by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The ketogenic diet was developed at Johns Hopkins hospital in the 1920s as a natural cure for epilepsy, when drugs failed.

It is a high fat diet restricting carbohydrates. The diet fell out of favor during the anti-saturated fat campaign started in the U.S. and codified into official government dietary advice in the 1970s as a result of the McGovern Report.

“Saturated fat is bad” is still official government dietary policy today, due to the influence of the vegetable oil industry which produces their products from the highly subsidized corn and soybean crops, and also due to Big Pharma’s totally debunked junk science that claims cholesterol is bad, and needs to be kept low artificially through cholesterol-lowering drugs to prevent heart disease.

If you search for “ketogenic diet” on Health Impact News, you will find over 130 articles documenting how this diet cures many modern diseases, with plenty of testimonials as well.

We have also published almost 700 articles exposing the cholesterol myth.

A survey of the peer-reviewed scientific literature was published in 2013 regarding the Ketogenic Diet which showed how this diet was curing “Diverse Neurological Disorders”. See:

The Ketogenic Diet as a Treatment Paradigm for Diverse Neurological Disorders

In more recent years, there have been many new studies examining the effects of a high fat low carbohydrate diet on treating most “mental diseases”, including helping people with “mental disease” diagnoses wean themselves off of the highly toxic and dangerous psych drugs.

The leading researcher in much of this is Dr. Christopher M. Palmer, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

I consider Dr. Palmer a psychiatrist “whistleblower”, because his research shows how many people are going into total remission of psychiatric symptoms through the Ketogenic Diet, without the use of psych drugs, which of course is a terrible business model for the lucrative pharmaceutical industry (actually curing people instead of selling them drugs to continually treat their symptoms).

Like many other whistleblower medical doctors we have featured here on Health Impact News over the years, Palmer found out through his own clinical practice that most of what he was taught in medical school did NOT support what he was learning in real life, and so he began his own research into “mental health” which led him to concluding that mental health is really a “metabolic disorder.”

In the beginning of his book, Brain Energy, he reveals his motivation for going down the path that he is currently traveling on which is changing the lives of so many people with this dedication:

To my mother:

My futile attempts to save you from the ravages of mental illness lit a fire in me that burns to this day. I’m sorry I didn’t figure this out in time to help you. May you rest in peace.

To be sure, Dr. Palmer is still working within the confines of the medical system, so all the usual disclaimers apply to anyone who is still employed in this evil system.

But if you watch the following interview, which is the best one I have found of him so far, you will be able to hear his passion and understand how he has been able to withstand scorn and ridicule from his peers, because he truly believes in what he teaches, and his work has borne much fruit as well, helping many people.

This is well worth your time to watch, and he speaks fairly slowly so that you can speed up the video if you want and still understand everything he is saying.

This is actually the second of a 2-part interview. It is the better one, in my opinion, only because in the first interview he has to define a lot of terms and concepts, such as what is “metabolic disease”, which for myself and probably many of the readers of Health Impact News is already understood fairly well.

Watch Part 1 here.

When you listen to medical doctors discuss the Ketogenic Diet today, most will recommend that you do not attempt to follow this diet without “medical supervision,” which in most cases is absurd when one is only changing their eating habits.

But for someone who is addicted to psych drugs and wants to wean themselves off of them, in most cases this is probably true, only because withdrawing from powerful psych drugs can literally kill you, as the withdrawal side effects are usually worse than the side effects of using these drugs.

Dr. Palmer fully addresses this issue as well in the Part 2 video which I have embedded into this article above.

Please share this information with anyone you know who has been labeled with a “mental illness” and is suffering from psych drugs.

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