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Escort Agencies Booked Solid for Davos Forum – Sexual Harassment by Wealthy Men at WEF So Common Women Advised Not to Go Out Alone

The Swiss escort agencies near Davos are already fully booked ahead of this year’s World Economic Forum, the elite gathering that brings together heads of state, corporate executives, and influential non-profiteers, Austrian outlet Exxpress reported on Sunday, citing a missive purportedly sent from one such agency. In a message to unnamed hospitality staff and published by Express, escort agency Sensuallounge Escort urges readers to book their “fine selection of ladies and gentlemen” ahead of time to ensure “the best possible care and company during the World Economic Forum.” Explaining that the WEF’s annual get-together is high season for Swiss prostitutes, Exxpress revealed the agencies set up dedicated websites for the conference. Their roster seemingly fully booked, Sensuallounge’s site had already disappeared as of Monday. While the WEF invited about 2,500 people as accredited delegates this year, over 30,000 more are expected to descend upon the ski resort for the dinners, parties, and, according to a growing body of journalism documenting the “dark side of Davos,” sex for pay that occurs outside the forum. Sex workers also lurk in hotels and bars frequented by guests, according to a 2020 report from the Times UK, and women - even if they are accredited WEF attendees - are “routinely harassed” by the men who dominate the conclave. Indeed, the event began warning women that year not to go out alone after dark, “because if something happens with some big CEO, who is going to be believed? You or them?”

Are FDIC Bankers Preparing for Bank Runs in the U.S.?

While the news reported today by the Rasmussen Poll revealing that nearly half of Americans are now stating that they believe the COVID-19 “vaccines” are responsible for "sudden deaths," and more than 25% saying that they believe they know someone who has died from the shots, is positive news at face value, it is also potentially bad news, because the Globalists know this also, and they know that they need to act quickly to cover up the impending financial collapse. I am republishing two articles that were just published regarding the potential imminent collapse of our financial system. In the first one, Jamie White of reports on a recent meeting of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) officials who seem to be preparing for this financial collapse and possible bank runs. He reports that the FDIC insures $9 TRILLION of bank deposits with only $125 billion worth of assets currently available.  Keep in mind that we already saw one bank run in 2022 with the FTX blowup, where several cryptocurrency exchanges shut down and prevented people from withdrawing their funds. In the second article, Michael Bryant, writing for Off-Guardian, recaps how COVID-19 was a "global financial operation" that prevented the financial system from crashing starting in the 4th quarter of 2019. So something big appears to be coming here in 2023, which could be an expansion of war from the current conflicts happening around the globe right now, where they escalate to nuclear attacks, probably coordinated with bank failures.

Secure Email Options for 2023: Lavabit – The Secure Email Program Owned by Ladar Levison who Defied the FBI Order to Turn Over Snowden’s Emails

If you are using one of the Big Tech's free email programs, such as Google's Gmail, or Microsoft's Yahoo or Hotmail, you are exposing your private communication to prying eyes, including the U.S. Government. As I have written previously, hosting your own domain name and having your own private email is a much better option. There are also companies that advertise private, secure email services. One option is Lavabit, which is the secure email service that Edward Snowden was using when he left the NSA.  Ladar Levison, the owner of Lavabit, received an order from the FBI to turn over its Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) private keys, which would have allowed the FBI to not only access Snowden's emails, but also all the other emails of Lavabit's clients, about 400,000 at the time.  Not only would the FBI have been able to retrieve Lavabit's customers' emails, they could have intercepted their emails retrieving things like passwords, credit card information, and pretty much anything they wanted. Ladar decided to protect his clients, by shutting down his business and removing all his clients' accounts, effectively putting himself out of business after building one of the most successful private email services for over 10 years. Then he "turned over the keys" to the FBI.  In 2017 Lavabit started operating again, using the new Dark Internet Mail Environment (DIME), which is an end-to-end email encryption platform.  At this point, I would have to say this may be the best option for secure email from a 3rd party provider, because of its encryption, which allegedly does not even allow anybody working at Lavabit to access clients' emails, and hence they would have nothing to turn over to the Government authorities who may try to access any of their clients' emails.

Does the CIA Have the Technology to Hack Your Car? Researcher Reveals Google Home Speakers Could’ve Been Turned Into Wiretaps

In 2017 Wikileaks revealed that the CIA was working on ways of hacking a vehicle's control systems as early as 2014. Other hackers have already done it, as early as 2015. Do you think the CIA (and other intelligence and law enforcement agencies) have figured it out yet? Yeah, me too.  Think of all the ways Government can use such technology. Besides the obvious use of being able to assassinate someone, as allegedly happened with journalist Michael Hastings back in 2013, Governments could use it in emergency use situations where they want to lockdown the population and control how many vehicles are allowed on the streets.  If enough people demand vehicles unconnected from the Internet, I am sure a good aftermarket product line would develop to "deconnect" modern vehicles. Likewise, earlier model vehicles prior to the Internet revolution that never were connected could become valuable in the used car market. ZeroHedge News reported today that Google's Home Speakers could have been used for wiretaps for several years before a "patch" was developed for it.

Protecting Your Privacy Should be a High Priority in 2023 – Beware of Substack!

The MIT Technology Review recently published an article about how an iRobot’s Roomba J7 series robot vacuum took pictures of people inside their homes, in one case a woman sitting on a toilet, and those images ended up on the Internet on Facebook. iRobot is the world’s largest vendor of robotic vacuums, and recently bought them for $1.7 billion. The captured images making their way to Facebook was a mistake, as the article clearly explains, and this allegedly didn't happen with their commercially available iRobots, but from "special development robots with hardware and software modifications" given to users who agreed to allow data streams to be collected for the purpose of training their AI (artificial intelligence). Welcome to the Brave New World of AI. The public has been brainwashed by the Technocrats into thinking that AI is "smart," and that one day its intelligence will exceed that of humans. But in reality AI is STUPID, because in spite of using the word "intelligence" with this kind of software, it is only as good as the data supplied and programmed by those who develop it, and therefore will NEVER exceed the intelligence of human beings. And human intelligence is also dramatically DECREASING as so many foolishly agreed to be injected with experimental bioweapon shots which has resulted in a huge increase in neurological disorders. I am a former computer programmer and technologist myself, and I have watched this technology develop over the years, and AI is prone to all the errors, failures, crashes, ability-to-be-hacked, that every other software system contains, as this example with robotic vacuum cleaners clearly shows. If you don't want "smart" devices (which are not "smart" at all!) in your home collecting your voice and images that can go out over the Internet, TURN OFF YOUR WIFI AND BLUETOOTH in your home. And in your car!

Will the CIA Orchestrate a Nuclear War in 2023?

There are many questions the world is facing as we draw near to 2023. Will the Globalists continue their depopulation plan that started in 2020 with the COVID scam? Will there be a new "pandemic" announced, either as a new variant of COVID-19 or some new virus, or has there been a sufficient number of people who have now become aware of the fraud and criminal actions inflicted upon them through the COVID-19 scam, and the toxic COVID-19 bioweapon shots that have killed and injured so many, so that continuing the "killer virus" story becomes a plan with diminishing returns? One thing we know for certain as 2022 draws to a close, is that the pro-vaccine crowd has suffered tremendous losses as a result of taking the shots. It might be time for a new plan to be implemented to go after the anti-vaxxers, and that plan could very well be a nuclear war. Whatever it is, we can be certain that the CIA will be centrally involved in carrying out these plans, as they have been doing for the past 80 years or so. This past weekend, investigative journalist Jack Murphy, a former member of the special forces serving with the Green Berets and Army Rangers, published an article alleging covert CIA operations inside Russia by using a NATO country's spy network.

Do You Really Have Nothing to Hide? The “Right to Remain Silent” Protects the Innocent

The Bill of Rights contains the 5th Amendment, which is the right to remain silent. This is the one right that law enforcement hates, and the American public has been conditioned to believe over the years that this amendment is only for criminals who don't want to incriminate themselves, and so they have been trained to say to you: "If you don't have anything to hide, why won't you answer my questions?" But the fact is that the 5th Amendment was placed in the Bill of Rights to protect innocent people from a tyrannical government. If you have never watched Law Professor James Duane's classic lecture to a group of students on why he is "proud to admit that I will NEVER talk to a police officer," this is must viewing. Generally, when questioned by officers, the best response is to simply state: "I don't answer questions." These officers are counting on you not knowing your rights, and being able to intimidate you for information. In an article published by Robin Koerner at the Brownstone Institute today, you will learn how innocently answering questions posed by a TSA Officer can result in you being put on a list where you can no longer travel, even if you did nothing wrong.

U.S. Spy Firm Can Track Cryptocurrency Users – Offers its Services to the Highest Bidder

Leaked files reviewed by MintPress expose how intelligence services the world over can track cryptocurrency transactions to their source and therefore identify users by monitoring the movements of smartphone and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, such as Amazon Echo. The contents comprehensively detonate the myth of crypto anonymity, and have grave implications for individuals and states seeking to shield their financial activity from the prying eyes of hostile governments and authorities. The documents are among a trove related to the secret operations of Anomaly 6, a shadowy private spying firm founded by a pair of U.S. military intelligence veterans. The company covertly embeds software development kits, or SDKs, in hundreds of popular apps, then slices through layers of “anonymized” data in order to uncover sensitive information about any individual it chooses anywhere on Earth, at any time. In all, Anomaly 6 can simultaneously monitor roughly three billion smartphone devices – equivalent to a fifth of the world’s total population – in real-time. The company’s international surveillance reach could be more sweeping – and invasive – than even that of the C.I.A. and N.S.A. MintPress can reveal individuals, organizations, and states seeking to bypass traditional financial structures and systems loom prominently in Anomaly 6’s mephitic crosshairs, and spying on their transactions is a pivotal component of its sales pitch to government and private clients. This Orwellian technology leaves cryptocurrency users the world over nowhere to hide.

Health Impact News Quits All Social Media – Sorry Trolls!

Health Impact News received notice this week that our Twitter account has been reinstated. However, we will not be logging into this account and using it, and in addition, we have now deleted our other social media accounts and will no longer post any articles on Social Media.

ALERT! Are You Ready for the Coming Foreign Invasion of the U.S. This Week?

When Democratic Mayors and Governors publicly state their opposition to the removal of a policy that was implemented by Republican President Donald Trump, and at the same time voice their displeasure with the Democratic Biden Administration, it's time to sit up and take notice, because that is exactly what has been happening for the past several days as Trump's Title 42 policy that stemmed the tide of illegal immigrants crossing the borders is set to expire this week, Wednesday, December 21, 2022. California Governor Gavin Newsom, NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, and El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser, all Democrats, are declaring states of emergency as they fear what is about to happen on Wednesday this week when Trump's Title 42 policy is set to end. On Friday (December 16, 2022), Judge Emmet Sullivan, from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, rejected an appeal by 19 Republican states to maintain Title 42. So unless the U.S. Supreme Court intervenes today or tomorrow and overrules Sullivan's decision, which at this point seems very unlikely, something that neither the Democrat nor the Republican State leaders want, is going to happen. Why? I honestly don't know, and although I have some good ideas why, they would be pure speculation at this point. What we do know is that if this happens on Wednesday, the United States is going to become a much more dangerous place, as the flow of criminal cartel gang members (and possibly military-trained mercenaries??), illegal drugs like fentanyl, and sex trafficking of unaccompanied minor children, is going to increase exponentially, just before the Christmas holiday weekend. Coincidentally, Wednesday is the shortest day of the year and the Winter Solstice, a pagan Satanic holiday that pre-dates the Christian Christmas holiday. The situation at the border has already been so bad that last month Texas Governor Greg Abbott referred to the mass border crossings as an "invasion" and invoked the state's "Invasion Clauses," and is now deploying Texas Military and National Guard troops to the border with heavy artillery, including tanks. So please do not underestimate the seriousness of what is about to happen, as I did not use hyperbole in the headline for this article: this is going to be a FOREIGN INVASION on U.S. soil.