Urban Gardening: How to Build a Raised Bed and Hoop House

by Garden Girl TV

I fell in love with the idea of raised bed gardening when I quickly learned how unreliable city soil can be. This video is all about getting you started with raised beds, including how to build your own. I will also demonstrate how to build a hoop house. The raised bed […]

Benefits of Coconut Oil: A nutritionist’s perspective from Australia

by Cyndi O’Meara
Changing Habits
I was called by Channel 9’s A Current Affair last month to see what I thought about Coconut Oil. They wanted to know if I was a nutritionist that believed coconut oil was good for our health. There concern was that coconut oil is 94% saturated fat.

Here is a link […]

On Farm Biodiesel Fuel Production: Energy Independence for $1.70 a gallon!

Photo by Bill DeLillo, SARE

by Cooking Up a Story
Roger Rainville is ahead of the curve when it comes to reducing costs on his farm near Alburgh, Vermont. He’s currently producing biodiesel for about $1.70 a gallon.

That savings, and his profit margin, are going to be even greater if energy and fuel prices continue to rise […]

Turmeric: The Spice that Actually Doubles as a Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

by Dr. Mercola
In cultures that are thousands of years old, there tend to be deep traditions of cooking daily meals with medicinal roots and herbs. Turmeric is one such medicinal root that has made its way into many Indian recipes.
Research shows that turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and antioxidant properties. Inflammation, if left untreated, can […]

Cholesterol Needed for Better Health

Health Impact News Editor Comments: This article is from Desi Blitz, an online community and publication catering to the Asian crowd in the United Kingdom and around the world. As such, most of the readers are probably non-native English speakers. But the author does an excellent job of explaining a difficult topic in layman […]

Statins: The Crucial Data Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You To Know About

By Dr. John Briffa


Before we look at the stats, let’s define the two main settings in which statin drugs can be used in practice:
1. Primary prevention – use of statins in essentially healthy people in the hope of preventing a first heart attack or stroke.2. Secondary prevention – use of statins in individuals who […]

1 in 4 Patients Fake ADHD Symptoms to get Stimulant Drugs

by Linda Carroll
Amid what some claim is a growing epidemic of ADHD diagnoses, a study finds that almost one in four adults who show up in doctors’ offices seeking treatment may be exaggerating — or even faking — their symptoms.
Twenty-two percent of adults in the study who claimed they suffered from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder tried to […]

Statin Drugs Implicated in Multiple Sclerosis

by David Evans
This post includes a synopsis of a study published in the Journal of  Neuroscience Research 2010 Nov 15;88(15):3361-75
Study title and authors:
Simvastatin interferes with process outgrowth and branching of oligodendrocytes.
Smolders I, Smets I, Maier O, vandeVen M, Steels P, Ameloot M. Biomedical Research Institute, School of Life Sciences, Hasselt University and Transnational […]

FDA Issues Alert that Topical Anesthetics May Kill You

by Dr. Mercola

The FDA has notified healthcare professionals and patients that they are receiving reports of methemoglobinemia, a serious and potentially fatal side effect, associated with benzocaine products.
The condition can occur when benzocaine is used either as a spray used during medical procedures to numb the mouth and throat, or as over-the-counter gels and […]

Important Information on the Biological Effects of Cell Phones and Wireless Technologies

by Dr. Mercola

On the site linked below, you can listen to an interview with Dr. Karl Maret. Dr. Maret is the president of the Dove Health Alliance, a nonprofit foundation that focuses on the creation and promotion of global research and education networks in Energy Medicine.

Dr. Maret trained in both electrical and biomedical engineering […]