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Hispanic Families in California Who Value Their Children are Making Sacrifices to Homeschool Them

When I first got married and welcomed into this world our first child, a baby born with Down Syndrome, I was not a rich man by any standards. I had just lost my primary job, and was taking support from my local church as I began training for a new job when our first child was born. I was counseled that we qualified for Social Security supplemental benefits because we had a Down Syndrome baby, and so we followed the recommendations of the "health professionals" and started availing ourselves of government services for therapy with our new Down Syndrome child. But it wasn't long before I realized that whatever government services were being offered to help my family, that I could provide myself much better within the context of our family, and so we stopped receiving any government aid, and began providing the same services, only better, without their help. That mindset continued when we welcomed our second and third children into the world, and decided to home educate them without help from the government. It wasn't easy, especially on a single parent income as we struggled in those early days, but the blessings that followed, including career blessings, as I look back now, were far beyond anything the government could have ever supplied us.  We home educated all three our children all the way through high school, including a "special needs" child. I would do it all over again. And I would do anything to try and convince every other family starting out, to do the same thing, no matter what the obstacles seem to be in making that decision. When you put your family and the needs of your family into the hands of God and ask him to meet your needs, rather than relying on the government, you will receive incredible blessings, more than you ever imagined. Here is a very nice article written by Joel Kilpatrick of The Conejo Guardian, a private publication in Ventura County of Southern California, about how many Hispanics are starting to make the same decisions about the benefits of home educating their children in California, rather than putting them into the public schools.  This story takes place in Oxnard, home to many Hispanic agricultural laborers in California. Mr. Kilpatrick has given a voice to the voiceless and suppressed throughout the COVID scam, interviewing nurses and others who have spoken out against the abuse of the medical system and the "vaccine" mandates.

Swiss Banker Files Criminal Charges Against Swiss Government Related to Pfizer’s COVID “Vaccine”

The story we published yesterday regarding the Princess of Thailand who remains in a coma after allegedly taking a 3rd dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 "vaccine" came from a longer interview between Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Pascal Najadi, a retired banker of Persian descent who lives in Switzerland. Pascal Najadi recently filed criminal charges against Swiss President Alain Berset for: "Art. 312 of the Swiss Criminal Code for Abuse of Office relating to his propagated efficiency of the mRNA Covid Vaccine contradicting the findings of Dr. Virginie Masserey stated publicly on August 3rd 2021 that Vaccinated Persons can as easily transmit the Coronavirus as Unvaccinated People." I did not have time yesterday to watch the full 46-minute interview between Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and Pascal Najadi and include it in yesterday's story, so I am updating that story today with the full interview, as I do not like to recommend that our readers watch videos that I myself have not yet watched. This is an excellent interview and well worth your time to watch.

European Central Bank Preparing for Bail Ins & Banking Collapse According to Whistleblower

A contractor whistleblower for the European Central Bank contacted Greg Reese after he aired the video excerpt from the recent FDIC meeting where they discussed "bail ins," alleging that he had been assigned an "urgent project" related to preparing for bail ins for the European Central Bank (ECB). "Bail ins," as opposed to "bail outs," are when the banks take money out of accounts on deposit within that bank when a bank does not have enough funds to meet its obligations. According to this report by Greg Reese and the information from his informant, the playbook for bank bail ins has already been written for Europe, and they are preparing for bank runs.

44-year-old Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha in Coma After Pfizer COVID Shots – Thailand to Nullify Contract with Pfizer

Clayton Morris reports on a video in which Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, a German-Thai microbiologist, describes going to Thailand and informing the royal family that the health issues the Princess Bajrakitiyabha is experiencing have been caused by the COVID vaccines she received. Dr. Bhakdi claims that officials in Thailand are upset, and are taking actions to nullify their contract with Pfizer and will seek billions of dollars in compensation.

The Federal Reserve Cartel – Eight Families own the USA, BIS, IMF, World Bank

Who owns the Federal Reserve? They are the Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers, Lehmans and Kuhn Loebs of New York; the Rothschilds of Paris and London; the Warburgs of Hamburg; the Lazards of Paris; and the Israel Moses Seifs of Rome. Many of the bank’s stockholders reside in Europe. The US government had a historical distrust of BIS, lobbying unsuccessfully for its demise at the 1944 post-WWII Bretton Woods Conference. Instead the Eight Families’ power was exacerbated, with the Bretton Woods creation of the IMF and the World Bank. Bretton Woods became a boon to the Eight Families. The IMF and World Bank were central to this “new world order.”

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs): The Battle for the Future of the Monetary System is Underway – Are You Ready?

The United States is getting closer to issuing a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). What does this mean? It means that the financial collapse of the economy is getting closer, and this is the plan of the Central Bankers to replace the current monetary system. If you are unaware of what CBDCs are, and how they can be used for evil purposes to try and control every aspect of our lives, then it is time to take notice, because this is a train that has left the station, and is not coming back. It is not a new monetary system that can be implemented overnight, however, but will need to be rolled out in stages, and those roll outs have already begun in many countries around the world. As with anything in life, tyrants cannot control people without their consent. They fear the masses, because they are outnumbered. If there is massive resistance among the public, it can thwart their plans. They will use fear as their main tool, and we have seen just how powerful fear is, with the COVID-19 operation that began in 2020. So there is a window of opportunity here to wake up as many people as possible to resist converting over to a new, cashless society, where digital currencies issued by Central Banks will completely dominate our lives and eliminate any remaining remnant of "privacy." I am publishing today the latest article by Jim Rickards to give us an update on just where we are today with U.S. CBDCs, and then a video by James Corbett that was just published and explains more in depth just what CBDCs are, along with sources of information on how to learn to opt out of CBDCs. Do NOT skip or browse through quickly this information, because I am not exaggerating when I say that your future, and the future of our society, depends upon you understanding what is at stake here, and how to resist it.

Recent Data Shows ‘Stunning Increase’ In Serious Harm Reports In Young Healthy Pilots After Introduction of COVID Shots

It’s been a year since four Department of Defense (DOD) whistleblowers found a sudden increase in various diseases in the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), which coincided directly with the introduction of COVID-19 vaccinations. Now, new data shows more evidence. That’s according to Lt. Col.Theresa Long, M.D., MPH, a board-certified aerospace medicine doctor and Army Brigade flight surgeon with specialty training as an aviation mishap investigator and safety officer, who was one of the four whistleblowers. Long’s background has uniquely equipped her to recognize what she described as “unusual diagnoses and alarming trends only after the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccinations.”

Mislabeling Vaccination Deaths for 50 Years

Since last year (2022) I have been warning the public about the new class of "experts" that have arisen since COVID warning about the dangers of the COVID-19 injections, but who endorse and recommend all the other vaccines that have been approved by the FDA for the past 30+ years. The corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and the injection of toxic vaccines that cause injuries and deaths did not begin in 2020 with the COVID shots, and there are many of us who have been warning the public on these killer vaccines for decades now. I have also stated publicly that I am PROUD to be labeled as an "Anti-vaxxer"! Like evil and the Devil, there are just certain things it is good to always be against, because there is nothing good in them. Vaccines have never been proven safe nor effective - none of them. So I was very pleased to see an author on Substack, Marc Girardot, dig up some older information previously published by Neil Z. Miller who years ago exposed the fact that infant deaths due to vaccines are never listed on death certificates, because there are no CDC codes for cause of death due to vaccines. Instead, they are labeled as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Infant vaccinations have been the likely premier cause of illnesses for over a century.

World War III has Started: The War of Private Militaries? Russia Private Military Group Recruits Americans

I have been reporting since last year (2022) that World War III has already started, even as the corporate media tries to portray the fighting in Ukraine as a war only between Russia and Ukraine. James Rickards of the Daily Reckoning has recently published an excellent piece explaining the rationale of why World War III has already started, by comparing it to World War I and World War II and how those wars started. But first, watch this excellent report published today by Greg Reese which gives a historical perspective on the United States that you will not see in the corporate media, and then a video promo published by the Wagner Group, a private military organization with ties to Russia, where they are now actively recruiting Americans to join their group to fight for Russia.

More Evidence the FDA Works for Pfizer as FDA Asks Pfizer to Submit Cancer Drug for Expanded Approval with Zero New Trials

As the alternative media is distracted by the unfounded claim that Pfizer is using gain of function technology to develop new variants of COVID for future vaccines, Pfizer is quietly working together with the FDA to build their portfolio of drugs to make up for the loss of income due to decreasing numbers of people willing to continue getting injected with COVID shots. The evidence that Pfizer controls the FDA continues to mount. We previously reported how Pfizer virtually came out of nowhere to secure the first FDA authorization for experimental COVID shots in 2020, when the two drug companies that had received the most funding and attention to become the first ones to obtain the FDA nod for a new COVID "vaccine" had been Moderna, with their close links to Anthony Fauci and the NIH, and Astrazenca with its close links to Bill Gates. Pfizer's contract with Operation Warp Speed to receive funding for COVID-19 vaccines was different than the other pharmaceutical companies, because it was conditioned on them gaining FDA approval, and it did not include intellectual property rights for the U.S. government. It appears that this opened the door for them to grant an exclusive deal with Israel in exchange for data on how the experimental shots affected people in Israel, effectively making Israel and its citizens lab rats. And a year before Pfizer became a late entry in the contest to get the first FDA authorization for a COVID shot, Dr. Scott Gottlieb joined the Board of Directors for Pfizer in June of 2019, just two months after he finished his term as Commissioner of the FDA under President Trump. This week, Pfizer reported that they expect the sale of their COVID-19 shots and their antiviral Paxlovid to dramatically decrease here in 2023. But what surprised people in the pharmaceutical industry the most about Pfizer's forecast for 2023, was that in a "mysterious" FDA approval that was not reported in the media at the end of 2022, Pfizer received expanded use approval for their breast cancer drug Ibrance, and reportedly, the FDA is the one who approached them to expand the use of this drug! Is there any doubt anymore about who controls the FDA? Pfizer is the largest criminal organization in the world, and they would not be able to continue earning huge profits without their control of the FDA.