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Supply Chain Problems Will Persist Because The System Is Being Sabotaged

Krugman is perhaps the worst and most arrogant economist/propagandist in the US, and though he belatedly acknowledged the inflation and supply chain threat after arguing for the past two years that it was “transitory,” he now claims that the traditionally accepted indicators of recession “don’t matter” anymore and that there is no downturn. How many times can this guy be proven ignorant and still keep his job? It’s this kind of disinformation that keeps the public in the dark on what is about to happen. Maybe it’s because of stupidity and ego, or maybe it’s a deliberate attempt to keep the population docile (I say it is deliberate), but in either case the American people are being put in great danger when it comes to the false narrative on inflation and the supply chain. The longer they are led to believe the disaster will simply go away on its own, the less time they have to prepare. The bottom line is this: Things are only going to get worse from here on. Maybe slowly, or maybe quickly depending on a handful of factors.

Israel’s War On Cash Is About To Get More Drastic

Starting Monday, it will be a criminal offense in Israel to pay more than the equivalent of $1,700 in cash to a business or $4,360 in cash to individual, as the government intensifies its ongoing war on tangible money. Israel also limits the extent to which cash is used in transactions involving multiple payment methods. If the total transaction value is more than the above thresholds, cash may only be used for 10% of the purchase. Car purchases are given a higher, 50,000 NIS (New Israeli Shekels) limit -- about $14,700. Violators are subject to penalties that can reach 25% of the transaction for individuals and 30% for businesses.

US Has Sold 6 Million Barrels From SPR To Hunter Biden-Tied China Firm

The Biden administration has sold nearly 6 million barrels of oil from the U.S. strategic reserve to an entity tied with the Chinese Communist Party, records show. From September 2021 to July, the Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded three crude oil contracts with a combined value of roughly $464 million to Unipec America, the U.S. trading arm of Chinese state-owned oil company Sinopec, according to a review by The Epoch Times of the DOE documents. A Chinese firm with ties to Hunter Biden had made an investment in the national oil giant. The sale would tap 5.9 million barrels in total from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to export to the Chinese firm. The latest contract was unveiled on July 10, consisting of 950,000 barrels sold for around $113.5 million. The two most recent sales to Unipec came out of an emergency drawdown of the U.S. oil stockpile, initiated under President Joe Biden on March 31 in what he said would offset the loss of Russian oil in global markets and tame rising fuel costs at home. But the Unipec contracts have been a subject of heavy criticism since the firm’s connections to the younger Biden came into focus in recent weeks. With Americans nationwide still reeling from the $5 per gallon gas prices in June, the selling of oil reserves to foreign adversaries such as China is at odds with U.S. energy and security needs, Republican lawmakers and analysts have said. “Biden is draining our strategic reserves at an unprecedented rate. This is an abuse of the SPR, far beyond its intended purpose. Sending U.S. petroleum reserves to foreign adversaries is wrong, and it undermines our national security,” Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) told The Epoch Times. What the United States should do, he argued, is to “unleash American energy production and ensure that our strategic reserves are stocked and able to meet the demands of a national emergency.”

Treasonous Biden and the Green Agenda is Shipping Gas OUT of the United States – War on the American People

U.S. President Biden's Administration continues to risk national security by taking millions of barrels from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve and shipping it abroad to Asia (including China) and Europe. And this situation just grew much worse, as today it was announced that the Biden Administration has actually shipped MORE liquid natural gas (LNG) to Europe than the U.S. even promised! Total exports of LNG to Europe have now exceeded total exports to Europe for ALL of 2021. This is astounding news given the fact Natural Gas prices are soaring to (so far) 14-year highs today, due to Russia cutting back on natural gas flow to Europe via the Nord 1 Stream pipeline. Last week, Germany and other European nations breathed a collective sigh of relief, as Russia turned the Nord 1 pipeline back on after maintenance work, against fears that they would not. It was only turned on to allow about 40% of its capacity to Europe, the same amounts as before they shut it down completely for maintenance earlier this month (July, 2022), which was already causing energy shortages in Europe. But then a few days later, it was announced that another turbine required maintenance, and that they were further reducing the flow to now only 20%. Now, natural gas prices are already at a 14-year high, and production in the U.S. has fallen as the Freeport liquefied natural gas plant in Texas, one of the largest U.S. operators of liquefied natural gas, will remain offline until almost the end of the year after a fire at their facility in June. Shipping U.S. natural gas to Europe as payment for their involvement in the Ukraine War while supplies are dwindling in the U.S., is a threat to national security, as we are obviously now in a "Proxy War" with Russia. How is this not a treasonous act?

Missouri Sheriff, Backed up by Missouri Attorney General, Refuses To Hand Over Gun Owners’ Info To FBI

A Missouri sheriff said he told the FBI that he won’t comply with audits regarding Missouri counties’ concealed carry permit information. Scotland County Sheriff Bryan Whitney said in public statements that his department won’t comply with the bureau’s audit. “As the sheriff of Scotland County, I want all my citizens to know that I will not allow, cooperate or release any CCW information to the FBI, even at the threat of a federal arrest,” Whitney, a Republican, wrote in a July 18 letter, referring to concealed carry weapons permits. “Point Blank, I will go down with the ship if need be.” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, a Republican running for governor, issued a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, telling the bureau chief to stop attempts to allegedly “illegally obtain information from local sheriffs on Missourians who have concealed carry permits.” “The FBI has absolutely no business poking around in the private information of those who have obtained a concealed carry permit in Missouri,” Schmitt wrote. “The Second Amendment rights of Missourians will absolutely not be infringed on my watch. I will use the full power of my Office to stop the FBI, which has become relentlessly politicized and has virtually no credibility, from illegally prying around in the personal information of Missouri gun owners.” Several weeks ago, the California Department of Justice leaked the private information of thousands of concealed carry permit holders in the state after it unveiled a new dashboard portal website, according to gun rights groups.

While he Stopped Short of Declaring a National Emergency, Biden will Bypass Congress to Push his Green Agenda

President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that his administration would take executive action to combat the apparent climate “emergency” in the coming weeks. While it was initially rumored that the president would declare a national emergency over the issue, he stopped short of this drastic step. Speaking at a shuttered coal power plant in Massachusetts, Biden declared that “since Congress is not acting as it should,” he would use his “executive powers to combat the climate crisis in the absence of executive action.” Biden explained that he would begin signing executive orders in the coming days to fund flood defense programs, give money to low-income families to cover heating costs, and establish massive offshore wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico. Biden’s decision to rule by decree on climate issues came after West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat, told party leadership last week that he would not support a raft of climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act, a $2 trillion funding bill that cannot pass an evenly-split Senate without his support. Manchin said that such a massive spending bill would “add fuel to the inflation fire.” Media reports on Tuesday suggested that Biden would declare a national emergency to broaden his powers to set climate policy, but the White House later said that such a step would not be taken. With the Senate deadlocked, Biden’s executive powers have been his only means of addressing climate issues during his time in office thus far. These orders have dramatically impacted the US economy. A slew of executive orders signed by Biden during his first week in power canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, signed the US back up to the Paris climate agreement, and halted all new oil and gas drilling permits on federal land. Republicans have blamed the US’ record high gas prices on these decrees, but Biden has shown no indication that he plans on reversing the orders, instead blaming rising energy costs on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Has NATO Now Taken Over Command of the U.S. Navy?

Has a non-U.S. citizen, a military general from France, now taken over command of the U.S. Navy under NATO? French General Philippe Lavigne was appointed to the post of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation by the North Atlantic Council on May 28, 2021. The North Atlantic Council is the political organization that controls NATO, and its primary funding source comes from George Soros. Less than two months after the appointment of French General Philippe Lavigne to the post of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation by the North Atlantic Council, NATO annexed the largest naval base on U.S. soil, in Norfolk, Virginia, on July 15, 2021, bringing it completely under the control of NATO, even though the base is on U.S. soil. There was almost no media coverage of this event, but we covered this story in September last year with a story published at Today (July 20, 2022) it was announced that the USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group was now also under NATO control. How many U.S. citizens are even aware that the U.S. Navy is now almost completely under the control of NATO, including our largest naval base in Norfolk, VA? Probably almost nobody. My father is a U.S. Navy veteran who was commissioned to Norfolk in the early 1960s, and it is my own birthplace, as I was born in the Navy hospital there. But not even he knew about this, until I told him. It is hard for me to even comprehend that my birthplace, while on U.S. soil, is no longer under U.S. control, but instead is under the command of a French General. I think it is time for the many veterans in this country, and the hundreds of thousands of service members who are now losing their jobs because they refuse to take a toxic vaccine that might kill them, to start banding together and possibly start forming local militia groups. It might be time for a military coup, because if something like this doesn't happen soon, the U.S. military will just be a branch of NATO and the UN.

Wealthiest Criminal in the U.S. Continues to be Immune from Justice

JPMorgan Chase is the largest federally-insured bank in the United States. It is also one of the largest trading houses on Wall Street. That’s the Faustian bargain the Clinton administration entered into with Wall Street when it repealed the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. According to data from the FDIC, as of June 30 of last year, JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. had 4,925 branches in 44 U.S. states holding $2.01 trillion in deposits. Many of those deposits belong to mom and pop savers who have no idea that the bank has admitted to five criminal felony counts since 2014 and has a rap sheet that is the envy of the Gambino crime family. The bulk of Americans also do not know that neither federal regulators nor Congress nor the Board of Directors of JPMorgan Chase have demanded that the Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, who has sat at the helm of the bank throughout this crime spree, be sacked. Dimon’s tenure has been propped up by a public relations machine and an obsequious mainstream media. Corruption of this magnitude can’t be swept under the rug forever, however. Today, three cases are playing out simultaneously in federal courts. Observed together, which no member of mainstream media is currently doing, they paint an undeniable picture of a bank which has adopted fraud as a profitable business model.

ATF and Delaware State Police Trooper Conduct Surprise Firearm Inspection at Man’s Home without Search Warrant

Armed American News has published an excellent investigative report about a man in Delaware who recently received a visit from two ATF agents and a Delaware State Police trooper, who wanted the man to bring out two guns that he had allegedly recently purchased, to make sure they were still in his possession. They had no search warrant. Please watch and learn how this man was coerced into giving consent to let them examine one of his guns, when he legally did not have to, so that faced with a similar circumstance as this man found himself in, you do not make the same mistakes that he did. Absent a search warrant, you do not even have to talk to law enforcement! You have a 5th Amendment right to remain silent. Let them know that they are trespassing, and ask them to leave immediately. Be polite and respectful, as often these officers are just "following orders" and may be just as uncomfortable being in that situation as you are. But that's no excuse for them to violate your Constitutional rights. Absent a search warrant signed by a judge, the only way they can remain on your property and converse with you is if you consent, and the minute you open up your mouth and answer their questions, you are consenting, at least in their view. The only words that should come out of your mouth are: "You're on private property and trespassing, and I am requesting that you leave now." Record everything as much as possible! This man had a Ring camera, but I do NOT recommend those as law enforcement agents across the country are tapping into these cameras on people's doors without their permission, and they have the ability to see everyone who enters and exits your home. Use your cell phone, or if you can afford it install a private security camera system that does NOT use the Internet, but simply records everything on to a DVR inside your home. This could have very well been a "trial balloon" by the authorities to see just how compliant the public will be on the issue of their privately-owned firearms, and they need to know that the public will not give in to illegal searches and entries willingly. If too many people give in and start answering their questions, they will simply move on to the next phase, with the goal of knowing where every firearm is located, and then to seize them at the right time if they choose to do so. We have also uploaded Law Professor James Duane's excellent presentation on why you should NEVER talk to the police! This is your right, and is protected by the 5th Amendment. It has been viewed by probably over 100 million people now, but copies are starting to disappear on YouTube so we have uploaded it to our Bitchute Channel.

Panic in Europe: Russia Stops Gas Flow on “Force Majeure” as Biden Admin Temporarily Prevents Rail Strike

In two major headline stories today on Monday, July 18th, there was some bad news for Germany and Europe, but some potentially good news for the U.S. This is not a good time to be dependent on public utilities if you live in Europe, especially Germany, as Russian natural gas supplier Gazprom reportedly declared a force majeure today on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline into Europe, stating that “extraordinary” circumstances outside its control would not allow them to reopen it. Meanwhile in the U.S., disaster was averted today, at least for now, as it was announced that the Biden Admin has set up an emergency "National Mediation Board" and signed an executive order that prevents any work stoppage for 60 days. Any "good" news for the short-term is temporary, of course, as the planned collapse of the world's financial system is now inevitable. Charles Hugh Smith reminded us all of the Economics 101 lesson in a recent blog post at of two that when your society is built on debt that cannot be paid back, there is only one solution: DEFAULT. Gazprom won't be the first force majeure or bankruptcy that we will be reading about in the news in the days ahead....