Is The Federal Reserve Large-scale Human Behavioral Experiment since 2008 Coming to an End?

The Fed has trained the trading-rats all too well, and there is no way to avoid the unintended consequences of the Fed's large-scale human behavioral experiment.

FTX Created Money Out of Thin Air Like the Federal Reserve – NYSE Crash Will be Next After U.S. Banks Fail

Pam Martens of Wall Street On Parade exposed in her column today how the FTX crypto exchange, which is now bankrupt because too many people tried to withdraw their funds at the same time exposing how it was all a big Ponzi scheme, operated the same way as the Federal Reserve does in printing money out of thin air. What does this mean? It means that U.S. banks are just as guilty in running a fraudulent Ponzi scheme as FTX, and that we are just one bank run away where too many people try to withdraw their funds all at the same time where the entire U.S. financial system will collapse. Meanwhile, across the pond over in Europe, German authorities are actually planning for bank runs and social unrest as they face blackouts this winter, which would prevent people from being able to withdraw their money in a society that values cash and privacy. The entire world is about to find out just how fragile the technology is, where all it takes to bring down the entire system is to pull the plug on its energy source, electricity. 

The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Against the American People Go Unpunished

In what is likely the least surprising news headline of the day, The Federal Reserve's Watchdog has cleared Chair Jerome Powell and former Vice Chair Richard Clarida of any wrongdoing in their trading activity. “We did not find evidence to substantiate the allegations that former Vice Chair Clarida or you violated laws, rules, regulations, or policies related to trading activities as investigated by our office,” Inspector General Mark Bialek said in a letter to Powell dated June 11 and published Thursday. Yesterday, Senator Sherrod Brown, the Chair of the Senate Banking Committee, along with two of his fellow Senators on that Committee (Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock) and two additional Senators who do not serve on that Committee (Jeff Merkley and Kirsten Gillibrand) sent a stunning letter to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. The overall thrust of the letter suggested that the Fed had attempted to quiet public outrage over the Fed’s trading scandal by issuing new trading conduct rules for Fed officials but had failed to put the force of law behind those rules or set up a proper chain of command. But three sentences in the letter also strongly suggest that the Fed Chairman is actually hampering the investigation of the trading scandal, which was referred by Powell to the Federal Reserve’s Inspector General rather than to the Securities and Exchange Commission or Department of Justice, which should be involved in any serious insider trading investigation. Those three sentences read as follows: “Additionally, we are disappointed that the Federal Reserve has refused to provide additional information regarding the full scope of the trading scandal…” The use of the word, “refused” has a strong aroma of obstruction. Next is the sentence: “…we also repeat our request for your cooperation with members of Congress and the Federal Reserve’s Office of the Inspector General as we seek to understand the full depth of the Fed’s trading scandal.” The use of the words “repeat our request for your cooperation” strongly infers that Fed Chairman Powell has withheld his cooperation. And, finally, there is this sentence: “Recent reports also reveal that the Federal Reserve failed to require updated financial disclosures from the former presidents of the Dallas and Boston Reserve Banks upon termination of their positions, which is inconsistent with the financial disclosure requirements for Board officials.” That last sentence refers to Robert Kaplan, the President of the Dallas Fed, and Eric Rosengren, the President of the Boston Fed, both of whom announced on September 27 of last year that they would be stepping down as the trading scandal drew public outrage.

Biggest Bailout of Wall Street in U.S. History was Planned Months before the Plandemic Virus Crisis – “Big” Pharma now HUGE Pharma

We have been reporting here at Health Impact News that the worldwide reaction to the Coronavirus has been a very well-planned event that has allowed life as we knew it to change almost overnight, as the New World Order plan is no longer a conspiracy, but something that has been published now for everyone to see. The transfer of wealth from the middle class and small businesses to Wall Street has also been very swift, as three stimulus packages have already been implemented, with the vast majority of new money being produced by the Federal Reserve and the Central Bankers primarily benefiting the pharmaceutical industry, which has a blank check at this point to develop COVID vaccines at "Warp Speed." Project "Warp Speed" is led by General Gustave Perna, and Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the former chairman of GlaxoSmithKline’s vaccines division, who has worked closely with Bill Gates and other Big Pharma leaders, including Google which is also now a pharmaceutical company. And now it is being reported that a Phase Four stimulus package is in the works, where President Trump wants another $2 TRILLION in bailouts (Democrat Nancy Peolsi wants $3 TRILLION) “with the bulk of that focused on bringing home our manufacturing base, starting with pharmaceuticals and medical supplies and equipment.” In an article published by Pam Martens and Russ Martens at "Wall Street on Parade," we learn that not only was the reaction to a "new" virus pre-planned before it happened, so were the economic stimulus packages that have destroyed America's economy, and in fact the world economy, by former central bankers now on the payroll at an investment firm called BlackRock.

The New World Order: Creating a Crisis so the Rich Get Richer While Millions Lose Their Jobs

Earlier this week I published a report about how the plan to develop a "New World Order" through the United Nations is no longer a conspiracy "theory," as the plans have been published, and the whole coronavirus response has been exposed as a "Plandemic." One of the major results of the Plandemic has been that the world's wealthiest people have instantly increased their wealth, while at the same time millions have lost their jobs, and tens of thousands of small businesses have failed. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. reported earlier this week: "This nationwide, extended quarantine has permanently shuttered over 100,000 small businesses, cost 38 million jobs and 27 million Americans their health care. The Super Rich elite are flourishing while a despairing middle class flounders. According to a report by Americans for Tax Fairness, billionaires are watching their wealth compound beyond imagination. Between March 18, when lockdown began, and May 19, the combined net worth of Bill Gates (Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway) and Larry Ellison (Oracle) grew by $75.5 billion. According to Forbes data, the total wealth of the 630 U.S. billionaires jumped by $434 billion—15%—from $2.948 trillion to $3.382 trillion. Tech stocks are the most bullish about the Surveillance State. Microsoft (Bing), Facebook and Amazon are facilitating our devolution into militarized oligarchy by enforcing censorship against all expressions of dissent." Dr. Ron Paul, a former U.S. Congressman, says that the "Deep State" is able to do this through the Central Banking of the Federal Reserve, as the Globalists control the world's monetary supply. He explains how without the Federal Reserve, and their ability to create money out of thin air, the coronavirus response never could have been accomplished. Dr. Paul covered the Federal Reserve's role in the Plandemic in his daily broadcast today, The Liberty Report. And now just this week a new crisis has emerged that has destroyed businesses in one major city already, and threatens to expand across the nation because of the tragic death of a young man that was filmed and broadcast around the country due to police brutality.