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Health Impact News first introduced the iconoclastic work of cellular biologist, Dr. Mahin Khatami, PhD, in an earlier article entitled HPV Vaccine Scam: NIH Scientist Exposes Corruption in Cancer and Vaccine Industries, which mentioned Dr. Khatami’s extensive credentials that put her beyond criticism, though not beyond ignoring. 

The pharmaceutical industry-controlled medical profession won’t allow any light to shine on her 2016 white paper Safety concerns and hidden agenda behind HPV vaccines: another generation of drug-dependent society?

It, along with Dr. Khatami’s impressive background, can be accessed here. 

Now, Dr. Khatami, a former program director and health scientist administrator at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has published a new white paper exposing the fraud in the cancer industry, claiming that cancer is “an induced disease of the twentieth century.”

Dr. Khatami’s Report That Shatters the Mythology of Orthodox Oncology

Dr. Khatami’s 2018 white paper is titled Cancer; an induced disease of twentieth century! Induction of tolerance, increased entropy and ‘Dark Energy’: loss of biorhythms (Anabolism v. Catabolism). The phrase “induced disease” is an essential aspect of her critique on the cancer industry, as she tends to use the phrase “cancer establishment.” 

Dr. Khatami does not avoid confronting the obvious regarding the current state of mainstream oncology. Unlike her somewhat less knowledgeable colleagues who avoid the obvious, Dr. Khatami has the biological molecular biochemical expertise to expertly put all the pieces together and allow the forest to appear despite conventional oncology’s focus on the wrong trees.

Under Dr. Khatami’s 2018 white paper section titled “Accidental discoveries in 1980s: time course kinetics of inflammation-induced developmental phases of immune dysfunction toward multistep tumorigenesis and angiogenesis appear the following excerpts: 

[Khatami’s earlier] challenging efforts to promote the important role of inflammation in cancer research, diagnosis and therapy initially met with serious oppositions and denials by members of the establishment who rejected the submitted concepts and comprehensive proposals that were an extension of author’s original discoveries.

However, the outcomes of reductionist approaches on identifications of hundreds of molecular entities that are used for drug development and claimed as ‘targeted’ therapy or ‘personalized’ or ‘precision’ medicine have been very disappointing, extremely costly and dangerous for patients and society. Majority of expensive projects in cancer research and therapy focus on identification of too many defective molecular species in the landscape of cancer molecular tsunami with little/no efforts to understand what initiate altered immune response profiles that lead to multistep tumorigenesis. 

Later in her paper, Dr. Khatami goes to point out that vaccines and the multitude of environmental toxins introduced over the past six decades are mostly responsible for the proliferation of most diseases, including cancer, despite the “unlucky” random genetic mishap theories offered by some.

…decision makers in cancer establishment has gradually weakened and manipulated the autonomic biological circadian rhythms, the Yin and Yang of effective immunity,  by introducing the public to various pathogen-specific vaccines and ingredients, in addition to exposures to exposures to a wide range of environmental hazards and low level carcinogens that made young and old in America sick and drug-dependent.

Analyses of related data suggest that nearly all diseases, to varying degrees, are the results of altered effective immunity or loss of biological circadian rhythms (on-off switches) that adversely influence tissue bioenergetics (mitochondria), the principal generator of energy and electricity (proton pumping) in organ systems.

Dr. Khatami explains the essence of her and her colleagues’ earlier studies were demonstrating that the way to defeat cancer is to further explore how to influence immunity, by synchronizing metabolic biorhythms and regulating inflammation, as the better approach to protecting against and healing cancer.

This approach goes against the grain of conventional oncology’s focus on each individual tree in the forest to forget the forest even exists. Current attempts at “killing” hundreds of arbitrarily contrived cancer types to involve many chemotherapeutic creations are at a 95 percent failure rate, Dr. Khatami states in this paper. 

But, she adds, they enrich oncologists and the pharmaceutical industry, give work to researchers, and raise money to defeat cancer, instead of discovering ways to prevent or halt the “cancer tsunami.”

Dr. Jason Fung, MD, a fasting autophagy expert, agrees with Dr. Khatami’s arguments against the widely held somatic mutation theory (SMT), which depicts the origin of cancer as simply a random collection of spontaneous genetic mutations rather than dietary and environmental epigenetic influences. He  puts the current war on cancer’s failure this way:

Despite the world of technology moving on a MagLev bullet train, and the world of medicine moving at a crawl, cancer remains standing still. This, despite billions of research dollars every year, more ‘walks for cancer’ than you can count, more pink ribbons, more tear-jerker stories on the mass media. Nobody wants to hear the truth, but here it is. The progress on cancer sucks. It really, really sucks. (Source)

Below is a graphic cycle of damaged immunity leading to the origination of a cancer tsunami:



Throughout the rest of her paper, there are several sections that outline specific metabolic functions and dysfunctions that contribute to the origin of cancer with meticulously detailed scientific data, terminology, and other graphic illustrations.

Dr. Khatami summarizes her lengthy paper, containing 267 published study references, with:

[Earlier and more recent discoveries] suggest that cancer is only one disease. Disorderly growth of cancer cells is the results of loss of autonomic and synchronized balance in tumoricidal (Yin) and tumorigenic (Yang) properties of immunity to arrest cancer cells. Loss of differential bioenergetics in Yin (high energy, tumoricidal) and Yang (low energy, tumorigenic) pathways often leads to ‘mild’, ‘moderate’ or ‘severe’ immune disorders or cancer.

She concludes by explaining her paper as a roadmap that would hopefully lead to further research in the right direction of the various metabolic and immune responses, such as inflammation, that could be clinically influenced. Of course, this is all meant for the wayward cancer industry or establishment.  

You can access Dr. Khatami’s complete paper here.


It’s great that a renowned scientist with a high amount of establishment credentials is pointing out the ineffective, yet lucrative, fallacies and foibles of the cancer industry and is attempting to wake up said industry to diminish the amount of wasted money and destroyed lives caused by their expensive, toxic treatments.

Despite all the “sound and fury, signifying nothing” from and for the cancer industry, there are and have been, for decades longer than the “war on cancer,” several cancer cures discovered, created, and clinically-applied with success rates at/or above 80 percent, without side effects, and all without toxic chemical inventions.

They are not supported with governmental or private non-profit foundation funding, which mainstream oncology receives billions of dollars worth annually. They are not referred to by orthodox oncologists, even though those oncologists’ attempts are failing. Many times MDs continue to gain financially from administering their agonizingly harmful procedures, even while their patients are dying. 

The cancer industry denies the existence of “alternative” safe and successful solutions. They are not even noticed, except for the purpose of isolating them, attacking them, and scaring cancer victims away from them or shutting them down. 

It’s wiser to keep up with the latest on cancer prevention and alternative cures instead of waiting for those whose lucrative careers depend on not changing their paths to change their minds. 

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The following video of Dr. Mahin Khatami’s presentation is from the 4th Clinical Microbiology and Microbial Genomics Conference October 2015 in Philadelphia, PA.