General Gustave Perna was appointed as the Chief Operation Officer for Operation Warp Speed to develop and distribute COVID vaccines on May 14, 2020. Press Conference at the White House.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Before getting into a political article, I want to make it clear once again that as Editor of Health Impact News, I see my job as a journalist to follow the truth wherever it leads, and I have no political affiliations to either political party.

Just because we may write something negative about someone in one party, does not automatically mean we support the other party.

That is the way the Globalists control the public, by dividing everyone by politics, race, class, etc.

But there are a few of us out here who still know how to think critically, and refuse to participate in the Right vs. Left, Democrat vs. Republican debate.

And that’s because the people at the top who run the country, control both political sides to achieve their goals of globalism and the New World Order.

Both parties and ideologies, for example, are pro-Pharma. You cannot hold any major political office in the U.S. today and be against Pharma. It’s impossible.

President Trump has at times allegedly tried to be against Pharma, mostly on pricing issues, but the end result has been the same as every other politician who has promised to go after Corporate America, such as the Obamas originally being against GMOs, and wanting to have an organic garden at the White House.

Once they take office, corporate America and the Wall Street bankers take over, and use their secret intelligence agencies and secret societies to make sure everyone stays in line with their plans.

The true divisions in our world today are between good and evil, between God and Satan.

And to simply state this principle, or to dare to mention a collection of ancient writings called “the Bible,” is to then be accused of writing about religion, or being called a “Christian,” when in fact I also do not hold any religious affiliations either, and do NOT call myself a Christian.

The “Christian Right” is a big problem in our country today, and is used by the Globalists to achieve their purposes just as much as they use any other political group or faction.

Documenting all the problems with the Christian Right would constitute another article, but suffice it to say for now that I am not part of this group, and have not been for many years, since the topics I write about and expose such as vaccines, medicine, and child trafficking, etc. – all put me at odds with most in the Christian corporate churches today.

As I wrote last year, the child trafficking problem in the U.S., the #1 country in the world for child sex trafficking, would be dealt a serious blow if Christians simply stopped participating in the State-sponsored foster care and adoption system, which is where most of the nation’s sexually trafficked children originate.

Christian Churches Redefine the Meaning of “Orphan” to Justify Participating in Child Trafficking

Dr. Moncef Slaoui, a drug industry insider from GSK, and General Gustave Perna, heads of Operation Warp Speed. Image source.

President Trump has Given Big Pharma More Funding and Power than Probably all Previous Administrations Put Together

It is important to remember that President Trump did not come through the political ranks like most presidents before him. He was chosen from the Wall Street Billionaires club.

Since the COVID plandemic started earlier this year, over $7 TRILLION of federal funds has been allocated to fight “the virus.” Most of that is for the multiple vaccines being developed under Operation Warp Speed, which was basically given a blank check to spend as much money as needed to develop COVID vaccines.

It is safe to conclude that more funds have rolled into the bank accounts of Big Pharma this year, 2020, than probably the rest of the years of the history of the U.S. put together.

Not all of the COVID funding went to Big Pharma of course. The military has received its fair share for its role in distributing the new vaccines when they become available, and what exactly that role is going to be is yet to be seen.

Many other Wall Street corporations got richer over COVID as well, as businesses were chosen based arbitrarily on which ones were “essential” and which ones were not, and the entire business landscape in the U.S. changed almost literally overnight.

President Trump addressing the nation from Walter Reed Hospital. Image from YouTube.

Did President Trump Really Test Positive for COVID? Or was it another Act to Boost Big Pharma?

Last week it was announced that President Trump tested positive for COVID along with “mild symptoms.” He was admitted to Walter Reed hospital.

The same day his condition was announced to the public, it was also immediately announced that the President was being administered a new experimental COVID drug, Regeneron’s REGN-COV2.

Business journals apparently already had press releases ready about the drug, and the company’s stock immediately went up.

FiercePharma, one the Pharmaceutical companies’ main marketing trade publications, was one of the first to publish the story:

In a bombshell development Thursday, President Donald J. Trump tested positive for COVID-19, sending shockwaves through the country with just weeks until Election Day. One unanswered question was how the president’s physicians would navigate an uncertain treatment course—and an unproven antibody cocktail from Regeneron is now in the spotlight.

Trump’s personal doctor confirmed Friday that the president was treated with an 8-gram dose of Regeneron’s investigational antibody cocktail for COVID-19, dubbed REGN-COV2…

Trump’s early treatment with Regeneron’s cocktail was an immediate boon for investors with the drugmaker’s stock trading up around $20—or 3%—in after-market hours Friday.

Regeneron does not even have emergency use approval yet. FiercePharma also reports that Regeneron’s CEO Len Schleifer has been a guest at the White House during the pandemic.

Kyle Blankenship reports:

Unlike another highly touted COVID-19 hopeful, Gilead Sciences’s Veklury (remdesivir), REGN-COV2 has no emergency use approvals anywhere in the world—a fact that could underscore Trump’s relationship with New York-based Regeneron and CEO Len Schleifer, who has been a guest at the White House during the pandemic.

The company said late Friday that Trump’s doctors had requested the therapy under its compassionate use program.

An eventual clean bill of health for Trump could go a long way to boosting confidence in Regeneron’s therapy, which is already raising hopes of $6 billion in sales per year—assuming it can secure the FDA’s approval.

Compared with vaccines, which are being supplied to the U.S. government at $24 on average for a two-dose regimen, antibody drugs could be far more expensive, as they are typically priced well into the thousands, Morningstar analyst Karen Andersen told clients last month. But antibodies could be particularly useful for older adults, whose immune systems may not respond as well to vaccination. (Full article.) (Emphasis Added)

Regeneron’s co-founders then made the media rounds after the “free” publicity they received from the President for using their product.

Beth Snyder Bulik, writing for FiercePharma, reported on Oct. 7th:

Just days after Regeneron published early data on its antibody cocktail to treat COVID-19, the world found out the president of the U.S. was taking it.

What followed was a run-up for Regeneron shares, a series of shout-outs from President Donald Trump and a fair share of media appearances for the company’s co-founders.

The high-profile attention is a rare public relations bump that can’t be bought—and one the company seems at ease leveraging.

It may also be a sign of the COVID-19 times. Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day went on multiple TV interviews to talk about remdesivir, the company’s antiviral that’s still in clinical trials but boasts an emergency use authorization from the FDA. (Full article. Emphasis added.)

On October 4, 2020, it was announced that Trump had received his second dose of remdesivir, another experimental COVID drug, but one that has already received fast-track approval by the FDA, and has been widely distributed to hospitals.

His doctors reported that President Trump would receive the full 5 doses.

Interestingly, FiercePharma, the main pharmaceutical marketing trade publication, announced on Friday, October 2nd, the same day Trump was admitted to Walter Reed, that sales of Gilead’s remdesivir were beginning to slump, and that the company was taking over distribution of the drug now as a result of the slow-down in sales.

Angus Liu, writing for FiercePharma, reported:

After a somewhat chaotic initial rollout by the U.S. government, Gilead Sciences is now taking distribution of COVID-19 drug remdesivir into its own hands.

Starting Thursday, Gilead will directly sell remdesivir, branded as Veklury, to American hospitals, ending a five-month phase when the U.S. Department of Health and Human services was responsible for allocating it, the company and HHS said. AmerisourceBergen will remain the sole U.S. distributor through the end of the year.

The cost for the 5-dose treatment of remdesivir is $3,120.00, and sales are expected to exceed $3.5 billion in revenue.

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a drug with no patents due to being in the marketplace with a perfect safety record for over 35 years and with a cost of about $20 per dose, was condemned by U.S. public health officials like Dr. Fauci as supposedly being ineffective in treating COVID.

The efforts to discredit HCQ included publishing fabricated studies to try and “prove” that HCQ was not effective against COVID patients.

Gilead’s remdesivir was given fast-track approval instead, and demand initially sky rocketed.

But now, apparently the supply of remdesivir exceeds demand.

FiercePharma reported:

Remdesivir is one of only a few drugs to show signs of benefits in COVID-19 during the early days of the pandemic. But just like the world’s response to the virus, the initial distribution of the antiviral drug was confusing under the feds’ oversight.

Some doses went directly to hospitals but not necessarily to those in greatest need, and some hospitals either didn’t receive enough or were left empty-handed, NPR reported in May, weeks after the remdesivir won its emergency use authorization from the FDA. The allocations improved later, but HHS’ methods for earmarking doses remained a mystery.

Meanwhile, Gilead quickly worked to ramp up supply, increasing internal manufacturing capacity and signing on contractors.

Now, the supply’s exceeding market demand. At the end of June, HHS secured more than 500,000 treatment courses of the drug, which represented nearly all of Gilead’s yield through September.

However, states and territories haven’t been accepting their full allocations, and only 32% of the total amount was actually purchased by hospitals from July to September, HHS said Thursday, citing data from its Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response.

Now that Gilead’s meeting real-time demand for the drug in the U.S., the HHS and the company decided it’s time for the HHS to bow out and let the company handle commercial sales directly to hospitals. (Full article at FiercePharma).

So whatever you want to believe about the President’s diagnosis with COVID, one thing is very clear: two pharmaceutical companies with experimental COVID drugs saw their sales and stock value soar.

QAnons Wrong – Again

Actor John DeLancie plays the role of a mythical deity called “Q” in the Star Trek Next Generation Series. Image source.

While all of this was being reported in the corporate media, some in the alternative media, and those among the QAnon publishers, were pushing a completely different narrative.

In what was widely reported and accepted as “fact,” we were told that President Trump was not at Walter Reed hospital at all, but on an aircraft carrier safe and sound, as several “assassination teams” had allegedly been deployed to take him out before the elections.

The extent to which this “news” spread over the course of a couple of days is remarkable. Even some in the alternative media picked it up as credible news and published it.

Here is an example of an article published on October 3, 2020 (I am intentionally not revealing the source, as multiple publications published very similar information):

Following a discovered plot against JFK, obtained by undercover Miami PD detectives nine days before the assassination, JFK was kept on the move, until the fateful day, 10 days later, in Dallas. President Trump is being kept on the move, do not believe the media reports as to his real location, and this is being done to keep Trump from suffering the same fate as JFK.

[Another publisher] and myself have information obtained from different sources that four assassination teams have been dispatched to take the life of the President because the Deep State has determined that he will be victorious in the election. [The other publisher] and myself do not have many of the same sources, but our independently obtained information matches perfectly.

QAnon believers agreeing with each other and therefore “independent” sources agreeing with each other – so what’s new with the QAnon crowd?

On another blog where comments to the same effect were being made, even after it was announced that President Trump was leaving Walter Reed later that day, I wrote the following comment and asked:

And when he walks out the door of Walter Reed this afternoon, how will the QAnon cultist believers handle that I wonder?

They handled it the same way they have handled everything else that has not been true by the “Q” predictions: ignore it and move on.

To the Q believers, Trump is the savior of the nation, is against mandatory vaccines, and is still going to take down the “deep state,” etc.

He can do no wrong.

As I have previously written, some real intel about child sex trafficking has come out of the Q movement, and it has spurred people to do real investigations on this topic (all good things).

But to take what is verifiable true information (sometimes) and then extend that to a belief in Trump as the savior of the nation who is going to take down the “deep state” and restore the Republic, is a religious-like faith that has no basis in the truth, at least not during his first term.

Even today, October 9, 2020, President Trump is not complaining that Pedophiles and child sex trafficking leaders are not being brought to justice. He is complaining that the Attorney General is not bringing formal charges against his political foes like Obama and Hillary Clinton, for spying on him during the 2016 elections, before this year’s election.

And now he has beaten COVID and wants to assure everyone everything is going to be OK.

He has even attributed his recovery as “miracles coming down from God.” (Source.)

It kind of reminds me of a prophecy in the book of Revelations in the Bible:

One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the beast. (Revelation 13:3)

I have no idea if that prophecy is being fulfilled right now or not, but I do expect the world situation to get a lot worse in the days ahead.

It appears to be a foregone conclusion that Trump has been selected to win the election by the Globalists, at least some of them (probably the Rockefellers), and that there will be a major attempt to remove him from office some how.

But politics are the side show here to the real agenda.

No matter who wins the U.S. Presidential election, it will be full speed ahead into more Medical Tyranny, and more drugs and vaccines to be forced upon the population, as the U.S. participates in the New World Order that is moving forward at break neck speed.

Neither political party is going to save us, or the nation, at this point.

This is a great time to get familiar with the teachings of the Bible again if you have not picked it up in a long time, and to start spending more time in prayer asking God for discernment, and to reveal the spirits of deception.

Jesus said:

For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible. (Matthew 24:24)

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