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Not a Single COVID-19 Test is FDA Approved – Do We Really Know Who has COVID-19 and Who Does Not?

We are witnessing one of the most extraordinary events in human history, and certainly the most far-reaching and impactful event in all of our lifetimes, because of the effects of what we are being told is a single coronavirus. The rationale for the extraordinary events we are seeing today all come down to one dataset: the amount of people infected with this coronavirus, and the rate at which people are dying from it. This can only be justified by one simple fact: we know how to identify and test for this single virus. If this single fact cannot be proven, or if it is proven to be false, and we really do not have the means to accurately test for this virus, then everything that has transpired as a direct result of trusting the data that this test is based upon, has been built on a faulty foundation that does not exist. Does this sound like a conspiracy theory? Because if you dare to ask the question, that is what you will be accused of for daring to question the accuracy of the test, and therefore the accuracy of the data that this test allegedly proves. So let's start with the facts that most everyone agrees upon, or that can be easily verified.

Fauci’s Remdesivir Drug Fast-Tracked by FDA for Approval Exposed as a Fraud

Del Bigtree's Highwire program exposes how the new drug Remdesivir, developed by Anthony Fauci at the NIH, and fast-tracked for approval by the FDA, is a fraud, because clinical trials did not show it prevented deaths due to COVID-19, and may actually cause more deaths.

Nevada Nurse in NYC: COVID is NOT Killing People – They’re Being Murdered

Another nurse who has traveled to New York City to help with treating COVID-19 patients has gone public, describing the horrors she is seeing in how patients are being treated. Nicole Sirotek is reported to be from Nevada, and she expressed her frustrations in a Facebook Live broadcast, apparently Sunday, May 3rd. Her video and Facebook Page appear to have been removed by Facebook Monday morning, although the video has surfaced elsewhere. While trying to hold back her tears, she claims: “Nobody is listening. They don’t care what is happening to these people. They don’t. I’m literally coming here every day and watching them kill them.” She explains that everyone coming into her hospital, which she claims is "in the hood," is labeled as a COVID patient, but that they are not dying from COVID, but from poor medical care. She claims that every time she tries to advocate for her patients because they are receiving poor medical care, that they reassign the patient to someone else. Because her patients are minorities, Latinos at the first hospital she was at, and Blacks at her current assignment, she has even tried to reach out to advocacy groups who specialize in advocating for these minority groups, but no one seems to want to listen to her. 100% of her patients have died, and she makes it clear that although she is not a doctor, she is sure that these patients are not getting the proper treatment they deserve. She claims that she has even been assigned to care for patients that are already dead, because medical personnel are not even using disposable stethoscopes to verify that they are still alive. She actually compared what was going on in this hospital to Nazi Germany in the past: "This is going to be kind of an extreme example, but this is really the only thing I can come up with. It’s like if we were in Nazi Germany and they were like, taking the Jews to go put them in a gas chamber. I’m the one there saying like, 'Hey, this is not good, this is bad, this is wrong, we should not be doing this.' Then everyone tells me 'hang in there, you’re doing a great job, you can’t save everybody. You’re amazing, you’re a great nurse.'"

As U.S. Faces Meat Shortages, Pork Exports from the U.S. to China Increase

Last week (April, 2020), we published a report on the state of America's hospital system in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, and I wrote then: "The so-called Coronavirus pandemic crisis is very quickly taking a back seat to more serious crises in the U.S. right now, and perhaps none more critical than the closure of hospitals and emergency rooms, along with doctors and nurses being laid off, which is happening all across the country." The other crisis facing the U.S. right now that may soon dwarf the Coronavirus "crisis" is the nation's looming meat shortage. The nation now faces meat shortages, America's primary source of protein, as processing plants across the country have shut down or reduced operations. 80% of the U.S. meat processing plants are owned by only 4 companies. Some grocery stores have already begun to limit meat purchases in advance of the expected shortages. At recent White House Coronavirus Task Force Press briefings, the nation has heard President Trump boast about how he had brokered a trade deal with China back in January of 2020, that includes China buying $12.5 billion of American agricultural products. Trump has been highlighting this as a great deal for American farmers. So which agricultural products did China choose to increase in purchase and export to China after Trump negotiated the trade deal between the two countries back in January? Pork seems to be at the head of the list. China has had major pork supply problems since last year (2019), due to an outbreak of "African swine fever." Some estimates claim that about two-thirds of China’s swine herd has been lost to the disease. So being forced by President Trump into purchasing agricultural products as part of his trade deal, it is no surprise that pork is at the top of the list of exports China wanted. U.S. livestock reports for last week (last week of April, 2020) show a five-week high in U.S. pork exports to China. "The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported export sales of U.S. pork in the week ended April 23 at 50,300 tonnes, a three-week high. China was the top buyer, booking 35,138 tonnes, while actual pork shipments to China totaled 20,683 tonnes, the most in five weeks." As U.S. pork sales soar due to the growing export market to China, U.S. customers are having an increasingly difficult time finding pork in their grocery stores, which may soon be bare of any pork products at all. One has to wonder who got the better end of this trade deal with China?

California Doctor Censored on YouTube Not Backing Down

Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi are two doctors from Bakersfield, California that Health Impact News featured in an article last month, and their interview with the local media there went viral, and so YouTube banned them because they contradicted the World Health Organization's narrative on COVID-19. Dr. Erickson was interviewed by Del Bigtree of The Highwire and made it clear he is not backing down.

7 Billion Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine for World’s Population of 7 Billion – Was This the Plan All Along?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an instant market for vaccine development. Around $1 billion of U.S. taxpayer funds have already been given to Big Pharma to develop the much coveted COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, a new class of vaccines that have never before been successfully developed. At least another $2 billion is being spent by the Bill Gates-founded Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). And this is all just for starters, as over 100 COVID-19 vaccines are currently in development by most of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. The CARES Act signed into law on Mar. 27, 2020 allocates $27 billion for COVID-19 vaccine development, just in the U.S. alone. And if that wasn't enough, earlier this week (May, 2020) President Trump seemingly gave a blank check to spend as much as possible to fast track a COVID-19 vaccine through "Operation Warp Speed," a coalition of scientists, government officials, military agencies, and private companies led by Alex Azar, the Health and Human Services Secretary, and Mark Esper, the Defense Secretary. Their goal: to deliver 300 million doses of coronavirus vaccine from November to December 2020 and another 300 million by January 2021. So just by starting to research a COVID-19 vaccine, the already lucrative pharmaceutical industry just became the all-time most profitable industry on the planet. As pharmaceutical companies compete with each other to get a COVID-19 vaccine to market, there was initial skepticism that an mRNA vaccine could be developed anytime soon. Projections were that it would take about 5 years, and even then only with a small chance of success. Now, as we saw earlier this week with the announcement of the new "Operation Warp Speed" project, the projections are to produce enough vaccines to be able to inject all 350 million citizens of the United States by the end of 2020. And on May 1st this week Moderna Therapeutics announced a partnership with Lonza manufacturing to start producing 1 billion COVID-19 vaccines a year. Moderna Therapeutics is partnering with Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), who also has close ties to Bill Gates. Bill Gates said in an interview this week that 7 billion vaccine doses are needed to end the COVID-19 pandemic, which is about the same number as the number of people living on the planet. Will the entire world's population just volunteer to get this vaccine, or are the drug companies counting on the fact that they will become mandatory? The world's largest manufacturer of vaccines, the Serum Institute of India, which produces 1.5 billion vaccine doses a year for an array of diseases, said it was not going to wait for approval of a COVID-19 vaccine, but would start manufacturing them immediately, starting with 40 million doses. They are currently working with the the Oxford Vaccine Group. It would seem that pharmaceutical companies manufacturing a COVID-19 vaccine are banking on the fact that the World Health Organization will recommend that they be mandatory. Will the U.S. comply?

Funeral Directors in COVID-19 Epicenter Doubt Legitimacy of Deaths Attributed to Pandemic

Project Veritas today released another video featuring conversations with funeral home directors and their staff throughout New York City questioning the number of deaths officially attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. In late April, a Project Veritas reporter spoke with Michael Lanza, the director of Staten Island’s Colonial Funeral Home. “To be honest with you, all of the death certificates are writing COVID on it, they’re writing COVID on all the death certificates,” Lanza said. Lanza said DeBlasio might see inflated COVID death tallies as a way to bring more money to New York City. “Whether they had a positive test or didn’t, so I think again this is my personal opinion, I think like the mayor and our city--they’re looking for federal funding and the more they put COVID on the death certificate the more they can ask from the federal funds.” The Staten Island funeral director said it did not add up to him. “I think it’s political, so, I’m going to turn around and say: ‘You know, like, not everybody that we have here that has COVID on the death certificate died of COVID.’ Can I prove that? No, but that is my suspicion.” Josephine DiMiceli, president of the DiMiceli and Sons, a Queens-based funeral service told a Project Veritas journalist that a Supreme Court justice got involved in one case of a non-COVID-19 death that was listed as a casualty of the pandemic. The sister of a deceased woman called DiMiceli and told her late sister suffered with Alzheimer’s Disease and was not treated for COVID-19, she said. “The sister refused to believe that her sister had COVID-19 and like I said, she was the one that said to me she says well my cousin is you know, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,” DiMiceli said. “We’re gonna get an autopsy,’ and I said do what you gotta do, you know and she did what she had to do and sure enough I called her and I said to her that the doctor signed the death certificate did the autopsy – no COVID-19.”

The War on Cash: Using COVID-19 to Make Sure the Rich Get Richer and Control the Monetary System?

There has been much written lately about how the COVID-19 "pandemic" is being used as an excuse to usher in some kind of national "Medical ID" that could be used as a tool to control our daily activities, and be used as a requirement to do almost everything in society, from buying goods to travel to receiving medical treatment and beyond. Such concerns are certainly legitimate given what we have seen so far in the "war against the invisible enemy" and the government's reaction to this "war." But opportunists taking advantage of the COVID-19 responses who would love to track and control most aspects of your personal life are not simply restricted to a medical ID card. I was recently in a store purchasing some grocery products, and the sign at the checkout said: "Due to the Coronavirus situation we are no longer accepting cash." This may seen like a minor inconvenience to most people, but Attorney James Rickards, an American lawyer, economist, and investment banker with 35 years of experience working in capital markets on Wall Street, has been warning about the "War on Cash" for years now. When the flow of cash is limited to digital money and the approval of banks, near total control of the population is much more easily accomplished.

Michigan Doctor Raided by FBI and Arrested for Treating COVID19 Patients with Vitamin C

As we have previously reported here at Health Impact News, doctors all across the world have seen great success in treating COVID-19 patients with high-dose intravenous Vitamin C therapy. When we first reported on doctors doing this in China just after the Wuhan outbreak, Facebook tagged us as "Fake News" and took away our ability to advertise and boost any of our articles. Since that time, we have reported on how many doctors and hospitals here in the U.S. have also successfully used the treatment. Now, a doctor in Michigan has actually had his clinic raided by the FBI and arrested being accused of "committing health care fraud and conspiracy to commit health care fraud" because he treated his patients with Vitamin C.

Crisis in America: Hospitals Across the Country Begin to Close due to Lack of Patients – Nurses and Doctors being Laid Off

The so-called Coronavirus pandemic "crisis" is very quickly taking a back seat to more serious crises in the U.S. right now, and perhaps none more critical than the closure of hospitals and emergency rooms, along with doctors and nurses being laid off, which is happening all across the country. During the early stages of the Coronavirus outbreak, the corporate-sponsored "mainstream" media flooded the airways with images of over-crowded hospitals, supposed corpses being carried out in body bags, and other gruesome details that brought fear to the public. Soon, however, citizens around the country began going to these hospitals to see first hand these horrible images, and they began to film and share on social media what they were seeing: hospitals and emergency rooms either empty or less crowded than usual. Fast forward to today, at the end of April, and now not even the corporate media can deny that hospitals are suffering due to a lack of patients, as most states have shut down "non-essential" medical services to concentrate on treating COVID-19 patients. Add to that the federal stimulus funds being directed to COVID-19 treatments, hospitals are obviously going to concentrate on COVID-19 treatments first, and as we have previously reported, many medical personnel are now coming forward to expose how pretty much every patient coming through the doors of hospitals are assumed to be COVID-19 patients whether they are tested or not. As a result, whether intended or not, many hospitals are suffering financially, facing closure, and beginning to lay off their medical staffs, because other than perhaps New York City, there just are not enough COVID-19 patients to keep everyone employed. Therefore, if you are suffering from something other than COVID-19 that needs emergency room or hospital services, such as cancer, hypertension, or any other non-respiratory illness, you risk not being able to get treatment. So what can you do? You have to pretty much lie and tell the doctors or nurses that you suspect you might be infected with COVID-19. That gives you a free ticket, all expenses paid, access to hospital services. Welcome to the new government-run healthcare system. What President Obama tried to do for 8 years with his "Obamacare" to have government take over healthcare, and was only partially successful, has now happened almost overnight because of the fear driven by the Coronavirus "pandemic."