by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

9News out of Denver, Colorado has done some good investigative reporting recently on the status of legal child trafficking in their state, known as the “Child Welfare System.”

With access to both federal funds as well as state funding, it is much more lucrative for the State to place children in foster care and make them available for adoption trafficking than it is to let the child’s own family take care of them.

While this is a problem in every state in the U.S., it is apparently especially bad in Colorado according to a new report published by the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform. (Report here.)

9News in Denver interviewed one local family who exemplifies this problem, as they have tried to adopt their own niece, who has already spent 2 years with them, but the State wants to place their niece with foster parents who are not related to the family instead.

Aunt Lettie and Uncle Ponch are ready and waiting. They’re waiting for their 4-year-old grand niece Juliet to join their family.

“So, we have her room. We’ve had her for two years already,” Lettie said.

We are choosing to protect the full identity of Juliet. Ponch and Lettie are hopeful that she will be allowed to live in the room they’ve decorated with pictures of loved ones. They say their culture is rooted in family.

“It’s a big family,” Lettie said. “We don’t need a reason or a holiday to get together.”

Now, their family is fighting in court for the right to raise their nephew’s daughter.

“She’s our niece and we just want her to come back with her family. She belongs with us,” Lettie said.

Juliet has been in the care of foster parents on and off since birth because her mom is estranged and her father has had problems with the law. The El Paso County Department of Human Services is recommending the foster family gets permanent custody, but Juliet’s father wants his own kin to raise his daughter.

“The system puts guardrails, puts stops and barriers in front of them month after month after month,” Annie Martinez, Ponch and Lettie’s attorney, said.

Martinez stood on the steps of the Capitol Thursday along with representatives from the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform citing data that Colorado uses kinship care at a rate 30% below the national average.

Martinez said more should be done to ensure children remain connected to their culture.

“This child in any of these circumstances does not exist in a vacuum, they are a whole of their history, their culture, their heritage, everything their parents and aunts and uncles bring to the table to make who they are,” Martinez said. (Full article.)

Statistics compiled over the years on the Child Welfare system clearly show that low income families, who are overwhelmingly minorities (Blacks, Natives, and Latinos), have a much higher rate of their children being put into the Child Welfare System than wealthier families, who are also the ones that make up the bulk of foster and adoptive parents, and are overwhelmingly White middle class Christian Conservatives.

85% or more (depending upon the state) of these children are removed from their homes, NOT because they were being abused, but because they were removed under the more broad term of “neglect,” which has a wide range of interpretation, such as “medical neglect” when a parent refuses to comply with a doctor’s opinion for medical services, such as vaccines.

Other published studies have shown that even when the children have “troubled parents”, which the vast majority of the time is defined when the parents are labeled as “drug abusers,” (which almost always means illegal drugs such as marijuana, but NEVER prescription drugs, the choice of drugs for most middle class parents), those children of these “troubled parents” still do MUCH better in their “troubled” homes than they do in Foster Care, which is the nation’s #1 pipeline for child sex trafficking.


Foster Care Children are Worse Off than Children in Troubled Homes – The Child Trafficking Business

Study: Children from Poor Parents, Even if they have a Drug Problem, do Worse if Put into Foster Care

This is where the REAL child trafficking occurs in this country, and the only solution to end this child trafficking is to abolish the Child Welfare System.

What kind of twisted, corrupt system exists to provide funding for strangers to parent other people’s children, but almost nothing for biological families to keep their own children?

Here is another story 9News in Denver covered this past June about a grandmother who was denied custody of her own grandchild in favor of foster parents. The grandmother is Black, while the Foster parents are apparently White.

“I’m here for a cause, stop taking our children!” Cynthia Cooley stood in the rain at the steps of the Capitol on Saturday to draw attention to a system that she said kidnapped her grandson.

“Legally kidnapping our children through the judicial system,” she called it.

Cooley was participating in the third annual protest organized by the MJCF Coalition to fight for the end of family separation through the child welfare system.

Maleeka Jihad, MJCF founder, claims that families of color and those experiencing poverty are more negatively impacted by the foster care system, including higher rates of out-of-home placements for children and the termination of parental rights.

“There’s a lot of negative impacts of adoptions, especially transracial adoptions, of the savior complex. ‘A white family had to save me because no one in my Black family or community wanted me’, that is not true, that is not correct,” Jihad said.

When Cooley’s grandson was born in 2020, she stepped up to offer a home for the baby. The foster family who had been caring for him since his birth filed to “intervene” in the case, and a judge ultimately granted the foster family the right to adopt him.

“[He] is a wanted child — he’s not a child that’s not wanted,” Cooley said. “Right now he doesn’t know any better because he is only two.”

The MJCF Coalition has set up a registry that will help children like him discover the truth when they get older. (Full article.)

The Myth of “Unwanted Children”

If you are a foster or adoptive parent, you have probably been lied to and have been told that the child you have, the child of someone else’s family, is “unwanted.”

This is a MYTH! There are virtually no “unwanted” children in the United States today, due to the highest rates of infertility in our nation’s history, and due to the increase in gay marriages and couples who cannot produce children.

There may be some birth mothers who do not want to raise their child, but somebody does, and more extended family members would gladly raise the child of a family member, if the Government would just get out of the way and let them do so, rather than trafficking their child.

Or here’s a novel idea: how about taking some of that massive federal funding allocated for foster and adoptive parents, which includes huge advertising budgets funding messages such as the billboard in the image above recruiting foster and adoptive parents, and spend some of that money on biological families to improve their living conditions, because when it comes to biological families, one does have to be a PERFECT parent (defined by the Government) to KEEP their child.

But no, very few people want to talk about this very REAL problem of child trafficking here in our own neighborhoods, but most people would rather go sit in a theater and watch the fictional account of “child trafficking” portrayed in the billionaire-funded Mormon film “Sound of Freedom” that centers around a story of child trafficking in Colombia and has probably done more to deflect attention away from the REAL child trafficking and child sex abuse that happens right here in the United States, than anything else in recent times.

This massive federally-funded child trafficking system needs to be abolished, and today more and more people are waking up to this fact, more than ever before, as the victims of child trafficking continue to grow.

Child Kidnapping and Trafficking: A Lucrative U.S. Business Funded by Taxpayers

Calls to abolish this very evil child trafficking system funded by American taxpayers are growing.

One place to start would be to repeal The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) of 1974, which gives the “color of the law” to keep on kidnapping and trafficking children.

Are you tempted to think that this is not really a huge problem, and does not exist in your own state? Visit our State List to see a compilation of medical kidnapping stories we have covered over the years in each state.

It is not complete yet, as we are still working on it. If the state has a PDF to download all of the articles, then that state is complete, for now. The rest we are still working on, and when it is finished we will publish it all in an eBook and offer it to the public for free.

State List of Children Medically Kidnapped


Child Sex Predators Live Near You and Most of Them are Leaders of Your Community

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