by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

I have previously written about how the events unfolding very rapidly before us today are not accidental events, but planned events with a very specific goal, a New World Order. See:

The UN “New World Order” Has Now Been Published: No Longer a “Conspiracy Theory” – Out of the Shadows

The New World Order is being planned by very rich and very influential people who have been planning this for a long time. They want to reduce the world’s population and establish a single government to rule the world, along with a single belief system.

I have unmasked who is at the top of this group as well, and if you have not read that article which was published earlier this week (June 2020), please read that first to understand the context from which this article is based.

Unmasking Who is Behind the Plandemic and Rioting to Usher in the New World Order

These global leaders, known as the Illuminati, control the world’s monetary system, and they fund the wars of the world as well, funding both sides. Wars are the primary way that they transfer the wealth of the common people to the richest 1% of the world.

While the history of these forces can be traced really all the way back to the beginning of the human race, the modern struggles that have caused wars started in Europe in the 1700s which funded the revolutions of most European kingdoms, and ushered in World War I, followed by World War II which started the beginning of the Industrial Age.

Since World War II there have been many regional wars that consolidated wealth for the rich central bankers, but war has also been redefined several times in more recent history with the “Cold War” relations between the U.S. and the old Soviet Union which allowed massive spending on defense systems, the “War on Terror” after 911, and most recently this year, 2020, the War Against the Unseen Enemy: The Coronavirus.

This last war, the war against the Coronavirus, might be the largest and quickest transfer of wealth from the common people to the Globalists that we have ever witnessed, as millions of people are out work, and thousands of businesses are closed, while BILLIONS are just handed over to Big Pharma to “save us” from this unseen enemy.

To make money from these wars, the Globalists who control the world’s monetary supply need conflict (something to stand for and fight against), and a large military to manage the wars.

Karl Marx (left) and Karl Ritter (right). These two men are credited with developing modern day political theories that divide nations.

As I discussed in the article “Unmasking Who is Behind the Plandemic and Rioting to Usher in the New World Order,” the political thought that is behind today’s political divide of “Left vs. Right” was written and put into action by the secret society known as the Illuminati back in the 1700s.

This is best documented in the book, Pawns in the Game, by William Guy Carr and published in the 1950s, which I discuss in detail in the “Unmasking” article.

While there are obviously real differences between the two parties, both sides end up with the same result: A New World Order run by the Illuminati who control the monetary system through the central banks. Historically they have funded both sides of the major world wars, because wars allow them to transfer wealth, and also to reduce the world’s population.

Most people holding to one side or the other in this political debate don’t even know that the end result is the same, and that the real struggle against tyranny lies elsewhere.

The two men who developed the two political philosophies are Karl Marx, and Karl Ritter.

From Pawns in the Game:

Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a German of Jewish descent. He was expelled from Germany, and afterwards from France, for his revolutionary activities. He was given asylum in England.

In 1848 he published the Communist Manifesto. Marx admitted this long range plan, to turn the world into an International of Soviet Socialist Republics, may take centuries to accomplish.

Karl Ritter (1779-1859) was a German Professor of History and Geopolitical science. He wrote the anti-thesis to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. He also drew up a plan by which he maintained the Aryan Race could first dominate Europe and then the entire world.

Certain Atheistic leaders of the Aryan Group adopted Karl Ritter’s plan. They organized Naziism to further their secret ambitions to obtain ultimate control of the World and turn it into a Godless State, under their conception of a totalitarian dictatorship.

This small group of men knew they must either join up with, or destroy, the power and influence of the International Bankers. It is doubtful if more than a mere handful of the top level leaders of the Communist and Fascist movements know their organizations are being used to further the secret ambitions of the Illuminati which are the High Priests of Satanism.

According to the leaders of both atheistic groups the State must be Supreme. This being so the Head of the State is God on Earth. This belief brings into actual practice the deification of man.

Much more is generally known about Karl Marx and Communism than about Karl Ritter and Naziism.

Remember, we have all been conditioned by propaganda mind-control techniques in our culture our whole lives. This was discussed in the “Unmasking” article, as the American secret intelligence agencies, such as the FBI and the CIA, control the media and shape our cultural values without most people even knowing it. The “Out of Shadows” film released back in April this year also powerfully demonstrates this.

Therefore, when confronted with new information that challenges our assumed beliefs, our first reaction will be to discount them as “That can’t be true!”

But it is healthy to examine one’s own beliefs critically, something that is dangerous to the Global authoritarians trying to setup a New World Order of automatons that they can control to obediently carry out their orders.

If your beliefs are solidly based on facts and the truth, then examining them critically will only make them stronger.

If, however, you find cracks in the foundations of what you believe to be true, investigating it further to make sure your beliefs are based on the truth will make you a stronger, and more confident person who does not have to succumb to fear.

I told someone I was talking to recently, that due to the very rapidly changing world around us right now, that I have probably been doing more study and research these days than I even did back in my college days as a student, as I try to unravel the propaganda and find the truth in the things happening today.

I have had major shifts in many of my own presuppositions and beliefs these past few months, that I think will help me understand these changing times and what is unfolding before us, and what is likely to happen next as this agenda for a New World Order continues to unfold at an alarming rate.

So here are what I call my “Top Nine Myths” that I believe we have been conditioned to believe as true, and that are believed and seldom questioned by either side of this fake political debate between Right and Left, and what makes up the two political parties.

I will state right up front here that I accept the Bible as a collection of ancient writings that are authentic and reliable, while the Globalists want you to believe it is a book of fairy tales, even though significant portions of it are actually historical accounts, many of which have been backed up in recent times by archaeological discoveries.

If that bothers you, no need to read further.

Myth 1: We all evolved from lower life forms.

This idea and theory, which really took root not long after the Illuminati were starting their modern New World Order plan and coming into power, started with the teachings of Charles Darwin in the 1800s, and has infiltrated academics to such an extent, particularly in the field of biology, that to take an opposing view is to be viewed as a “quack” who doesn’t believe in “science.”

Unless you are well versed in this field, you probably are unaware that Darwin’s theories, particularly the theory of evolving into HIGHER life forms, has gone through many revisions and scientific in-fighting to try and reconcile more modern scientific discoveries, particularly in the field of genetics and epi-genetics.

Those who oppose the theory of Darwinian Evolution are usually labeled as “religious fanatics” so that the concept of the separation of “Church and State” can be used as an excuse to keep critical scientific teaching about Darwinian Evolution out of the school systems, where it is taught as a scientific fact, even though it is really just a theory to explain where life came from.

But there is a branch of science called “Intelligent Design” which states that the scientific evidence points to a master designer, and not random chance evolutionary processes over billions of years. Intelligent Design leaves the question of who the designer is to religion, while focusing on the scientific evidence found in nature and in archaeology.

Many of the beliefs of racial inequality (racism) depend upon the theory of Darwinian Evolution (such as eugenics), rather than a Creator who creates all human beings equal.

Myth 2: The world is over-populated.

The Globalists have to promote this myth to achieve their agenda of lowering the world’s population. But the fact is there is no evidence at all that the world is over-populated, and much evidence to the contrary. It is said that if you lined up all the people of the world together, they would take up a space roughly the size of Texas.

The issue is not enough space to live, but unequal distribution of the world’s resources.

For example, about only 1% of the population works in agriculture today in the U.S., feeding the other 99%.

This was not always so.

When Lincoln was president during the Civil War, about 50% of the population was involved in agriculture.

The Global elites control the world’s monetary supply and fund wars to make sure they continue controlling the world’s resources (including agriculture), and they continue to promote and teach the myth that the world is over-populated. This myth is also needed to promote myth number 3.

Myth 3: It is irresponsible to have too many children.

Because they want you to believe that the world is over-populated, modern thought is that it is selfish and too expensive to have too many children that require more resources in order to raise them.

The Illuminati, on the other hand, value children maybe even more than they value money. The child trafficking business today is far more lucrative than the illegal gun or drugs trades, and the number one destination for child sex slaves is the United States. See:

America #1 in Child Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia – CPS and Foster Care are the Pipelines

State Department Report: U.S. #1 in Sex Trafficking – 60% American Child Sex Slaves Come Out of Foster Care

Infertility is at an all time high worldwide today, and many countries are already facing an imbalanced aging population versus babies being born, which will have tremendous economic impact on the labor force, unless of course, the Globalists get their way and significantly reduce the world’s population into a One World Government.

Planned Parenthood was started as a result of eugenics academic thought in an effort to take control of children, and while the Right condemns the Left for supporting efforts like Planned Parenthood because of their views on abortion, they have their own problems with controlling children and taking them away from their families with the Christian Right being the biggest organization supporting child trafficking through their support of Adoption and Foster Care. See:

Christian Churches Redefine the Meaning of “Orphan” to Justify Participating in Child Trafficking

Different approaches to “planning families,” but with similar results of “family planning.” Both sides support small families and limiting children, which begins the slippery slope of devaluing children.

The Bible teaches that all children are a gift from God because he created them, and no exceptions are given. But both political philosophies believe that small families are good, and that too many children are bad.

The concept of the nuclear family, a father and mother with an average of two children, is a recent phenomenon in human history, and you can go all the way back to the beginning of television in the 1950s and 1960s and such “wholesome” shows like “Leave it to Beaver,” “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “I Love Lucy,” and so many others that portrayed the modern, urban family as small, and “normal.”

But while “nuclear families” are considered good families if they practice birth control and limit the number of children born, foster parents with big houses or “youth centers” who collect checks from the government for each child, somebody else’s child, they foster, are considered “good people” doing a noble thing.

So today, the primary group that values having a lot of children as a good thing are the Satanists and pedophiles in the Illuminati who want to eliminate parenthood and have the State raise and control children.

Do you think I am exaggerating to make a point? I can assure you, I am not!

Myth 4: Evidence-based science determines truth.

As someone who has spent many years studying language in school and abroad, and as someone who has earned a living at teaching language, one of my favorite activities is studying the history of specific words, and how their usage has changed over time. One word that has changed in meaning quite a bit since it entered the English language is the word “science.”

Our modern day English word “science” was originally a French word derived from Latin, and in the 1300’s its meaning was very similar to the word “knowledge.” It meant the opposite of “ignorance” and generally meant something obtained by “studying.”

It was not originally restricted in meaning to any particular branch of study. In the 18th and 19th centuries its usage was becoming more restricted, referring to a “body of regular or methodical observations or propositions … concerning any subject or speculation,” and was often linked to the study of “philosophy.”(science. Online Etymology Dictionary. Douglas Harper, Historian.)

This is when the Globalists began using the concept in academics to start achieving their goals, and a select educated class were considered the only ones who could really understand and interpret “science” because only the “learned” academians could truly understand it.

From the 20th century up until today, the meaning of “science” is restricted even further, as can be seen by this definition found in a medical dictionary: “knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through the scientific method and concerned with the physical world and its phenomena.” (science. Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary. Merriam-Webster, Inc.)

This narrow understanding of “science” or “knowledge,” which only looks at what can be observed in the physical realm, is now equated with “truth,” and is considered by modern society to be more valuable than any other kind of knowledge.

It has become the religion of modern man, and the fuel that drives the tyrannical medical system. Some dissenters in modern times have come up with the term “Scientism” instead, because it is really more like a religious belief, and they control all the medical journals that are the bible of this new religion, and it is not even disputed anymore that these medical journals are thoroughly corrupt.

So while religious leaders like The Pope and the King of England during the “dark ages” ruled over the masses by refusing to allow the Bible to be translated into the language of the common people, allowing them to “interpret” the meaning of the Bible so they could control the masses, today that religious belief that enslaves the masses is the religious belief in “science,” and science’s “highest achievement,” medicine, the new savior of mankind.

And only doctors and scientists are qualified to interpret it: the new “priests.”

More on Scientism.

Myth 5: We are the most advanced civilization to ever live in history.

This myth is needed to keep the ruling class in power. It is believed that technology has made us the most advanced civilization in the history of man.

Of course, they define “technology” as electronic technology. The humanities and the arts are not considered important any longer, or at least secondary in importance to this new “scientific technology.”

But when you study archaeology you discover relics like the Great Pyramids in Egypt and other phenomenon that we no longer have the “technology” to build. Some, rejecting the biblical literature as authentic, theorize alien races came here and setup some of this stuff, since we don’t have the knowledge ourselves to reproduce it any longer.

But according to the biblical records, the most advanced time in human history was just before the Noah flood, when there was allegedly a canopy above the earth that protected the environment. People lived up to 900 years old before the flood, and one can only imagine what kinds of human achievement they accomplished!

Much of it was allegedly evil though, necessitating God to wipe out most of the population through the Great Flood, stories of which still remain in most of the world’s cultures today, aside from the biblical record.

Interestingly, the first descendants from Noah’s family, undoubtedly carrying the knowledge of pre-Flood days, achieved rapid advancement that led to the Tower of Babel story in Genesis chapter 11. The world population still had a single world language, and that might have been the last time that there was a One World Government in human history.

What was their “sin” that caused God to develop multiple languages among the people and scatter them, so that the nations of the world were then developed?

Scholars disagree, but we know whatever it was, they were able to accomplish it because of a unified way of communicating with each other. They probably had a ruling class as well.

It is highly doubtful that modern man has accomplished anything close to the technology they had then, before the population was scattered across the globe, some of them probably wandering around until they found caves to dwell in, which today are wrongly termed “primitive” where our culture shows “cavemen” as less evolved humans from our past, but would have been considered “modern” in those days, far removed from man’s “primitive” glory years before the Flood.

Myth 6: If you’re sick, you need a doctor.

This is automatic, and obviously Right vs. Left never argue about this issue. And yet, the modern medical system kills more people than any human disease, and has existed for a very short period of human history.

The medical system, developed by the Illuminati mainly through the powerful Rockefeller family, is ruled by a licensed class of professionals that does everything it can to suppress competition, and ignores thousands of years of history in natural medicine.

The Globalists can even use it today to scare people into believing they are going to die if they don’t do exactly what the doctors and medical authorities tell them to do.

The Coronavirus Plandemic is maybe their greatest achievement, so far.

Myth 7: Vaccines wiped out many diseases.

Both sides believe this, Left or Right, and about 95% of the U.S. population willingly vaccinate their children.

But history shows that all infectious diseases were in the process of decreasing long before the vaccines were developed.

This is the most censored topic in the world today, where objecting voices from doctors and scientists are not allowed. We have a whole website devoted to this topic:

Vaccines kill and maim many children each year, but nobody is out on the streets protesting this.

Myth 8: Computers are, or will become, smarter than humans.

I grew up in the Star Trek generation. This television franchise, much like the famed “energizer bunny” advertising batteries, just keeps on going and going. The Star Ships are run like military vessels, and only one person on the ship can over-ride the authority of the Captain: The Doctor.

This conditions us to accept a military way of life, and the ultimate authority of the “doctor,” the “Chief Medical Officer.”

Here is a scene from Star Trek: Voyager: Season 3, Episode 12, showing huge viruses killing people:

American pop culture and science fiction shows have conditioned us for decades to fear things like fictional viruses.

President Trump’s team has even named their fast-track vaccine program for the Coronavirus vaccine, Operation Warp Speed, with “warp” being a fictional advanced technological engine that can travel many times the speed of light through space, originating from Star Trek TV shows.

But here we are some 40 or 50 years later, and we still cannot replicate food with a “replicator,” or transport human beings through a “transporter” that takes apart our atomic structure and “beams” it through space and puts you back together again instantly.

It’s all fake, and it is all based on the theory that electronic technology will advance us up the evolutionary chain quicker to achieve things like this.

Today, the fear is that Artificial Intelligence will take over the human race. The old science fiction shows have androids, holograms and many other computer “people” that condition us to think of computers as being equal to human beings.

And while I am not discounting the dangers of technology and things like AI, they will never replace humans.

Humans are created by God, and have a spirit and a soul that makes them alive.

Computers have electricity as their “life blood.” Pull the plug out of the socket (or disconnect them from their batteries) and they stop functioning immediately.

Myth 9: The world’s problems are caused by The Left, or The Right.

Both sides believe that a political philosophy is the cause of the world’s problems. And that’s just what the Globalists want, and need, to accomplish their purposes.

The Left and the Right both have a common enemy, an enemy I exposed in the “Unmasking” article.

The really important issues in life, as exemplified by these 9 myths, nobody is arguing about for the most part, because both sides hold them as true.

And the longer we keep fighting each other and blaming each other for society’s problems, the stronger the REAL enemy becomes.

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