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Meet The New, Resource-Based Global Reserve Currency

It was something to behold. Dmitri Medvedev, former Russian President, unrepentant Atlanticist, current deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council, decided to go totally unplugged in an outburst matching the combat star turn of Mr. Khinzal that delivered palpable shock and awe all across NATOstan. Medvedev said “hellish” Western sanctions not only have failed to cripple Russia, but are instead “returning to the West like a boomerang.” Confidence in reserve currencies is “fading like the morning mist”, and ditching the US dollar and the euro is not unrealistic anymore: “The era of regional currencies is coming.” After all, he added, “no matter if they want it or not, they’ll have to negotiate a new financial order (…) And the decisive voice will then be with those countries that have a strong and advanced economy, healthy public finances and a reliable monetary system.” Medvedev relayed his succinct analysis even before D Day – as in the deadline this Thursday established by President Putin after which payments for Russian gas by “unfriendly nations” will only be accepted in rubles.

Disney Employees in Florida Arrested for Human Trafficking as Videos Appear Online Showing Top Disney Executives’ Desire to Sexualize Children with Transgender Teaching

For all of you parents and grandparents out there who still believe that the Walt Disney Company produces "family friendly" entertainment safe for young children, you need to pay attention to what is going on in Florida right now. First, four Disney employees in Florida were recently arrested for human trafficking, with one of them being a 27-year-old lifeguard who reportedly sent sexual images of himself and graphic sexual messages to an undercover detective who was posing online as a 14-year-old girl. Then, the Walt Disney Company publicly criticized a new law that was recently passed in Florida that is supposed to protect children from sexual predators. And then yesterday, a Twitter user named Christopher Rufo published 3 videos of 3 Disney Executives from an internal meeting where they discuss their transgender and LGBTQIA agenda for children. This is a good time to remind everyone that Walt Disney himself was a 33rd degree Freemason and that occult symbols have been used in Disney entertainment since the beginning. And let's not stop with just Walt Disney. This nation, the United States of America, was founded by many Freemasons such as George Washington, and while the Constitution they wrote and ratified was supposed to protect civil rights for all Americans, most of these founders were themselves owners of African slaves and involved in human trafficking. One doesn't have to look very far to see the influence of Freemasonry and their occult symbols on the founding of our nation. Just pull out a U.S. 1 dollar bill from your wallet, and you will see many occult symbols.

Abortion Tourism and Infanticide are now California Attractions

The Governor who shut down California’s beaches and legendary tourist attractions, churches, bars and restaurants as a response to the COVID pandemic, is now promoting abortion tourism, inviting tourists to visit California and get an abortion if their own state has abortion restrictions. Gov. Gavin Newsom and the State Legislature are offering taxpayer funds to help out-of-state residents obtain abortions, as well as legalizing infanticide through recently amended legislation. With at least 26 states ready to ban all or most abortions, reports indicate that, if it happened, California would see a dramatic 3,000% increase of people traveling into California for abortions. But wait, it gets worse. AB 2223 by Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) legalizes infanticide, is a bill to expand the killing of babies past the moment of birth up to weeks after, The California Family Council reports. What’s next – California legislation allowing a mother to kill her fussy colicky baby, or unbearable misbehaving toddler? Why stop there? Moody, rotten teenagers could be on the list.

Will Russia Backstop The Ruble With Gold?

Now that Russia has come right out and said it will only transact in Rubles when selling oil to “unfriendly” nations, I’m expecting gold to be the next safe haven for the nation to fall back on, as it desperately tries to backstop both its currency and its economy. The backstopping of the Ruble with gold can come in many forms and doesn’t have to be a direct peg from the Ruble to gold - it can also include the far more likely scenario of accepting payment for oil, the country’s most ubiquitous and valuable resource, in gold. A new directive from President Vladimir Putin saw the Russian leader say in a televised government meeting yesterday: "I have decided to implement ... a series of measures to switch payments — we'll start with that — for our natural gas supplies to so-called unfriendly countries into Russian rubles.” I said last month that Putin would push back on economic sanctions by “allying himself further with China, and even discussing with China the prospects of a monetary system outside of the current global monetary system.” Tying the Ruble directly to oil makes it “sound money” of sorts, because it is tied to a commodity with demand which ostensibly will help buoy demand for the currency. Demand for gold in Russia could continue to be voracious, especially now that the West is considering sanctions on Russia’s gold, including preventing the country from selling gold on international markets. Hilariously, the New York Times reported that U.S. Senators consider Russia’s gold to be a “loophole” in sanctions against the country: "The senators suggested that Russia’s $130 billion worth of gold reserves were a loophole in the sanctions that were imposed on Russia’s central bank. They said that Russia was laundering money through gold by buying and selling it for high-value currency." But it isn’t a loophole: this is the reason gold is a safe haven. There’s almost always going to be a bid for it somewhere - that’s part of what makes it sound money. And so preventing Russia from selling their gold actually does them a favor, of sorts, and encourages them to continue to build their stockpile. In fact, removing supply from the market may only serve to help gold’s price in dollars rise, potentially.

Apple Suffers “Mysterious” Outage as Biden Issues Cyber Attack Warning

Apple services suffered a major outage on Monday, when at one point at least 25 of its services went offline, disrupting both individual users and businesses. The mysterious outage came at the same time President Joe Biden released a nationwide cybersecurity warning to all Americans telling them to prepare for a Russian cyberattack.

How the Christian Church and U.S. Government Work Together to Traffick Children Worldwide Through the Lucrative Adoption Business

The European Adoption Consultants (EAC) is a business that was set up in 1991 by then President George H.W. Bush and Bill Barr, his Attorney General. This agency has been caught numerous times in its 41-year history trafficking children by fooling parents in poor countries with financial incentives, like promising an education for their children abroad, and then placing them in Christian orphanages where American families will pay a high price to adopt the children. These families willingly buy these children because in most cases they have been lied to, stating that the children were either orphans, or that their parents did not want them, when the truth was that these children were kidnapped for financial gain. CNN actually did an investigation on the EAC in 2017, interviewing parents who had been lied to about their adopted children, and then found out from the children themselves that they had parents back in their home country who loved them. I am certainly not a fan of CNN, nor Anderson Cooper and his known ties to the CIA, but this is undoubtedly one of the best investigative reports they have ever done, even if it was politically motivated. Bill Barr and the late George H.W. Bush are not the only high ranking political officials to be reportedly profiting from the trafficking of children. The Clinton Foundation has been involved in adoptions in Haiti for many years. Larry Romanoff, in his very excellent expose on the CIA MK-ULTRA program and child sex trafficking, mentions Haiti as one the CIA's bases of operation. The Clinton Foundation's role in adoptions out of Haiti made news in 2010 when Evangelical Laura Silsby and American Baptist missionaries from Idaho tried to traffick 33 children out of Haiti, claiming they were "orphans." At least two of the current U.S. Supreme Court Justices also have adopted children, and during their confirmation hearings, which typically pit the party in charge against the minority party challenging the Supreme Court nominations, the Right Wing media was appalled that anyone would question the adoption of their children, saying that such questions about how they adopted their children was "off limits." The most recent was Judge Amy Coney Barrett, nominated by President Trump, and has children who were adopted from, Haiti.

Biolabs in Ukraine: Who are Metabiota’s investors?

Metabiota, the US company funded by US Department of Defence’s Threat Reduction Agency (“DTRA”) to operate biolabs in Ukraine, was founded by Nathan Wolfe who is linked to the Global Virome Project, EcoHealth, World Economic Forum and Jeffrey Epstein. Wolfe, directly and/or through Metabiota and its sister non-profit Global Viral, is not only been funded by various branches of US Department of Defence but, is also funded by Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca and CIA venture capital company In-Q-Tel.  And this is merely scratching the surface of those backing the biolabs in Ukraine.

Time to Ditch DuckDuckGo? Popular Alternative Internet Search Site Announces it is Censoring “Russian Disinformation”

Anyone following the news in the Alternative Media this past week has probably been shocked to learn that the popular alternative search engine, DuckDuckGo, announced that they were beginning to censor search results based on "Russian Disinformation." So is it time to ditch DuckDuckGo as an alternative search engine to the evil Google search? James Corbett of the Corbett Report today had a broadcast that discussed other alternative search engines that also focus on privacy. He discussed 3 alternatives: Brave Search, Sear X, and Presearch. It takes a bit more effort to get Big Brother off of your back to stop watching everything you do, but the effort is well worth it, when the current culture today can label you as a "terrorist" for simply voicing your opinion on something, and then you end up on a government watch list.

Biden Executive Order Outlines Plan for Central Bank Digital Currency as the U.S. Dollar’s Status as the #1 World Currency is Almost Over

Last week the White House published the "Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets" that will pave the way to a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) while regulating, and possibly eliminating, all competing cryptocurrencies. This is the end game for the Great Reset, which started with the COVID Plandemic in 2020, and is being further advanced today with the war in Ukraine. The Globalists who run the world's financial systems are mostly bankers, and they know that "payday" is almost here now, while the masses are mostly clueless and just assume that the world's economy, particularly in the West, will just continue on forever running up debt and creating fiat cash out of thin air, not realizing that at some point people need to stop consuming and start producing something. The end goal for the Globalists here is the complete replacement of fiat currencies and hard cash with digital money that is controlled by the Central Banks. Just how far they are able to advance to reach this end goal is dependent upon YOU, the consumer, and how willing you are to resist, and to change your way of living to start moving into the segment of the population that produces goods and services, rather than depend upon "the system" to take care of you and provide everything for you. Because once that "system" eliminates cash and local currencies in favor of CBDCs, then your slavery to that system will be complete, and there will be NOTHING you can do without their permission.

Crypto Currency WARNING! Coinbase Cuts Off 25K Russian Wallets!

I have a digital wallet and have explored digital currencies in the past. But I have never felt comfortable putting major resources into cryptocurrencies for several reasons, the most obvious one being that it is dependent upon "the system," which requires, among other things, electricity and a working Internet. That alone is cause for red flags, but today the whole world can now know that cryptocurrencies are NOT a safe haven, as Coinbase, the largest US crypto exchange service, announced that they have cut off 25,000 Russian wallets. Apparently Binance will be doing the same thing. This follows news yesterday that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lost value after reports "that President Joe Biden is set to sign a long-awaited executive order this week that will outline the U.S. government’s strategy for cryptocurrencies."