by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

A new TV miniseries was released earlier this month (June, 2024) titled: Six Schizophrenic Brothers.

The description on IMDB reads:

The terrifying story of an all-American family torn apart by madness, as six out of 12 siblings develop schizophrenia.

The documentary is based on the 2020 book by Robert Kolker, Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family, an account of the Galvin family of Colorado Springs, Colorado, a midcentury American family with twelve children (ten boys and two girls), six of whom were diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Hidden Valley Road is a true story about an American family with twelve children, six of whom are diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The oldest child, Don Galvin, was born in 1945, and the youngest, Mary (who later changed her name to Lindsay) was born in 1965. By the mid 1970s, six of the ten boys were diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The Galvins became one of the first families to be studied by the National Institute of Mental Health, with their DNA samples and experiences forming the cornerstone of research for the disease in the mid-1900s. (Source.)

The TV miniseries interviews several of the surviving family members, including two of the brothers who are still alive and are still being treated for schizophrenia.

Here is the trailer for the mini series:

If you talk to God, you are praying; If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.” Professor Thomas Szasz, author of The Myth of Mental Illness. (Source.)

Schizophrenia, of course, is not a real disease. There are no lab tests one can take to be diagnosed with schizophrenia, or any other psychiatric disorder for that matter.

It is simply a label applied to people who exhibit behavioral traits that are deemed as an “illness” that prohibits a person from acting “normally” in society.

The list of these behavioral symptoms are voted upon by psychiatrists and then published in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) that psychiatrists use to prescribe anti-psychotic drugs.

And who gets to decide which psychiatric “diseases” get to be included in the DSM?

The psychiatrists who profit from the drugs used to treat these “diseases.”

CCHR Applauds Study Exposing Financial Ties Between DSM Contributors And Pharma

Watch this EXCELLENT video that is less than 12 minutes which exposes the DSM fraud.

It has been widely published now that the whole field of psychiatry is not a part of medical science, although this information is not well known and is suppressed, for obvious reasons.

The entire “brain imbalance” theory, for example, has been thoroughly debunked by real science. See:

Study Debunks the Theory that Depression is Caused by a Chemical Imbalance in the Brain – America’s Problem with Criminal Drug Dealers

This study was not the first one to completely debunk the alleged “science” behind psychiatry, however.

Dr. Irving Kirsch, the associate director of the Placebo Studies Program at Harvard Medical School, published a book in 2011, titled: The Emperor’s New Drugs – Exploding the Antidepressant Myth.

He was interviewed by 60 Minutes at that time. This is on our Bitchute channel.

What Really Destroyed the Galvin Family?

So if schizophrenia is the wrong diagnosis for what the Galvin family suffered, what caused their problems that led to the psychiatric drugging of six of the boys?

I developed my own trailer from the TV mini series, although this clip does not appear until the last episode in the series, mostly as an “aside.”

The Galvin family became a gold mine for psychiatric research on schizophrenia, led by Dr. Lynn DeLisi, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Instead of investigating the emotional stress of being sexually abused by a member of the clergy as a child, they poured money into genetic research for a “gene” that was causing their self-defined mental disorder, so they could develop the “magic bullet” pill that could “cure” schizophrenia.

They determined that the children probably inherited their schizophrenia from their mother, Mimi.

I had a hard time finding any information about “Father Robert Freudenstein” who was mentioned in the documentary, so I found a digital copy of Robert Kolker’s book Hidden Valley Road that the documentary was based on, where there was surprisingly a lot of text devoted to the family’s interactions with this pedophile priest in Colorado.

Mimi found her own ways of occupying herself, some designed to bring her closer to a husband who was growing further and further away from her.

Fulfilling a promise she had made to Don’s family, she went through several years of instruction to convert to Catholicism. Being the same religion as her husband made their family a real family, and so she did this happily—another mountain to climb, another subject to master.

She formed a lasting friendship with her tutor, Father Robert Freudenstein, a local priest who introduced her to concepts like transfiguration and the virgin birth, all over cocktails.

This was Mimi’s kind of priest: Freudy, as he was called, came from some money and wasn’t afraid to show it off, driving his convertible so fast that the birds outside their house would scatter when he pulled up.

Freudy performed sleight of hand tricks for the boys and told them stories.

Soon Freudy was dropping in at all hours, almost like another member of the family, whenever he needed to get away from his bosses at St. Mary’s parish.

“Oh, Monsignor Kipp is mad at me,” he’d say. “Can I have breakfast with you?”

Mimi always said yes.

Their old friend Father Freudenstein remained in their lives, although he had moved on from Colorado Springs and now served three different parishes out on the prairie.

This was not exactly a promotion for Freudy; most priests want to move to larger and larger parishes.

But he continued to offer spiritual counsel to Mimi, and he became a favorite of some of the Galvin boys—known for conducting masses in record time, performing his old magic tricks, and showing the older boys the train set and slot machine he kept in the basement of his house, east of Denver.

A devoted smoker and unrepentant drinker, Freudy once lost his driver’s license, and the oldest son, Donald, when he was in high school, spent a week out on the prairie, staying with Freudy and working as the priest’s chauffeur.

Everything changed, years later, after the Boston Globe broke the story about the pedophile priests in Boston, which I referenced in a recent article:

Catholic Churches Going Bankrupt as Families Abandon the Church to Protect their Children from Pedophile Priests

The story about what the Boston Globe had to go through in order to take this story to the public was made into a film which won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2016.

As I wrote then, this is probably the only Best Picture Oscar award that was given out in my lifetime, that actually made America a better place, by unleashing the avalanche of victims coming forward to show just how corrupt and powerful the Catholic Church was in American culture.

Here is the trailer:

When Mimi saw this being reported on the news, her oldest son Don was also watching it, and he confessed that he too had been molested as a child, by Father Robert Freudenstein.

From the book Hidden Valley Road:

IN THE 1990s, a revelation hit Mimi that she never saw coming—something devastating that, the more she thought about it, made dreadful sense.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Donald confided in his mother that, as a teenager, he had been a victim of sexual abuse. And when Mimi asked the name of his abuser, the answer was a man whom she had considered a close friend.

In the late 1950s, when he was just a boy, Donald had been the first of the Galvin sons to serve as an altar boy at St. Mary’s for Father Robert Freudenstein—the same priest who had instructed Mimi in Catholicism and baptized her. In the years that Freudy became close to the family, a confidant to both Mimi and Don, young Donald was close to him, too.

When Donald was sixteen, he had stayed out on the prairie with Freudy for a week, chauffeuring the priest in his car after he’d lost his license.

Now Donald was saying he’d been molested by him.

Mimi had no idea how to react. She was almost seventy now; how many more horrors was she supposed to bear? And Donald always said so much, almost all of it nonsense. She tried to ignore it. But Donald continued to insist, in his flat, deadpan way, that it was true.

And the crisis of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church was all over the news now. From the publicized cases it seemed that most people were coming forward decades later, just as Donald was, having been silenced by shame and in some cases intimidation.

Father Freudenstein had never made the news in this way.

But Mimi could not stop thinking about it. To think that this happened to her son while she was supposed to be protecting him brought her lower than she’d been in years—since, perhaps, the death of her son Brian.

The more she thought about Freudy, the more she saw how invasive he’d been, how he’d made himself indispensable to her, how she came to trust him to be alone not just with Donald but with all of her older boys.

And the more she learned about priests and young boys, the more Mimi began to wonder how many of her sons might have been victimized.

At first, it seemed like there was nothing to be done. So much time had passed, and Donald was Donald—diagnosed with schizophrenia, heavily medicated for decades.

But Donald repeated what he’d said to anyone who asked. He never wavered.

The other brothers had varying memories of Freudy. While John remembered being teased by him, Michael and Richard recalled liking him.

Richard remembered Freudy taking his older brothers—Donald, Jim, John, and Brian—hiking up in Glenwood Springs for two days at a time.

“Mom and Dad were relieved,” Richard said. “They had a trusted priest.”

It was Richard who, entirely by happenstance, learned more about Freudy.

A close relative of Richard’s girlfriend Renée, a man named Kent Schnurbusch, told the couple that he had known the priest as a teenage boy in 1966; he’d been groomed by Freudenstein, he said, and had sex with him.

Years later, Kent attended a meeting of the Colorado chapter of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) and mentioned Freudenstein’s name.

Two different men said they had heard of Freudy; he was gay, they said, and suffered from alcoholism, which alone might have explained why he was transferred so often to small parishes and never rose up in the ranks of the Church.

Freudy had retired from the priesthood in 1987 and spent his final years in severe decline before his death in 1994.

Kent decided to go to the chancellery and make his claim, to see what else there might be to learn about the priest who had taken advantage of him.

The meeting was so brief, it took his breath away.

Instead of pushing back against Kent, the priests at the chancellery simply asked him how much he was expecting in damages. He was unprepared for this. He wasn’t there for the money so much as the closure.

He asked for $8,000, and the chancellery gave him $10,000.

When Kent told all this to Richard and Renée, he was as astonished as they were that the priest had known all the Galvin boys so well, just a few years before his experience with him.

Kent had been eighteen when he knew Freudy—a teenager, like Donald had been when he went out to stay on the prairie as his chauffeur.

When Mimi learned Kent’s story, what was once a possibility became, to her, a certainty.

Here was corroboration, and even signs of a modus operandi.

It didn’t matter to her that Freudy’s name did not turn up on any of the lists made public by the abuse survivor and advocacy groups, or that he was never named in any public lawsuit. Everything lined up, as far as she was concerned.

Who knew what incidents weren’t public, and which disgraced priests had their sins swept under the rug?

Mimi came to believe that Freudenstein had been perusing her boys like boxes of cereal at the supermarket until he found the one he liked the best.

“He had culled my family,” she said. “He knew it was a big family of boys.”

From there, Mimi seized on Father Freudenstein as a new global explanation for everything—the big reason that things went so wrong in her family.

Didn’t it make sense, she’d say, that the priest sexually abused Donald, who in turn physically abused his brothers, at least one of whom, Jim, went on to sexually abuse their sisters?

What if Jim, too, had been molested by Father Freudenstein? Wouldn’t that explain why he became a pedophile?

Maybe all the schizophrenia in the family—which Mimi had, up until now, believed in her heart had to be genetic—was set into motion by the stress of this chain of abuse?

Look at how Donald and Peter both became so hyper-religious in the thick of their illnesses; could that really have been a coincidence, or was the Catholic imagery in the air, ready to be repurposed in the wake of trauma?

How sad, that the mother actually DID find out the cause of her family’s problems, but too much money had already been spent trying to find a “genetic” cause for schizophrenia.

So the author of the book, Robert Kolker, writes next:

Mimi was leaping to several conclusions, of course. Sexual abuse does not cause schizophrenia; that much is certain.

Sexual abuse does not cause schizophrenia; that much is certain” ?! Really, based on what?

This rationale then was used to “diagnose” Mimi, the mother, as having schizophrenia and passing it on to her children through her “genes.”

In researching this article, I could only find one dissenting view so far that was critical of Robert Kolker’s book, Hidden Valley Road, and the views he wrote about the Galvin family, and trying to blame the family’s problems on schizophrenia.

His name is Patrick D. Hahn, who is the author of Prescription for Sorrow: Antidepressants, Suicide, and Violence (Samizdat Health Writer’s Cooperative) and Madness and Genetic Determinism: Is Mental Illness in Our Genes? (Palgrave MacMillan).

Dr. Hahn is an Affiliate Professor of Biology at Loyola University Maryland.

What “Hidden Valley Road” Got Wrong

The Galvin family is the quintessential example of “genetic” schizophrenia. But their history of sexual abuse, violence, and trauma provides a clearer and simpler explanation.

Once upon a time there was a family with twelve children — ten sons, followed by two daughters. Six of the sons went on to be diagnosed with schizophrenia.

One tried to murder his wife by forcing her to inhale cyanide fumes. One shot his girlfriend dead, then turned the gun on himself and ended his own life. One molested his younger brother and sisters. One set fires and viciously attacked police officers, as well as patients and staff members in a mental hospital.

Are you curious to know what the Hell was going on behind the scenes while these boys were growing up? I am.

Well, don’t worry about it. The problems of this family obviously stemmed from a faulty genetic inheritance, and this has been proven by science, or at least will be proven, sometime really soon.

That is the message of Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker, which tells the story of the Galvin family of Colorado Springs.

The family patriarch, Don Galvin, was one of the founding fathers of the Air Force Academy and had a brilliant career, first as an Air Force Officer, then as an instructor at the Academy, and finally as Executive Director of the Federation of Rocky Mountain States.

Unfortunately, it was his fate to watch helplessly as one son after another cracked up and was diagnosed with schizophrenia, the most dreaded of all those conditions known as “mental illnesses.” Kolker tells this sad story, interleaved with accounts of scientists searching for the genetic basis of this condition.

In my book Madness and Genetic Determinism: Is Mental Illness in Our Genes?, I reviewed the evidence and concluded there is no strong genetic component to schizophrenia or any other mental illness, so I was curious to see how Kolker came to the opposite position.

As proof of the genetic basis of schizophrenia, he cites the Danish Adoption Study, which in fact found no correlation between a diagnosis of schizophrenia and having a schizophrenic birth mother. Zilch. Zero.

The only correlation they found was with a diagnostic category they called “schizophreniform disorders,” an ill-defined grab-bag of complaints invented solely for the purposes of the study.

Moreover, the Danish Adoption Study had a large excess of mental problems in the adoptive families of index cases, and some of their “diagnostic interviews” consisted of a five-minute doorstep conversation, while others apparently never took place at all.

Finally, the authors re-analyzed their own data and decided that the diagnoses of “schizophreniform disorders” which formed the very basis of the study were not reliable.

In the final analysis — literally — the study authors came up empty-handed. The results of the Danish Adoption Study were negative.

None of this is mentioned by Kolker.

Now the new science of genome-wide association studies has enabled scientists to go over the human genome with a fine-toothed comb, and what have they found?

The answer is: not much. To his credit, Kolker acknowledges that the claimed effect sizes of so-called “schizophrenia-associated alleles” are tiny, although he never says just how tiny.

In fact, the claimed effect sizes of these alleles is on the order of one in five hundred, or even less — one in a thousand, one in two thousand.

If there are any more “schizophrenia-associated alleles” out there waiting to be discovered, their effects sizes must be even any tinier, or else the alleles themselves must be very rare.

Can a gene correlated with a one in five hundred (or even less) chance of being diagnosed with schizophrenia properly be referred to as “causing” that condition?

That is stretching the notion of cause and effect to utter meaninglessness.

So if faulty genes are not the cause of the complaints that fall under the diagnostic rubric of schizophrenia, what is?

Since the 1980’s a mountain of evidence has accumulated showing that these complaints are caused (not “triggered”) by sexual abuse, physical abuse, and emotional abuse, along with a wide variety of other adverse childhood experiences.

There is also a long and rich tradition, dating all the way back to the Eighteenth Century, of successfully treating these complaints with kindness, empathy, and compassion.

Kolker seems to think that this mountain of evidence, and this long and rich tradition, can be dismissed with a single two-word phrase: the “schizophrenogenic mother.” (Full article.)

Clergy Sexual Abuse Victims: Labeled as “Psychotic” with No Treatment Except Dangerous Psych Drugs

This is a 30-second video about Southern Baptist Pedophile Pastors. Article here.

While the Boston Globe exposé on Catholic pedophile priests in 2002 has unleashed such an avalanche of victims coming forward that many Catholic Churches are now going bankrupt, what has not happened is the development of any kind of post-trauma therapy for the victims, most of whom suffered in silence while children.

Being sexually abused as a child is ALWAYS wrong and traumatic, but when the abuser is a member of the clergy who is supposed to be more moral and righteous than most other people, it is far more devastating, based on the testimony of many of the victims.

As you can see from the short video that begins this section, this sexual predatory behavior by clergy is not limited to Catholic Priests, even though they have grabbed all the headlines since the Boston Globe story broke over 20 years ago.

Here is a video I recently put together:

And Christians today are among the largest groups promoting “mental health” and psychiatric drugs to treat it. One of the largest groups in bed with Big Pharma is Focus on the Family. See:

Christian Leaders Push “Mental Health” and Trusting Medical Doctors Rather than Trusting the Jesus of the Bible to Deal with Life’s Problems

So how many children and families in America today have been traumatized by clergy pedophiles?

Millions, for sure, and for most of them they have received no help to deal with this trauma, other than to be prescribed anti-psychotic drugs, and sometimes to be put into psych wards, which themselves are known to be havens of sexual abuse.

I had to do a lot of digging to even be able to find any people who were blowing the whistle on this tragedy happening every day in the United States: Clergy Sex Abuse.

Syracuse University Professor Calls for Proper Treatment for Clergy Sex Abuse Victims

A Syracuse University professor who specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents who have experienced sexual abuse, trauma and loss says it’s crucial the victims of clergy abuse in Illinois receive proper treatment and case.

This comes following a report from the Illinois state attorney general on the likelihood of widespread clergy abuse. The report indicates that more than 450 adult Catholic clerics and religious brothers sexually abused almost 2,000 children across that state over a 90-year period.

Jennifer Genovese, assistant teaching professor of social work in the Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics, who also maintains a private practice helping young people, says these revelations are added to a long list of sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy against vulnerable children who put their trust in their religious leaders, only to find that trust violated.

“The effects of sexual abuse are far-reaching, resulting in such emotional and behavioral symptoms as sleep disturbance, nightmares, appetite disturbance, impaired relationships, anxiety, depression, lack of self-worth, low self-esteem, anger, substance abuse, self-injury and suicidality,” says Genovese, a certified social worker who adds that abuse by clergy adds another element to the trauma of sexual abuse.

“The betrayal of trust by a religious leader may damage the victim’s faith and spiritual life. This trauma may extend beyond the victim to the family, who may have taught the child to trust the religious leaders, and who also put their faith and trust in them.”

According to Genovese,

“it is crucial that victims of sexual abuse, past or present, reach out for help and support. As the most recent cases in Illinois demonstrate, the effects of sexual abuse may be life long, but help and support are available and can bring healing and recovery for survivors and their families.”


Victims of clerical sex abuse suffer from P.T.S.D. They deserve better treatment.

Oceans of ink have been spilled about the church’s sexual abuse crisis, mostly focusing on the perpetrators and cover-ups. The magnitude of the crimes deserves attention and condemnation, but the victims should not be ignored.

Their pain and long-term psychological damage cannot be undone by simply identifying and punishing the offenders, many of whom are already dead. Prayer, fasting, penance, forgiveness—some of the tools in the Catholic arsenal—are not enough to heal the wounded.

Beyond monetary settlements, little is publicly known of the victims, in part because of their understandable desire for privacy. But there is still a chance to acknowledge this community and discuss possible treatment methods that have helped others deal with trauma.

I have a unique perspective on this issue as I was in the seminary and ordained in the mid-1960s, along with several of the men later credibly accused of sexually abusing children in the Diocese of Buffalo.

I went on to earn my doctoral degree as a counseling psychologist and have practiced and taught in central and western New York State. With the onset of the sex abuse crisis, I see my experiences with those accused former colleagues in a different light.

I now understand that they used coded language to conceal their tendencies and that their issues were not easily treatable because they were incapable of truly understanding the heinousness of their actions.

The church that betrayed their trust now reluctantly acknowledges responsibility and offers monetary settlements. Money is not enough, however. It does not erase memories that can cripple the development of healthy adult relationships. (Source.)

If you go into PubMed, the database of medical research hosted on the NIH government website, you can search for “PTSD treatment” and you will get 28,197 results. If you search for “child sex abuse” you will get 20,605 results.

But if you search for “treating victims of clergy sex abuse“, you will only get 16 results, and I could only see one of those studies dealing with “trauma”, where the other 15 were simply exposing the problem.

This is a SPIRITUAL Problem, not a Medical Problem!

As I recently wrote, western culture today, post Darwin and the “Age of Enlightenment,” completely ignores the spiritual realm, trying to find a naturalistic, physical cause for every problem, that can then be solved with a drug. See:

God’s Power to Perform Miracles vs. Satan’s Power to Practice Magic and Sorcery

Many pedophiles, including among the clergy, are Satanists who openly serve Satan, sometimes in “Satanic Ritual Abuse” in Satanic and Freemasonry rituals.

In the Galvin family story, especially as documented in Kolker’s book Hidden Valley Road, we read how Fr. Freudenstein took the young Galvin boys on trips that lasted from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

It is also reported in this book that Freudenstein “performed magic tricks” with the children.

It is entirely possible, and even probable, that he included the children in Satanic rituals.

In modern medicine in western culture, the Satanic outcomes of this abuse are defined as “psychiatric disorders” to be cured with drugs, and because they can happen in one family among multiple family members, and are often in multiple generations of the same family, the belief is that this is “genetic”, and inherited.

But the whole field of “genetic medicine” is bogus, and is simply the modern version of eugenic science, where one can label one person as superior to another person, and even apply those labels to entire groups of people.

John Thomas has exposed the bogus field of genetic medicine in years past. See:

Eugenics in the United States Today: Are We on the Same Path Nazi Germany Followed?

Mapping the Genome and Modern Genetics: Eugenics Repackaged for Modern Times

See also Jonathan Latham’s excellent article from 2013 (notice the familiar characters in the lead photo, especially the one with his back to the camera):

Genetic Research Lacks Science – Political Social Control is Genetics Agenda

See also:

Psychology Today: “How Schizophrenia Became A Black Disease”—Civil Rights Protesters Were Labeled Schizophrenic

In the most ancient pieces of literature found in the Bible today, the first 5 books which are the writings of Moses, we can read the spiritual principle of family curses passed down to subsequent generations, right in the Ten Commandments themselves:

You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments. (Exodus 20:3-6)

Generational curses are a spiritual problem, that can be manifested to the third and the fourth generations in families.

They are NOT genetic, or based on race or any other physical component of human beings.

They are spiritual curses that can occur when a person who claims to serve God, actually serves Satan.

That curse can only be broken by the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who redeemed mankind from ALL the curses of Satan.

If we want to solve the “mental health” crisis that currently exists in the United States today, we need to start using the correct terms, and start calling “sin” sin, and understand that it is wrong, it is evil, and only God can “cure” that sin by repentance (changing one’s mind as to what is true and what is a lie), and receiving the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ as the cure for all of our sins.

The pedophile clergy need to be prosecuted so that justice can be served, and so that the victims can have closure, understanding that they themselves, as victims, are not the ones sick with a “mental illness.”

The pedophiles are, and this needs to be exposed more and more, and not just in the Catholic churches, but in ALL churches and religious organizations.

The United States was NOT founded by righteous people, but by servants of Satan, and the only thing that makes the U.S. more powerful than other nations, is our wealth, which pays for our military.

And that wealth was accumulated by the Satanic Freemason banking industry, which today is built upon the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking financial network.

Politics and religion are not going to cure and save this nation, as the U.S. political system and the Christian religion in the U.S. are run by Satanic pedophiles today.

Only those who have received the anointing of Jesus Christ, and who truly walk in the truth while exposing the lies, are equipped to do battle with Satan in the power of God, to release those taken captive by Satan’s magic powers.

(Italic parenthesis text is mine.)

Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come. Therefore we know that it is the last hour.

They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us.

But they went out, that it might become plain that they all are not of us.

But you have been anointed by the Holy One, and you all have knowledge. I write to you, not because you do not know the truth, but because you know it, and because no lie is of the truth.

Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? (Modern day Zionists, the Satanic Jews.)

This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son. No one who denies the Son has the Father. Whoever confesses the Son has the Father also.

Let what you heard from the beginning abide in you. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, then you too will abide in the Son and in the Father. And this is the promise that he made to us—eternal life. (1 John 2:18-25)

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