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by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

What if you knew of an all natural cancer clinic that has survived in the USA for nine years with a very high rate of remission and recovery rates? There is one in Tempe, Arizona. It’s called NatureWorksBest Cancer Clinic. Cancer patients come to that clinic after they’ve been diagnosed with cancer from conventional oncologists.

Medical tourism is thriving in Mexico, Germany, and elsewhere because they have cancer clinics that are not prohibited from using natural approaches for actually healing cancer at much higher rates than conventional oncology without side effects.

Mexico guarantees health freedom and several alternative cancer clinics thrive there at lower costs than what would be available in our country. Those Mexican clinics, some of which started in the States but were forced out by mainstream medicine’s monopolistic police powers, are not only safer and less expensive, but often much more effective at actually curing cancer.

The Tempe, AZ clinic is also the real deal. You or a loved one won’t have to go to Mexico to avoid chemotherapy or other harmful and expensive procedures for the opportunity of treating cancer successfully.

There are some USA “integrative” cancer clinics and hospitals that offer natural treatments to mostly support cancer patients through orthodox oncology procedures. But the NatureWorksBest cancer clinic does not use chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery at all while using state of the art diagnostic methods to determine patients’ progress.

Integrative Oncology Compared to All Natural Protocols

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There are a few integrative cancer clinics and hospitals in the USA. They mostly rely on chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgeries while assisting patients through the misery of those treatments with dietary recommendations, acupuncture, chiropractics, and counseling.

After reviewing some domestic integrative cancer clinics’ websites, this reporter saw no evidence of even targeting chemotherapy treatments with DMSO. A few short decades ago, a couple of conventional oncologists had success with using considerably less chemo drugs by using DMSO as a carrier that would target cancer cells exclusively. (Source)

This practice was promptly “discouraged” by the mainstream medical industry. Apparently this resulted in using considerably less pharmaceutical chemotherapy drugs, reducing side effects while increasing efficacy. But that also cut into profits for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, and oncologists who administer chemo in their offices.

Chemotherapy drugs allowed to be purchased at already high wholesale prices from pharmaceutical companies are then sold at higher retail prices by oncologists and hospitals administering them. As the founder and director of NatureWorksBest, Dr. Colleen Huber, NMD, (Naturopathic Medical Doctor) mentions in the first video below:

“a one liter bag of IV chemotherapy can cost up to $50,000.”

Within integrative cancer clinics, there is some evidence of using intratumoral chemotherapy for a very few select cancers by injecting the tumors directly with chemo drugs.

Essentially however, current integrative oncology softens the suffering of pain, fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, nausea, and cachexia from those harsh treatments, enabling more to survive and perhaps have a remission before dying from the treatment. 

Since the treatments themselves are carcinogenic, remissions are very rarely permanent and often secondary tumors appear after remissions. (Studies)

So all that misery even if minimized from *“standard of care” cancer treatments can be for nothing. Studies have determined many deaths certified as caused from cancer are actually from the treatments. So the old adage of dying from the cure instead of the disease is applicable with orthodox oncology.

Medical standard of care is a consensus of what can and cannot be used by an M.D. enforced by medical bureaucrats. An M.D. can have 50 patients die or become chronically ill from treatments and not be legally liable as long as everything done was within medically prescribed standard of care.

By contrast, an M.D. can cure 100 patients with procedures and medicines outside of standard of care and lose his or her license to practice.

The following video shows Dr. Huber talking to a small group in a Tempe, AZ bookstore four years ago. That store was featuring the book Defeat Cancer, a compilation of 15 interviews by Connie Strasheim with doctors outside the mainstream medical monopoly box, including Dr. Huber, the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, the currently harassed and persecuted Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, and others.

The Proof of Natural Cures is with Cured Patients

Mainstream media has often spread malicious misinformation about medical applications that are not under the auspices of National Institutes of Health (NIH), the FDA, and the AMA. That monopoly is too strong and influential. After all, the pharmaceutical industry pays for a lot of advertising in print and on TV. So most media outlets are merely mainstream medicine mouthpieces.

There are also very few independent studies performed and published on successful cancer treatments. The National Institutes of Health (NIH), its departmental subsidiaries, and pharmaceutical companies do not fund universities for research outside the monopolistic oncology box.

Most funded herbal studies, such as those with turmeric and its active ingredient curcumin, are motivated to determine what can by imitated by synthetically produce chemicals for pharmaceutical patenting or simply used as a supporting adjuvant for chemotherapy.

Natural or unorthodox cancer doctors who have provided clinical documents to oncology institutes and university medical centers have seen their work negatively misrepresented, marginalized, or dismissed, allowing the FDA to ban those compounds or procedures and often force them out of the country to treat cancer patients.

Then when mainstream journalists interview conventional M.D.s about those procedures and/or compounds, those doctors can keep their medical licenses intact by simply spouting “there is no scientific proof … works” or “[…] has been proven ineffective” or even “dangerous.”

Perhaps they should listen to patients who were rescued from near death while under conventional oncology treatments, as this one who was treated at NatureWorksBest testified in an area TV newscast. This recovering patient seems to be beyond what conventional oncologists call “spontaneous remission” or what many would call the “placebo effect.”

Nature Works Best Protocols and Guiding Principles

Dr. Colleen Huber recorded 397 of her clinic’s patient histories from start to finish up to 2015, including those who left early, did chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, and refused to comply with her dietary recommendations. Only a few died while under her clinic’s care.

The clinical interventions include IV vitamin cocktails that are predominantly megadose vitamin C. Other vitamins are included in IVs and orally, according to individual needs. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is used as an alkalizing agent to oxygenate cancer cells that normally rely on anaerobic fermentation of glucose. Other herbs and minerals such as magnesium are used as needed.

DMSO is included to seek out and penetrate cancer cells. Internal imaging for locating and tracking tumor reduction is done by either thermography or magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) to reduce the carcinogenic consequences of all other forms of imagery, such as PET and CT scans that rely on X-rays. Dr. Huber is also against mammograms.

Dr. Huber’s dietary recommendations center on excluding all processed carbohydrates and added sugars, using only pure unadulterated stevia as a sweetener. Recovery and remission was 85 percent with all patients who completed their treatments and followed the clinic’s food plan and up to 93 percent among patients in Stage I through early Stage IV. The actual history of patients documented through 2014 is available here.

Conventional oncology’s cancer patients are commonly served and encouraged to eat cookies and ice cream while receiving IV chemotherapy to make the experience “pleasant.” Conventional oncologists even recommend eating sweets to gain weight and not “waste away” with cachexia.

Dr. Huber and her staff did a study survey on their patients during and after their leaving the clinic. Those who engaged in “dietary disputes” and refused to give up sweets and processed carbohydrates had considerably less than half the stable remission rate of those who had complied with abstaining from added sugars, using only stevia, after leaving the clinic.

Dr. Huber’s seven year patient study’s pdf document is a very interesting easy read that details the sugar/cancer relationship study described in the above video with additional clearly explained background data from several sources.

Dr. Huber and her staff of four other NMDs practice the following guiding principles:

  • First Do No Harm (seem familiar?)
  • Treat the Whole Person
  • Prevent Disease
  • Treat the Cause
  • Healing Occurs by Way of Nature
  • Doctor as Teacher

Here is the NatureWorksBest website that includes more details and contact information.