Updated Psychiatric Manual Makes Grief, Racism, and Childhood “Mental Disorders” to be Treated with Drugs

Americans love their drugs. We are some of the most medicated people on the face of the planet, which means that this will not be a popular article, because I will expose people's idols, showing how evil Big Pharma is, and how they maintain control over the U.S. population through people's addiction to these prescription drugs. The latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), psychiatry's "bible" that gives them the "authority" to prescribe drugs for "mental disorders," is scheduled to be updated this month (March 2022) with new "disorders" that psychiatrists can now prescribe drugs for, which will undoubtedly put more people on their psyche drugs now. The first thing to understand when it comes to the DSM is that there is not one single "mental disorder" that can be diagnosed by a laboratory test. These disorders are voted upon by the leaders in the field of psychiatry. Therefore, to accept their diagnosis of a "mental disorder," is to put your trust in them, to believe in them and their alleged "expertise" on mental health. Adding new diagnoses to the DSM also weaponizes medical tyrants allowing them to commit people, most often seniors, to medical institutions against their will, and then have a judge award that "mentally disabled" person to the State, where the State can then seize all their assets and liquidate them to pay the patient's medical bills. This is adult medical kidnapping, and it happens in this country every day, about 3x more often than children being medically kidnapped and forced into Foster Care. Psychiatry also plays a huge role in medically kidnapping children, as a school teacher or official, or a social worker, can recommend a psychiatric diagnosis of a child, and then have drugs prescribed, and if the parents disagree, they are charged with medical neglect and their children are taken away from them and awarded to the custody of the State. And State-appointed Foster Parents have no choice over what drugs their foster children are ordered to take, because they are wards of the State. So an update to the book that makes all of this "legal," the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), will undoubtedly lead to more medical tyranny, and more medical kidnappings. New additions to the DSM this month will reportedly include excessive grief, racism, and new guidelines for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which will basically make childhood a mental disorder.

Holding the American Psychiatric Association Accountable for Minimizing Pedophilia to a “Disorder” Rather than Criminal Child Abuse

Can someone fire the American Psychiatric Association? Or, better still, can it step down as the self-acclaimed expert on the subject of human behavior? With mounting sexual assault scandals now being reported, has anyone thought to bring to account the APA for excusing pedophilia as a “mental disorder,” an act that not only attempts to excuse criminal behavior as a mental disorder, but also categorizes some instances of pedophilia as a “sexual orientation?” The fact is that pedophilia must never be considered anything but a crime. Yet according to the APA’s Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), should a person not feel guilt or shame about their pedophilic impulses, then this ceases to be a “disorder” and becomes a pedophilic “sexual orientation.” After public outcry about pedophilia being designated as a sexual orientation, the APA released a statement that the phrase “sexual orientation” was used in error and that the correct terminology was “sexual interest,” a term which still seeks to normalize a criminal offense.

Pennsylvania Civil Rights Attorney Medically Kidnapped for “Mental Health” Evaluation – Whereabouts Unknown

Andy Ostrowski was kidnapped by law enforcement from his home in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania this week while live-streaming on Facebook. Police entered his home without knocking, carrying tasers and clubs, claimed they had a warrant (which they apparently never showed to him) to take him in for a “mental health evaluation,” and proceeded to turn off his computer and remove him from his home by force. His current whereabouts is unknown at the time of publication. Mr. Ostrowski is a former Civil Rights attorney, past candidate for U.S. Congress, author, radio show host, and judicial reform activist. Ostrowski exposes judicial corruption, something we have covered extensively at Health Impact News, particularly on our MedicalKidnap.com website. Earlier this year, Ostrowski filed a federal lawsuit in Pennsylvania, naming the “American System of Justice” as a Defendant, along with the Federal Reserve, the Rothschilds, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and others who are alleged to have compromised our access to justice, and the loss of basic rights and protections. The kids for cash, Penn State/Sandusky, and porngate email scandals are cited as examples of these influences. Mr. Ostrowski believes they are using the veil of "mental health" to attack him, since they cannot fight him in the legal system. The public needs to demand to know where Mr. Ostrowski is located, and ask for his immediate release!

Psychiatrists’ Torture of Patients Lawsuit to Proceed

Former residents of an Ontario, Canada, psychiatric facility have been given the green light to proceed with a class action civil suit against two psychiatrists who, for years, carried out torturous treatment programs. Given the nature of the torturous “treatment” residents were subjected to, one can only wonder why the named psychiatrists are not being held criminally responsible for the acknowledged abuses. Justice Perell explained that “the three programs ... implemented by the doctors.... were torture and a degradation of human dignity.”

Psychiatric Hospital Chain Under Department of Defense & FBI Investigation

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have joined the multi-Federal agency investigations into the largest psychiatric hospital chain owned by Universal Health Services (UHS). In April 2017, Senator Charles Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also called for a federal probe into UHS’s behavioral facilities, describing one Tulsa, Oklahoma facility, Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health, as having “a pattern of conduct that is extremely concerning and casts a dark cloud over UHS’s ability to properly care for its patients.” In 2010, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR), a 48 year mental health watchdog, began documenting abuses that employees and former employees of UHS psychiatric facilities, patients and their families reported to it. CCHR has filed more than 4,000 complaints to law enforcement, health officials, state FBI agencies, Federal and State legislators, and to the state branches of Tricare. The UHS scandal is symptomatic of a system that there are insufficient controls and accountability, where fraud can be committed against government programs, and those responsible continue to operate, including the psychiatrists treating hundreds of thousands of Americans in such facilities. CCHR continues to call for not only Federal and State investigations but effective action that shuts down a failed and abusive psychiatric-behavioral system that seems to put profit before patients.

How the Government Destroyed Dr. Loren Mosher’s Research Proving Therapy by “Non-professional Caregivers” was Superior to Psychiatric Drugs

Psychiatrist Loren Mosher (who earned medical degrees from both Harvard and Stanford) was the highly esteemed founder of the experimental Soteria Project, which was subtitled “Community Alternatives for the Treatment of Schizophrenia” from 1971 to 1983. The Soteria Project proved that patients with first-onset psychotic breaks could be successfully treated - even cured - outside insane asylums by non-professional caregivers, in unlocked neighborhood facilities and without the coercive use of neurotoxic, dependency-inducing and dementia-inducing drugs. Five years before his untimely death in 2004, and long after he was hounded out of the NIMH and mainstream psychiatry for doing the right thing, Dr. Mosher wrote: “Despite what the pharmaceutical companies would have us believe, we don’t need ‘a better life through chemistry.’ The Drug May Be Your Problem will help debunk this myth and provide practical advice on how to avoid psychiatric drugs and get off them.”

Veterans Kick The Prescription Pill Habit, Against Doctors’ Orders

1 in 3 veterans polled say they are on 10 different medications. While there is concern about overmedicating and self-medicating — using alcohol or drugs without a doctor's approval — there are also some veterans who are trying to do the opposite: They're kicking the drugs, against doctor's orders.

When does Ordinary Life Become a Mental Illness? When Psychiatry and Big Pharma say so

You must be crazy. Psychiatry and Big Pharma say so. The fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, American psychiatry’s manual of mental illness diagnoses, was published last year. It’s supposed to “revolutionize” diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. If you and I submit passively to it, it probably will.

Big Pharma want to “Protect” the Elderly from “Dangers” of Coconut Oil and Natural Supplements

A new study has been published by a psychiatrist working for a VA hospital educating other psychiatrists on how to protect their patients against the dangerous side effects from coconut oil and other natural supplements. However, with no recorded deaths due to the side effects of coconut oil or other natural supplements in recent years, and with the medical community themselves admitting that over 100,000 people a year die from their prescription drugs, one has to wonder who is really being "protected" with this advice?

Senior Care: Music Beats Drugs in Fighting Dementia

Prescription drug abuse against the elderly is an epidemic problem in the U.S. today. Consider the following facts: According to the Office of the Inspector General, 304,983 elderly nursing home residents in the U.S. were given dangerous, and often deadly, antipsychotic drugs, of which 88% were prescribed off-label for dementia. Antipsychotic drugs can double the risk of death and triple the risk of stroke for seniors and there are now about 1 million nursing home patients on antipsychotic drugs. However, research now backs up the experience that personalized music has tremendous therapeutic benefits for seniors, allowing them to overcome dementia without drugs. Lemon Grove Care & Rehabilitation Center near San Diego has reported that since they introduced iPods and personalized playlists to their residents, antipsychotic medication has been reduced by over 50%!