NPR (and Other Major Media) Spreads Serious Falsehoods About HPV Vaccine

In February, NPR’s All Things Considered aired a segment lamenting the low vaccination rates for the human papillomavirus (HPV) in American children. Apparently doing no independent journalistic research on the subject, both the segment and its companion article simply parroted a recent CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) report. The introduction to the piece called the vaccine “safe and effective” and it went on to claim, “Studies to date have shown no significant safety problems” with the HPV vaccine. This is dangerously misleading information. Many children could be harmed by it. A quick glance at the CDC’s website reveals significant side effects, with more side effects reported than for any other vaccine. Now is the time to tell NPR to report both sides of the HPV vaccine debate. Their latest story on the vaccine left out important information that families across the country need in order to make informed decisions.

After Gardasil: I Simply Want my Healthy Daughter Back

Prior to Natasja being vaccinated with Gardasil, she led a very active and healthy lifestyle. Natasja had the three shots of Gardasil in May, August and December of 2011. After her second shot she started having severe headaches, tunnel vision and short term loss of her peripheral vision. Natasja developed a sore throat after her third vaccination. She could not eat and was in a lot of pain throughout her body. My daughter was very ill for 14 days. Natasja’s pains did not diminish throughout 2012 and the level of her pain increased. This continued and there did not appear to be any respite. As we continued into the early part of 2013 her health deteriorated. The pain was constant and she had sensory disturbances on the right side of her face and down her right arm along with blurred vision and severe headaches. Natasja was hospitalized and after a lumbar puncture was diagnosed with a neurological disorder and Borrelia, otherwise known as Lyme disease. How can someone who once was so healthy suddenly develop all these illnesses and symptoms? My greatest wish is that someone out there would help my daughter to recover, to be free of pain and to become the once healthy, happy and very active young woman she once was.

Gardasil: Ashlie’s Near-Death Experience

Who would have ever thought a single injection of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, could bring my precious daughter to the brink of death? Ashlie has always been bigger than life. A girl who we know can handle anything. At the age of 4, Ashlie decided she wanted to dance. She was shy and didn’t like people staring at her, so we knew that this little endeavor would be short lived. We could not have been more wrong. As Ashlie became older, we knew she had found her passion and career in life. She was going to be a professional dancer and she was on her way. In the middle of June 2009, Ashlie received her first and only Gardasil vaccine and approximately 16 days later she began to complain that her legs were not working correctly. The next morning, I came downstairs and Ashlie was lying on the couch watching TV. She told me that she had crawled from her room and down the stairs to get to the couch. She informed me she could not walk. I asked her to stand. She tried and fell to the floor. How could we have known one vaccine would change our lives and her life so drastically?

Gardasil Changed my Health, my Life, and Family’s Lives Forever

Gardasil changed my health, my life, and family’s lives forever; physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. We have had to educate ourselves about health in ways we never did before. I have a humbled appreciation to be alive after how ill I was nearly three years ago. We have learned to educate, read, and research what we put into our bodies. We encourage everyone we know to do their own research on everything that is put into their body, especially through injection. The HPV vaccine adverse reactions will not stop until these vaccines do. What I can give and share with others through this experience is the truth, my experiences, and the real facts and statistics regarding Gardasil. I plan to do this until this vaccine exists no more.

Why is the CDC Ignoring Explosion of Recorded HPV Vaccine Injuries, as Other Countries Move to Take Protective Action?

Last month (December 2013), Katie Couric's popular daytime television show aired an episode on "The HPV Controversy." Both sides of the controversy were represented, but the show was widely criticized in the mainstream media for simply suggesting there was a controversy. Vaccine damaged families were interviewed (watch the interviews here), but according to the medical community, Gardasil and the HPV vaccine are completely safe. So Katie Couric issued what was basically an apology and then aired a follow-up show which featured the one-sided standard government position, with an interview of Dr. Anne Schuchat, Assistant Surgeon General and Director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. Dressed in military attire, the whole interview was basically an appeal to authority: Trust us, we are the authorities, and we know what's best. Norma Erickson is the director of SaneVax, the leading website on the Internet highlighting the dangers of the HPV vaccine. She was present with Katie Couric at the first show airing both sides, but no one representing the victims of the vaccine were present for the airing of the second show. She offers her rebuttal below, giving facts and hard science in reply to the spin piece by the government doctor, who is obviously trying to do "damage control," which was aired on the most recent Couric show. As Norma shares the data and science below, in response to the government doctor's comment "we aren’t finding any concerning problems" regarding Gardasil, also keep in mind the following facts: The U.S. government holds patents on Gardasil and also earns royalties from the sale of the vaccine. People injured or killed by the Gardasil vaccine cannot sue Merck, as all vaccine manufacturers have legal immunity from lawsuits in the U.S. More than 10 young women have recently sued Sanofi, the distributor of Gardasil in France, for damages due to the vaccine, including lupus, Guillain-Barré, ADEM, idiopathic hypersomnia, and multiple sclerosis. Japan halted recommendations for the HPV vaccine and has begun a full scale probe over its safety, due to the large amount of serious adverse reactions reported.

Gardasil: My Daughter’s Worst Nightmare

Cancer is a frightening word. Any parent in the world would do whatever was in their power to protect their child from this terrible disease. I had no idea adding Gardasil to our list of protective measures would turn our lives into a nightmare. My beautiful 12 year old daughter, Allie, was a victim of Gardasil and I believe that had she been given the 3rd Gardasil shot, it would have killed her as she barely survived the 2nd shot. The authorities will not acknowledge this as yet, but someday they will, and until then I will be the advocate for my child. I will decide what medications she needs and what vaccinations she needs or does not need. I will do the research and investigate the adverse effects of all drugs. I strongly urge anyone reading this to do the same. Do your research. KNOW what they are putting into the bodies of our children!

Girl Suffers Narcolepsy after Gardasil Vaccine: U.S. Doctors are Figuring Out that Gardasil Can Cause Autoimmune Disorders

While the mainstream media continues to state that the Gardasil vaccine is "safe" with no controversy, stories like this one continue to pour in. In the story below, we see that doctors who treated this girl clearly link the Gardasil vaccine to narcolepsy, and they are beginning to figure out that Gardasil "has been known to cause autoimmune disorders." The damage Gardasil has done in the lives of young women are widely being reported in the media outside the U.S., but those reports are mostly censored out of the U.S. media. When Katie Couric recently dared to interview some of those damaged from Gardasil, she was viciously attacked by the mainstream media and forced to apologize. A mother from Florida writes: My daughter hates it when I speak about the new medical conditions she has been suffering through since being vaccinated with Gardasil. I chose to give her this vaccine in an effort to help protect her. I struggle with that decision every day. She had just finished a great soccer season. She had turned 13 already and like always time had slipped away from us. I was a month or two late on getting her annual check-up. Her pediatrician had been discussing the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, with me since she turned 11 years old. I put it off and put it off and then finally agreed to move forward with the injections we thought would protect her from cervical cancer. Within a month or so, I started to notice changes with her. It was like a switch was flipped in her body. One decision has changed her life. Until there is a remedy I will continue to try and “fix her” as her life has been stolen away from her.

Vaccine Injury Law: What to Do If You or Your Daughter Suspect Premature Ovarian Failure Due to the HPV Vaccine

Claims that the Gardasil HPV vaccine can cause premature ovarian failure have been a hot topic of late in the news. If you or your daughter has received the Gardasil HPV the first thing you should do is to see if there has been any damage. Premature ovarian failure occurs when the ovaries stop working. Generally, any woman who has ovarian failure before the age of 40 is considered “premature.” The younger you are the more rare the diagnosis. A woman with premature ovarian failure is very likely to have extremely irregular or no periods at all, infertility problems and menopause-like symptoms. If you or a loved one have received a vaccination of any kind and suffered an adverse reaction including the Gardasil HPV and premature ovarian failure or any other illness, you can take legal action.

Mainstream Media Attacks Katie Couric for Publishing Truth on Gardasil Vaccine

Popular news broadcaster Katie Couric interviewed the mother of a young lady who died after receiving the Gardasil vaccine, as well as one of the lead doctors who conducted clinical trials for Merck on her day-time talk show Wednesday December 4th. She also interviewed another mother and daughter who have been affected by the vaccine. That a major network allowed something negative about vaccines to be aired is quite rare. If you visit the Katie Couric website to read about the show, however, you will find nothing in print that is negative regarding the Gardasil vaccine, but instead you will find an article by a physician recommending the vaccine, as well as links to the CDC which of course is pro-vaccine. The issues communicated in the show regarding the Gardasil vaccine, which are readily available online, are probably less significant than how the mainstream media responded to the show. Attacks on Katie Couric for talking to a parent of a child who died from vaccine injuries, and a physician who was involved in bringing the vaccine to market, clearly shows the mainstream media bias and censorship that still exists regarding vaccines. If you read the hit pieces being written against Katie Couric today, you would have to assume that she was standing up for mass murders. Yet, all Couric did was to ask a simple question: Is the HPV vaccine safe? According to Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times, "Merely to ask the questions is to validate them." The topic of vaccines are exempt from regular investigative journalism, and if you ask the wrong questions, expect to be attacked just for asking the question. The public does not deserve such information – journalists know better.

If HPV vaccines were consumer goods would they still be on the market?

The latest statistics from the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) statistics concerning the serious side effects and deaths associated with HPV vaccines such as Gardasil make for chilling reading. A single investigation of the VAERS database, widely accepted as being 10-100 times under reported about, shows the following: 148 deaths recorded after HPV vaccinations, over 3,000 hospitalizations, and more than 6,000 who did not recover from the new medical conditions experienced after HPV vaccines. In the case of Gardasil for some reason the same safety issues that govern say; automobiles, baby equipment, tires, peanut butter and more do not apply. Vaccines appear to be subject to very different standards, standards where it is quite acceptable to have deaths, life threatening and life changing illness associated with your product. To put this in perspective, imagine if Gardasil were a car associated with the same level of deaths (to date over 148) and tens of thousands of serious adverse events; would the car still be on the road? If Gardasil were a baby sling, it would have been pulled from the market after just 3 deaths as was the case with the Infantino baby sling – one million were recalled in March, 2010. In 1982 Tylenol recalled 31 million bottles of the product after 7 Deaths. What committee is reviewing the considerable health issues that surround HPV vaccines? To date, the answer is none. But it gets worse. Gardasil has not only far too many deaths and serious health issues associated with it, there is no proof that it works!