Insect Fossil Flies in the Face of Gradual Evolution

by Brian Thomas
Institute for Creation Research
Never before had the fossil of a flying insect been discovered in Carboniferous rocks, which are said to be over 300 million years old. But now, amazing impressions have been found in “sandstone with thin mudstone drapes,” according to a technical report.¬†This fossil shows that fully […]

Soy-free Chicken Feed Developed with Coconut Pulp for Soy-free Eggs

by Grassfed Traditions
Soy has become a big part of the human diet post World War II, with the result that there are many people with soy allergies today, and many people today are trying to reduce or eliminate soy protein from their diet. (See the book The Whole Soy Story.) Soy is the […]

Vitamin D Lowers Blood Pressure

by Dr. Mercola
Research has recently found that vitamin D has a protective effect against arterial stiffness and impaired blood vessel relaxation.
Study participants with reduced levels of vitamin D had increased arterial stiffness and vascular function impairment. However, among those whose vitamin D levels were normalized over a six month period, vascular health improved and […]

Organic Farming in Iran: Government has goal of 25% of Agriculture to be Organic in Near Future

Health Impact News Editor Comments: It seems each day we read news stories about American Biotech companies advancing their products in poorer countries in the name of “feeding the poor” and solving “world hunger.” What these genetically modified seeds end up doing often, however, is replacing traditional agricultural principles and eliminating small-scale sustainable producers. […]

How to Make Homemade Fresh Coconut Milk

by Sarah Shilhavy
We are often asked why we do not sell any packaged coconut milks. The answer is that we have never found a packaged coconut milk that meets our high standards. It is a processed product, and freshly made coconut milk will separate and spoil quite easily. The water is heavier than the […]

Organic Dairyman: Birdhouses

A long string of pink bird houses line the Bansen dairy farm. Not merely for decoration, these bird houses provide nesting grounds for the swallows that feed on flies, using nature to control insect pests naturally.

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FDA Sting Operation on Amish Raw Milk Producer

by David E. Gumpert
The Complete Patient
The FDA sent a number of its agents into undercover mode to gather the goods on Dan Allgyer, the Pennsylvania Amish farmer named in a complaint filed on behalf of the FDA by the U.S. Department of Justice seeking a permanent injunction prohibiting the farmer from […]

The Medical Monopoly: It’s not about who’s right or wrong but who’s in charge

by Dr. Carolyn Dean
(NaturalNews) The general public doesn’t realize there is an ongoing war for the control of our bodies. Allopathic medicine and the pharmaceutical industry demand a monopoly on treating disease and will stop at nothing to achieve that end.
I know this to be true because I’ve been portrayed a so-called victim of […]

Monsanto Chemical Shown to Cause Infertility and Super Weeds

by Dr. Mercola

Monsanto’s herbicidal chemical glyphosate could cause infertility or cancer. It may also be speeding the growth of super weeds and causing worrying changes to plants and soil.

The chemical, which has long been touted as a safe part of global food production, is now at a crossroads. Regulators in the United States and […]

The Emergence of Vaccine Induced Diseases

by Dr. Mercola

Vaccines can contain live or killed lab altered microorganisms, and also carcinogens, heavy metals, and mutated proteins. Recent news can give you an indication of the unsuspected results that can occur when you inject such a cocktail into your body.

Results from a Swedish study found a roughly 400 percent increased risk of […]