by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Earlier this week I published a report about how the plan to develop a “New World Order” through the United Nations is no longer a conspiracy “theory,” as the plans have been published, and the whole coronavirus response has been exposed as a “Plandemic.” See:

The UN “New World Order” Has Now Been Published: No Longer a “Conspiracy Theory” – Out of the Shadows

One of the major results of the Plandemic has been that the world’s wealthiest people have instantly increased their wealth, while at the same time millions have lost their jobs, and tens of thousands of small businesses have failed.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. reported earlier this week:

At the quarantine’s outset, I warned that despots and billionaires would leverage the crisis to ratchet up surveillance and authoritarian control. They would transform America into a National Security State, engineer the final liquidation of America’s middle class and transfer its wealth to a plutocracy of digital and Pharma billionaires.

Sure enough, at breakneck speed we have devolved from the world’s exemplary democracy to a tyrannical near-police state operating at the direction of Big Data/Big Telecom, the Medical Cartel, and the Military/Industrial/Intelligence Complex.

This nationwide, extended quarantine has permanently shuttered over 100,000 small businesses, cost 38 million jobs and 27 million Americans their health care. The Super Rich elite are flourishing while a despairing middle class flounders. According to a report by Americans for Tax Fairness, billionaires are watching their wealth compound beyond imagination.

Between March 18, when lockdown began, and May 19, the combined net worth of Bill Gates (Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway) and Larry Ellison (Oracle) grew by $75.5 billion. According to Forbes data, the total wealth of the 630 U.S. billionaires jumped by $434 billion—15%—from $2.948 trillion to $3.382 trillion. Tech stocks are the most bullish about the Surveillance State. Microsoft (Bing), Facebook and Amazon are facilitating our devolution into militarized oligarchy by enforcing censorship against all expressions of dissent.

Zuckerberg’s wealth increased by 46.2 percent (up $25.3 billion); Bezos’s by 30.6 percent ($34.6 billion); Gates’s by 8.2 percent ($8 billion). Their stocks hit all-time highs this week. Amazon shares were up 29% since January and Facebook spiked 10 % in lockstep with the Lockdown. (Full article.)

Dr. Ron Paul, a former U.S. Congressman, says that the “Deep State” is able to do this through the Central Banking of the Federal Reserve, as the Globalists control the world’s monetary supply. He explains how without the Federal Reserve, and their ability to create money out of thin air, the coronavirus response never could have been accomplished.

Dr. Paul covered the Federal Reserve’s role in the Plandemic in his daily broadcast today, The Liberty Report:

Who Owns The Fed? Are They To Blame For 40 Million Unemployed?

The Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional government-created monopoly. Bankers and politicians can act recklessly, while the rest of the population suffers the consequences and pays the price.

Without the Fed, would U.S. Governors have been forced to act more rationally? Without the Fed, perhaps locking down the states would have been unthinkable.

But now the unprecedented damage has been done, and bailouts from The Fed are proceeding. The American public has (and will continue) to pay the gut-wrenching price as long as The Fed exists. It enables the endless wars. It enables the bankrupt welfare state, and The Fed has enabled Coronavirus tyranny.

Dr. Paul has tried to warn the public for decades that the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional, and a threat to the liberty of Americans. While a U.S. Congressman, he tried for years to pass legislation that would allow the Federal Reserve to be audited so the world could see what it is they do in secret, but the legislation never gained much traction.

He was featured in a film several years ago called “Fiat Empire.” A copy still exists on YouTube that you can watch that is about 1 hour long:

Here is an excerpt of his comments on the Federal Reserve in a shorter 9 minute section:

The UN’s New World Order plan replaces the world’s economic systems with something called “Happytalism.”

A New Economic System, Socio-Political Philosophy, And Human Development Paradigm Which Places The Primacy Of Happiness, Well-being, and Freedom At The Center Of Human Development And All Life.

But at what price will a one-world government be able to provide “happiness,” and who gets to define “happiness?”

The Globalists who control the Central banks are often referred to as the “Illuminati,” and throughout history they have funded wars, and created the illegal drug trafficking cabals worldwide.

They are also involved in the occult and behind the lucrative child sex trafficking network, where Satanic ritualistic abuse happens. So will they define “happiness” as being able to more openly indulge in their pedophile activities? Efforts to normalize pedophilia in American culture have been increasing in recent years. See:

Twitter Openly Allowing Pedophiles to Discuss Raping Children

Why I Canceled My Netflix Account and You Should Too: Promoting Pedophilia is NOT OK!

Publicly Open Pedophile Running for Office in Virginia Reveals How Foster Care is a Pipeline to Adopt Children as “Sex Toys”

During the current Plandemic, we have seen how they determine which businesses to destroy and which ones to leave running, by labeling them as “essential” and “non-essential.”

Liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries, for example, were declared “essential” (presumably to keep the population sedated as much as possible during the lockdowns), while church businesses, restaurants, and other businesses where people could congregate and and hold discussions were declared “non-essential.”

And now just this week a new crisis has emerged that has destroyed businesses in one major city already, and threatens to expand across the nation because of the tragic death of a young man that was filmed and broadcast around the country due to police brutality.

There are estimated to be around 700,000 to a million law enforcement officers in the U.S., and one could probably find examples of racism and police brutality across this country every day, so why is this event being promoted in the corporate media to encourage rioting and potentially looting, which we know is controlled by the Globalists? (See the Out of Shadows documentary.)

Independent journalist ReallyGraceful, who published the excellent investigative reports about Globalist Bill Gates that we published recently, asks some important questions to consider as America watches this narrative unfold.


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