WARNING! Get Off of Twitter X if You Value Your Privacy! Face Scan Logins and No More Blocking Being Implemented

Ever since Elon Musk purchased Twitter, I have been warning people that Musk bought Twitter to develop an "everything app" similar to China's WeChat app, which is the main app China uses to combine social media, digital identity, vaccination and medical status, criminal history, tracking and surveillance, digital currency, shopping, carbon footprint, and other digital information which can then be used to determine one's "social credit score." Musk kicked his plans to develop Twitter as a tool for evil into high gear recently by rebranding Twitter into "X". Today, August 18, 2023, it is being reported that Elon Musk and his "X" platform is about to roll out biometric IDs as a requirement to log in to one's account, that will require a government-issued ID, along with a "selfie" picture of one's face. Another announcement regarding Twitter/X in my newsfeed today, is a Tweet from Elon Musk that he is planning on eliminating the ability to block people on your Twitter/X account. This will give free reign to trolls and SPAMers, and give free access to the Intelligence Agencies to dispatch their paid trolls to discredit anything you write that does not fit the Globalist narrative.

“Unprecedented” Hurricane Heads Towards California

In what could potentially be another climate terrorist attack following the horrendous climate terrorist attack in Maui last week, an "unprecedented" Pacific tropical storm has just been upgraded to a Category 2 hurricane, and is headed to California this weekend. Greg Postel, a hurricane and storm specialist at the Weather Channel, stated: "It is rare — indeed nearly unprecedented in the modern record — to have a tropical system like this move through Southern California." Given the government's complete failure to warn people in Maui about the deadly fire that caused such a horrible loss of life and property, if you live in the Southwestern part of the U.S., please take precautions and prepare for the worst case scenarios, while praying that they do not come to pass. But do NOT rely on the government to give you accurate information, or you could end up like the victims in Maui who lost everything, including many of them who lost their lives, because they trusted their government officials to give them accurate information. Tropical storms on the U.S. West Coast are extremely rare, with the last hurricane to hit California being back in 1939. Like the recent tragedy in Maui, you can be sure that this storm will be blamed on "climate change." But the fact is that weather manipulation and fires have been weaponized by the military for many years now, so I am choosing to call these storms "climate terrorist attacks." Dane Wigington has probably done more research on the topic of "geoengineering" than anyone else for the past several years, and if you want to look at the evidence that the military weaponizes both weather and fires, please see some of our previous coverage of his work. Current forecasts of Hurricane Hilary show it making landfall in Mexico, and then continuing on as a tropical storm through Southern California all the way up to Reno, Nevada. If this forecast holds true, then it takes it through the Central Valley of California, which supplies about half of America's food. This part of California suffered deadly flooding just a few months ago this past Spring, as farmlands were completely washed out.

Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Still Missing – mRNA Vaccinated Dr. Malone Responds that Karen is Suffering from Drug Side Effects

Pfizer whistleblower Karen Kingston, who published a video on August 6, 2023, stating that she had been put on a CIA assassination hit list, and asked Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to ask Dr. Robert Malone to tell the CIA to call it off, is still missing as of today, the day this article is being published. Karen Kingston's family sent me an email regarding Karen, and Dr. Robert Malone has also responded to Karen's remarks in a very lengthy blog post on his Substack Page. He mentioned her allegedly suffering from malaria, and then speculated about one malaria drug that she might be suffering from side effects. The most interesting part of Robert Malone's Substack post, however, is that he refers to the people publishing Karen's video, which includes Health Impact News, collectively, as "a hate cult" that is "being exploited for fifth generation warfare purposes." Who sounds more like they are suffering from some sort of "adverse side-effects" from pharmaceutical drugs?? Karen Kingston or Robert Malone? Malone publicly admits that he is "pro vaccine" and received the COVID "vaccine" (Moderna mRNA shot). He also states that "The scientific facts" about the COVID vaccine, which is "based on the mRNA vaccine technology that I created," injects a "viral gene into your parent cells" which forces a body to "make toxic spike proteins" that "cause permanent damage" including to the "brain and nervous system." He also states that "once these damages occur, they are irreparable. They cannot be reversed." As far as we know, Karen never took one of these mRNA shots, but Malone publicly admits that he did.

Warning to the Followers of Satan: God has Energy Weapons Too

We now know that Satan and the Globalists who serve him have tipped their hand as to their current campaign in their war against humanity, by massacring innocent people on the island of Maui, which includes children who were at home the day the terrorist attack occurred because school was canceled that day, in what clearly looks to be some kind of energy weapon of mass destruction that causes fire that melts metal but does not burn down trees or wooden structures. This is obviously a developing news story with each day that passes revealing more information about how devastating and tragic these fires were, and the overwhelming amount of information that is being censored in the corporate media, and even in much of the alternative media, that exposes evidence, with much of that evidence coming directly from the victims who were there when it happened and are now speaking out, that these fires were directed, as an act of Satanic terrorists, and not natural. But I have been directed by the One whom I serve, and his Holy Spirit, to deliver a message today of hope to the true disciples of Jesus Christ, and a warning to the followers of Satan who is the father of lies and a murderer: God Has Energy Weapons Too.

Are You Ready for the Collapse of the Medical System?

The medical system in the United States today is on the brink of collapse. I seriously doubt that there are too many people who would question or doubt this statement. For example, 100,000 nurses have left the medical system since COVID, and 800,000 more nurses plan on quitting. Pharmaceutical drug shortages have become so severe, that pharmacists and hospitals are now rationing medical care. And many hospitals are now "dumping" patients on the street, because they can no longer afford to care for them, as they refuse to leave. This crisis in the medical system is happening right now, even before the economy totally collapses. So when the economy does collapse, and these medical products and services are no longer available to you, what are you going to do? Have you given any thought or made any plans for when this day comes, which could literally come tomorrow?

Globalists Launch Climate Terrorist Attack Against Citizens in Maui Destroying Lives and Property

Hundreds of people are feared dead and entire towns have burned to the ground in Maui, Hawaii, in what is clearly a climate terrorist attack by billionaire Globalists against the citizens of Hawaii, primarily on the island of Maui. Similar to what we have previously reported about past fires in California and Canada where the evidence is overwhelming that these fires are not natural at all, photos and video footage coming out of Maui right now clearly show that this is NOT a natural "wildfire" in their tropical climate, as buildings and cars burn to ashes while trees and other wooden structures are still standing. Peggy Hall of The Healthy American is my go-to person who does deep dives into these "wild fires" that appear to be anything but natural, and have all the markings of the result of energy weapons. We have featured her work before, including the work of Robert Brame, a forensic arborist who has analyzed 38 California fires and has come up with hundreds of photographic evidence of IMPOSSIBLE normal fire behavior. At the time of this writing, she has already done several deep dives into these unnatural fires in Hawaii, with over 3 hours of coverage so far. I have watched them ALL in preparing this report, and if you want to have an understanding as to what is really going on in Hawaii right now, these reports are well worth your time. I have condensed them down to a report that is less than an hour and concentrates on the evidence that these fires are not natural, and are acts of terrorism.

Whistleblower Karen Kingston Flees U.S. Claiming Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Advisor Dr. Robert Malone Ordered a CIA Assassination of Her

Some of our readers have alerted me to an explosive video published by Karen Kingston on her GETTR account on August 6, 2023. She claims to be video streaming from Mexico, where she said she had gone because it was no longer safe for her to travel in the U.S., because Dr. Robert Malone, who is an advisor to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a current candidate for the President of the United States, had allegedly worked with the CIA to put Karen on a hit list to be assassinated. Karen Kingston has a Substack Page where she publishes her work, and this is her bio: "As a strategic consultant and biotech analyst, Karen is hired by her clients to ensure that expert doctors (key opinion leaders), attorneys, corporate marketers, board members, and investors are all on the same page in regard to what is being said about a product and a disease state. She has been brought in to turn around situations where her clients were looking to dissolve strategic business units ranging from $200mm - $350mm because they were facing up to a billion-dollar fine or simply losing too much revenue. One turnaround resulted in a $1B+ exit acquisition strategy for Mallinckrodt. Her clients have included Pfizer, Medtronic, Allergan, Johnson & Johnson, Thermo Fisher Scientific and many smaller companies." As a former industry insider, Karen can be properly called a "whistleblower," and most of her recent work has been in exposing the danger and fraud around the experimental COVID-19 "vaccines," which she refers to as "bioweapons." She recently began a campaign in Florida to encourage people to contact their sheriffs and demand that they seize all remaining COVID-19 shots to prevent further death and injury, and she believes that it is this action, which she claims people had begun responding to, that led to her being put on a CIA hit-list. Her original video is over 40 minutes long, but I have annotated it down to 13 and a half minutes so people can grasp why she is claiming that her life is in danger, as she pleads with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to ask Dr. Robert Malone to call the CIA and stop trying to kill her.

12 States Now Using Mobile Digital Driver License IDs Based on Face Scans

I have been repeatedly warning our readers that the most imminent threat to our privacy and ability to conduct our lives without being continually tracked by the Government and the Globalists is the adoption of biometric IDs, where one has to scan a body part, such as palms, faces, eyes, etc., in order to conduct business and participate in society. And while things like Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are a very real threat for being implemented in the future, these biometric IDs are imminent, and they are already being implemented now in 12 states for mobile digital ID driver licenses, where one must provide a face scan to prove one's identity. These digital driver licenses are still optional at this point, as they develop and fine tune the technology, but how long will it be before it is required to surrender a biometric identifier such as a face scan in order to be licensed by the government to be able to drive a car, as well as do other things such as withdraw money from your bank account and ride on an airplane? Once you surrender something like your face scan online, it is there forever, and hackable. Government databases and hospital databases are constantly being hacked, meaning your medical records and biometric data are now out there on the Internet for sale to the highest bidder. The public is being conditioned to accept giving up their biometric data by creating fear and then promoting digital IDs as the solution to "keep safe." One area I am seeing this happening right now is in the fear that is being generated by the "Sound of Freedom" psyop film about "child trafficking." This fictional film does nothing to expose who the child traffickers actually are, and that is not surprising since the film was funded by billionaires with ties to child trafficking. Will this film and the fear it creates actually lead to more child trafficking as it will encourage parents to surrender biometrics of their children all in the name of "protecting" them, when in fact putting their biometrics online will make them MORE susceptible to trafficking?

Christian Leaders Are Teaching Doctrines of Demons in Their Synagogues of Satan Called “Churches”

In my recently published article, False Prophets Now Lead Their Deceived Followers as America Stands at the Brink of Collapse, I responded to a great comment in the comments section, and I wrote: "We have only one Head, one Pastor, one Bishop, one Priest, and one Lord, and his name is Jesus Christ. All others are impostors and false prophets." This statement seemed to confuse some readers, with some trying to post contradictory comments and claiming that this statement needed to be "clarified." So that is what this article is, a clarification to the statement that all the leaders who carry titles attached to their name to emphasize their alleged authority in Corporate Christianity, are impostors and false prophets. Here is the clarification: All men (or women) who put a title of authority before their name, such as pastor, priest, bishop, elder, etc., are leaders in the prophesied "Synagogues of Satan" spoken about in the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible, and they are the ones referred to by Paul in his letter to Timothy where he wrote: "Now the Spirit explicitly says that in the later times some will desert the faith and occupy themselves with deceiving spirits and demonic teachings, influenced by the hypocrisy of liars whose consciences are seared." (1 Timothy 4:1-2) Does that clarify things for you?

Hiroshima, Nagasaki Bombings Were Needless, Said World War II’s Top US Military Leaders

Since World War II no other nation on the planet has spent more money on their military, and killed more innocent civilians, than the United States of America. These weapons of war bring in huge financial profits to the Globalists, who use their puppet politicians and their control over the corporate media to spew their lies and propaganda to whip up the public into a constant fear over these alleged "enemies" of the American people. They have to justify huge spending on weapons of mass destruction by programming the American public to be in a perpetual state of fear over these "enemies," and the playbook changed dramatically in September of 2001, with the false flag "attacks" in New York that were blamed on "Muslim terrorists," and this began new levels of surveillance and until that time unprecedented military spending on the "war against terrorists" which could then include pretty much any Muslim country in the Middle East, which "coincidentally" happened to be rich in oil. This war propaganda machine rolled out another new playbook for the Central Bankers and the rich Billionaires of Wall Street and Silicon Valley in 2020, with the military operation led by Donald Trump - the "war against the unseen virus" and the accompanying military operations dubbed "Operation Warp Speed" which then proceeded to kill and injure untold numbers through a new, experimental "vaccine," which may go down in history as the greatest weapon of mass destruction ever created. And these perpetual wars and the huge military spending to keep the banks and Billionaires solvent, have not stopped, but were simply switched to the NATO operation in Ukraine in 2022. Reporter Brian McGlinchey has just published an excellent account of the bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WWII that clearly show how the propaganda fed to the American public to justify killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese people, the majority of whom were women, children and the elderly, was opposed by the top American military leaders at that time.