Left image: Photo by Yemeni Al-Joumhouria TV, showing British-registered cargo ship ‘Rubymar’ sinking after it was targeted by Yemen’s Houthi forces in international waters in the Red Sea, on March 7, 2024. Right image: USS Dwight D. Eisenhower nuclear-powered aircraft carrier (from Wikipedia).

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

As most Americans enjoyed the beginning of the summer season here in the U.S. this weekend, many other places in the world experienced death and destruction as the current wars raging in Ukraine-Russia and in the Middle East seem to be taking a dramatic turn with some major escalations.

First, it is being reported that 124 people were injured, including 27 children with 2 children dying, in the Russian city of Sevastopol, where Russia claims that Ukraine used U.S.-made ATACMS long-range missiles armed with cluster bombs, a deadly type of bomb known for causing massive civilian deaths, and which are banned in most countries around the world.

Ukraine kills civilians in Crimea with US-supplied missiles – Russian MOD

Three people, including two children, died in the shelling, with more than 100 injured, the authorities have said.

The Ukrainian military has launched several US-made ATACMS long-range missiles armed with highly controversial cluster munitions on Russia’s Crimea, resulting in numerous civilian casualties, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has said.

The strike was first reported by Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev on Sunday, who said that the attack killed at least three people, including two children. According to Russia’s Health Ministry, 124 people were injured, including 27 children.

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed the Ukrainian attack, which it said took place at around noon local time. Officials said that the shelling involved five ATACMS missiles, four of which were destroyed mid-air.

The remaining one, however, was damaged by air defenses, veered off course and detonated over the city of Sevastopol. As a result, the falling fragments of cluster munitions led to numerous civilian casualties, the statement read.

Сluster munitions – which scatter dozens of smaller bombs when denotated – are banned in more than 100 countries, including the UK, France, and Germany. This type of weapon is considered extremely dangerous to civilians, as the munitions typically spread over large areas and can remain unexploded in the ground for many years.

The US announced in July 2023 that it would provide Ukraine with cluster munitions, sparking outrage in Moscow. At the time, US President Joe Biden called the decision “very difficult” but justified, arguing that the deliveries were needed to fuel a Ukrainian counteroffensive that subsequently failed with heavy losses for Kiev. (Source.)

Russia has said that the attack will not go unanswered.

Why US and Ukraine Deliberately Chose Russia’s Sevastopol for Terror Attack

At the moment when ATACMS were launched at Sevastopol a US RQ-4 Global Hawk long-range surveillance drone was detected over the Black Sea, according to military correspondent Aleksey Borzenko.

“This drone was practically used to direct the missiles that were going to Crimea,” Borzenko told Sputnik. “I believe that it is necessary to create a large unmanned zone in the Black Sea – between 100 and 300 miles – in the aftermath of the tragedy. These Global Hawks should not be allowed to get to the distance from which they could direct ATACMS missiles.”

Russia must give an adequate answer to the Ukraine terror attack on Sevastopol, given that the Kiev regime and Washington as openly defied Moscow’s warnings and “red lines”, according to Igor Korotchenko, editor in chief of National Defense magazine.

“First, attacks targeting key facilities of the energy structure of Ukraine – which ensures the stability of the rear of the Ukrainian Armed Forces – and their complete destruction should be carried out,” Korotchenko told Sputnik.

“The second thing that needs to be done is to establish a no-fly zone in the airspace over waters of the Black Sea, from which UK and US strategic reconnaissance drones are patrolling the territory of Crimea. These targets should be destroyed without reacting to possible statements and screams from London and Washington,” the pundit continued.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that it holds Washington and the Kiev regime responsible for the deliberate missile strike on Sevastopol civilians, as all targeting data for ATACMS missiles are provided to Ukraine by US specialists.

The ministry underscored that the attack will not go unanswered. (Source.)

Orthodox priest brutally murdered in southern Russia. Source.

And as I began writing this article today, another terrorist attack inside Russia is now being reported, where an Orthodox priest was brutally murdered after two churches and a synagogue came under attack on Sunday in Russia’s southern region of Dagestan.

All of this is happening today on Russia’s Pentecost Sunday. This is BREAKING NEWS as I write this…

Orthodox priest brutally murdered in southern Russia

An Orthodox priest was brutally murdered after two churches and a synagogue came under attack on Sunday in Russia’s southern region of Dagestan, Interior Ministry spokesperson Gayana Garieva has said.

The assailants reportedly broke into an Orthodox church in the city of Derbent and killed the archpriest, Father Nikolay Kotelnikov, by slitting his throat, Shamil Khadulaev, the head of the regional Public Oversight Committee, which monitors the observance of human rights in prisons, said on his Telegram channel.

A security guard named Mikhail who worked in the church was shot by the assailants. The man was only armed with a gas pistol, according to Khadulaev. Other clergymen have locked themselves in the church, waiting for help, he added.

The terrorists attacked the church on Pentecost Sunday, immediately after the evening service and shortly before the church was closed. (Source.)

Are Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Taking Control of the Red Sea?

Meanwhile, Yemen’s Houthi rebels continue to attack and sink ships in the Red Sea, in spite of the presence of the U.S. and UK navy patrolling the area for the past 6 months under Operation Prosperity Guardian.

Last week, the Houthis released a dramatic video of a bulk carrier being blown apart in the Red Sea.

Houthis Release Dramatic Video Of Bulk Carrier Being Blown Apart In Red Sea

“The US has committed a substantial military force at great financial cost to protecting the Red Sea. Our protective effort is failing and flailing,” David Asher, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute, wrote in a statement, referring to the escalating attacks on commercial vessels by Iran-backed Houthis across the southern Red Sea, critical Bab el-Mandeb maritime chokepoint and the Gulf of Aden.

Our biggest takeaway this week after speaking with several commodity research firms and risk analysts about the evolving situation in the Red Sea is attacks are only increasing from here as there’s no immediate end to the Israeli-Hamas war this summer.

Making headlines in recent days has been the sinking of commodity-hauling bulk carrier “Tutor.” The significance of this Houthi attack marked the first time a ship was hit by an uncrewed surface vessel packed with explosives.

On Wednesday evening, Houthi spokesperson Yahya Saree provided a never-before-seen view of the attack on Tutor, which shows the drone boat slamming into the stern of the vessel, producing a massive explosion. Also, an anti-ship missile appeared to have struck the center point of the hull.

Tutor’s attack is another example of the Biden administration’s failing Operation Prosperity Guardian to ensure freedom of navigation in the Red Sea area. The consequence of this failure is an emerging supply shock to the global economy. (Source.)

Two more attacks in the Red Sea were reported earlier today as well.

Two Distress Calls: UK Navy Reports Crew Abandoned Ship In Gulf Of Aden, Kamikaze Drone Attack In Red Sea

The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) reported two maritime incidents involving merchant vessels on Sunday. The first occurred in the Red Sea, where a suicide drone struck a vessel. The second incident took place in the Gulf of Aden.

A new update from UKMTO said a merchant ship 96 nautical miles southeast of Nishtun, Yemen, “reported severe flooding that cannot be contained, forcing the master and crew to abandon the ship.”

UKMTO said the crew had been rescued by an “assisting ship,” and the abandoned ship “remains adrift at position 14°31’N 053°08’E.” (Source.)

It is also possible that the USS aircraft carrier Eisenhower was hit by attacks in the Red Sea, as Pentagon leaders have now ordered the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower to return home.

US Withdraws Aircraft Carrier Eisenhower From Red Sea Amid Stepped-Up Houthi Attacks

In perhaps another sign that the US-led ‘Operation Prosperity Guardian’ is not going well (as it has not actually put a stop to the constant Houthi attacks on international vessels), Pentagon leaders have ordered the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower to return home.

The carrier which has led America’s response to the Houthis was already on a twice-extended tour. “Time to bring them home,” an American defense official was quoted in military news outlets as saying. But even with the nuclear-powered carrier’s lengthy Red Sea presence, Houthi attacks have only stepped up. (Source.)

A Houthi military spokesman claims that they delivered a strike on the U.S. aircraft carrier, although U.S. officials are denying this.

Houthis claim attacking US aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower in Red Sea

Houthi rebels from the Yemen-based Ansar Allah movement have delivered a strike on the US aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Red Sea, the movement’s military spokesman Yahya Saree said.

“Our missile troops have conducted an operation attacking the US aircraft carrier Eisenhower with ballistic and cruise missiles in the northern part of the Red Sea. The operation has successfully achieved its goals,” he told the Houthi-owned Al Masirah TV channel.

Additionally, the rebels attacked the Transworld Navigator bulk carrier with ballistic missiles in the Arabian Sea. (Source.)

The USS Eisenhower will reportedly be replaced by the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier, which is curious because the Roosevelt is currently deployed in Busan, South Korea, where it arrived yesterday “as a show of force against nuclear-armed North Korea“, after Russian President Putin made a rare visit to North Korea earlier in the week.

The Eisenhower, based in Norfolk, Virginia, is returning home after an over eight-month deployment in combat that the Navy says is its most intense since World War II.

The San Diego-based USS Theodore Roosevelt will take the Eisenhower’s place after a scheduled exercise in the Indo-Pacific, said Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder.

The Roosevelt anchored Saturday in Busan, South Korea, amid Seoul’s ongoing tensions with North Korea. (Source.)

This begs the question: Have the Houthis successfully tipped the balance in the world’s naval forces where the U.S. navy can no longer police countries around the world simultaneously?

Genocide Continues in Gaza as Israel Threatens War with Lebanon

A Palestinian family mourns a loved one killed by Israeli bombardment , as they take a last look before their funeral in Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip, Friday, June 21, 2024. (AP Photo /Jehad Alshrafi) © Provided by The Associated Press

Meanwhile, the genocide in Gaza continued this week, as Israeli forces bombed refugee tent camps this past Friday killing dozens.

Israeli forces shelled tent camps for displaced Palestinians outside Gaza’s southern city of Rafah on Friday, killing at least 25 people and wounding another 50, according to the territory’s health officials and emergency workers.

This was the latest deadly attack in the Gaza Strip, where hundreds of thousands have fled fighting between Israel and Hamas. It comes less than a month after an Israeli bombing triggered a deadly fire that tore through a camp for displaced Palestinians in southern Gaza, drawing widespread international outrage — including from some of Israel’s closest allies — over the military’s expanding offensive into Rafah.

Witnesses whose relatives died in one of the bombardments near a Red Cross field hospital north of Rafah told The Associated Press that Israeli forces fired a second volley that killed people who came out of their tents.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said the hospital was flooded with casualties, including 22 dead and 45 wounded, and condemned the firing of “high-caliber projectiles” a few meters (yards) from the facility. Hundreds of people live in tents nearby, including many of the hospital staff, the ICRC said. (Source.)

And then over the weekend, the IDF reportedly killed over 100 Palestinians carrying out several attacks.

IDF Kills Over 100 Palestinians in Weekend Strikes Across Gaza Strip

Tel Aviv carried out several attacks across the Gaza Strip this weekend. On Saturday, Gaza’s Health Ministry said more than 100 Palestinians were killed, along with 169 others wounded, in 24 hours amidst various strikes.

This was the deadliest day in the Strip since the June 8 massacre on the Nuseirat refugee camp, which slaughtered at least 274 Palestinians and wounded hundreds more. A UN facility was hit on Sunday, killing at least four people. (Source.)

Israeli forces strap injured Palestinian man to military vehicle as a human shield. Source.

This weekend Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank tied a wounded Palestinian man to the hood of a military vehicle during a raid on the city of Jenin, using him as a human shield.

Israeli occupation forces were filmed using a Palestinian civilian they shot as a human shield on Saturday in the West Bank.

The Most Moral Army in The World™ has been filmed repeatedly over the past months allegedly using captive Palestinians as human shields.

In November, IDF soldiers allegedly used a handcuffed, blindfolded Palestinian prisoner as a human shield during another operation in the occupied West Bank.

In December in Gaza, IDF soldiers reportedly used a Palestinian man as a human shield and an exploration drone. (Source.)

While not denying that this incident took place, Israeli military sources stated that these IDF soldiers “had acted against protocol.”

IDF says it is investigating soldiers who tied Palestinian detainee to hood of car

The Israel Defense Forces said Saturday that troops who had tied a wounded Palestinian to the hood of a military vehicle in the northern West Bank earlier in the day had acted against protocol and that the incident was being investigated. (Source.)

It is also being reported now that Israel is planning a major military campaign into Lebanon, their neighbors to the north.

As Israel Talks Lebanon War, Officials Evacuate a Border Town

Tensions continue to rise as Israeli officials hype up attacking neighboring Lebanon, saying they have an approved and validated plan for an all-out war. While talk of war isn’t new, Israel’s actions suggest war may be imminent.

Most recently, Israeli officials have ordered the evacuation of Jish, a small majority Christian town along the border. Jish is just a few miles from the Lebanon border, and the evacuation was presented as necessary because of the escalation of conflict.

Tens of thousands of Israelis have already been evacuated from the north and pushed deeper into the country, while nearly 100,000 Lebanese civilians have been displaced from southern Lebanon because of the incessant attacks. (Source.)

Hezbollah has responded, stating that they are ready to strike back.

Hezbollah shows off Israeli target bank in new video warning

Hezbollah released a video titled “To whom it may concern” on 22 June, featuring coordinates of sensitive and vital Israeli targets that would be struck in the event of a war against Lebanon, marking the second such warning within less than a week.

The video begins with a clip from the latest speech by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, where he warns that the Lebanese resistance will fight “without limits, rules, or restraints” if Israel wages a war against Lebanon.

It then proceeds to show numerous targets across Israel.

The targets include several sensitive targets in Haifa, the port of Ashdod, the Hadera power station, the Ramat David Military Airport in Afula, Pengrion Airport, Nevatim air base, oil refineries on the coast, and the Research Center at the Dimona Nuclear Reactor.

The clip also showed the HaKirya Complex, which includes the headquarters of the Israeli Ministry of Security and the General Staff.

Fears are growing in Israel as Tel Aviv has threatened that it is preparing an expanded attack on Lebanon. (Source.)

If You Currently Live in Peace, Enjoy it While You Can

Most Americans live very far away from any of these war zones, and are far more concerned about the upcoming national elections, the economy, and fighting each other between “Left and Right” ideologies.

Most Americans have never experienced the death and destruction that comes from war, and many are so ignorant of world affairs that they believe this will never come to the U.S.

Many falsely believe that their religious affiliation and “belief in God” will save them.

But the writings of the New Testament portion of the Bible are very clear. God’s judgment will come against those who are not serving him, no matter what your nationality or religious beliefs are.

Sexual immorality of the worse kind is what brings God’s judgement, and with America run by pedophile politicians, pedophile business leaders, and pedophile religious clergy leaders, anyone who thinks America will not fall under God’s anger, is deceived.

But sexual immorality and all impurity or covetousness must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints.

For you may be sure of this, that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous (that is, an idolater), has no inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.

Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

Therefore do not become partners with them.

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.

For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. (Ephesians 5)

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