by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The biggest news story this past week in the Alternative Media was the announcement by the CDC that their Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) was recommending that the 2023 childhood and adult immunization schedule include “approved or authorized COVID-19 vaccines.”

Here is the CDC’s Press Release (emphasis added):

Today, CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended updates to the 2023 childhood and adult immunization schedules, which includes incorporating additional information for approved or authorized COVID-19 vaccines. CDC only makes recommendations for use of vaccines, while school-entry vaccination requirements are determined by state or local jurisdictions.

It has been almost two years since COVID-19 vaccines were first rolled out in the U.S., and nearly 630 million doses have since been administered nationwide, providing people with critical protection against severe COVID-19. ACIP’s recommendation to add COVID-19 vaccines to the routinely recommended vaccine schedule represents another step in the nation’s recovery.

It’s important to note that there are no changes in COVID-19 vaccine policy, and today’s action simply helps streamline clinical guidance for healthcare providers by including all currently licensed, authorized and routinely recommended vaccines in one document.

The updated schedules and program guidance will be published in early 2023. CDC will continue to update and work with health departments, providers, and other partners over the coming months to ensure a smooth transition of the COVID-19 vaccination program from emergency response to a routine immunization program activity. (Source.)

While here at Health Impact News we obviously vigorously disagree with the ACIP recommendation, this decision has been completely politicized by the Right Wing Alternative media and the Corporate Media outlet Fox News.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News addressed this issue, stating that if the CDC votes to recommend the vaccines be added to their immunization schedule, “your children will not be able to attend school without taking the COVID shot,” and his video clip went viral on Twitter with millions of views:

This then became such a rallying cry in Right Wing circles, that the CDC actually responded to Tucker Carlson’s claim on Twitter:

And as you can read from the official Press Release I just quoted above, the CDC reiterated this after the recommendation: “school-entry vaccination requirements are determined by state or local jurisdictions.”

Tucker Carlson doubled down on his statement, and claimed that the CDC was lying, basically because states take the advice of the CDC:

However, Carlson basically contradicts his own statements. He states that if the ACIP votes to add the COVID-19 vaccines to the immunization schedule,

“children will be forced to take the shot… in order to be educated in the United States in a public school.”

But he then goes on to give several examples where states require children get the shots based on the CDC vaccine schedule.

What he clearly fails to address, is that the states do NOT have to take the CDC recommendations. Just because all of them do, doesn’t prove that the CDC is forcing them to do so.

The other thing Carlson fails to address, is that every state has exemptions that can be filed if parents do not want their children to have the CDC recommended vaccines in order to attend a public school.

Admittedly, there are tremendous financial benefits to the states to require the CDC vaccination schedule, and just as some governors have taken a stand against mandating (that’s the magic word) the EUA COVID-19 vaccines, not a single one of them has taken any actions to prevent the EUA vaccines from being distributed in their states and being injected into the arms of millions of people, including children, so too they will not stop the schools from administering any of the vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccines, once they are in the CDC schedule.

Since the CDC ACIP voted to include COVID-19 vaccines into the immunization schedule, some Republican Governors, probably taking their cue from Tucker Carlson, have made statements to the public to vow “not to institute mandates in their states.” (There’s that magic word again – “mandates!”)

Summit News covered this:

Following the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voting 15-0 to add Covid-19 shots to the children’s recommended vaccine schedule, Republican governors have vowed not to institute mandates in their states.

The Covid-19 vaccine has been placed as a recommendation from 6 months of age and older, as well as being approved for the federally funded Vaccine for Kids program, which provides vaccines to children at no or low cost to families.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis led the way in promising not to institute any COVID vax mandates.

“As long as I am Governor, in Florida there will not be a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for children in our schools,” DeSantis said.

He continued, “That is your decision to make as a parent. These are new shots. I get a kick out of it when people compare to MMR – things that have been around for decades and decades.”

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said he will ignore the CDC in favour of “personal freedom”:

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt followed suit:

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey vowed to never mandate COVID shots:

Read the full article at Summit News.

Listen carefully to what each of these governors is saying.

First of all, they are not anti-vaccine. DeSantis even takes a positive stand on the MMR vaccine, which is a 3-combo vaccine for measles, mumps, and rubella, that has caused major injuries and deaths to children over the years, even though no child has died from measles itself in the U.S. for decades.

It is part of the CDC schedule. It is required for school attendance. So is the polio vaccine, even though the only cases of polio today are vaccine-induced cases of polio. But many children certainly die and are injured by the polio vaccine.

Do any of these governors oppose these other vaccines in the CDC schedule that are killing and maiming children?


ALL of these governors, as well as other Republican politicians, are PRO-VACCINE, and that includes the COVID-19 vaccines.

You don’t believe me? Listen to them say so in their own words in this 6-minute video I put together. It is on our Bitchute Channel, and will also be on our Odysee and Telegram channels.

Since 1990, when the VAERS database started recording vaccine injuries and deaths, 325,054 cases of vaccine injuries and deaths have been filed for all FDA approved vaccines for children under the age of 18 to birth, before the COVID-19 shots started. (Source.)

In the graphic above, I have listed how many people have filed injury and death reports following vaccines in each state, since that governor has been in office, based on the U.S. Government VAERS database, which is severely under-reported.

ALL of these governors, while taking a stand against “mandates,” are admitting that “the parents make decisions.”

What does this mean?

It means the CDC is not forcing any child to get a vaccine.

A parent can choose not to enroll their children in public school. And for those that do want to enroll their children in public school, every state has exemptions that can be filed.

Here is the current map, provided by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), that shows the exemptions for childhood vaccines available in each state.

Some states provide exemptions for medical, religious, and philosophical reasons.

In Florida, for example, this is the information that NVIC provides:

Quick Fact:“A request for a religious exemption from immunization requirements must be presented to the facility/school on the Department of Health’s Religious Exemption From Immunization form (DH 681 Form).  The DH 681 Form is issued only by county health departments and only for a child who is not immunized because of his/her family’s religious tenets or practices.  If a parent requests such an exemption, the county health department staff must use the current DH 681 Form, which has been signed by the parent affirming the written statement on the form that a religious conflict exists.  This form must be issued upon request.  No other information should be solicited from the parent or guardian.”  Rule 64D-3.046, Florida Administrative Code.  Medical exemptions are also allowed. (Source.)

That is the law, and it will not change once the COVID-19 vaccine, or any other vaccine, is recommended by the CDC.

In other words, no child will be “forced” to get the COVID-19 vaccine based on it being on the CDC recommended list, because just like every other vaccine currently on that list, parents in Florida can file a religious or medical exemption and have their child attend school without getting the COVID-19 shot.

Now I don’t want to minimize the significance of the CDC adding this to their immunization schedule, because it is significant!

For one thing, once the FDA approves the COVID-19 shots, which I fully expect they will do before the CDC adds them to their schedule in 2023, this will provide legal immunity to the pharmaceutical companies because the injuries and deaths that result from the shots will now be covered under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Secondly, certain states that only allow medical exemptions for vaccines, are putting pressure on doctors who dare to write vaccine exemptions, and so having the COVID-19 vaccine added to the CDC schedule will be almost automatic for school requirements, especially in California where a new bill was just passed threatening to suspend a doctor’s medical license if they write vaccine exemptions.

The reason I believe the FDA will approve these COVID-19 vaccines before the CDC adds them to their schedule, is because Governor Gavin Newsom has already announced when the Plandemic will end, and it is on February 28, 2023.

Governor Newsom to End the COVID-19 State of Emergency


California’s pandemic response saved tens of thousands of lives, protected the economy, distributed nation-leading financial assistance and built up an unprecedented public health infrastructure

The SMARTER Plan will maintain California’s operational preparedness to support communities and quickly respond to outbreaks

SACRAMENTO – Today, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that the COVID-19 State of Emergency will end on February 28, 2023, charting the path to phasing out one of the most effective and necessary tools that California has used to combat COVID-19. This timeline gives the health care system needed flexibility to handle any potential surge that may occur after the holidays in January and February, in addition to providing state and local partners the time needed to prepare for this phaseout and set themselves up for success afterwards.

With hospitalizations and deaths dramatically reduced due to the state’s vaccination and public health efforts, California has the tools needed to continue fighting COVID-19 when the State of Emergency terminates at the end of February, including vaccines and boosters, testing, treatments and other mitigation measures like masking and indoor ventilation. As the State of Emergency is phased out, the SMARTER Plan continues to guide California’s strategy to best protect people from COVID-19. (Source.)

I suspect the Public Health Emergency orders for COVID will end at the national level around the same time.

Think about the significance of Newsom announcing the end of the “Pandemic” which is still 4 months away! It means that this never had anything to do with public health, and was about politics and profits for Wall Street the whole time!

So the COVID-19 vaccines will probably be fully approved by the FDA by then, and they will be treated like all other FDA-approved vaccines.

All of this public outcry coming from Republican Governors over “mandates” is pure political posturing, because their state laws already allow schools to require vaccines on the CDC immunization schedule, and they also have laws for parents to file for exemptions.

All of these Republican Governors are pro-vaccine, because every one of them has a record in VAERS of people dying and being injured from the vaccines on the CDC schedule in their state since they have been in office.

They have done nothing to stop schools from following the CDC schedule, just as they have done nothing to stop clinics and schools from giving out the EUA COVID-19 vaccines to children, because they believe “parents should have the choice” as to whether or not they should try to kill their child with an experimental vaccine, while at the same time making efforts to make it illegal to kill their unborn child still in the womb.

What a bunch of hypocrites! In one case a parent’s choice is illegal to harm a child (abortion), but in the case of COVID-19 bioweapons, it is perfectly legal (although in some cases not recommended) to harm their child with deadly vaccines.

What a mockery to the “Pro-life” Republican position, as they try to position themselves against vaccines that are killing and crippling children in their states every single day.

If these governors are serious about opposing these dangerous bioweapon shots, they need to stop giving their “Surgeon Generals” all the spotlight to talk (which is ALL they are doing!) about how dangerous the COVID shots are, and start talking to their Attorney Generals about arresting and trying the criminals who run the FDA, CDC, and HHS that have allowed these shots to be inflicted upon the public.

Until that happens, they are all still part of the problem, not the solution.


Why I am Proud to Wear the “Anti-Vaxx” Label – History and Science Show Vaccines Have NEVER Been Safe nor Effective

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