by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

On December 13, 2022, there were two political events where politicians publicly stated that the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” were neither safe nor effective, and were in fact killing people.

One of those events happened at The House of Commons in the UK where Andrew Bridgen, a Member of Parliament (MP) delivered an amazing speech about the corruption behind the Pfizer COVID “vaccines” and how they were harming and killing people.

The entire speech is 21 minutes, and you can watch it here.

Bridgen did an excellent job in exposing the conflicts of interest where drug companies actually fund the government regulatory agencies who approve their products, and also mentions the role that the Bill Gates Foundation plays in funding so much of this, as well as funding much of the corporate media controlling the narrative on COVID-19 “vaccines.”

Photo supplied by Dr. Mike Yeadon’s Telegram channel.

Dr. Mike Yeadon shared a photo on his Telegram channel showing how only a few other MPs showed up to hear Andrew Bridgen’s speech on COVID-19 vaccine corruption and harm, compared to another photo at the same location when MPs were voting on their own pay increases.

After presenting the evidence and data, MP Bridgen concludes with these words:

Well Madam Deputy Speaker, that first step could start this evening, with this debate. It starts here, and the vaccine minister of the government ensuring in the first instance that there needs to be an immediate and complete suspension of any more COVID vaccines and use of mRNA technology.

How could there be any other conclusion and call to action after presenting the evidence that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are killing and crippling people, than to immediately STOP injecting them into people??

The other event that happened on December 13, 2022, was a round table public discussion in Florida led by Governor Ron DeSantis and his Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo.

This public discussion also included other medical doctors, and alleged victims who had suffered from taking a COVID-19 “vaccine.”

Here is what Dr. Joseph Ladapo said:

He starts out by stating the corporate media is not accurately reporting on the COVID shots because they are also taking money from the drug companies who produce them.

He then discusses a study of people who “died suddenly” within a few weeks of being injected with a COVID shot, which showed a high rate of myocarditis that was attributed to mRNA COVID “vaccines.”

Ladapo has also previously reported that statewide analysis of vaccinated Florida residents aged 18 years or older found an 84 percent increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related deaths among males aged 18–39, within 28 days of mRNA vaccination.

So what is Dr. Ladapo’s call to action as Florida’s Surgeon General now that he knows that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are killing people?

We are initiating a program here in Florida where we will be studying the incidence in surveillance of myocarditis within a few weeks of COVID-19 vaccination for people who died.

Governor DeSantis was interviewed on Fox News later that night to discuss the round table discussion.

In this interview DeSantis admits that the “medical establishment” never warned the American people about the “drawbacks” of the COVID-19 shots, and he also acknowledges the research of his Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo who has showed people are dying from the COVID-19 shots. He also mentions that in Norway they have banned the COVID shots for everyone under 50 years old, because the drawbacks outweigh the benefits, and that there was an increase in all-cause mortalities.

So what is Governor DeSantis’s call to action?

He is asking the Florida State Supreme Court to convene a Grand Jury to look into the drug companies that produced the shots, and “hold them accountable.”

AND EVERYONE IN THE RIGHT WING ALTERNATIVE MEDIA CHEERED, while people in Florida continue to get the COVID-19 shots, and give them to their children who continue to die and become crippled.

Both DeSantis and Ladapo also bragged about their past actions “against” the COVID shots in this round table discussion. DeSantis goes out of his way to talk about how he opposed mandates, and allowed the people in Florida to “make their own decisions” about getting the shots and giving them to their children.

Ladapo bragged about the fact that back in March this year he was the first Surgeon General to not recommend the COVID shots for children. We covered that story back in March, and I said then that this was a meaningless action, and that potentially even MORE children could end up getting the shots since they were politicizing it. See:

Why Florida’s Announcement to Be the First State to Stop Recommending COVID-19 Vaccines for Children is Meaningless and May Result in MORE Children Being Vaccinated

What have been the results of Dr. Ladapo not recommending the shots for children since March of this year (2022)?

There have been records of 192 children injured from the shots since March, 2022. (Source.) Of course most of the shots were injected into children in 2021 when the FDA authorized them for children.

And how many children have been killed or injured in total, before Ladapo stopped recommending them, while DeSantis was making sure they were not mandated in 2021?

The U.S. Government Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) currently shows 1,361 children in Florida injured following the shots, including 2 deaths, 8 permanent disabilities, 194 ER visits, 90 hospitalizations, and 21 life threatening events. (Source.)

And remember, VAERS contains less than 1% of total vaccine adverse events (source), so the real numbers of children who have suffered in Florida are closer to 132,000 with 200 deaths, with about 19,000 children harmed since Ladapo stopped recommending them in March this year.

Now some may try to argue that these numbers would be much higher if DeSantis did not stop the mandates, and Ladapo did not stop recommending them, although that is almost impossible to prove.

But if Governor DeSantis had issued an executive order to STOP all COVID shots in his state, then these numbers would be ZERO!

Why hasn’t he done that? And why does everyone in the Alternative Media continue to praise DeSantis and Ladapo when they are clearly allowing children and others to continue dying and being harmed by these shots?

Even the CDC has said publicly that they do NOT enforce vaccine policy at the state level, but that the States do, from the Governor to the Surgeon General to the local Public Health Departments. See:

Pro-Vaccine GOP Governors Make Meaningless Statements on COVID Shots as Children in Their States Die and are Crippled Every Day from Vaccines

So Governor DeSantis, and all other 49 governors, most certainly could STOP this carnage of the bioweapon COVID shots IMMEDIATELY, but they refuse to do so.

These guys are NOT heroes! They are CRIMINALS!

I challenge any of the big Right Wing Alternative media sites who continue to give these Right Wing politicians a free pass on not stopping these shots to give me just one example of a politician in Washington D.C., in either the House or the Senate, or one single State Governor, who has stood up and said: We need to STOP ALL COVID SHOTS IMMEDIATELY!, just as MP Andrew Bridgen did earlier this week in the UK.

There are none, to my knowledge, because they are ALL Pro-Vaccine, with most of them accepting donations from Big Pharma, and in many cases even owning stock in Big Pharma.

You can hear it from their own mouths:

Tim Truth did an excellent job in highlighting the other doctors on the round table discussion in Florida that clearly LIED to the people in Florida by telling parents that they should trust all other vaccines except the COVID shot, because these other vaccines have almost no side effects and are only 1 in a million, and that therefore parents need to keep vaccinating their children.

They want parents to believe that the vaccine manufacturers only lied and committed criminal actions with the COVID shots, but not all the other vaccines they have produced for the past many years.

A simple search in VAERS on all the other FDA approved childhood vaccines will clearly show this is a LIE from the pro-vaccine medical doctors who are simply politicizing the danger of the COVID shots for purely political gain. ALL of these pharmaceutical vaccine companies have paid out $BILLIONS in settlements to criminal lawsuits over the years.

Since 1990, when the VAERS database started recording vaccine injuries and deaths, 326,715 cases of vaccine injuries and deaths have been filed for all FDA approved vaccines for children under the age of 18 to birth, before the COVID-19 shots started. (Source.)


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