5 Natural Ways to Fight Candida and Reclaim Your Health

by James Schreiber
Stop Aging Now
For millions of men and women, attempts to enjoy vibrant health are met with unexplainable health problems such as fatigue, foggy brain, yeast infections and digestive disorders. Few people know that their health struggles could very well be linked to a candida infection — and that they don’t have to live that way anymore.
Here […]

Discover the health benefits of licorice

by Fleur Hupston
(NaturalNews) Licorice (glycyrrhiza glabra) is a perennial plant which produces pretty blue flowers. Grown mainly in Europe, it is now cultivated in many parts of the world and can be used in many treatments and home remedies.
Besides tasting delicious, licorice is an excellent source of iron. The roots of the plant […]

Why Using Sunscreen Will Actually INCREASE Your Risk of Skin Cancer

by Dr. Mercola
Contrary to popular belief, using sunscreen will increase your risk of melanoma. Sunscreen ingredients inhibit inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS). Sunscreens prevent UV-induced redness, which occurs in part through the action of nitric oxide (NO), synthesized in the skin. But NO is an important immunoregulatory molecule, and it is crucial in the […]

Low Carbohydrate High Fat Ketogenic Diet May Reverse Kidney Failure in People with Diabetes

Health Impact News Editor Comments:
Here we have yet another study showing the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet, which is a very strict diet that eliminates almost all carbohydrates and consumes very large amounts of fat, especially saturated fat. This diet has baffled those in the medical community for years, because of their presupposition that […]

Tell the EPA to keep toxic strawberries off America’s plates – Stop using the toxic methyl iodide!

Food Democracy Now

It’s springtime again and soon it will be summer and children across the country will be enjoying one of their favorite fruits — strawberries. Unfortunately, due to a poor decision last year by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and outgoing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, America’s children will continue […]

Broccoli Helps Clear Damaged Lungs

by Dr. Mercola
Broccoli may help your immune system clean harmful bacteria from your lungs. Sulphoraphane, a compound found in the vegetable, is being looked at as a potential treatment for people with lung disease.
White blood cells called macrophages remove debris and bacteria that build up in your lungs. This cleaning system can be defective […]

Urgent Health Alert: FDA Recalls Blood Pressure Drug Perindopril

by Cholesterol Truth
It has emerged today that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recalled Lupin Pharma’s blood pressure-lowering drug perindopril for “not meeting specifications overtime”.
So far the drug maker, Lupin Pharma, has denied the recall.
In February this year, Lupin Pharma recalled 14,000 bottles of Lisinopril (the generic name for perindopril) 30 mg tablets […]

Virgin Coconut Oil: Yesterday’s Devil, Today’s ‘It’ Fat

by Andrea Manitsas
I’m pretty sure you’d be hard-pressed to find a coconut oil aficionado or self-proclaimed VCO (virgin coconut oil) devotee who is… well, fat. Not simply because the kind of saturated fat (no need to cringe) present in coconut oil has actually been found to aid in weight loss, but because this oil is […]

USDA moves to let Monsanto perform its own environmental impact studies on GMOs

“Everything looks A-OK. What a surprise!”
Photo by GRIST
Last August, Federal Judge Jeffrey White issued a stinging rebuke to the USDA for its process on approving new genetically modified seeds. He ruled that the agency’s practice of “deregulating” novel seed varieties without first performing an environmental impact study violated the National Environmental Policy […]

Is the Human Genome Garbage? Biologist Jonathan Wells Says No in New Book, The Myth of Junk DNA

by Robert Crowther
Evolution News
Forty years ago scientists discovered that more than 95% of our DNA does not encode proteins. Since then the non-protein-coding portion was labeled “junk” and attributed to molecular accidents that have accumulated in the course of evolution.
Now, biologist Jonathan Wells exposes The Myth of Junk DNA (Discovery Institute Press 2011) and shows that […]