Florida Parents Continue to Expose Child Trafficking as Pleas to Abolish the Nation’s “Child Welfare” System Pick up Momentum

We have previously reported about a lawsuit in Florida where dozens of parents were suing the State for illegally taking their children away from them. This has been an ongoing problem in Florida, where children are taken away from families who love them, and put into the foster care system where they are often sexually abused and trafficked. The original lawsuit filed last year has since been thrown out by a judge calling it a "shotgun complaint." The lawsuit accused the State of taking away their children illegally, and placing them with strangers instead of placing them with relatives. Many parents and their attorney have now amended that lawsuit and refiled it on the grounds that their Constitutional rights have been violated. Interestingly, Gov. Ron DeSantis, who was a defendant in the original lawsuit, seems to have been dropped in the amended lawsuit. The late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer was one of the first to call for an end to the nation's Child Welfare System over a decade ago, and it cost her her life. But a couple of new books just published this year, 2023, show that others have now taken up the call to end the nation's child trafficking system that is so wrongfully referred to by such terms as "Child Welfare" and "Child Protection Services."

New 2023 Documentary Premiere: COVIDISM – Contagious Deception

Health Impact News has just published the premiere of the 2023 documentary film, Covidism: Contagious Deception. "Covidism: Contagious Deception" is the most comprehensive documentary on COVID-19 I have had the pleasure to watch, as it thoroughly analyzes both the scientific and political aspects of the COVID-19 mass deception launched in 2020. The documentary was written and produced by a Health Impact News subscriber, Bonum Vincit (pseudonym), a Bulgarian independent film producer who would like to remain anonymous. This is an amazing film that features interviews and footage of many of the leading dissenting scientists and doctors who tried to warn the public as this mass deception unfolded. These voices were censored from the corporate media and the major social media sites. We have published this film in four parts. Part 1 carefully examines how authorities worldwide have been gaming the numbers regarding cases, hospitalizations and deaths from the alleged coronavirus. Part 1 also explains how health officials actively suppressed safe and effective treatments for Covid-19, while employing deadly protocols for hospital patients. Part 2 focuses on the fascinating timeline of events, which led to the global Covid-19 response, and investigates whether or not the science on the lethality and infectivity of Sars-Cov-2 justified countermeasures such as lockdowns and mask-wearing. Part 3 is a deep dive into the topic of Covid-19 "vaccines," detailing the plethora of scientific evidence for their unsafe and ineffective nature, while exposing the deceptive tactics of manipulating the statistics. Part 4 puts all the pieces of the puzzle together, exposing the premeditated sinister political motivations behind the global Covid-19 response, and how it is intricately tied to a much larger agenda - The Great Reset. This work was a labor of love, and the film producer began it back in 2020, which means it took him almost 3 years to produce this film. He is not accepting any donations for this amazing work, and he wants everyone to freely copy and distribute the film.

Apple Turns iPhone into Ultimate Tracking Tool by Offering Banking Services – AppleID to Become National Digital ID?

Who needs CBDCs or a National Digital ID program to track every financial transaction you make, when Apple has already beat everyone to the punch with their AppleID that now can be linked to your bank account as well? Yesterday, Apple announced that they are now offering attractive rates on savings accounts through their Apple Wallet, as they team up with banking giant Goldman Sachs. With Elon Musk and others racing to create the first "do everything" app that can track pretty much everything one does in life, Apple just beat everyone to the punch by effectively making the iPhone, which is already in the hands of over 120 million people in the U.S., and over 1 billion worldwide, a device that can now pretty much link everything you do to your AppleID. This is a brilliant move by Goldman Sachs, which like all U.S. banks right now, is seeing a mass exodus of deposits since the banking crisis started last month. In their first quarter report today, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon admitted that this partnership with Apple will increase bank deposits for their troubled bank. Pam Martens of Wall Street on Parade also covered this new venture today, reminding everyone how Goldman Sachs is part of the criminal banking cartel with their history of "dubious dealings" going all the way back to the Wall Street financial crash of 1929.

Which Country is More Tyrannical? China or the U.S.? The Myth of China’s “Social Credit Score” System

With the evidence growing every day that the U.S. is about to start a second military operation against China over Taiwan, in addition to the one that is already swallowing $billions of U.S. resources in Ukraine, and with U.S. politicians publicly stating that sending America's sons and daughters to die in battle for Taiwan to fight against China is an option they are considering, I think it is time to step back and critically look at the current state of affairs between China and the U.S. But to take a critical view and make an honest evaluation of China's perceived threat to the U.S., we have to first admit that the western media, and especially the corporate media in the U.S., is primarily a propaganda machine that is totally untrustworthy in determining truth, and look at other perspectives as well, before we spend $billions more on another war, and potentially lose American lives over a conflict with Taiwan. I have no intention here of writing an article that supports China, which I know ahead of time is exactly what some people are going to accuse me of, but in evaluating the current world situation here in 2023, I think we as Americans have to honestly ask ourselves: which country today is more tyrannical and spies more on their own citizens: The U.S. or China?

Who are the Children of Abraham?

The answer to the question, "Who are the children of Abraham?", is one that has been largely misunderstood and corrupted by religious dogma for thousands of years now. And with world events dramatically changing right before our eyes on a daily basis, it is imperative that you understand just who are the "children of Abraham," because it is a matter of life and death, with eternal consequences. In a world filled with lies, disinformation, and fake news, this truth of who the true descendants of Abraham are, is truly GOOD NEWS for a world that desperately needs some good news today!

Declassified Guantanamo Court Filing Shows 9/11 Hijackers were Recruited by the CIA

For the past several days, the media, both the corporate media as well as the alternative media, have been widely reporting news about the alleged "Pentagon leaks" which resulted in an arrest today of a suspect who was charged with espionage. I have not published anything about this story yet, because I really have not seen anything that was allegedly leaked that was important enough to report on, as other news seems more important, and I was not sure if this alleged "leak" was intentional or not, possibly to control the public narrative. And while I am still unsure about that, another news item that has been happening almost simultaneously and that has not been widely reported, was brought to my attention today, and from my perspective, is probably a much larger news story. And that news is that a copy of a previously heavily redacted document filed with the Guantanamo Military Commission was obtained by Seth Hettena of SpyTalk, unredacted, and that this now unredacted court document shows that two 9/11 Saudi hijackers were recruited by the CIA, and then afterwards the CIA tried to keep this information secret from the FBI.

OUTRAGE! U.S. Government Finally Compensates First Petitioners for COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries: 3 People Awarded an Average of $1,500 for Damaged Hearts

After 674,375,206 doses of COVID-19 "vaccines" injected into 270,045,602 Americans over the past 2+ years, and over 11,000 petitions from COVID-19 "vaccine" injured people filed with the U.S. Government's CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program, the U.S. Government just announced the first settlements for COVID-19 "vaccine" injuries: 3 people, 2 of whom now have damaged hearts (myocarditis), were awarded a total of $4,634.89, an average of about $1,500.00 per person. Yes, you read that correctly. An average of one thousand five hundred dollars per person, as another 11,000+ people wait for their settlements. In February of 2021, the Biden Administration gave $4 BILLION to Bill Gates and the World Health Organization (WHO) for a new global COVID-19 vaccine injury compensation program designated for 92 low and middle-income countries in an effort to entice poorer countries who were skeptical of the new COVID vaccines. So to date, the U.S. Government has spent $4 BILLION to compensate COVID-19 vaccine injuries through Bill Gates and the WHO in poorer countries, but only $4,634.89 for Americans injured by the COVID-19 shots. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: 3 Million Fewer Americans are Working Today Compared to February 2020

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce published statistics last week that show there are 3 million fewer Americans working today than there were in February of 2020, before the "pandemic." They reported that the latest data shows that we have over 10 million job openings in the U.S.—but only 5.7 million unemployed workers. They also reported that the labor force participation rate is 62.6% today, down from 63.3% in February 2020. That means there are 1.8 million missing workers today. What happened to all these missing workers? The Chamber of Commerce admits that "there’s not just one reason that workers are sitting out, but several factors have come together to cause the ongoing shortage." However, one of those reasons they did not consider or report about, were deaths and disabilities due to the Operation Warp Speed mass vaccination program of COVID-19 shots that began at the end of 2020, and were widely mandated as a condition for employment throughout 2021. Edward Dowd and his Phinance Technologies has supplied that data for us, which I reported on last week. Dowd's data shows that deaths and disabilities skyrocketed as the experimental COVID shots were injected into Americans. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce surveyed unemployed Americans in 2021 and 2022 to find out why they had not returned to the workforce. Only one third of those surveyed stated that they wanted to return to work full time, and almost half of those surveyed stated that they would not return to work unless they could work from home. Why? According to their survey, the top two reasons given were they were too ill to return to work, or that they needed to stay home to take care of children or others in their family.

Rothschilds Send French President Macron to China in Attempt to Save Europe as U.S. Rockefeller Empire Panics

French President Emmanuel Macron's recent trip to China has sent shock-waves throughout the Western World, especially after he stated that Europe needs to stop being "America's followers" and not get involved in China's conflict with Taiwan. The U.S. corporate media's initial report about why Macron was visiting China was that he was allegedly asking China for help in the Ukraine conflict against Russia, and assurances that China would not supply arms to Russia. But during the rest of Macron's visit, which included signing a new agreement between the two countries which has received very little attention in the Western media, and Macron's subsequent visit to the Netherlands where he delivered a speech at the Hague earlier today, outlining a new plan for Europe, we can now clearly see what was the true purpose of this trip to China. It would appear many in Europe, and especially the Rothschild family banking empire, are waking up to the fact that the U.S. is no longer a reliable ally and does not have Europe's best interest in mind in the conflict with Russia and the war in Ukraine. Europe's banks are failing, which started with Switzerland's second largest bank that failed a few weeks ago, and wiped out pensions with bail-ins and has caused non-stop protests in France over pension reforms. This is a direct consequence of the failed policies against Russia over the Ukraine war. The Rothschild's banking empire is centered in France and London, and Emmanuel Macron is the Rothschild's hand-picked man, as he is a former banking executive for the Rothschilds who became the President of France with no prior elected political office. So what I imagine happened is that someone high up in the Rothschild family contacted someone high up in the Chinese ruling elite and asked for help to fight back against the Rockefeller U.S. empire, and China was only too willing to oblige, as long as France made some concessions, like agreeing to stay out of their conflict with the U.S. and Taiwan. With really no other choice before them, they called up Macron and told him to pack his bags and sent him off to China. As Macron now heads back to France, he is rallying other European countries to unify against the United States' global dominance in order to save Europe.

Traffic Accidents and Deaths Soar in 2021 Following Roll-out of COVID-19 “Vaccines”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released its annual study of crashes on U.S. roads for 2021, and found that "The total number of accidents rose by an astonishing 16%." This was "astonishing" because: "That was a year of COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions, when police groups nationwide reported that the smaller number of drivers on America’s roads were acting more recklessly than normal." What do analysts say was the cause of this "astonishing" increase in traffic accidents in 2021? They say it was due to too many drivers speeding, driving while drunk, and texting too much. COVID-19 injections, of course, are never even considered, because that would be politically incorrect to blame the emergency-use authorized experimental shots for an increase in traffic accidents. However, "Road Traffic Accident" is a "symptom" tracked following vaccines in the U.S. Government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), so let's see what was reported for 2021, as compared to the previous 10 years following vaccines before the experimental COVID shots were approved. In 2021, there were 356 cases filed in VAERS of Road traffic accidents following COVID-19 shots, including 33 deaths, 21 permanent disabilities, 100 ER visits, and 165 hospitalizations. By contrast, following all FDA-approved vaccines for a 10-year period from 2010 through 2019, before the experimental COVID shots were authorized, there were 70 total cases filed for Road traffic accidents, including 5 deaths, 6 permanent disabilities, 39 trips to the ER, and 19 total hospitalizations during a 10-year period following ALL vaccines. That's an increase of almost 5,000% in Road traffic accidents for 2021, and a 6,500% increase in traffic deaths for 2021, when the COVID-19 experimental shots were being injected into Americans, as compared to all FDA-approved vaccines from the previous 10 years.