Raw Milk Testimonies from Texas

Testimonies on raw milk and those that support House Bills 75, 1139, 2084 in Texas. These bills support the sale of raw dairy products at farmers markets and farm stands, allow low-risk foods to be produced in homes, and the improvement of access to healthy, local foods for low-income individuals.






What’s So Great About Raw Milk?

by Stephanie
Keeper of the Home

Once upon a time, milk was not such a complex or controversial subject.
Cows grazed on green grass. Healthy, well-fed, and free to roam, they produced a nutrient-dense, thick, white liquid which was relished either straight from the cow (raw) or turned into cultured dairy for short-term storage […]

One in three people in the United States will encounter some kind of mistake during a hospital stay

by Julie Steenhuysen
(Reuters) – About one in three people in the United States will encounter some kind of mistake during a hospital stay, U.S. researchers said Thursday.
The finding, which is based on a new tool for measuring hospital errors, is about 10 times higher than estimates using older methods, suggesting much work remains in […]

Unborn Babies to Take Part in Statin Trial

by Cholesterol Truth

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh want to test statins on a group of pregnant women to see if these drugs can help prevent pre-eclampsia — a potentially fatal condition which affects up to 8 per cent of pregnant women in the UK.
The researchers believe that if the trial is successful, it could be […]

Sweden will soon be GM-free

NOTE: Thanks to Bengt Ingerstam, President of the Swedish Consumer Coalition, for this great news – see below.
Our understanding is that GM grain is now not going to be imported by Swedish livestock producers or food manufacturers, so all Swedish food will be non-GM!
Some GM grain had been coming in to Sweden for a […]

Why U.S. health authorities are keeping you vitamin D deficient and who stands to gain

by John Cannell MD
(NaturalNews) Dr. Anne Looker and colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently made vitamin D legend, Professor Hector DeLuca of University of Wisconsin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hector…), and certain folks at big pharma very happy with her widely-reported analysis of the vitamin D status of Americans. Using definitions of deficiency straight from […]

Organic Pastured Chicken Raised on Cocofeed

What is Tropical Traditions Pastured Poultry?

Tropical Traditions pastured poultry chickens are raised on pasture (grass, sunshine, insects, etc.) and on Cocofeed.

What is Cocofeed?
Cocofeed is an organic chicken-feed ration developed by Tropical Traditions that contains coconut pulp as well as other high-quality natural ingredients. The coconut pulp is the residue left over […]

19 Studies Link GMO Foods to Organ Disruption

by Dr. Mercola

A new paper demonstrates that consuming genetically modified (GM) food leads to significant organ disruptions in rats and mice. Researchers reviewed data from 19 studies and found that parameters including blood and urine biochemistry and organ weights were significantly disrupted in the GM-fed animals.

The kidneys of males were the most affected, experiencing […]

New Vaccine Legislation in the States

by Alliance for Natural Health
We have a number of new state-level Action Alerts on vaccine-related legislation for you—some bills expand your freedoms, some restrict them, and one even wants to vaccinate your food!

Most states offer philosophical or religious exemptions from compulsory vaccination. In some states, religious exceptions include personal religious beliefs, whereas other states require […]

Vaccine Mania: The Relationship between Government and Pharmaceutical Companies

by Alliance for Natural Health
The vaccination question is a hotly debated topic, even in the natural health community. It doesn’t help when vaccine companies have blatant conflicts of interest and the studies supporting their safety may be fraudulent!
What we all can agree upon is the need to keep crony capitalism out of it, to […]