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Autism is Avoidable, Treatable, and Curable – The Chlorine Dioxide Protocol Part 2

Kerri Rivera made the following remarks about the Chlorine Dioxide Protocol during her 2019 presentation at AutismOne. She stated: "Autism is avoidable, treatable, and curable. I have seen the faces of the children. I have met them. I have spoken with them and with the mothers, the parents, and the families who got their lives back. They are back – they are totally back from autism – and I want to share that with you. The CD protocol is tried and true. This is the tenth year for this protocol. I appreciate you keeping an open mind for recovering yourself and your children from illness, especially autism. For those of you who want the information about the CD protocol and are ready for it, here it is. I am happy to help you and I wish you all the best in your journey." The protocol brings about healing by killing pathogens, resolving systemic inflammation, and revitalizing damaged immune system functioning. It addresses candida, bacteria, parasites, viruses, and heavy metals. The CD protocol is not just for autism. It also addresses conditions such as Asperger's, PANDAS, PANS, PITAND, ADD and ADHD, and PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-not otherwise specified) which is often another label for autism. These related conditions can exist side by side with autism, overlap with it, or be separate from it. If 557 people have already lost their autistic diagnosis through the use of the CD protocol, then how many more must be set free from this modern illness before the scientific and medical communities will wake up and recognize the truth that autism can be treated and cured?

Google and Wikipedia Team Together To Suppress Alternative Health Information

Ask anyone on the street prior to 1990 what the term "search engine" meant, and you would probably get a shrug of the shoulders and a guess, like searching for an automobile replacement engine or something. Today, people use the Internet to search for information about 6 billion times a day, easily accessing far more data than all of today's mainstream news outlets put together. And while in the early days of the Internet one had many choices of tools to use to search for data, today the name "Google" is synonymous with "search engine", and is even used as a verb: "Go Google it." Over 90% of all Internet searches are controlled by Google today. If Google was simply a software program that searched through all the massive amounts of data in blazing fast speed to produce the results that YOU wanted, this would not be such a big issue. It would just mean they are able to deliver results faster and more comprehensively than other search engines, leading more people to prefer using them over other search engines. And that's probably the way it was in the beginning. But today, Google has decided to be the Police of the Internet, and they have decided that they know better what data you should be viewing than you do. And they have apparently teamed together with another source of online data, Wikipedia, which poses as a neutral source for information, but is anything but "neutral." Together, these two Internet giants are doing everything they can to serve big corporate interests, particularly when it comes to alternative health. Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of, one of the longest running websites on the Internet publishing life-saving information on natural treatments, and exposing corruption in the medical industry, just recently lost 99% of his search engine traffic because Google and Wikipedia apparently do not believe the public has a right to use their search tools to find the kind of information he publishes.

Autism can be Cured – How to use the Chlorine Dioxide Protocol to Recover Broken Lives

Kerri Rivera has been researching methods to recover lives of people with autism and related conditions since 2006. She completed DAN based training for the biomedical treatment of autism in 2009 (DAN refers to “Defeat Autism Now”). She has a degree in homeopathy, and has been trained to provide hyperbaric therapy. She is the developer of the chlorine dioxide protocol, which has been used to recover 557 people from autism and related conditions.

Phenolic Compounds and Enzymatic Activity in Raw Honey Positively Affect Oxidative Stress and Bone Density

Much of the research available to us today regarding modern-day diseases points to oxidative stress and inflammation. One of the easiest ways to combat this modern-day problem affecting our health is to replace refined sugars in your diet with honey. Let's take a look at how making this one simple change in our diet, to using honey instead of refined sugar, can have tremendous health benefits.

Medical Apartheid: How State Medical Licensing Boards are Silencing Good Doctors Using Effective, Non-Toxic Therapies

The hall was packed with several thousand clinicians, physicians, medical professors, scientific researchers and doctors of non-conventional medical disciplines who were interested in the latest anti-aging research. Marty and I presented a paper based upon a year-long clinical study we had conducted. Following the presentation, a professor at a California medical school asked me to meet privately with some physicians in a separate conference room. I was only anticipating a handful of doctors; therefore I was taken aback to see several hundred MDs and PhDs crammed into the space. The physicians and professors were likely board certified; what they held in common was their inclusion of non-toxic, non-drug therapies in their protocols to treat patients. The professor who invited me had published dozens of papers in peer-reviewed journals, but she was unable to get her own clinical research using alternative medical therapies published. This was despite the fact that there are already tens of thousands of studies in print supporting the scientific basis for what she and thousands of other physicians are doing. What I learned from listening to these doctors' complaints is that they feared speaking out publicly about their personal successes. They worried that they would be attacked and could face interrogation from state medical boards for breaking rank with the status quo. One professor from the University of Chicago's medical school stated that he and his colleagues felt as if they were in held silent in the closet. However, what surprised me was their knowledge about the causes of disease and non-toxic therapies that could reverse them. For the following hours Marty and I listened to in depth conversations for preventing, treating and reversing diseases their colleagues using orthodox protocols were unable to achieve. A California professor made a remark I would never forget. He stated it was almost Orwellian that those of us who are able to use alternative medicine must apologize for the success of our treatments. We are attacked and punished for succeeding while they are rewarded for failing.

Women Turning to Weight Lifting and Resistance Training to Combat Anxiety Disorders

Most of us are familiar with the sensations of fear; the heart racing, mouth drying, stomach churning, dizzying reaction, that occurs when we encounter the unexpected. Fear, in and of itself, is a natural physiological response to real or perceived danger and one that has contributed heavily to the continuation of humanity. Knowing when to run from a physical threat and when to fight, allowed our ancestors to survive immediate dangers in their daily lives and continue to perpetuate the species. The modern landscape we face daily has changed considerably into what we might consider a more civilized, less threatening environment. So why, despite all this advancement, do more than 40 million of us between the ages of 18 and 51 in this country suffer from an anxiety disorder? It can all be so emotionally and physically exhausting. So how many of us have taken up running and resistance training to quell our anxiety? A study done across 8 weeks and involving 42 participants contrasted state anxiety responses, with the results showing a reduction in anxiety symptoms after 50 minutes of either aerobic or resistance training. An added benefit to all this running and lifting comes in the form of exercise-induced endorphins, the body’s natural opioids, which have, until recently, been given all the credit for the infamous “runner’s high,” but an emerging field of research is centering on the endocannabinoid system.

Scientific Evidence Confirms Music Helps Preterm Infants Brains

SWI, the Swiss Information channel, reported that there is scientific evidence that music helps nurture brain development in premature infants. Swiss neuroscientists reported documenting positive effects of specially composed and performed music on developing neural networks of premature babies. The musical selection provided a soothing background of bells, harp, and Indian punji (charming snake flute). Infants in the music exposure group listened to music five times per week. Medical imaging reveals that the neural network of premature babies who have listened to specially composed music strengthens the development of their brain.

Judge Orders British Man Opposing 5G Released from Jail – Attempts to Silence Him Failed

Mark Steele, from England, has been making headlines for telling the truth about the dangers of 5-G. He has been trying to educate the Gateshead community and its Council about the serious risks of 5-G technology. The Gateshead Council approved the installation of new LED street lights, which contain 5-G equipment. This allows 5-G equipment to be hidden in what people would assume to be harmless city lighting – but these new lights are anything but harmless. Mark Steele began to speak out about the risks of this 5-G equipment in the Gateshead community where he lives. The Council objected to his vocal presence and sought to silence him by bringing charges against him and having him arrested. Mark Steele told me what happened: "They sought a full gagging order in the Civil Courts to stop any output about 5G from me. Their claim was I was frightening vulnerable people in the area. This was the civil case, which failed. The Judge demanded that the 5G risk be debated. The Council is still trying to silence me about 5G. However, the problem they have is the Court has sanctioned me to carry on the campaign. The recorder Nolan stated the 'public have a right to know' 'this is democracy in action.'” The 5G system will be a total surveillance system, which will watch everything we do on the streets and in our homes. Nothing will be private – someone will always be watching. And for people who don’t want to become living components of the 5-G network, that same system can potentially be used to punish objectors and resisters by inflicting pain and illness, and if necessary, by terminating their lives.

Proteolytic Enzymes: Effective for Inflammation

Proteolytic enzymes are essentially the regulators and the modulators of the inflammatory response. Enzymes are the catalyst for virtually every chemical reaction in the body. Some experts believe that the body contains upward of 50,000 different enzymes, with more than 3,000 having currently been identified. These enzymes have been compared to specialized keys with each enzyme key fitting a corresponding lock. (The locks being biochemical reactions.) Proteolytic enzymes are a specific group of enzymes whose catalytic function is to sever the bonds between peptides and eventually break them down into amino acids, which are the building blocks of virtually all the cells and tissue that make up the body. According to Nutrition Review, Italian researchers have shown that proteolytic enzymes have the ability to reduce inflammation equal or superior to that of the four steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: Phenylbutazone, Hydrocortisone, Indomethacin, and Acetylsalicylic Acid.

22 Year Old Blind Man with Autism Takes America by Storm as Performance on America’s Got Talent Quickly Goes Viral

Kodi Lee, a 22 year old blind man with autism who sings and performs in Southern California, took America by storm on the most recent episode of America's Got Talent where he appeared with his mother Tina. According to his website bio, Behind the Music: A Story of Human Triumph and Discovery: "Kodi Lee is a 22-year old blind and autistic musical prodigious savant. He is one of only approximately 25 in the world today who possess his extraordinary abilities. Kodi's amazing gift lies within his musical expression, perfect pitch, and passion for all forms of music. Kodi has an audio photographic memory, in which he can recall music he hears after just one listen. An unbelievable gift in itself, but his musical expression and prowess top even that. Born with optic nerve hypoplasia, surviving a life-saving surgery at 5 days old, and being diagnosed with autism at an early age has never stopped Kodi from reaching for his dreams. Kodi continues to pursue his musical career and his dream is to be a “rock star” performing for thousands of fans. Any opportunity Kodi has to perform is a good day for him, and the bigger more energetic the audience, the more he loves to shine." Watch this video recording of his performance to see how this blind man with autism is warming the hearts of millions of people around the world with his incredible talent and charming personality.