Left: Hillary Clinton with Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim. (Source.) Right: Billionaire John Paul DeJoria with his wife and an unidentified representative of the Central Intelligence Agency. (Source.)

UPDATE 7/19/23

We can now remove the word “allegedly” from the headline of this article.

A Kevin J wrote to me:

What a ridiculous article. Conclusions are based on “allegedly” and “might’ have ties to this or that, and guilt-by-association darts. So a guy who “allegedly” helped fund the film (in other words, rumor has it) might have ties to cartels and the Clintons. No evidence anywhere this guy helped fund the movie.

Here you go Kevin. This is an interview on Fox 13 in Utah 5 years ago, and Tim Ballard himself names both Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim and Billionaire John Paul DeJoria as the ones who funded the original production of the film. It starts at the 25:50 mark in the video.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

More information is continuing to surface about the people behind the box office hit movie “Sound of Freedom.”

As I wrote in my original critique of this film, the fact that this movie is becoming so popular on the Big Screen is proof that the “elite” are NOT censoring it, as so many in the Right Wing Christian alternative media are claiming. See:

Sound of Freedom Film Falls Short of Revealing Who are the Ones Trafficking Children and How to Stop It

I received plenty of negative emails from Conservatives after my review of the Sound of Freedom film, because in the minds of so many “Conservatives” the child trafficking issue is only a “liberal” problem, and the child sex trafficking business, according to them, is all backed by the Bidens, who are the ones trying to stop the film from being seen.

This was a typical comment I received from someone named “Teri Belyea”:

I rarely if ever disagree with your perspective but your take on this film is deeply flawed.

She provided no further explanation as to why my “take on this film” was “deeply flawed.” It actually took me two days to write and publish this article, as I had to put in an enormous amount of research to write it, including going to a local movie theater to actually watch the film.

But new evidence is coming to light that indicates that not only do the wealthy child sex traffickers not mind if you go watch Sound of Freedom, but they are the ones who actually funded it.

Billionaire John Paul DeJoria is listed as an “executive producer” of Sound of Freedom. (Source.)

He is a philanthropist who was invited by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet to become part of the Billionaire Giving Pledge which funded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

You can learn more about this Billionaire “Giving Pledge” in this article I published back in February this year:

Who Owns the World Health Organization and Their Plan to Vaccinate and Digitally Track Every Human Being on the Planet?

Another Billionaire philanthropist who allegedly helped fund Sound of Freedom, is Mexican Carlos Slim.

Although Carlos Slim has more money than nearly everyone else on earth, he also gives away more money than nearly any individual on earth.

Fundación Carlos Slim, Slim’s namesake charitable organization, focuses on philanthropy throughout Mexico and Latin America.

Carlos Slim has contributed $100 million through Fundación Telmex and has contributed $100 million to former President Bill Clinton’s effort to fight poverty in Latin America. (Source.)

Even the Right Wing publication National File saw some issues with this association.

Why did Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton’s Mexican Cartel Partner Carlos Slim Fund Sound of Freedom?

Sound of Freedom brings to light the horror of human trafficking. However, there is one major question about the film: why did Carlos Slim, a man with connections to Mexican cartels, Hillary Clinton, and Hunter Biden, fund the film?

WikiLeaks’ emails revealed that Slim had connections with Mexican drug cartels. Even The Guardian published an article titled “Who is More Dangerous: El Chapo or Carlos Slim?”

Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed that Slim was also a top customer of the Biden’s. There are even pictures of Hunter and Joe doing business with Mr. Slim.

Now here comes the tricky question, why did Mr. Slim fund Sound of Freedom when he has direct ties to the cartels that are guilty of smuggling?

The Deep State’s most effective tool against Trump was the Q Anon conspiracy theory.

Q was effective because the Deep State used the theory and its associated accounts to leak just enough information to be credible, but at the same time, nothing being leaked could ever tie anyone directly hence why “Dark to Light” never happened. (Full article.)

Others are also questioning the organization that received the donations from these Billionaire philanthropists to fund the film’s release into theaters, Angel Studios.

Neal Harmon is the CEO of Angel Studios, and is part of the Mormon Church. He did his missionary service in Mexico. (Source.)

Some have linked the Mormons in Mexico as working with the cartels. See:

Mormons in Mexico: A brief history of polygamy, cartel violence and faith

Mormons (along with many other Christian groups) are also linked to child sex trafficking in the U.S.

Is the Mormon Church Behind a Worldwide Child Sex Trafficking Ring Operating out of Arizona?

Greg Reese just published a video today showing how Angel Studios is encouraging people to “Help Combat Child Trafficking” by linking to sources operated by the Polaris Project, which is linked to John Podesta and the Clintons, and actually funds child trafficking, allegedly bringing in over $150 billion annually for child trafficking.


Sound of Freedom Film Falls Short of Revealing Who are the Ones Trafficking Children and How to Stop It

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