history of “dubious dealings” going all the way back to the Wall Street financial crash of 1929.

                                                                                                            • New mask study

                                                                                                              Harms of Mask-Wearing Misdiagnosed As "Long Covid," New Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review Indicates

                                                                                                              A newly published meta-analysis and systematic review on mask-wearing confirms what commonsense dictates, namely, they do significant harm by interfering with normal human breathing (O2 and CO2 gas exchange), and even more astounding, may be causing symptoms that are being misidentified as “Long Covid.”

                                                                                                              • China vs. U.S. Spying on Citizens

                                                                                                                Which Country is More Tyrannical? China or the U.S.? The Myth of China's "Social Credit Score" System

                                                                                                                With the evidence growing every day that the U.S. is about to start a second military operation against China over Taiwan, in addition to the one that is already swallowing $billions of U.S. resources in Ukraine, and with U.S. politicians publicly stating that sending America’s sons and daughters to die in battle for Taiwan to fight against China is an option they are considering, I think it is time to step back and critically look at the current state of affairs between China and the U.S.

                                                                                                                But to take a critical view and make an honest evaluation of China’s perceived threat to the U.S., we have to first admit that the western media, and especially the corporate media in the U.S., is primarily a propaganda machine that is totally untrustworthy in determining truth, and look at other perspectives as well, before we spend $billions more on another war, and potentially lose American lives over a conflict with Taiwan.

                                                                                                                I have no intention here of writing an article that supports China, which I know ahead of time is exactly what some people are going to accuse me of, but in evaluating the current world situation here in 2023, I think we as Americans have to honestly ask ourselves: which country today is more tyrannical and spies more on their own citizens: The U.S. or China?

                                                                                                                • Abramo-ripudia-Agar-e-Ismaele-1657

                                                                                                                  Who are the Children of Abraham?

                                                                                                                  The answer to the question, “Who are the children of Abraham?”, is one that has been largely misunderstood and corrupted by religious dogma for thousands of years now.

                                                                                                                  And with world events dramatically changing right before our eyes on a daily basis, it is imperative that you understand just who are the “children of Abraham,” because it is a matter of life and death, with eternal consequences.

                                                                                                                  In a world filled with lies, disinformation, and fake news, this truth of who the true descendants of Abraham are, is truly GOOD NEWS for a world that desperately needs some good news today!

                                                                                                                  • Ron DeSantis War Crimes

                                                                                                                    Americans, Beware What Belies the Smile of Ron DeSantis

                                                                                                                    So many military staffers and guards passed through Guantanamo during my 14-year detention that I remember only the kindest, and the cruellest – the ones who seemed to take joy in our misery.

                                                                                                                    In 2021, just as my memoir – Don’t Forget Us Here, Lost and Found at Guantanamo – was about to be published, I was on Twitter and saw a photo of a handsome man in a white navy uniform.

                                                                                                                    It was Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. I do not remember what the post was about – probably something about him clashing with President Joe Biden over COVID policies.

                                                                                                                    But I remembered his face. It was a face I could never forget. I had seen that face for the first time in Guantanamo, in 2006 – one of the camp’s darkest years when the authorities started violently breaking hunger strikes and three of my brothers were found dead in their cages.

                                                                                                                    • Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar

                                                                                                                      Declassified Guantanamo Court Filing Shows 9/11 Hijackers were Recruited by the CIA

                                                                                                                      For the past several days, the media, both the corporate media as well as the alternative media, have been widely reporting news about the alleged “Pentagon leaks” which resulted in an arrest today of a suspect who was charged with espionage.

                                                                                                                      I have not published anything about this story yet, because I really have not seen anything that was allegedly leaked that was important enough to report on, as other news seems more important, and I was not sure if this alleged “leak” was intentional or not, possibly to control the public narrative.

                                                                                                                      And while I am still unsure about that, another news item that has been happening almost simultaneously and that has not been widely reported, was brought to my attention today, and from my perspective, is probably a much larger news story.

                                                                                                                      And that news is that a copy of a previously heavily redacted document filed with the Guantanamo Military Commission was obtained by Seth Hettena of SpyTalk, unredacted, and that this now unredacted court document shows that two 9/11 Saudi hijackers were recruited by the CIA, and then afterwards the CIA tried to keep this information secret from the FBI.

                                                                                                                      • Trump Desantis Wailing Wall

                                                                                                                        It's Time to Stop Supporting Zionist Israel

                                                                                                                        The recent massive protests in Israel against the Zionist Netanyahu government clearly show there are many Israelis today who do not support their government.

                                                                                                                        Why then are Evangelical Christians in the U.S. almost universally supportive of Israel’s Zionist criminals?

                                                                                                                        With the geopolitical landscape in the Middle East radically changing these days, it is time for America to stop supporting Zionist Israel, and to start focusing on developing our own economy and ending the funding of Israel and these endless wars in the Middle East.

                                                                                                                        The CIA and their sister organization in Israel, Mossad, have dominated western media with their propaganda that Israel’s military is simply defending Israel from Muslim terrorist groups who want to destroy Israel.

                                                                                                                        What is almost never reported in the western corporate media is that Israel’s attacks on Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, etc., are not simply just attacks on Muslim terrorists, as there are significant Christian populations as well in all of these locations who are also suffering from Israel’s actions.

                                                                                                                        We are featuring two articles on this topic today to hopefully educate people on the truth regarding modern-day Israel and their Christian Zionist roots, especially their infiltration into U.S. Evangelical Christianity.

                                                                                                                        The first one is an article published today by Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship. Baldwin mentions the two founders of Evangelical Christianity’s Zionist movement, while the second article, by James Perloff, goes into much more detail regarding the history of Evangelical Christian Zionism.

                                                                                                                        • Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program 2

                                                                                                                          OUTRAGE! U.S. Government Finally Compensates First Petitioners for COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries: 3 People Awarded an Average of $1,500 for Damaged Hearts

                                                                                                                          After 674,375,206 doses of COVID-19 “vaccines” injected into 270,045,602 Americans over the past 2+ years, and over 11,000 petitions from COVID-19 “vaccine” injured people filed with the U.S. Government’s CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program, the U.S. Government just announced the first settlements for COVID-19 “vaccine” injuries: 3 people, 2 of whom now have damaged hearts (myocarditis), were awarded a total of $4,634.89, an average of about $1,500.00 per person.

                                                                                                                          Yes, you read that correctly. An average of one thousand five hundred dollars per person, as another 11,000+ people wait for their settlements.

                                                                                                                          In February of 2021, the Biden Administration gave $4 BILLION to Bill Gates and the World Health Organization (WHO) for a new global COVID-19 vaccine injury compensation program designated for 92 low and middle-income countries in an effort to entice poorer countries who were skeptical of the new COVID vaccines.

                                                                                                                          So to date, the U.S. Government has spent $4 BILLION to compensate COVID-19 vaccine injuries through Bill Gates and the WHO in poorer countries, but only $4,634.89 for Americans injured by the COVID-19 shots.