by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Today President Trump announced that he had fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper, replacing him with Christopher C. Miller, the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center.

So why is Trump making this move now, and what does it mean?

Trump has not gotten along well with Mark Esper in the past, so this was not totally unexpected. He also did not see eye to eye with his first Defense Secretary, General Jim Mattis.

Back in June, the Federal News Network reported:

President Donald Trump’s Pentagon chief shot down his idea of using active-duty troops to quell protests across the United States, and former military leaders are going after him, too, in an extraordinary clash between the U.S. military and its commander in chief.

Both Trump and Defense Secretary Mark Esper are both drawing stinging, rare public criticism from Trump’s first defense secretary, Jim Mattis, in the most public pushback of Trump’s presidency from the men he put at the helm of the world’s most powerful military.

Mattis’ rebuke on Wednesday followed Trump’s threats to use the military to “dominate” the streets where Americans are demonstrating following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died when a white police officer pressed his knee into his neck for several minutes. The president had urged governors to call out the National Guard to contain protests that turned violent and warned that he could send in active-duty military forces if they did not.

Esper angered Trump when he said he opposed using military troops for law enforcement, seemingly taking the teeth out of the president’s threat to use the Insurrection Act. Esper said the 1807 law should be invoked in the United States “only in the most urgent and dire of situations.” He added, “We are not in one of those situations now.”

Former Secretary Mattis, a retired Marine general, lambasted both Trump and Esper in an essay in The Atlantic for their consideration of using the active-duty military in law enforcement — and for the use of the National Guard in clearing out a largely peaceful protest near the White House on Monday evening.

“We must reject any thinking of our cities as a ‘battlespace’ that our uniformed military is called upon to ‘dominate,’” Mattis wrote, referencing quotes by Esper and Trump respectively. “Militarizing our response, as we witnessed in Washington, D.C., sets up a conflict — a false conflict — between the military and civilian society. ” (Source.)

Trump supporters, including many in the Alternative Media, see the firing of Esper as a positive move, apparently wanting to see our cities turn into a military zone, just as long as their guy “wins” the White House.

Among those on the “Right,” it would appear the thinking is that there was massive voter fraud, and that ultimately the Supreme Court is going to hear cases on this fraud and ultimately hand the Presidency back to Trump, and then Trump will put down any opposition using the military and the “Insurrection Act.”

And while there certainly appears to be massive fraud in these elections, do we really want our cities militarized, with martial law potentially put in place? Once the military takes over our cities, does anyone honestly expect that they will eventually return to their bases and everything will go back to “normal”?

I don’t think the Trump supporters are asking the right questions right now. And this is probably because they start from a basic presupposition that is quite different from mine.

Trump supporters, even after observing Trump for almost 4 years now, still seem to think that Trump runs the country.

Those of us who choose not to play these political games, choosing one side over the other, start out with a vastly different presupposition.

And that presupposition is that Trump does NOT run the country, but basically does what he is told to do, and that the political theater that is displayed on Prime Time TV each day is no different than any other script written for mass media consumption, whether it be the corporate news actors and their “shows” on TV, or the entertainment industry based out of Hollywood that also writes their scripts to be followed by professional actors.

This is what America has become accustomed to. Everything is basically one big media show, with a select few at the top writing the scripts for everyone to follow, including Donald Trump, who himself came out of the entertainment industry, and knows how to play this game very well.

Please see my recent article about how basically 6 companies control all of the media in the U.S.:

Brainwashing the Masses: 6 Companies Own Almost ALL of the Media in the U.S. – Using Medical “Doctors” to Sell Their Message

Also watch “Out of Shadows” if you have not done so yet.

And if you think I am wrong, and that President Trump does in fact run the country, then this is the question you need to answer:

Why is it that Trump does not get along with so many people in his cabinet, whom he allegedly chose?

Why didn’t he get along with General Jim Mattis, his first Defense Secretary, or Mark Esper, the one he just fired? If he doesn’t like their ideology, why did he hire them in the first place?

And this question can be asked about MANY people Trump has allegedly chosen to be on “his team,” such as Anthony Fauci, whom he has publicly stated several times in the past that he “gets along with great,” and is “a great guy,” up until just a few weeks before the election when he finally started saying some negative things about him, just after he replaced his position in the White House Coronavirus Task Force with Dr. Scott Atlas.

The only answer that seems to fit this scenario, is that Trump is not really in charge much at all, that his cabinet and “team” are mostly chosen for him, and that he is told what he can and cannot do by the Shadow Government that really runs this country.

One person in his cabinet, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is the former head of the CIA.

Did Trump choose him, or was he chosen by the Globalists?

Here is a video recording of Pompeo in 2019 describing his time as director of the CIA:

Here is a video clip of an address Pompeo gave back in March at a White House Task Force Press conference, just as the Plandemic was in its early stages, where Pompeo admits that the “pandemic” is a “live exercise,” while you can hear President Trump in the background say that they “should have let us know.”

If I am mostly correct, and Trump is NOT the one calling the shots for the most part, then even the termination of Secretary Esper should be viewed from the perspective of the Globalists, and whomever is writing this script, and we have to wonder just what they hope to accomplish with replacing him with Christopher C. Miller?

The militarization of America’s cities seems to be destined to happen, no matter who is in office as President, and the entire American public is being distracted now with the aftermath of the elections, while the Globalists continue on their path of implementing their New World Order, and the “Great Reset,” all in the name of “COVID.”

They will march forward with this plan, no matter whom is in office.

They don’t really care who is in office (I am sure they have multiple scenarios/scripts in place to accommodate whomever the puppet will be), and neither should the American public.

We should be focusing our attention on how to stop the Globalists and their medical tyranny, otherwise I am afraid a lot of people are about to die in this country.

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