by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

We have already published evidence that the Coronavirus Plandemic was a very well organized event for a specific purpose, as are the ongoing race riots happening throughout the world right now, and that this is just a prelude to ushering in a New World Order that is no longer a “conspiracy theory” but a plan that has been published for anyone who takes the time to study it. See our previous articles if you have not read them:

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Now that the Globalists have boldly published their plans for radically changing the world with their New World Order, the biggest question remains: Are there enough free-thinking people left to truly understand what is happening and oppose it?

Or are we doomed to the same fate as Germany during WWII where the public willingly complied with the Nazis and never resisted the rounding up of millions of people who were deemed no longer necessary to society and ended up destroying them?

If you think the kind of atrocities that happened during WWII could never happen again in modern society, you are woefully wrong. The plan looks very different this time, but the end results are the same: reducing the world’s population by eliminating those deemed no longer necessary to society.

This plan is already in place and moving forward at a very fast pace, and the initial phase already killed tens of thousands of our nation’s senior citizens living in nursing homes whose deaths were blamed on the Coronavirus.

If you don’t understand what this plan is that is already happening, you will be ill prepared for the next phases.

Resistance is NOT Futile!

Like probably many people this past weekend, I took advantage of the nice weather to spend some time outdoors. It was good to see so many people out and about, but it saddened me to see so many people still wearing masks, which in the outdoor fresh air borders insanity. We have previously published articles showing that there is no medical evidence to support the wearing of masks for healthy people, and in fact it is harmful. See:

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I was walking through an outdoor shopping complex where I stopped to pick up a cup of coffee. As I began to walk back to my original destination, I looked at the weekend Farmer’s Market that was setup in the parking lot of this large outdoor area, which is part of a county property.

I had not bothered to go to this particular Farmer’s Market in months, because they had lost many of their vendors, and there was always a very long line to get in, due to them practicing social distancing and all the other nonsense to supposedly fight the plandemic.

But there were fewer crowds this time, and really no lines to enter. There was, however, a large sign saying that one could not enter without wearing a face mask.

Until now, I have never worn a face mask in public, even when going to stores that say they are required. Nobody has ever challenged me, and in fact, in recent days, I have had the feeling that the poor employees in many of these stores enjoyed seeing someone not complying, and I felt sorry for them as I knew they probably had to wear one all day long as a condition for their employment.

So I decided I would just try to slip past the “gate keeper” while he was talking to someone else.

It didn’t work. The Farmer’s Market police man (FMP) immediately ran up to me and said: “I am sorry sir, but you cannot come in here without wearing a face mask.”

Next, I tried the “ignore technique” and pretended like I didn’t hear him, and just kept on walking.

He persisted. I told him: “I’m sorry, I don’t do face masks.”

FMP: “Sir, you have to leave then, you can’t come in here.”

I kept walking. He persisted.

FMP: “Sir, nobody is going to sell to you without a face mask, so please leave.”

Me: “I’m sorry, I don’t do face masks.”

At this point he got visibly upset, and made some kind of threatening statement, although it was difficult to clearly understand everything he was saying sometimes, due to that mask covering his mouth.

So I came to a complete stop and looked directly into his eyes and said:

“Ok. Would you like to carry me out of here?”

FMP: “No, no. I am not going to carry you away, but I am going to follow you and make sure you don’t buy anything.”

Me: “Ok, no problem. I wasn’t planning on buying anything anyway. I am just exercising my right as a citizen to walk through this public market area.” And I raised my voice as I said that last part, just to make sure the other Farmer’s Market patrons could hear me.

FMP: “No, this is private property.”

Me: “No, your market might be private, but this is a public area and you have no authority to make me wear a face mask.”

So as he followed he walked beside me, and I turned to him and said:

“Do you realize there are literally hundreds of doctors who explain how dangerous it is to wear a face mask all day long and keep breathing in your own carbon dioxide?”

He thought about that for a second, and then said to me:

“Oh really? So when a doctor performing brain surgery is wearing a face mask, he’s wrong?”

I came to a full stop, looked him directly in the eyes and said:

“Do you see anyone around here performing brain surgery? Yes, in a hospital surgery setting, a face mask is appropriate, but not outside in the fresh air like this.”

By now another woman looking rather important rushed up to me and said: “You have to leave, now!”

I ignored her and kept walking.

She threatened me and said: “If you don’t leave, I am going to call [name of some county official that apparently is a supervisor in some capacity.]”

Me: “Sure! No problem! Call him up and ask him to come here and carry me out.”

I thought it interesting that they did NOT threaten to call the police, given all the backlash the police are getting during the current situation. And I knew that whoever this person was she was threatening to call was probably not going to stop whatever it was he was doing to worry about someone walking through the Farmer’s Market simply because they were not wearing a mask.

So now the FMP, a young white male maybe in his late 20s, apparently just assumed that because I am an older white male, that I must be a Trump supporter, so he starts trash talking President Trump.

I replied:

“I don’t care what you think about Trump. All politicians are part of the problem, not part of the solution.”

FMP: “Well I don’t disagree with that.”

Now that he had tipped his hand, I had him!

So I said to him:

“Why are you obeying the Trump administration’s edict to wear a mask? His medical authority cronies are the ones who mandated this. Are you Trump’s slave?”

FMP: “No, no! I am not a slave. I am a free person who can do whatever I want, and I CHOOSE to wear a mask!”

Me: “Good! Keep practicing your freedom, and I will do the same.”

Then I asked, knowing how he probably felt about police actions during the current rioting situation:

“Why are you putting up yellow police tape all around the Farmer’s Market to keep people out?”

FMP: “That’s not police tape!”

Me: “Really? The people who make this yellow tape make it for Farmer’s Markets?”

He didn’t reply, and now I had reached the exit to the market, and said to him:

“You have a great day, and keep practicing your freedoms!”

Now, some may think I was just acting like a jerk and that there is no point to this story, but I disagree. If I was the first person these people met who challenged them on what they thought was their authority to make me do something I did not want to do, to which they had no legal or moral authority to do, hopefully it will cause them to think, and maybe even do some research to see if what I said was correct – that wearing face masks all day long is a danger to your health.

But if they never met someone like me who chose to resist their fake authority, they would never know there are people like us in society.

We need to NOT give in to fear! Think through these situations logically. Who is going to physically force you to wear a face mask if you refuse?

The police? Not likely given all the heat on them these days! Most of them could probably care less if you wear a face mask.

The person who thinks they have the authority to make you do something you do not want to do, look at them and ask yourself: would this person make physical contact with me to force me to leave?

Highly doubtful and unlikely. And if you find yourself in such a situation, just sit down. Yes, sit down.

It is much harder to carry away someone sitting than walking. It will take at least two, if not three people, and it will cause quite a scene that most businesses would rather avoid.

And like I said earlier, I have been refusing to wear a face mask where it is required for over three months now, and this is the first time someone even objected.

So let me ask you this: If you are unwilling to resist wearing a face mask that offers no protection and only symbolizes your submission to fake authority, what are you going to do when more serious actions are attempted to be forced upon you, such as being forced to give up some of your saliva or blood to get a COVID test? Or being forced to have a needle injected into your body by some new COVID vaccine?

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Here is a good commentary on this problem in our society right now by Gary D. Barnett.

The Insolent American Population Has Become a Pathetic Mass of Irrelevancy, and Ripe for Takeover

by Gary D. Barnett

“It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

~ David Rockefeller– “The Powers That Be: America’s Dirtiest Secrets”/Book by William Caniano, 2007.

The fact that self-proclaimed intellectual elites believe they are above all others, and are the only sovereigns, is tantamount to a belief that they are exalted overlords without check by the people.

What has happened in the past few months has been staggering, and has exposed agendas not thought about by most of the people in this country in the past.

The state has always been tyrannical, as that is the nature of government, but the escalation of fascist totalitarianism recently has surpassed all imagination.

What this means is that the elite rulers and their political comrades have decided to make this the end game instead of relying on the long-term incremental devastation of individual liberty that they have practiced for decades.

Apparently, this all-in approach is being advanced now due to a belief that the masses in this country are ripe for takeover, and will not resist in any legitimate manner necessary to stop the onslaught of agendas meant to achieve a new world order; one that requires control of all people and systems.

In addition, the monetary system is on the verge of collapse, as massive printing and debt have reached unsustainable levels, leaving the ruling elites in a temporary position of necessity to accelerate the takeover of society.

The huge wealth transfers of late have been successful, so in order to gain total dominance, the monetary system must be restructured in their favor in order to allow central control over all financial transactions.

This new system will be a digital structure on a global scale. While this current push is extensive and very inclusive, many aspects of individual control measures will continue to be implemented over time.

Some measures are still too radical to advance in the open, but as more government authoritative supervision becomes evident over individuals, more drastic changes that allow direct control will be forthcoming.

The Medical System Monopoly

The medical system monopoly will play a major role in this takeover of humanity, and if even more draconian measures than have happened so far this year are allowed to continue, population-wide changes in the human genetic makeup will be attempted through medical mandates.

This will help the controlling powers to gain more command of what will be considered the lower classes; meaning all but the top tier of elites and their pawns in government.

What I am speaking about here is future “vaccination” (injection) procedures that can alter human DNA structure.

There are also very advanced technologies that will allow for any number of injections of tracking software, mind control, nanoparticle hydro gels, and smart nanoparticle injections that can be controlled remotely for alterations and time-controlled release of invasive biotechnological agents and updates.

This is no longer science fiction, and is the most dangerous part of the agenda being sought by the controlling elites. It is not only being considered but also purposely planned.

Most have never looked into this type of eerie and invasive technology, but it does exist, and is being plotted for the future.

The medical system in this country has become almost entirely an allopathic system based on treatment instead of prevention, and steeped in pharmaceutical prescription drug delivery instead of non-invasive homeopathic medical techniques.

The idea of drugs, toxic vaccines, and surgery have been made normal nationwide, and most all are accustomed to this type of system, so it is no stretch to imagine a mass acceptance by the bulk of the population of drugs and injection of chemicals and technological agents as a way to survive and stay safe.

It is accepted after all as the easy way out, and that is the natural course that people in this country seek.

Computerizing the Biological Working Mechanisms of Mankind

Consider that the ruling element of society in order to achieve total control over the physical and psychological makeup of the human species, desires to literally computerize the biological working mechanisms of mankind. Do not dismiss this out of hand, or consider it some sort of “conspiracy theory,” as the implementation of this type of technology is not only in the works, but is extremely advanced at this stage.

If billions of people accept the new untested vaccinations coming due to the illegitimate coronavirus “pandemic,” then this process will have already begun in earnest.

Considering the general population, this type of scenario is unfathomable for most, and from a common intellectual point of view borders on the impossible.

This thinking is a mistake in judgment.

The American herd has been programmed to believe over generations that they are in control, and that the ruling class is there to represent and protect them, but that is a lie. The future has already arrived considering the intent of those seeking total control.

Nothing is off the table at this time, and all current systems are under threat.

The New Credit System

The new system will be one of credit, where all current monetary procedures will no longer exist, and any new system will be based on management and control through computerized digital methods.

Biometric identification and continuous data collection from all will be evident, even more so than today, especially once implanted chips or monitoring devices become universal.

Property claims on humans may not be active today, but will be very soon given the technological advances in the works, including new digital money systems, tracking and tracing apps, and any forced medical applications that are administered with DNA altering technology.

The Monopolization of all Real Rood

The monopolization of all real food is in the works as well, and the false “pandemic” has caused many farmers to go under, harming food stocks, and causing destruction of crops and the killing of livestock.

This has led to food shortages nationwide that is leading to a forced demand for GMO food production, food production that is chemically based and poisonous. Again, this purposeful destruction of agriculture will lead to dependence on corporate food supplies that can be used as another method to control all of us.

The Fire of Tyranny is Burning

The asinine, non-productive, and violent destruction of people and property that is going on every day in this country through rioting and looting, is not revolution, it is criminal insanity stoked by the very entities responsible for all the destruction since February of this year.

This planned chaos that is being perpetrated by these non-thinking and brainless individuals is only feeding the fire of tyranny, and helping to solidify the new order sought by the controllers at the top.

Little that happens is organic, as everything that has happened so far has led to the advancement of the final agendas necessary to achieve total control.

The End of Freedom and Enslavement of All?

What is coming will be the end of freedom and the enslavement of all but the few.

The billionaires are running the world now, and at this point, there is little chance of them being stopped unless a mass awakening takes place.

Some think that 5% or 10% of the population rebelling against the state is necessary for this to be stopped, but are there 15 million to 30 million Americans willing to risk all to regain freedom?

If not, our future is doomed.

This will not end of its own accord, it will not blow over, nothing will return to normal without legitimate revolt, as the destruction of life as any have ever known it is upon us.

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