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The Health Impact News network is owned by Sophia Media, LLC, which is owned by me, Brian Shilhavy.

I do not participate in the theatrics of politics or religion, so if you clicked here trying to learn what “side” I am on politically, or religiously, here is your answer:

I do not follow either political party and when addressing politicians in any articles published here, I will always be critical of ALL politicians from BOTH sides, because politicians do not run the U.S.

Bankers, along with Wall Street and Silicon Valley billionaires run this country, and determine who holds all the major political offices.

Likewise, I stopped calling myself a “Christian” many years ago, and no longer belong to any religion or religious organization. When I address religion in my writings, it is always critical.

The Health Impact News network of websites is funded from advertising from my own company, Healthy Traditions, and a few select other advertisers that cover the operating expenses to run these websites.

I myself do NOT take a salary and am not compensated from the traffic that comes from the readers who read these articles.

So the news published here is truly independent from any other financial connections, allowing me to publish freely according to my own biases, since nobody has leverage over me to force me to publish something I do not endorse or believe in.

If you don’t like something you see here, just don’t read it.

You have no right to criticize us or complain about the content published here, because it is all free, we don’t accept donations (if you send us a donation, we will send it back to you,) so there is no client-vendor relationship here.

Here’s my bio:

I have a BA in Biblical Greek from Moody Bible Institute, and an MA in Applied Linguistics from Northeastern Illinois University. I have been a business owner for over 25 years, primarily in the U.S., but with a global market.

I taught English in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and while in Saudi Arabia in the early 1990s I developed Computer Aided English Language Learning lessons, and had a few studies published in my field at that time as I did computer programming.

I also served as a translator (being fluent in Turkish) in Southeastern Turkey after the first Gulf War, working with the Kurdish refugees and helping them return to their homes in northern Iraq at the time.

Returning to the U.S. in 1995, I moved into computer IT education, and eventually became a Microsoft Certified Trainer for their networking products.

In 1998 I moved my family to the Philippines, where my wife was from, and we began prepping for Y2K. Living in a rural farming community, I began to learn about Philippine herbs and natural health, including coconut oil.

I started Health Impact News in January of 2011. It was originally the HealthImpactNews.com website, and included two legacy websites that I owned, CoconutOil.com, and Created4Health.org.

The origins of CoconutOil.com go back to 2001, which was then Coconut-info.com, and started when my family and I were living in the Philippines, where we started Tropical Traditions, Inc. (Today it is Healthy Traditions, Inc.)

We recently celebrated our 20-year Anniversary, and you can read more here:

Healthy Traditions: 20 Years of Demonstrating God’s Faithfulness in Offering an Alternative to Commodity Food and Products

We were the first ones to import a “Virgin Coconut Oil” from the Philippines to the United States back in 2001, combating USDA dietary nutrition advice that condemned coconut oil as “unhealthy” due to its high saturated fat content. Not a single retail grocery chain store carried coconut oil as a dietary oil back then.

The sale of Virgin Coconut Oil quickly accelerated in the United States due to its tremendous health benefits, and I began to publish links to peer-reviewed literature showing how coconut oil had a unique fatty acid composition, particularly with lauric acid and its proven ability to destroy pathogens.

Much of the early research was based on the work of Dr. Mary Enig, PhD., and living in a rural area of the Philippines for several years proved to me that people who eat a high saturated fat diet, especially with coconut oil, were much healthier than those in the U.S. following a low-fat diet philosophy.

As the Tropical Traditions customers began to share their testimonials about how Virgin Coconut Oil was changing their lives in so many ways, they were published on the Tropical Traditions website. We also self-published a book documenting both the research available, and many testimonials, and that book today has over 200,000 copies in print, although now most sales are the eBook version.

In 2002, terrorists in the Philippines targeted me and my American children, as the business was beginning to grow, and it was no longer possible for us to live in a rural area of the Philippines where the New People’s Army hung out (most of the people from the community working with us to produce coconut oil were former members of the communist insurgency New People’s Army).

In 2005, a few years after returning to the U.S., the FDA issued a warning letter against Tropical Traditions, claiming that we were selling “unapproved drugs” since the FDA had not approved any of the health claims people were making in their testimonials, even when backed up by peer-reviewed literature published on the NIH website from the medical literature.

Faced with possible arrest and the seizure of all of our inventory by U.S. Marshalls, I hired a regulatory attorney in Washington D.C. to help navigate through the FDA rules, and was forced to take all testimonials and articles based on peer-reviewed literature off of the Tropical Traditions website. (Full story on our business is now published on our 20-year anniversary.)

Those are all published now on CoconutOil.com, which sells no products, and that really was the genesis of what became Health Impact News.

Created4Health.org was started around 2004, explaining real health from a biblical, non-Darwinian perspective.

Shortly after HealthImpactNews.com was launched in 2011, VaccineImpact.com was added to the Health Impact News network, around the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012.

There was a growing body of research and knowledge combating the misinformation about vaccines that was routinely censored in the corporate media, and some of the main names back then were Barbara Loe Fisher, founder and head of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD, and Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD.

All of them were early contributors to VaccineImpact.com and Health Impact News.


Images of a few of the women we have done articles about over the years who had their lives destroyed by the HPV vaccine. This is just a sample.

Norma Erickson of SaneVax.com then began sending us stories of mostly young girls and women whose lives had been destroyed by the HPV vaccine, Gardasil and Cervarix, and this horrible vaccine destroyed so many lives, that for a while it seemed like we were publishing at least one new tragic story every week.

We have published many dozens of their stories, and hundreds of articles on the Gardasil vaccine, and for years it was our #1 topic, by far.

In 2014, we started MedicalKidnap.com, which documented the horrific stories of families who were losing their children to the Child Protective Services and Foster Care system around the country. We had covered the story of Justina Pelletier who was kidnapped at Boston Children’s Hospital and whose story went national because her parents dared to defy a gag order and go public. I used the term “medical kidnap” in describing what happened to Justina, and as far as I know we were first ones to start using that term. Soon, many other families were contacting us with similar stories, all across America.

Up until this point, God had already led me down a very difficult path in enduring attacks by the FDA to try and shut down my coconut oil and natural food business, and enduring scorn and criticism from doctors and others in the Pharma-owned corporate media over the vaccine issue as they did their best to discredit our work and silence us.

Being attacked by the Pharma-funded corporate media, only increased our popularity, of course. And we were attacked by some of the biggest names in the Corporate Media!

Back in those early days before Facebook started censoring and throttling traffic, we could easily see an article publishing the truth about these dangerous vaccines go viral and garner over 1 million views. We did it routinely.

But NOTHING prepared me for what we began to uncover in the Medical Kidnapping issue. It was like walking into a parallel universe, where everything you were taught about reality and your country turned out to be mostly false.

I could hardly believe how easy it was for doctors, social workers, and corrupt judges to simply take any child away from their parents that they wanted to, for purposes of drug research, supplying children to wealthy people who could not have their own, and to traffick children for money, including sex trafficking. In some states, child trafficking is the #1 source of revenue.

I could barely sleep for six months, and had horrible skin rashes break out all over my body, so strong was the emotional and mental stress I was suffering from learning all about this.

In the beginning what we were reporting was so horrible, and yet so well documented by testimonies from the victims themselves, that many others came along side us and also began to publish these stories, even some in the corporate media, mostly at the local levels, although some of our stories were also picked up by the national media.

But one by one they all eventually stopped, when they saw that it was making no difference, that the system was rigged, and that there seemed to be little to no hope to help these families.

It was too big of an emotional strain for them, but we pressed on, through great hardship, much of which I cannot even publish publicly.

Then came 2020: COVID and the Plandemic. The medical tyrants now had Big Tech behind them, and it was time to make their main move: Seek to “vaccinate” every person on the planet with bioweapons using the fear of a “pandemic” to accomplish their plans.

Since about April of 2020, this has been our main focus, and while I have had a staff in the past that wrote many of the articles we published, in addition to my own writings, now I am the primary writer for Health Impact News, using my years of experience to learn just what the Globalists are up to, and explain that to you.

We changed our banner and logo about half way through 2020 to reflect this state of emergency we were all in, highlighting our loss of traditional American liberties due to medical tyranny. It looked like this:

You can still see the original banner prior to the second half of 2020 below, and our original six different topic areas that we used to publish below.

We changed our banner and logo again early in 2021, to more accurately reflect the current times, which are rapidly changing.

The Luciferian New World Order that is coming has been brilliantly explained in Altiyan Childs’ 5-hour video, and it is must viewing for everyone who wants to put together the pieces and understand what is coming next.

Insider Exposes Freemasonry as the World’s Oldest Secret Religion and the Luciferian Plans for The New World Order

Our new banner and logos clearly tell the public, and our enemies, just which side we are on.

As I write this heading into the last month of 2023, we stand at the brink of a financial collapse, and WWW III is about to break out in the Middle East. I am currently using my 40+ years of biblical studies independent of Corporate Christianity to interpret the times from a unique position in the Body of Christ.

Brian Shilhavy



Health Impact News

Health Impact News covers stories that impact your health, but that the mainstream media seldom covers.




We currently cover 6 broad topics:

1. Medical Watch

Mainstream media today receives significant advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical industry, and seldom does investigative reporting on issues challenging the monopoly on medicine that is controlled by government agencies such as the FDA, CDC, NIH, and others.

Our primary trending topics in Medical Watch at this time are:

Vaccine Impacts

For examples of stories on vaccine impacts that are censored in mainstream media and that are trending here on Health Impact News, see:


Dr. Suzanne Humphries on Vaccine Safety: “They Don’t Want You to Hear the Other Side”


Victims Crippled and Killed by the Flu Shot Compensated by U.S. Government

We also have a dedicated website to this issue: http://vaccineimpact.com/

Medical Kidnap

If you are a parent and take your child into a hospital for treatment, and end up disagreeing with your doctor, today you could lose your children to CPS and the foster care system! For an overview of this problem, see:


Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Child in America Today

We also have a dedicated website to this issue: http://medicalkidnap.com/

2. Alternative Health

In our Alternative Health section we feature stories on alternative healing methods that are NOT approved by the FDA, and in many cases where the FDA feels threatened with the competition for its approved pharmaceutical products. Example article:


Black Seed Oil Cures Many Cancers According to Numerous Studies

3. Real Food Nutrition

In our Real Food Nutrition section we cover news and issues that are directly opposed to the mainstream media’s promotion of nutrition according to the USDA dietary guidelines. These guidelines, largely the result of the McGovern Report in the 1970s which condemned saturated fats, have created a nation that is obese and diabetic, and prone to many autoimmune illnesses. We publish news, research, and how-to articles on Real Food, the traditional foods our ancestors ate. Some mainstream sources are starting to publish some of this information as well.


Time Magazine: We Were Wrong About Saturated Fats

4. Traditional Agriculture

With only a handful of companies now controlling most of America’s food supply, we cover the issues largely ignored in the mainstream media regarding the dangers of modern biotechnology and the contamination of our food supply that is contributing to so many health issues. Trending topics right now in our Traditional Agriculture category are genetically modified foods and the herbicide glyphosate.


Glyphosate Herbicide Causes Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, Kidney Disease, and Infertility

5. Coconut Health

This is our area of specialty, being the leading publisher on Coconut Health since 2001. Our Coconut Health category publishes news, research, and testimonials regarding the health benefits of coconut oil and other coconut products. Virgin Coconut Oil today is being used in ketogenic types of diets in treating neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease. You will find all the latest research here, as well as on our original site, CoconutOil.com.

Happy senior citizen woman at home looking at her daughter

Virgin Coconut Oil Beats Drugs in Treating Alzheimer’s

6. Created4Health

The Created4Health category is our least published category, but it is by far the most important one. The foundation for anyone’s health is their belief system. The modern-day agricultural industry and medical industry is the result of more than 2 generations of Darwinian-dominated biology and science in our educational institutes. Anything referencing the spirit world or the non-physical aspects of life are either ignored or denied, and critical thinking in this area is for the most part not tolerated. The result is that we have lifted up “science” to a whole new platform that results in “scientism,” and a new set of beliefs that are not scientific at all. The Arts and Humanities are seen as inferior, and we have produced a highly technical culture based on modern technology, which can never produce true health.

We publish articles in this category from the senior editor of Health Impact News, Brian Shilhavy, that look at the ancient cultures in the Bible and how they viewed health. We also feature writers and articles from the Discovery Institute and other places that view science from an Intelligent Design perspective.

We have a separate website for all Created4Health articles authored by Brian Shilhavy: http://created4health.org/


Medicine: Idolatry in the Twenty First Century


Scientism Aims to Destroy the Humanities


The Limitations of Science and the Medical Paradigm


Health Impact News is published by Sophia Media. Brian Shilhavy is the Managing Editor. We retain some writers on staff and also work with some of the best free-lance reporters in the Alternative Media to bring you top-notch investigative reports and commentaries. Here are representative profiles on some of our staff:


Brian Shilhavy – Brian Shilhavy is the Managing Editor, Founder and owner of Health Impact News (and associated websites in the Health Impact News network through Sophia Media, LLC). He has a BA in Bible and Greek from Moody Bible Institute, and an MA in Applied Linguistics from Northeastern Illinois University.

Brian Shilhavy is the only writer who writes in all 6 content areas. He is the founder of Tropical Traditions (now part of Healthy Traditions), the first company to import Virgin Coconut Oil from the Philippines to the United States in 2001, and start the modern day Coconut Oil Revolution back when saturated fats, and coconut oil in particular, were demonized by the mainstream media. He learned how to do original research (while living in the Philippines for years) to find out the truth about edible oils apart from the propaganda published in the mainstream media that protected polyunsaturated edible oils from the highly subsidized U.S. crops of corn and soybeans. These edible oils only became part of human nutrition during the industrial age following WWII and after seed expeller technology allowed manufacturing to create oils from these crops, replacing more traditional fats and oils.

Articles by Brian Shilhavy. Read Brian’s Peace with God testimonial.

John P. Thomas – John P. Thomas is a health writer for Health Impact News. He holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, and a Master of Science in Public Health (M.S.P.H.) from the School of Public Health, Department of Health Administration, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. John specializes in environmental health, but writes on a variety of issues.

Articles by John P. Thomas.

Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D – Jennifer is a former Senior Fellow at the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University, is an award-winning travel, culture, and parenting writer. Her writing has appeared in many of the nation’s most respected and credible publications, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, and on the cover of Smithsonian Magazine. A meticulous researcher who’s not afraid to be controversial, she is nationally known as a journalist who opens people’s eyes to the realities behind accepted practices in the care of children. Jennifer is a contributing journalist to Health Impact News.

Articles by Jennifer Margulis.

Suzanne Humphries, MD – Dr. Suzanne Humphries is a practicing nephrologist (kidney physician). She is the author of the books Rising From The Dead and Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten HistoryDr. Humphries is a frequent contributor to Health Impact News where we feature her lectures and writings, primarily on the vaccine topics.

Articles About Dr. Humphries.

Monica Mears – Monica Mears holds a Master’s in Journalism from Regent University and writes professionally in a broad variety of genres. She has worked as a senior manager in public relations and communications for major telecommunication companies, and is the former Deputy Director for Media Relations with the Christian Coalition. Monica writes primarily in our Medical Kidnapping topic.

Articles by Monica Mears.

Martin Michener, Ph.D – Martin has over fifty years experience as a teacher, ecologist, zoologist and botanist. He has a B.S. from Cornell University, and a Ph.D. in biology from Harvard University Graduate School. His professional expertise in wetland science has been recognized since 1973, when he testified at a New York DEC public hearing in Utica on ground truthing aerial photo wetland mapping by wetland community type. He taught (HS) Physics, Geology, Oceanography, Chemistry and photography from 1970-1980 at Palfrey Street School, Watertown, MA. As ecological consultant at Normandeau Associates, Inc, he authored the Wetland Site Index method, (Wetlands, 1983), the Michener wetlands database and served as Principal Investigator in a National Research Council 3-year project: National Cooperative Highway Research Program.

Articles by Martin Michener.

Mary S. Holland – Mary is a Research Scholar and teaches at NYU School of Law.  She has authored several articles on vaccine law and policy and is a co-editor of the book Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health and Our Children (Skyhorse Publishers).

Articles by Mary Holland.

Shannon Stonger – Shannon grew up in a small town in northern Minnesota. She studied chemistry in college, graduated, and married her husband one month later. They were then blessed with two baby boys within the first four years of marriage. Having babies gave their family a desire to return to the old paths – to nourish their family with traditional, homegrown foods; rid their home of toxic chemicals and petroleum products; and give their boys a chance to know a simple, sustainable way of life. They are currently building a homestead from scratch on two little acres in central Texas. There’s a lot to be done to become somewhat self-sufficient, but they are debt-free and get to spend their days living this simple, good life together with their five young children. Shannon writes articles in our Real Food Nutrition category.

Articles by Shannon Stonger.




Health Impact News is published by Sophia Media.

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