MP Andrew Bridgen has published the following statement on his YouTube channel:

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Last month (December, 2022) I reported about 2 different political events where politicians publicly stated that the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines” were neither safe nor effective, and were in fact killing people, on the same day, December 13, 2022.

One of those events happened at The House of Commons in the UK where Andrew Bridgen, a Member of Parliament (MP) delivered an amazing speech about the corruption behind the Pfizer COVID “vaccines” and how they were harming and killing people.

The other event that happened on December 13, 2022, was a round table public discussion in Florida led by Governor Ron DeSantis and his Surgeon General, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, which also included other medical doctors, and alleged victims who had suffered from taking a COVID-19 “vaccine.”

However, what Andrew Bridgen was calling for, an immediate and complete suspension of any more COVID vaccines, was different than what Ron DeSantis and Joseph Ladapo were calling for. See:

Andrew Bridgen has not stopped trying to warn the public about the criminals who are mass-murdering people, and a Tweet he put out on Twitter earlier today has now effectively ended his political career.

This is what he said in his Tweet:

“As one consultant cardiologist said to me this is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust.”

The reaction was swift and immediate.

Rishi Sunak has slammed the ‘utterly unacceptable’ actions of a Tory MP who compared the Covid vaccine rollout to the Holocaust.

Andrew Bridgen was stripped of the party whip after an astonishing outburst on Twitter that led to widespread condemnation from politicians, Jewish groups and medical experts.

The MP for North West Leicestershire has made a series of anti-vaxxer claims on social media and in the Commons chamber in recent weeks.

But action was finally taken against him this morning after he shared an article on the Pfizer and Moderna jabs online, based on safety data published by US health agencies, and added: ‘As one consultant cardiologist said to me this is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust.’

Mr Sunak voiced his own anger after the matter was raised by former health secretary Matt Hancock at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Tory chief whip Simon Hart took action because the remarks ‘crossed a line’, and other senior Tory MPs lined up to criticise his remarks.

One said they were ‘disgraceful’ and another warned that if he prevented people from being vaccinated he would have ‘blood on his hands’. (Source.)

This 17-word tweet has now effectively ended Andrew Bridgen’s political career, because he “crossed a line.” What was that “line”?

He dared to compare the people dying from the COVID shots to the “Holocaust.” He has now been branded as an “Antisemitic” and no longer has a political future.

Notice that he did not deny the Holocaust happened (he actually affirmed its place in history), and he did not state that the COVID shots have killed more people than the people who died during the Holocaust.

He simply stated the truth that the products from Pfizer and Moderna were killing people, as what happened during the Holocaust, which is something you would NEVER hear an American politician say, because they know that they too would have their careers end immediately by daring to speak against the Satanic Jews who control the affairs of the world today.

As I have warned in previously published articles, “antisemitism” is nothing but a term used to justify suppressing free speech and preventing people from speaking the truth.

More and more laws are being passed in the U.S. all the time to codify just what constitutes “antisemitism,” as its definition continues to expand to basically mean saying anything negative against the government or the medical cartel that also just happens to mention “Jews” or “Holocaust.”

Here is what I wrote in my New Year’s article where I explained that Jesus Christ would be the ultimate “Antisemite” today because of what he taught on the different kind of Jews, as he differentiated between the Godly Jews and the Satanic Jews in the Bible:

Using “Antisemitism” to Eliminate the First Amendment in 2023

Earlier this week, U.S. Senator Ben Cardin announced that he sent a letter to President Joe Biden to redefine the First Amendment of the United States and to develop a “unified national strategy against anti-semitism.”

Sen. Cardin: ‘Those Who Espouse Hate’ Are ‘Not Protected Under the First Amendment’

During a hearing on anti-semitism today, Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) claimed that those who “espouse hate” are not protected under the First Amendment, and called for the federal government to be “more aggressive” in its efforts to combat hateful rhetoric.

Cardin, who is a practicing Jew, has also served as the Special Representative on Anti-Semitism, Racism, and Intolerance for the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly since 2015.

In early December, Cardin, along with Senators Jackie Rosen (D-Nev.) and James Lankford (R-Okla.) sent a letter to President Joe Biden calling for a “unified national strategy against anti-semitism.” (Full article.)

I looked up the letter he sent to President Biden, and here are some excerpts (emphasis mine):

U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.), Chair of the U.S. Helsinki Commission and Special Representative on Antisemitism, Racism and Intolerance for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Parliamentary Assembly, praised President Joe Biden today for his ongoing engagement in pushing back against hate-based violence and for answering the call from Congress and others to develop a unified, national strategy to counter antisemitism.

Antisemitism is a danger to America and our national security. It erodes public trust in democratic institutions and the rule of law. Long intertwined with bogus conspiracy theories and outright lies, antisemitic hate, intentional disinformation and related violence are on the rise once againThe numbers, a small snapshot of which were released today by the FBI as part of its annual hate crimes report, are cause for great concern. As a nation, we cannot allow antisemitism – or any other type of prejudice or intolerance – to be normalized.” (Source.)

Wow! So “Antisemitism” is a “danger to America and our national security.”

And he refers to the numbers “released today by the FBI as part of its annual hate crimes report,” which he says “are cause for great concern.”

So I decided to look up the FBI report myself to see these horrible numbers of antisemitism that are threatening our “national security.”

Here is the report from the FBI on “Hate Crime Statistics” which was published a couple of weeks ago.

Today, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program released 2021 statistics about bias-motivated incidents throughout the nation. The 2021 data, submitted by 11,834 law enforcement agencies, provide information about the offenses, victims, offenders, and locations of hate crimes. This is the first year the annual hate crimes statistics are reported entirely through the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). Compared to the previous crime data collection system, NIBRS collects significantly more detailed data for each individual criminal incident.

Law enforcement agencies submitted incident reports involving 7,262 criminal incidents and 8,673 related offenses as being motivated by bias toward race, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender, and gender identity. Highlights of Hate Crime Statistics, 2021, follow. (Due to rounding, percentage breakdowns may not add up to 100%.)

Victims of Hate Crime Incidents

  • Slightly more than 7,000 (7,074) single-bias incidents involved 8,753 victims. A percent distribution of victims by bias type shows that 64.8% of victims were targeted because of the offenders’ race/ethnicity/ancestry bias, 15.6% were targeted because of the offenders’ sexual-orientation bias, 13.3% were targeted because of the offenders’ religious bias, 3.6% were targeted because of the offenders’ gender identity bias, 1.7% were targeted because of the offenders’ disability bias, and 1.0% were targeted because of the offenders’ gender bias.
  • There were 188 multiple-bias hate crime incidents that involved 271 victims.

Offenses by Crime Category

  • Of the 5,781 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons in 2021, 44.2% were intimidation, 35.9% were simple assault, and 18.3% were aggravated assault. Thirteen (13) rapes and 9 murders were reported as hate crimes. The remaining 69 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons were reported in the category of other.
  • Of the 2,606 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against property, most (64.2%) were acts of destruction/damage/vandalism.
  • Two hundred eighty-six (286) additional offenses were classified as crimes against society. This crime category represents society’s prohibition against engaging in certain types of activity such as gambling, prostitution, and drug violations. These are typically victimless crimes in which property is not the object. (Full report here.)

So according to the FBI, there were 5,781 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons in 2021. These are all “hate crimes,” and not just crimes against “Jews.”

Of these, there were 13 rapes and 9 murders, and we have no idea how many of those, if any, were because the victims were “Jews.”

And this is a matter of “National Security”??

Because these numbers are a “cause for great concern” we need to suspend the First Amendment??

No, the REAL threat to our National Security are the Globalist Satanic Jews who are all Freemasons and worship Satan, and are in the process of killing off the “useless” members of humanity in their view, using scamdemics like COVID-19 and bioweapons like the COVID-19 “vaccines.”

As of yesterday’s update to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), there have now been 1,490,160 adverse events including 33,334 deaths reported after COVID-19 shots for the past two years (source), and that is only about 1% of the actual numbers.

THAT’s a “cause for great concern” that affects national security!

Read the full article here.

Not a Single U.S. Politician Has Shown the Same Courage as Andrew Bridgen Yet

So far, there has not been a single politician in the United States that has had the same courage as Andrew Bridgen to call out the fraud and corruption among the Big Pharma vaccine producers, and demand an end to distributing all COVID-19 injections.

Not a single one. Why?

Because they know that the same fate will happen to them as what happened to Andrew Bridgen today, and they value their careers more than they value taking a stand for the Truth, and for the people they are supposed to be serving.

In the Republican Party today, it is only OK to speak out against the VACCINE MANDATES, as long as you don’t call for the government to immediately stop injecting people with bioweapons.

As an example, here is a headline that was in my newsfeed today:

BREAKING: MTG Calls for “Immediate Investigation” Into Surge of Sudden Deaths

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has called for an immediate investigation into the surge of sudden deaths across the world.

In her statement, Greene mentioned that the timing of such deaths is concerning because they’re occurring when people are being “forced” to take Covid vaccines via mandates.

“What the hell is going on?” said Greene Wednesday, responding to a report of a 21-year-old Air Force offensive lineman who died on his way to class. “How many more healthy young people are going to drop dead?” (Source.)

Sounds good, right? Sounds like the Republicans are finally stepping up to start telling the truth about how horrible these COVID shots are.

But look closely at what she actually said, and what she did not say.

She did NOT say we should immediately STOP INJECTING PEOPLE WITH BIOWEAPONS. No, she said we should have “an immediate investigation into the surge of sudden deaths.”

This has been going on for over 2 YEARS! What more needs to be “investigated”??

Also, she said “such deaths are concerning because they’re occurring when people are being “forced” to take Covid vaccines via mandates.

Really? Many of these mandates have now ended, including allegedly in the military, so what about all the people who have taken the COVID shots and given them to their children, such as in the State of Florida, NOT because they were mandated, but because they were told they were safe and effective by our government?

No, the Republicans are not allowed to say that, because then they would have to admit that they have been complicit in this mass murder, by not calling for an immediate stop to all injections.

So according to the politicians on the Christian Conservative Right, only the “mandates” are killing people. Because while they are not “pro-choice” when it comes to murdering babies in the womb, they are all of a sudden “pro-choice” when people want to inject themselves and their children with bioweapon shots.

Show Time! Republicans now Control the U.S. House of Representatives

With the Republicans now being allowed by the Globalists to have a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, get ready for some great theatrics as they try to pretend that they somehow offer something different to the American people than the Democrats do, as both sides fall in line to serve their masters, the Globalist medical cartel.

Here is the beginning schedule of their January theater performances:

Opening Act: Pretend to oppose the Globalists’ handpicked Speaker of the House. This performance was so popular, it ran over for several days. It introduced some new actors who I am sure will become rising stars, by acting out their roles in “opposing” the Speaker of the House and extending the time it took to “vote” him into power.

There were some very entertaining scenes to this opening act, such as some alternative media reports stating that Donald Trump’s election as Speaker of the House was imminent, even though he publicly endorsed McCarthy.

Gotta love Republican comedy! Very entertaining….

Scene 1: Attack the IRS, the enemy of Conservative Republicans, by pretending to be able to defund new IRS agents.

Look at these headlines that were in my newsfeed today in the Alt-Right media:

Wednesday Live Broadcast: House Cancels Funding of 87,000 More IRS Agents

JUST IN: House Republicans Vote Unanimously to Repeal Funding For Army of 87,000 IRS Agents

House Republicans to vote on bill abolishing IRS, eliminating income tax

I was going to provide links to where these headlines appeared, but some of them have already changed their story. I guess the editors were informed that the House of Representatives cannot pass laws. It has to also go to the Senate, where Democrats are the majority, and then if passed there go on to the President to sign into law.

So no defunding of the IRS after all….

But hey, who cares about facts? It is the show that counts, and letting the American people know that Republicans stand with them in opposing the IRS!

Future scenes should be coming quickly now, which will undoubtedly include starting to impeach as many people in the Biden administration as possible, including President Biden, even though there is ZERO chance of actually impeaching anybody with the Democrats in power in the Senate and Executive Branch.

But again, it is the show that counts. They need to get these Republicans riled up and ready to vote again in the next election cycle!

Don’t Let the Satanic Jews Dictate Where There are “Holocausts” Occurring!

When Andrew Bridgen stated that this is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust, I am pretty sure he was referring to the holocaust against the Jews by Christians in Germany during WWII.

If so, I have to beg to differ. The amount of deaths and injuries among those being tortured today by the COVID-19 bioweapon shots, is the biggest crime against humanity since the holocaust against the Christians, by the Jews, at the hands of the Bolsheviks in Russia, where far more people are recorded as being killed than the number of Jews killed in Germany.

But it is also “antisemitic” to mention that, and to use the term “holocaust” when referring to the Bolsheviks according to the Satanic Jews. Instead it is supposed to be called the “Holodomor.”

Well, excuse me for not using the politically correct terms, but I choose to call what happened in Russia after WWII the “Christian Holocaust.”

If you were educated in a Western Country, you probably didn’t learn much, if anything, about that. Here is an article I published a year ago on this topic, including a film you can watch with actual film footage from that time:

Documentary Exposes the “Other Holocaust” of Christians in Russia at the Hands of Bolsheviks

The fact that this documentary has been censored so heavily should be enough reason for you to check it out.

Stop Watching the Show: RESIST the Tyrants in BOTH Parties

There are no saviors in American politics. Sorry to break that news to you.

I have been trying to communicate this to my fellow Americans since COVID started in 2020, and the Donald Trump Christian Conservative Zionist religious cult members have been, by far, the most vocal in attacking me.

So I am weary of writing about Donald Trump, and anyone who wants to read what I have written about him in the past just simply has to do a search on Health Impact News on his name.

They say that a “picture is worth a thousand words,” so instead of spending more time writing more things about the Freemason Donald Trump, I am just going to end this article by showing a picture I saw recently that would probably take a lot more than 1000 words to explain everything that is going on this picture, and most of that would NOT be G-rated, about the man that half of the population in the U.S. still believes is going to come in and save the day.

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance.

From heaven the LORD looks down and sees all mankind; from his dwelling place he watches all who live on earth–he who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do.

No king is saved by the size of his army; no warrior escapes by his great strength. A horse is a vain hope for deliverance; despite all its great strength it cannot save.

But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine.

We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield. In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.

May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you. (Psalms 33:12-22)

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