How “Mental Health” is Used by the Conservative Right to Suppress Free Speech

Almost every American living in the United States today is complaining about the suppression of "free speech" by the U.S. Government. The problem is that the definition of "free speech" today is almost 100% defined by one's political ideology, not truth, and therefore almost everyone in the U.S. today defines "free speech" as the "freedom" to express their own political biases while suppressing the biases of the other side of the political spectrum. Defining "free speech" as a standard that is based on truth, is very rare and almost non-existent today in the U.S. So which side is more aggressive in trying to censor their political opponents? In my opinion, it is the Conservative Right, because the Conservative Right has consistently supported Big Pharma and the use of Big Pharma to control those who don't agree with their "conservative" values, and this includes Corporate Christianity. And one of the most common ways the Right uses to suppress the speech of those who don't agree with them, is to use psychiatry and the field of "mental health" to justify their desires to control the speech of others who do not support their "conservative" values.

Big Tech “Capitalism” = Central Planning and “Free Markets” are a Myth as the U.S. Financial Crash is Imminent

We are seeing the collapse of the U.S. financial system drawing closer and closer each day. Last year, the only thing that supported the U.S. financial system and stopped it from completely collapsing, was investment into AI and the 7 technology stocks, referred to as the "Magnificent 7". Today, as we head into the last couple of weeks of the First Quarter in 2024, many of those "Magnificent 7" stocks are beginning to fall back from the AI bubble created in 2023, and there is now really only one of these stocks that has been basically stopping a full stock market crash, Nvidia, the leading manufacturer for the power-hungry computer processors needed to run AI. Nvidia is now worth more than all of these companies combined: AT&T, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Disney, FedEx, General Motors, IBM, McDonald’s, Nike, Starbucks, UPS, and Walmart. Nvidia recently reached a $2 trillion market value and has easily beat the previous most valued Big Tech company, Apple. Apple's valuation continues to decline, along with other Big Tech companies like Tesla, partly because of their dependence on the China market. And many investors are wise enough to see that Nvidia's current valuation is also a huge bubble that is going to burst. Besides Nvidia, the other "product" that is holding up the financial system right now is the new Bitcoin ETF that the SEC approved recently. For those who are unfamiliar with what ETF funds are, they are basically gambling funds where you bet on what is going to happen in the future, without actually owning anything. So if you invest in the new Bitcoin ETF, you don't actually own Bitcoins. You own a share in an ETF fund that increases or decreases in value based on the price of the actual Bitcoins. There are even "Inverse ETFs" that one can invest in, where you basically bet that a certain stock or commodity is going to DECREASE in market value, and the more it decreases, the more you earn in Inverse ETFs. I suspect that an Inverse ETF will soon be approved for Bitcoin as well, where you can make money when the price of Bitcoin decreases. This is what the financial system, our debt-based financial system where nobody really owns anything as it is all leveraged against debt, has become. It is one huge Ponzi scheme, controlled by the Central Bankers. When the power grid and Internet become unstable, and the supply chains break down again, as they did during COVID but probably will be far worse once the riots start in the urban areas, I wish everyone great success in being able to purchase food and basic services with their cryptocurrencies, AI, and other technology products. The world doesn't need the technology to operate, and a lot of people are going to learn that the hard way.

First Generation Laser Energy Weapons Sent to the Middle East by U.S. Military

In an article published yesterday (March 1, 2024) US Army General James Mingus stated that the US Military sent four Stryker-mounted 50-kilowatt laser prototypes to the Middle East last month. I found it interesting this morning that as I did a search on this announcement, it appears that not a single U.S. corporate media outlet covered this story, although the Russian media did. It appears that only military websites in the U.S. covered this story. Could the reason be that the U.S. military is trying to intimidate Russia while keeping most Americans in the dark about these new energy weapons, while they push narratives about UFOs, China air balloons, and other such "news" stories? The existence of energy weapons is most certainly not a conspiracy theory. But what we (the general public) do not know is just how far this technology has developed, and where all these experiments might be happening, since that is not public information, nor is how advanced Chinese and Russian military direct energy weapons have developed public knowledge.

The High Cost of Following the Truth

I watched the horrible video today of Aaron Bushnell, a member of the U.S. Air Force, who set himself on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. this past Sunday. Setting oneself on fire and committing suicide seems like quite an extreme act for the cause of "genocide." Unless by "genocide" what is meant is all the other horrors that go along with genocide, horrors like sexually abusing children, carving them up to sell their body parts, and other such horrors that have actually come to light in these recent days because they have been happening in Ukraine, as well as inside the U.S. among the Satanic Jews and their tunnels in New York City. These kinds of atrocities are most probably also happening in Palestine right now, so is there any evidence that Aaron Bushnell knew about these horrors? According to what one of his close friends allegedly told the N.Y. Post, yes, Bushnell was working for the Air Force in intelligence, and had classified knowledge that US forces were fighting in Gaza, inside the tunnels there. As a suicide survivor myself, I am very familiar with the lies and tricks that Satan uses to pollute a person's mind when one comes in contact with the truth, and when one begins to understand that life and this world is nothing like what we were taught it is. It can drive a person to despair, wrongly thinking that only the wicked, evil powers of this world are in control, and that faced with the choices in front of us with such knowledge, that the best choice is to just end it all, as no amount of human effort will ever change this evil. There are no "white hats" or "good" people that will come in and save the day, like what happens in most of the movies that have been produced in Hollywood over the years since the beginning of TV and the mass media. The price one pays for knowing the truth, and daring to expose the evil powers that run this world, is a very lonely life, and most people choose instead to ignore these inconvenient truths, because the cost to believe them, and stand upon them and defend them, is far too high. It was too high, apparently, for Airman Aaron Bushnell, and he listened to the lies of Satan and acted in fear as a coward instead, giving up, and perhaps trying to atone for his sins by trying to make his suicide a political statement. And while a few pro-Palestinians are commending his actions, the mass media, both on the Right and on the Left, are having a hard time covering this story, as it doesn't fit either of their narratives.

Inconvenient Truths: The U.S. Government Kidnaps, Trafficks and Murders American Children Every Day in America, Land of the “Free”

For the past several days, both the corporate and alternative media have been publishing headlines about the tragic death of a 22-year-old Georgia nursing student, Laken Hope Riley. And while this is indeed a very tragic death, thousands of young people die every day in the United States, so why has this girl's death made headline news all over the country? Riley's death is making headline news because her alleged murderer was a migrant who crossed the border illegally, so that her tragic death can be politicized. Those on the Right are blaming Biden, while those on the Left are blaming Trump. Do you see how the Mockingbird Media cleverly controls the narrative so that no matter what side you are on, you will blame this tragic death on foreign criminals who are coming to this country illegally and putting our young people and children at risk due to policies at the border, and that therefore this "problem" needs a political solution? Filling the mass media (both the "mainstream" and the "alternative" media) with stories like this that divide the nation accomplishes an even a greater purpose, however. It draws the public's attention away from the REAL criminals who are kidnapping and murdering America's children: The U.S. Government. So here are several other stories from the past few weeks where children and teens were murdered because the U.S. Government (HHS) kidnapped these children from their families who loved them, and put them into the nation's Foster Care system with either "Foster Parents" or into group homes run by the foster care system, where they were murdered. The "inconvenient" truth here is that American children are being trafficked and murdered with your taxpayer funding, and it is insanity to think that the way to stop these crimes is to look for political solutions from the very criminals who are responsible for these murders in the first place. Here are some of the stories of recent murders of children in Government custody that you probably did not hear about because they did not make the national news cycle like Laken Riley's story did.

Inconvenient Truths: Russia, China, and Iran were all Strong Allies with the United States After World War II

This article is what I hope will be the first in a series of articles I plan to write in the future titled "Inconvenient Truths." They are "truths" because the evidence of their veracity is readily available online (for now) to be independently looked up and verified by anyone who cares to do so. They are "inconvenient" because they do not fit the narrative of the modern day mass media, which includes now the "alternative" media. The inconvenient truths I am exposing and reporting on in this article are the truths that challenge the current political narrative of our day stating that the evil axis of enemy nations that are hell bent on destroying the United States and threatening our "national security" are Russia, China, and Iran. Did you know that all of these "terrorist" nations were strong allies of the United States at the end of World War II? And is there any real evidence today that these former friends and allies of the United States just 80 years ago are today truly our enemies and a threat to our "national security"? My own bias will be evident, as always, because I am one of the few truly "independent" journalists left who is not leveraged, since I receive no funding from anyone to write what I write, and I am free to follow the evidence wherever it leads. If you don't agree with me, that is fine, but I do encourage you to examine the evidence for yourself and do your own research, so that you can either confirm your own opinions and beliefs, or have them challenged by "inconvenient truths" that are still available to the mass public, for now.

Will the Technology of Trump’s “Smart Wall” Project at the Border that Democrats Love Soon Cover the Entire United States and be Used by the CIA to Track Everyone?

Last month (January, 2024) I reported how the "Texas vs. Biden Showdown at the Border" was all fake news, as the border is completely open and has been for years, even after Trump spent a ton of money building a physical wall, because that "wall" has many doors and gates in it that have done nothing to stop migrants from coming across the border. The fake "showdown" between Gov. Abbott and President Biden was just a show for the media, as exposed by people in Texas who actually went to the wall and filmed what they saw. This week journalist Whitney Webb has published an excellent report about what is most likely really going on at the border, as Big Tech is developing a "smart wall" that was first funded by Trump, and is now continuing as Biden has continued funding the project which has bipartisan support. In 2020 the Washington Post published an article titled: "Trump administration hires tech firm to build a virtual border wall, an idea Democrats have praised." Whitney reports how this technology is not just being used at the U.S. border, but at borders around the world including airports, and also within the interior of the U.S. far from the border. Some of the companies involved in this project have a long history of working together with the CIA and military, where technology companies have now become some of the largest companies receiving massive government funding on military contracts. This is yet another example of how partisan politics is used to divide the country while both sides clearly work together toward UN objectives to completely track every human being on the planet.

Why “Free” Markets are a Myth: The REAL War on Humanity is Satan vs. Jesus and NOT Right vs. Left

In 2003, Jamie Johnson, the son of billionaires and one of the heirs to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, produced a documentary about what it was like to grow up in the United States as a child of billionaires, where one has so much inherited wealth, that you never have to work, and how one can find meaning in life since money can't buy everything. The name of the film is "Born Rich", and Johnson interviewed other children of billionaires, including Ivanka Trump. While this is an interesting documentary, it is what "Born Rich" did for Jamie Johnson that led to his second documentary published in 2006 titled "The One Percent", that is far more interesting. "The One Percent" documentary is very critical of the rich, from an insider perspective by the great grandson of Robert Wood Johnson I, co-founder of Johnson and Johnson. Because Jamie Johnson was an insider into the world of the Globalists, and because he had decided to become a filmmaker and had already published his first documentary about the difficulties of being the child of billionaires, he basically had a free ticket to interview anyone he wanted to, as these very powerful people were probably trying to help out "one of their own" who was trying to find his way - at least until they realized just what it was he was trying to expose. Some of the people Jamie interviewed for The One Percent are: Steve Forbes – CEO of Forbes, Inc., and former presidential candidate, Bill Gates Sr. – father of Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, Adnan Khashoggi – Iranian International arms merchant involved in the Iran-Contra scandal under President Reagan, Claude R. Kirk Jr. – former governor of Florida, Greg Kushner – Lido Wealth Conference Director, Nicole Buffett – adopted daughter of Warren Buffett's son Peter from a previous marriage, and Milton Friedman – Economist, and Nobel Laureate: 1976 winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, among many others. A couple of years after this documentary was published, the U.S. banking crisis started, and President George Bush and his predecessor President Barak Obama proceeded to bail out the banks and the Billionaires on Wall Street. This led to the Occupy Wall Street protests in NYC at the end of 2011. Unfortunately, the movement never gained traction and eventually just fizzled out, even though it was probably the only protest in my lifetime that actually identified the real problem in the United States that is behind almost every evil we suffer from: the Wall Street Billionaires and Central Bankers. Why did this movement never pick up steam? Because those Billionaires and Bankers did what they always do: they made it a political issue and part of one political platform, in this case the "Liberal Left", which then made the other half of the population of the United States, the "Conservative Right," automatically oppose it, so that the country remained divided and never dealt with the real criminals running the country, foolishly believing that politicians actually run this country and that if we don't like them, we can simply vote them out of office. One of the most revealing parts of the documentary, which I just watched this weekend for the first time, was about how corrupt the sugar industry is in Florida. The sugar cane industry in the Florida Everglades is basically owned by one rich family, the Fanjul family, who uses the Government to protect their interests. Attorney Greg Snell, who represents migrant farm workers working in the sugar cane fields, appears in this segment and states: "One was the Republican one was the Democrat. Alfie Fanjul was the single largest contributor in Florida to the Clinton campaign, and his brother was the largest contributor to Republican Bob Dole campaign. They had it covered either way." This is an amazing film that I had not watched before this past weekend, and I was blown away by the information that is revealed in this documentary! To be sure, it falls short of revealing the darkest and most evil elements of the Globalists who run this country, and topics like Satanic Ritual Abuse and child sex trafficking, or the role of Freemasonry and the Satanic Zionist Jews, but what it does reveal is how these people think, and how they justify their wealth, including Christians.

What Percentage of the $BILLIONS the U.S. Sends to Ukraine Funds Child Trafficking, Organ Harvesting and Bioweapon Vaccine Development?

I have previously reported how the Russian - Ukraine war has uncovered much that was previously unknown about the "baby factories" in Ukraine where children were raised to support the child sex trafficking business, as well as the lucrative child organ harvesting international business. And then last month (January, 2024) I published an article about how the unsealing of certain documents in one of the Jeffrey Epstein lawsuits revealed how the Clintons were involved in the Epstein child sex trafficking network in Ukraine. The other issue that has been exposed in Ukraine since the war broke out, is how the U.S. Government has worked together with Big Pharma to setup laboratories in Ukraine to research biological weapons and vaccines, using children who were medically kidnapped to serve as guinea pigs to develop these pharmaceutical products of mass destruction. This begs the question: Why is the U.S. continuing to support child sex and organ trafficking and medical experimentations on babies and children to develop harmful drugs and vaccines in Ukraine? How much of the $BILLIONS that have been sent to Ukraine, and will continue to be sent to Ukraine, is supporting these evil activities?

Healthy Traditions Offers Up to a 20% Return on a $1000 Investment and Up to a 30% Return for $5000 Investment to Become Resellers of Long-term Storable Food Tested for GMOs and other Toxins

Last month (January, 2024), I announced that my ecommerce store on the Internet, Healthy Traditions, which has existed for over 22 years now, was winding down its Internet-based store sales and concentrating on recruiting resellers of our products in local communities instead. We are seeking a more sustainable marketing strategy that will continue to serve local communities during times when the Internet may be inaccessible, or when the financial sector that allows sales on the Internet changes and starts requiring people to use Digital IDs, such as biometric IDs that require one to provide something like a face scan, palm scan, or eye scan in order to purchase products on the Internet. Because once the financial sector switches over to something like Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), we will no longer be selling anything on the Internet anymore. We have had very many people contact us about becoming resellers, and we have now added some new ones to our Resellers Page. What I want to do in this article is explain the investment opportunities that exist for those who want to become resellers, and how you could potentially build an entire business around your investment, depending upon how much work you want to put into it, as you develop a sustainable, secure food distribution system in your local community outside of the corporate commodity food distribution system currently in place that fills the shelves of your local supermarket, which is anything but sustainable, and will quickly collapse during a local or national emergency situation that disrupts the supply chains. So what we are offering to Resellers today is the following: For an investment of $1000, you can get a return on that $1000 investment of 20%, or you can invest a minimum of $5000, and can see a return of 25% to 30% on that investment.