The following is a blog that I stumbled on back in 2012 in which a courageous Chemtrail chemist whistleblower, known only as OP, appeared on’s blog and spilled the beans on his 17 years of developing chemicals for dispersion on the human population… 90% of which were designed to alter emotions/mood/state of mind as well as provoke “flu-like symptoms”!

Is it possible that in order to increase the Covid-19 case numbers and get the population to submit to the bogus 85% false-positive PCR tests, masks, vaccines and the rest of it, that the Controllers are having us sprayed with chemical irritants from the sky in order to provoke Covid-like symptoms?

I have noticed an uptick in Chemtrail activity in our area recently as the number of symptomatic Covid cases in our area is spiking!

The following blog is broken down into the 5 days of posts OP shared with us before going silent… below is day 1.

Links for days 2 through 5 will be found at the end of this post… I invite you to visit them all.


I spent 17 years developing various chemicals for Chemtrails.

Ask me almost anything…

Can’t tell you the name of my employers. Nor can I tell you the exact chemical compositions of the mixtures I helped develop. I can answer almost everything else.

– Does Evergreen have planes modified for this?

I can’t say with 100% certainty that the chemicals I worked on ended up in Evergreen planes, but I do know for a fact that cargo airline companies like Evergreen routinely accept large sums of money to load and disperse chemtrails. Much more lucrative than just hauling cargo.

– What is/are their purpose(s)?
– How toxic are they?
– Do they breakdown or accumulate?

Purpose(s): Too many to count on ten fingers. It really depends on where they are going to be used. Many are calming agents. Others induce a state of haziness. Rarely, we were asked to develop mixtures to incite anger/rash behavior; 90% of what we worked on aimed to alter emotions/mood/state of mind.

Toxicity: In almost all cases, it was made very clear to us that what we were working on should have minimal toxicity. Naturally, a small percent of the population will have allergic tendencies to a chemical compound. But in some cases we even went as far as animal testing to ensure that the chemicals we were working on were relatively non-toxic. I never worked on a project where the intended result was toxic/fatal.

Breakdown/Accumulate: Varies a lot based on the chemical structure.

Some of the mixtures we developed were intended to dissipate to concentrations as low as one part per billion by the time they reached ground level. Others were specifically designed to reach ground level and last for up to a year. Even after rain/wind/snow, etc.

– Beyond your company which I will assume is subcontracted anyway, do you have any clue who’s behind the spraying?

Do you mean which airlines conduct the spraying? Or who coerces the airlines into doing so? I do know that 99% of the time, a commercial pilot is unaware that their plane may be spraying chemtrails. I realized after some time that whatever organization is “behind the scenes” of all this is very good at making sure to directly deal with as few people as possible. I never knew who was contracting my employer’s services. Not once.

– So it’s a psy-ops in the truest sense?
– Do you know how wide spread it is?
– Are certain areas targeted more than others?

I do know that North America is not the only continent that uses ADCs (aerially dispersed chemicals) without the knowledge of the population. However, I also know that the chemical technology of other countries are close to a decade behind that of the United States.

I never knew where the chemicals I worked on ended up being used. Like I said before, there is a LOT of secrecy. I only did it for 17 years because the paycheck and benefits were beautiful. All I can say is that sometimes we were given the job of developing chemical mixtures expecting very specific results, which gave me the sense that they would be used for a specific area. State, county, city – I don’t know.

I do know that it would be very hard to target an area smaller than a city from the altitude of a commercial airliner. Although I did work on a couple projects where the intent was to develop a mixture that would not disperse very far; just drop as fast as possible without spreading out.

1) What do you want to tell us?
2) Name 5 or 10 reasons for spraying us, please.

I don’t really want to tell you anything. I’ve been out of the business for long enough, to the point where I feel safe revealing some of the details of my employment. That, and this glass of scotch.

Reasons for spraying…like I said, we never knew the contractors true “intent”. But 9 times out of 10, it was pretty obvious because when asking us to develop chemical compounds, they have to tell us what they want them to do.

To name a few: weather modification, emotion suppressants, emotion expectorants, environmental modification. Also, interesting that you should mention “sickness/flu symptoms” – although I said earlier that with 99% of our products we were specifically instructed to ensure non-toxicity, there were more than a few projects we worked on that were meant to create “symptoms of flu” , without causing any real harm to the subjects.

– In your opinion what is the overall agenda driving chemtrails?

Control. Whether it’s over people, the weather, the environment – it all boils down to control. It’s human nature to want to be in control.

– Would you be willing to tell us the years (dates)you were actively involved?
– And/or how long have we been getting sprayed in secret?

I’d rather give a range than exact years – early 80s to early 2000′s. Not sure when spraying started exactly, but judging from the scientific papers we based our some of our research on, it didn’t take long after the dawn of modern chemistry for people to learn that chemicals can be used for nefarious purposes as well as good ones.

– I just love how casually people interact with mass murderers.

I’m sorry, but I resent that – you clearly haven’t read any of my responses. 99% of the time, non-toxicity was top priority. I can say with complete confidence that even our most dangerous mixtures never had more than a 1 in 50,000 mortality rate, assuming they were deployed as advised.

– Is it true that some chemtrails help amplify the effects of haarp?

Sorry, but I really don’t know anything about HAARP other than that they are believed to be actively researching weather modification. If they ever contracted our services, I never knew.

– Are you still in contact with any old coworkers who are still involved? if so are there any updates or current info you would like to share?

There was an odd generation gap in the research group I worked with. I.e. by the time I left, everyone at our lab fell into two groups – 55 years and older, or less than 5-10 years out of college. I actually felt like they did this on purpose, to minimize the chance that we would keep in contact with anyone “still in the business” after retiring. Besides the mountains of non-disclosure agreements I was forced to sign. But no, I don’t keep in contact with anyone still conducting research. In fact I only keep in touch with one former lab mate, who resigned two years after me.

– Write it all up (with proof) and send to all the newsdesks in the U.S. I bet somone would run it.

I would worry for my safety if I were to actually do that. I don’t even feel completely safe discussing this on an internet forum.

– But how do you feel about what you have done? Like I said, I’m not judging, nor am I seeking a religious argument.

Not great. I would feel much, much worse if non-toxicity had not been as much of a concern as it was. But even so, I’ve dealt with a great amount of regret since retirement. Developed a drinking problem. But I’ve managed to come to terms with my nearly two decades of work, and I am ready to accept whatever fate awaits me.

– I’m curious as to what motivated you to discuss Chemtrails?

I guess I’ve been needing to get it off my chest for some time. I can’t talk about it with family and friends – they think I am making some sort of “mad scientist” joke and laugh it off. None of them have ever taken me seriously when I try to explain the details of my career. I was just a research chemist as far as they are concerned.

– If you write it all up and mail it to all the major newsdesks — anonymously & from a remote location — you could blow the lid off the subject. And possibly even save some people.

The other thing is, I have absolutely zero proof other than my word. I know for a fact that our research lab is no longer in the same location as it was when I worked there. I drove by a couple years ago, and the sign is for some new company I’ve never heard of. I was forced to surrender my lab notebooks upon retirement.

I was also forced to allow them to search my house and car upon retirement, and they were given full right to confiscate anything that could have been related to my work. People have come to the media saying they worked at Area 51, but never get real media coverage for the same reason – the only proof they have is their experiences.

– 2 questions:

1) you mentioned these chemicals were sometimes designed to “calm”. Any of these mixtures have to do with memory loss or attention deficits? Seems like people are complaining more and more of being scatter brained and forgetful. People seem to lose focus a lot too.
2) is there a way to avoid them or detox from these chemicals?

There was one project where we were asked to “experiment” with memory loss compounds. I think our contractors asked us to “experiment” because they knew it was a very tricky field. We ended up making a little headway, but could not develop anything that was anything near safe for use on humans. So the project was scrapped. As far as attention deficit, there was a project we worked on that was supposed to induce temporary inability to focus. I suppose that’s the same thing.

As far as a way to avoid these sorts of thing…I suppose a way of avoiding chemicals greater than 0.1 μm in size would protect you against most of what we worked on. Good luck wearing something like that and not looking like a nutjob in public (maybe Japan has the right idea?). Detox – no clue. Not my area of expertise.

– Did the experiment on memory loss involve the neurotransmitters? Was it chemical as in pharmaceutical in nature?

Good questions. We were indeed trying to alter the behavior of neurotransmitter receptors (G protein-coupled receptors to be specific) for that project. But we were unable to achieve the desired result without jeopardizing the safety of the subject.

– Please elaborate. Brain chemistry interests me.

I’ll try to summarize the project without getting too specific. We were looking at a specific family of G protein-coupled receptors only found in brain tissue.

The headway we made was developing an inhibitor for a specific receptor in this family. This specific receptor is involved in creation and storage of new memories.

By developing a compound that bound to the receptor and blocked the binding of the naturally created compound, we achieved mediocre success in the inhibition of creation and storage of new memories. But test mortality rates were too high, and the project was abandoned. One of the more interesting ones we ever got to work on, though.

– Do you think it is likely that many of the projects you were asked to work on during the 80s-early 2000s could have by now been figured out?
– What really concerns me is that the idea (which means there is a motive and agenda behind it) EXISTS and someone wanted you guys to try and figure it out. Just because the technology was not there during your time, do you think there could be a good chance that it has been developed since?
– I heard a rumour/conscpiracy that an agent was dispersed in the Middle East area over the past year to basically reduce the “God” particle in us. Many say this is what explains the numerous revolts we saw happen over the past year. Do you have any opinion on this?
– Is there any way to sue the Government for knowingly affecting us without a choice in the matter? Do they not fear the response from other countries that may not want these chemicals polluting the water, and eventually food that may be exported to them?
– You mentioned before that there should not be a harm if they applied these chemicals in the way that you guys advised. I am scared as after hearing about families being sprayed with Corexit, and the planes spraying along the shoreline when they were supposed to be a couple miles away from the shore, that these types of Chemicals you guys produced would have been purposefully released in away that was not recommended to achieve a quicker drastic result.

Wow, that’s a lot of questions. I’ll answer the ones that I can.

Projects that I worked on in my time that were unsuccessful: Yes, it is quite possible that with technological advances in the last decade, some things we were unable to accomplish have since been done. (memory agents?)

An agent to reduce the “God” particle in us: If you are referring to the possible Higgs-Boson particle, then I think what you read is probably hogswash. Higgs-Boson particles do not even exist for more than a miniscule fraction of a second. And we know so little about them that any attempt to “reduce them in us” would be a joke. Remember that the term “God particle” was given to them by some idiot, and for some reason it stuck. The Higgs-Boson particle, if it does exist, has nothing to do with God.

However, I won’t rule out that the rash of revolutions in the Middle East were the result of a chemical agent. Not likely, but not impossible.

Sue the government? Good luck.

Although I don’t like to think about it, I don’t doubt that the people using the chemicals we developed might have occasionally used them differently than we recommended. I don’t like to think about it. The people making the final decisions were likely bureaucrats looking for results – not scientists.

– And my question is – if you were looking for “calming” were there studies that you saw that proved or disproved your work in the lab was working?

If there were other labs doing research on chemtrail compounds (and I’m almost sure there were/are), they weren’t publishing their work.

Neither did we. So that was one downside – I couldn’t read papers about exciting progresses in my field. I just had to keep up with major chemistry journals. As far as chemicals related to “calming”, yes, I can say that the ones we developed were proven to work on rats, and in one case, pigs.

– Question: If you could go back in time and do it all over again would you?

Hell of a question. Would I do it all again… No. For a scientist, nothing feels better than being on the cutting edge of research in a particular field. And the money was amazing. But when I think of what else I could have done with my degree, whether my talent was “wasted”, for lack of a better word… No – I wouldn’t do it agian.

– As far as the general public being completely oblivious, even when you point out and explain the chemtrails to them, do you think this is partially a result of the “calming” chemicals? Finally, do you have any suggestions as to what we can do to put an end to this monstrosity? Thank you.

I stopped trying to point out chemtrails to the “general public” (really only ever tried to explain to my family) a long time ago. It’s a losing battle – people believe what they want to believe. This might be a result of a calmative agent. No way of knowing – the human brain is amazing at ignoring something that is right in front of its eyes, even without a calmative helping out.

Suggestions on ending the monstrosity? Unless you are brave enough and capable of bringing solid proof to a media outlet, I’d say nothing. And it seems to be a widespread belief on GLP that mainstream media doesn’t do jack shit. If that really is true, then the battle is all but over.

– How were you hired? We’re you recruited in grad school, undergrad school? Or later in the private sector?

After graduating with a bachelors in Chemistry, I found a job working as a lab technician in a publicly funded laboratory doing normal research. Six years later and no promotion, I had saved enough to go to grad school (with the help of loans).

Ended up getting a PhD in Biochemistry. Less than a week after graduating, I was approached by a man who gave me a business card and asked me to call him if I was interested in using my degree. I was, so I called him. A year after starting, my student loans were paid off.

– Was the goal of the chemicals you used ever to facilitate or enhance the perception of ULF/microwaves/sound or possibly visual perception in the population?
– What were the goals you were asked to accomplish regarding chemical cocktails? Were they to facilitate something else in the environment?
– We would like more information regarding specifics please. Thank You.

Facilitate/enchance perception of ULF/microwaves/sound or visual perception – Facilitate, no. Impede/Impair, yes, for a couple of projects (5G?)

I’ve mentioned overall goals of our various research projects earlier in the thread – you can probably find them on the first page.

Sorry about the lack of real specifics, but I really shouldn’t be doing this type of thing in the first place. Lack of specifics is for my own safety.

– What is the one thing that they wanted most, but you and your team were unable to accomplish? do any of the compounds you worked on have synergistic effects when combined with prescription pills, or other additives in water/food?

As far as something a contractor wanted most but we were unable to accomplish without fatal side effects was the short term memory loss project. Made some headway, but was never safe for use. Project scrapped. (maybe not)

It’s possible that some things we created interact with prescription/over the counter drugs. When testing compounds, we checked for side effects with most major over the counter and prescription drugs (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc.). But there was no possible way for us to test interactions with every drug on the market.

– Are you not concerned for yourself or your own family’s health and what the spraying is doing to them?

Was married, not anymore. No kids. I tried a few times to explain it to the rest of my immediate family, but like I said before, I’m seen as the goofy bearded ‘mad scientist’ of the family. It’s possible the reason I made this thread is out of concern I feel for the rest of the planet.

– I can give you the legal names and departments of everyone I know and you’ve mentioned nothing that they know as truth.

That’s wonderful. I’m glad you are willing to rat out the people you know that easily. Hell, I feel like a good ol’ fashioned revival has sprung up in my living room, and the preacher is just ignoring me. Fine, keep posting in this thread. I’ll just focus on reading and answering people who are looking for truth, not your psuedo-spiritually inspired jargon.

– Interesting thread, thanks for posting it, op! Thanks for being honest, any suggestions on how to put a stop to it?

I think I touched on this to a small extent earlier. As far as putting a stop to it, you’d have to be brave enough to provide solid proof of spraying activities (including specific chemical compounds and the research documenting their effects) to a major media outlet. And that’s under the bold assumption that not all major media outlets are under governmental control. Assuming they are, I don’t really know what can be done to stop it. At that point, it’s up to you to avoid it, and convince your family to do the same. My recommendation would be to get as far away from population centers as possible (not just major cities – any population center).

– And did these contractors have the intention of blocking the serotonin from entering the synapse or eliminating the vesicles completely and what did you use to get through that blood brain barrier?

Like I said, we worked on a number of projects involving Serotonin in different manners. Some involved overloading receptors, some involved inhibiting them slightly, some involved inhibiting them completely.

There is actually a whole family of Serotonin receptors, and usually we were targeting only one that is only expressed in certain areas of the brain. I can’t think of any projects where we attempted to eliminate the creation of synaptic vesicles completely.

As far as crossing the blood brain barrier, osmosis was generally our friend. We also did some research into developing liposomes filled with our developed chemicals. Very interesting avenue of research. But generally osmosis when possible, or endogenous transport systems when osmosis wasn’t an option.

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