Commentary by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

In the past two articles I have published, I have exposed the Satanic Skull and Bones secret society of Yale University, and how members of this secret society founded the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the 1940s after World War II.

The development of the home television (TV) appliance and the corporate media also started during this same time period when the CIA was forming, and the CIA made use of this new product of technology by enhancing their methods of counterintelligence and misinformation, and then broadcasting their lies and propaganda into the homes of most Americans by the 1950s and early 1960s.

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In those early days in the 1960s, CBS evening news anchor Walter Cronkite was the most influential voice bringing the “news” to Americans every night on their TVs. He read the news on the CBS TV network each evening Monday through Friday from 1962 through 1981.

This is what Walter Cronkite wrote in the introduction to the 1996 book Censored – The News That Didn’t Make the News- And Why, by Carl Jensen. Walter Cronkite wrote:

A handful of us determine what will be on the evening news broadcasts, or, for that matter, in the New York Times or Washington Post or Wall Street Journal…. Indeed it is a handful of us with this awesome power… a strongly editorial power.

…we must decide which news items out of hundreds available we are going to expose that day. And those [news stories] available to us already have been culled and re-culled by persons far outside our control.

The names and faces today may have changed, and even the “medium” is rapidly changing from TV and Cable News to Internet-based news broadcasts, but those behind the scenes controlling what “news” gets published and what “news” does not has not changed.

The CIA and the Satanic Freemason Jews still control the media, whether it is “legacy” media or “alternative” media, like Elon Musk’s X platform.

Tucker Carlson

It seems that the entire world was talking about the Putin interview by Tucker Carlson this week. And yet, there was nothing new revealed in this interview that one could not have discovered themselves by simply spending a few minutes on the Internet and learning about the history of Russia, which is basically all this interview was, a short summary of the history of Russia and the Russian people, from the point of view of the Russian people, and not the Zionist controlled Western Media.

And yet, very few Americans seem to have the ability to do such simple research by searching for information in English that gives the “other side” that most of the rest of the world already knows and understands, instead of the American side.

How Putin feels about the war with Ukraine, about the United States, about NATO, and many other things is broadcast daily in the Russian English language news sites such as and Sputnik. These sources are part of my daily newsfeed, as are many other English language news sites from other countries that give the non-American perspective.

So instead of treating Tucker Carlson as some kind of hero for doing this interview, simply because the Left is allegedly upset over him going to Russia, how about doing some research into just who Tucker Carlson actually is, and how he became so popular in the Mockingbird CIA-controlled media to being with?

Here is a video that was uploaded to Bitchute this week that does this for us, and while it was obviously recorded and produced before Tucker Carlson left Fox News, I could not find its original source, although the voice sounds like Tim Truth.

Learn more about Tucker Carlson’s past in this 33-minute video.

For years now Tucker Carlson has publicly shown just who his allegiance to is, by wearing the Freemason Jewish Kabbalah red string around his wrist in public.

Here are some excerpts on the Kabbalah Red String Wikipedia entry.

Wearing a thin scarlet or a crimson string (Hebrew: חוט השני, khutt hashani) as a type of talisman is a Jewish folk custom which is practiced as a way to ward off misfortune which is brought about by the “evil eye” (Hebrew: עין הרע). The tradition is popularly thought to be associated with Kabbalah and religious forms of Judaism.

The red string itself is usually made from thin scarlet wool thread. It is worn as a bracelet or band on the wrist of the wearer.

Today in Israel, it is common to see elderly women peddling scarlet thread for pilgrims and tourists, especially in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Outside of Israel in the late 1990s the red string became popular with many celebrities, including many non-Jews including Madonna and her children, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Jackson, and later by Ariana Grande, Rishi Sunak and Tucker Carlson . The wider popularity is often linked to Philip Berg’s Kabbalah Centre.

It also gained a surge in sales for Madonna according to editors of Changing Fashion: A Critical Introduction to Trend Analysis and Cultural Meaning (2007).

Did you notice that last sentence I just quoted from Wikipedia: “It also gained a surge in sales for Madonna..”

Clearly this sign worn in public is apparently to appease the Satanic leaders of Freemasonry.

And Vladimir Putin has also worn it in public, along with most of Donald Trump’s family and associates. Watch this 3-minute video on the Red String Kabbalah.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the one who is currently funding Tucker Carlson and giving him a platform that is obviously larger than the “legacy media” “Right Wing” platform called Fox News.

Because Musk caters to the Right, and cleverly invited them all back to Twitter when he bought it in 2022 and reinstated their accounts, most on the Right political spectrum are cheering him on and proclaiming that he is championing “free speech,” simply because he holds to some libertarian conservative positions as he and other Silicon Valley Technocrats try to redefine “Conservatism.” See:

The “New Right” Technocrats are Redefining Conservative Politics and Religious Values

But as I have repeatedly reported since 2022, Musk is anything but in favor of “free speech,” as the venture capitalists who funded his purchase of Twitter are many of the same investors who fund “the left,” and many of these investors are also from Saudi Arabia and other Arab states that now have access to all the data on Twitter X. See:

Is Big Tech Monitoring and Controlling You?

Musk admits that he wants to turn Twitter X into an “everything app” which will track you and know everything about you. He is rapidly removing all the features on Twitter that can protect your privacy, and is implementing biometric IDs to be able to continue using the platform. See:

WARNING! Get Off of Twitter X if You Value Your Privacy! Face Scan Logins and No More Blocking Being Implemented

When you watch something online via an app like Twitter X that requires you to have an ID to login to your account, this is a dream scenario for the Satanic Jews and Freemasons who run the CIA, because now they can monitor much more about you than just what programs you are watching. They can run algorithms to see what you say about that program, who you share it with, and much more.

What a dream come true for the Mockingbird CIA media!

So Why is Elon Musk being Attacked Right Now by the Globalists?

Of course the first question to ask regarding Musk’s recent problems being reported in the corporate media would be: is he really being attacked, or is this all a show to get more people to support Musk and flock to his platform?

I am sure much of it is just show, but I also think he is really being attacked as well, but not because he promotes “free speech” since his data on Twitter X is very valuable to those planning the next phase of the attack on humanity.

No, I think the main reason why they are attacking Musk is because he thinks (naively) he can take over the banking industry and replace it.

Elon Musk finally confirms X WILL launch payments option this year – in continued drive to turn platform into replacement for banks like Wells Fargo

Elon Musk has confirmed that X, formerly Twitter, will be launching a payments option this year.

The billionaire businessman has previously outlined his ambitions for financial services features on the social media platform – which he wants to replace traditional banks for consumers.

In a blog Tuesday, the company officially announced that it will ‘launch peer-to-peer payments’ in 2024, as part of Musk’s continued drive to turn X into an ‘everything app’.

This move into payments means X will be competing with a whole host of online payment platforms including PayPal, Venmo, Zelle and Apple Pay.

Down the line, Musk’s plan is to turn X into a company that can replace banks like Wells Fargo and Bank of America – a platform not just for making payments, but getting loans and trading shares. (Full article.)

It would seem that the “old-school” billionaires who run Wall Street and the banking system are letting Musk know that in spite of his wealth, if he does not support the Satanic Jewish banking system, they will dispose of him in one day, much like they did in 2022 to Samuel Bankman-Fried and his FTX cryptocurrency exchanges, the former billionaire financial guru who today is sitting in jail and waiting for his prison sentencing next month (March, 2023).

This was clearly seen recently when the Globalists used the laws in place that regulate publicly traded U.S. corporations, and found a shareholder in Musk’s Tesla company, a former heavy metal drummer who only owned nine shares of Tesla, and had him file a complaint about how much compensation Musk was taking for himself out of the company.

The case started in 2018, and a judge in Delaware just ruled in favor of the shareholder’s complaint, stripping Musk of $55 billion, and knocking him off of the pedestal as the “world’s richest man.”

A Delaware judge voided Elon Musk’s $55 billion pay package after a Tesla shareholder brought a case to court claiming it was excessive. The consequences of the ruling could have major implications for Tesla’s governance structure, but their implementation will hinge on a forthcoming appeal, according to Bloomberg.

The compensation case, which was launched by shareholder Richard Tornetta, argued that Tesla’s board lacked independence in crafting Musk’s pay, a view the judge supported.

Tuesday’s court verdict requires Tesla’s board to put together a new executive compensation plan, at least temporarily overhauling the record-setting package previously awarded to Musk in 2018.

A large portion of Musk’s net worth hangs in the balance, with the options valued at about $51.1 billion, according to the report. Excluding these options, his net worth would diminish to $154.3 billion, positioning him as the world’s third wealthiest individual, a step down from his prolonged stint at the top, per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. (Source.)

Musk is now scrambling to get his remaining companies out of Delaware, foolishly thinking that he can hide in other states.

But he can’t. He will either have to play ball and drop his plans to take over the banking industry, or face the same fate as Sam Bankman-Fried, and risk losing everything. These Globalists own the financial system, and they have many ways to take down Musk if he won’t comply.

The Wall Street Journal, the publication of, well, Wall Street Billionaires and bankers, has also fired warning shots at him, threatening him with drug charges that will nullify his contracts with the U.S. Government, where he gets most of his profits, especially for SpaceX and their contracts with NASA and Space Force.

The Money and Drugs That Tie Elon Musk to Some Tesla Directors

Board members at Elon Musk’s electric-car maker, Tesla, were facing a dilemma.

One longtime director, the venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson, had left his firm after an internal investigation found he had slept with multiple women in the tech industry and used illegal drugs.

Some of the details had been splashed across the press in 2017, and Tesla directors informally discussed how they should handle it, according to people familiar with the situation. Some urged him to resign.

Luckily, Jurvetson, even though the company designated him an independent director, had a good friend with whom he had deep financial ties and also attended parties with, using ecstasy and LSD: Musk.

Musk pushed directors in private conversations to allow Jurvetson to take an unusual leave of absence from the board of the public company, and then step down on his own accord in 2020, the people said. Jurvetson remains a director at Musk’s privately held rocket company, SpaceX.

Multiple other directors of Musk companies have deep personal and financial ties to the billionaire entrepreneur, and have profited enormously from the relationship. The connections are an extreme blurring of friendship and fortune and raise questions among some shareholders about the independence of the board members charged with overseeing the chief executive. Such conflicts could run afoul of the loose rules governing what qualifies as independence at publicly traded companies.

The Wall Street Journal reported in January that Musk has used drugs including cocaine, ecstasy, LSD and magic mushrooms, and that leaders at Tesla and SpaceX were concerned about it, particularly his recreational use of ketamine, for which Musk has said he has a prescription. The illegal drugs violate strict antidrug policies at Musk’s companies and could put SpaceX’s federal contracts and Musk’s security clearance at risk. (Full article.)

Musk has been warned, and this has nothing to do with “free speech”, but EVERYTHING to do with Musk and Silicon Valley’s attempted encroachment into the banking sector.

Silicon Valley “FinTech” (financial technology) companies are rapidly losing market share and beginning to collapse.

Fintech Venture Capital’s Undoing

Fintech startups, the technology services trying to disrupt the antiquated financial services industry, raised over $100 billion in venture capital funding in 2021, a record for the sector, according to PitchBook.

That party is long over. And now many of the venture capitalists that led those deals are also moving on.

Vetamer Capital Management, an investment firm that focused on fintech, is shutting down its hedge fund, Cory reported this week. The firm didn’t say in its letter to limited partners whether it would cease private market deals, but it’s already parted ways with two of its managing directors, Matt Heiman and Ruth Bryson.

Partners are also quietly exiting large firms. Michael Gilroy, a Coatue Management general partner who focused on fintech, is leaving the New York investment firm, Axios was first to report. Gilroy’s investments included credit card startup Mercury; a banking app for teenagers, Step; and bill pay service Melio Payments. It’s not clear what he plans to do next.

Before him, it was Mark Goldberg departing. He worked at Index Ventures for eight years, specializing in fintech. “I thought this was a good time to do something new,” Goldberg told The Information last month. He plans to raise his own fund. Goldberg’s investments included Plaid and accounting startup Pilot.

At Menlo Ventures, partner Tyler Sosin and venture partner Aunkur Arya are stepping back from their roles focused on fintech investing. At Greycroft Partners, fintech lead Will Szczerbiak left the firm last year. And at Sequoia Capital, two junior partners who worked on crypto investments, Daniel Chen and Michelle Fradin, have both moved on to new companies.

Behind these exits is a private sector that’s deeply depressed, despite a recent rebound in public stocks. Many of the companies that raised money during fintech’s heyday have failed to garner momentum or generate sufficient revenue. It doesn’t help that many were vulnerable to fraud in addition to dealing with rising interest rates.

Plastiq, a payments startup that raised $75 million in a 2020 round, went bankrupt last year, for instance, and of course the fall of FTX dampened investor appetite for fintech’s cousin, cryptocurrency. Even Stripe, regarded as the sector’s crown jewels, agreed to a 47% haircut to its valuation. Altogether, global funding by fintech startups sank over 50% in 2023. (Full article.)

The first bank to crash last year at the beginning of the still ongoing banking crisis was Silicon Valley Bank. Most of its assets were purchased by Chase Bank, the largest bank in the U.S. and part the Jeffrey Epstein banking system, and the “gatekeeper” to the Jewish Satanic banking system and the world’s largest fund management firms, such as Blackrock, Vanguard, Mainstreet, and Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

Do you think Musk can take on these Globalists and take over the banking industry?

No, they are already attempting to “bring him into the fold” with personal invitations from Netanyahu to visit Israel and win him over to the Zionist world domination goals, as they “educate” him on the holocaust.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has visited the site of the Auschwitz death camp.

The visit comes after intense criticism of how X, formerly Twitter, tackles antisemitic posts and just weeks after Mr Musk apologised for endorsing an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

Prominent Jewish leaders called for Mr Musk to see for himself one of the most symbolic sites of the Holocaust.

Later he will address online antisemitism at a conference hosted by the European Jewish Association (EJA). (Full article.)

Musk will comply, because the alternative is to end up like FTX where the government would probably take over his companies as he rots in prison, or worse.


It continues to amaze me how incredibly easy it is for Satan to so easily be able to deceive the “Conservative Right” by using partisan politics, and how few there are today who have learned to rise above partisan politics, understanding that it is all fake and a show, as the real battle for Truth is not between Left and Right, but between Satan and God, and between Satan’s servants who follow the Satanic Jews and Zionism, and the true believers who are re-born spiritually into the Seed of Abraham and follow their master, Jesus Christ.

If you want to see change in our society and culture, then you need to stop idolizing Satan’s servants and start reading the Bible and learn how to serve the only one who deserves your adoration and worship: Jesus Christ.


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