by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

America is the most technology-dependent society in the world, by far.

As I reported last week, the United States has the ability to spy on its citizens at a greater percentage than even China, due to the fact that a higher percentage of U.S. citizens are connected through technology and their cell phones than citizens in China, where over one third of the people in China do not even own cell phones yet.

There is another way to measure America’s dependency on technology besides cell phone and Internet usage, and that is by looking at how many data centers are in the U.S. that host all the server hardware that is required to keep all this technology running.


In this category, the U.S. has no serious competitors. In fact, the U.S. owns more data centers than almost all other countries of the world combined, according to

These physical computers, which are housed in physical buildings in physical locations, require tremendous resources to operate, which include energy resources and human resources, to keep it all running.

Almost everything connected to the Internet today is run by these data centers that provide Cloud Computing.

And all of these computers are primarily owned by three companies: and “Amazon Web Services” (AWS), Microsoft and “Microsoft Azure,” and Google with their Cloud Services.

If an enemy of the United States wanted to totally cripple our country, including military and intelligence operations, all they would have to do is take down the data centers owned by these three companies.

The physical locations of these data centers is a matter of public knowledge, and I was able to find lists of their physical locations by using their own search engines, in less than 5 minutes.

AWS and Azure own most of the servers that contain data for the U.S. military and intelligence agencies.

Do they keep that information on servers that are perhaps housed underground in bunkers to protect them from physical attacks against their data centers?

I am sure they do, but if their other servers in their data centers go down rendering the Internet unusable, it will do them little good, as only the people actually physically present in those data centers that might be housed in underground bunkers, will have access to that data, with limited means to communicate with the rest of the Internet down.

The economic chaos that would follow such a collapse of these data centers, which could also be crippled by a failure of the local electrical grid system that powers them, would be catastrophic.

Big Tech comprises the majority of stocks currently holding up Wall Street.

Apple is the #1 company currently listed in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) top 30 companies, with a $2.64 trillion market cap, and its next closest competitor is Amgen, a pharmaceutical company, at $130.06 billion. (Source.)

And 5 out of the top 6 “most active stocks by dollar volume” today are technology stocks: Tesla, Apple, Nividia, Amazon, and Microsoft. (Source.)

This is why traders on Wall Street are eyeing this week’s 2023 first quarter reports from the Big Tech companies with great interest.

As Big Tech determines the course of Wall Street, here is why Amazon will hold the most sway


Earnings Watch: After putting up its largest annual loss on record last year, Amazon is expected to be essential to earnings growth; Meta, Alphabet and Microsoft also report in one of the biggest weeks of earnings season.

After huge pandemic-fueled growth, the nation’s biggest tech companies have been laying off workers in recent months as digital demand has plunged, while “pivoting” to a lot of talk about artificial intelligence.

This week, while the AI talk is sure to continue, Inc., Meta Platforms Inc., Alphabet Inc., and Microsoft Corp. will have to put some numbers behind their recent performance. And the outcome could determine the shape and severity of an expected earnings recession for corporate America this year.

Google parent Alphabet and Microsoft report Tuesday, Facebook parent Meta follows on Wednesday, and Amazon closes out the week on Thursday afternoon. While all of the tech companies in that bunch are massive enough on their own to have an outsize effect on the collective results of the S&P 500 index, Amazon could be the most influential.

The online-shopping and cloud-computing giant posted its worst annual loss on record last year, as the valuation of investment Rivian Automotive Inc., plunged and growth declined across its business.

Wall Street expects a huge rebound this year, and the S&P 500 is counting on it. (Full article.)

The Big Tech crash that started last year has led to over 173,880 layoffs so far this year, which is more than ALL of 2022. (Source.)

The main thing that is keeping the Technology sector going right now is all the hype over AI chat, where Big Tech is pouring in $BILLIONS to develop, and which still does not have a working model to produce any income yet.

Will America’s addiction to technology destroy the United States?


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