Alternative Health looks at alternative ways of treating illness apart from the medical system.

An Example of How Highly Successful People Use Medical Marijuana to Manage Pain

Sometime during the late 1980s, a Sunday talk show featured a “debate” on legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. The person against such legalization came up with an unintentionally silly line, “I wouldn't want to be on a plane with a pilot using marijuana.” Well, he wouldn't want to be on a plane with an alcoholic pilot either, and alcohol is legal. So legality has nothing to do with individual judgment or airline rules. That was a good example of a straw man argument. Such straw man arguments are common when it comes to discussions on marijuana, medical or otherwise. What was impressive then was the pro-medical marijuana advocate. He was a stock broker in South Florida who smoked 10 to 12 cannabis cigarettes daily. It was amazing that he could talk with anyone on a live TV telecast and argue his point. Advising clients on investment choices seemed to be even more ridiculous. But it turns out to be true. Irvin Rosenfeld was diagnosed with a rare bone disease called hereditary multiple exostoses (HME) at the age of 10. The pain from the bone tumors, usually non-cancerous, irritating skin and muscle tissue could only be made manageable with dangerously addictive narcotic prescriptions. Medical marijuana turned out to be a much better solution, and eventually the federal government was supplying him medical marijuana to manage his pain.

Chlorella: Best Single Food as Medicine for Our Times

We are plagued in these modern times with insufficient nutrition in our foods while being overwhelmed with toxins from an unbridled chemical culture. Chlorella offers solutions to both issues for all who wish to take advantage of its nutritional and detoxification properties. Chlorella is the perfect food for letting food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food as Hippocrates urged over 2000 years ago. Scientists claim chlorella was around well before Hippocrates. It's a truly ancient, perhaps prehistoric, food. It's both nutritionally dense and strongly contributes to detoxing heavy metals: mercury, cadmium, aluminum, and lead. Chlorella is one of nature's best super foods. It contains all the amino acids, providing easy-to-digest protein. It also contains very high amounts of vital minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and iron as well as essential fatty acids, polysaccharides, and human growth factors. By providing gut friendly bacteria, using chlorella helps boost digestion and our immune systems. Chlorella can minimize heavy metal toxicity while offering high protein and many other nutrients with only three to five grams consumed daily.

Magnesium — An Essential Mineral for Heart Health

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body. Researchers have detected more than 3,750 magnesium-binding sites on human proteins giving an indication of its wide-ranging health effects. More than 300 different enzymes also rely on magnesium for proper function. A common estimate is that 50 to 80 percent of Americans are deficient in magnesium, and the health consequences are significant. Magnesium plays an important role in your body's biochemical processes, many of which are crucial for proper metabolic function.

The Virtues of Hemp: The Most Underappreciated and Misunderstood Crop

Do you know the difference between marijuana and hemp? The confusion between those two terms has cost us the benefits of industrial hemp, which can do a lot of what other materials are doing with much less ecological damage than what exists now. According to George Blankenbaker, president of Realhemp, Inc, hemp is the most misunderstood and under appreciated crop there is. And the confusion between marijuana or cannabis and hemp has made growing hemp without THC illegal only in this country, the USA. We get most of our hemp products, especially hemp seeds and oils, from Canada and some from Europe. Both regions have relatively thriving hemp agricultural and industrial enterprises, and even theirs are not enough to sooth an ecologically unbalanced planet. China grows 90 percent of the world's hemp. Blakenbaker's interview was done by the Cannabis Summit among the several interviews and gifts offered elucidating medical cannabis' properties and its surrounding legal and social issues. What he reveals that has been kept from humanity in addition to cannabis' medicinal qualities is staggering.

The Unrecognized Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

The B-vitamins or B-complex are commonly known as brain vitamins. They are mostly water soluble and essential, meaning the body doesn't manufacture B-vitamins and depends on outside sources for vitamin-B nourishment. Proper vitamin-B nourishment supports the brain and central nervous system. There are eight B-vitamins. It's best to consume green leafy plant foods to obtain most B-vitamins from food sources. But vitamin B-12 is not one of them. It can be obtained from animal sources or supplements. As we grow older, metabolizing vitamin B-12 becomes more difficult. Most of the B-complex vitamins are co-factors with cellular mitochondria ATP production. Mitochondria are the cells' energy engines that also monitor DNA activity. It can't get much more basic than that. This article will focus on vitamin B-12, a very important undervalued B-vitamin.

Man Given Months to Live with Brain Tumor Rejects Chemo for High-fat Ketogenic Diet – Doing Well 2 Years Later

The science behind the high-fat low-carb ketogenic diet has been around for years. It is a special diet originally developed at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the 1920s as a cure for childhood epilepsy. A diet that is still used today, some children can become seizure free or nearly seizure free on the ketogenic diet, where drugs often fail. In recent times, studies have been done on cancer patients using the ketogenic diet, using the theory that refined carbohydrates feed cancer cells, whereas a diet induced state of ketosis can starve cancer cells. One of the most widely used dietary oils in the ketogenic diet to induce ketosis is coconut oil. But a diet approach to curing cancer is a direct threat to the multi-billion dollar cancer industry, which depends on no cures for future growth for its cancer products, which can only be pharmaceutical drugs approved by the FDA. So for cancer patients who want to try alternative methods to treat their cancer, they must endure ridicule, fear, and scorn by doctors in mainstream medicine. In the story below, one young man did just that. In the face of opposition from mainstream medicine, he rejected chemotherapy for his brain tumor, and was only given a couple of months to live. He chose to implement the ketogenic diet instead, and now 2 years later he is still alive and doing well, having bypassed the dangerous side effects of chemotherapy which would have, at best, probably only extended his life a couple of months.

Cannabis Treats Diabetes and Protects Against Obesity

How counter-intuitive can one get? Everybody knows marijuana users get the “munchies,” which are usually satisfied with high calorie low nutrient foods. It's also somewhat accepted by mainstream oncology that cannabis curbs chemo patients' nausea and boosts their appetites. Yet studies demonstrate that even recreational pot users have a considerably lower incidence of obesity and metabolic syndrome, which often leads to diabetes 2. These published peer reviewed studies are a small sampling of international studies from Israel, Spain, Italy, and the USA among others that have looked into various applications of cannabis for treatments for other diseases with positive results. Yet, the DEA Controlled Substance Schedule 1 rating for cannabis of dangerous, addictive, and without medical merit stands as of this writing. Apparently, the Justice Department that governs the DEA is trying to protect the pharmaceutical industry, not ordinary citizens.

Activated Charcoal not Only for Poison: Also Beneficial for Detoxification

Maybe you've noticed that activated charcoal filtration is part of those reverse osmosis filtration stands where you can fill up your own water jugs for around a quarter or slightly more per gallon. Activated charcoal is in most if not all hospital E.R.s and many emergency vehicles as a fast, effective antidote for poisons ingested accidentally or overdoses of toxic medicines. It's also used in gas mask filters. It is considered safe and effective by the FDA, and although hospitals and E.R. vehicles carry different pharmaceutical forms, consumers can purchase untainted powders very inexpensively. Very few know of this amazing natural antidote, and even less know of its general detoxifying capacity.

How People are Healing Serious Gut Disease with Cannabis That Mainstream Medicine Has Nothing to Offer

There have been several anecdotal reports of cannabis curing cancer. But less discussion has been publicized about cannabis curing Crohn's disease and other inflammatory bowel and gut diseases that are considered incurable by mainstream medicine. Perhaps the most dramatic story has a woman named Shona Banda at its center. Shona was severely stricken with Crohn's. She was bedridden, and whatever she managed to eat didn’t provide nutrition because her gastrointestinal tract simply wouldn’t absorb nutrients

Alternative Health Scientist Receives ISO Accreditation for Lab – Challenges “Science Elite” for Science Freedom

Mike Adams, known as the "Health Ranger" and the founder of one of the top Alternative Health media outlets in the United States today, was recently awarded the highest standard of international laboratory accreditation for his forensic food lab: ISO 17025. Adams has served notice on the "Science Elite" and their exclusive club: "The achievement will not be believed by some scientists, for they labor under the delusion that science is an exclusive club, accessible only to the anointed few who spend years earning PhDs from academic institutions. They cannot imagine that a clean food activist, journalist, musician and creative comedy skit creator could launch a laboratory from scratch, master high-end analytical instrumentation and achieve the world's highest standard of laboratory accreditation... all in less than three years." Adams goes on to explain to his massive audience: "SCIENCE belongs to all of us, not just the 'scientific elite.' We the People are each independently qualified to invoke the principles science in the quest for knowledge. Science is not solely the domain of wealthy corporations, universities, governments or arrogant members of the 'cult of scientism.' In fact, the more science gets conducted by independent scientists like you and me, the stronger and more authentic science becomes!" As we celebrate Independence Day here in the U.S. this weekend, remembering those who have preceded us in the fight for liberty and freedom, let's also take on the fight for science freedom and thank men like Mike Adams for investing so much of his time and resources to serve the public with truly independent scientific research.