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by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

Most people think the hazards of microwave cooking are simply involved with microwave emissions from the unit outward and into anxiously awaiting spectators. No big deal. It only takes a few minutes. But much more importantly, microwaved cooked foods can become toxic and carcinogenic.

This is not just hearsay or “fake news” nor is it corporate counter propaganda or merely agitprop. It’s real science, mostly suppressed and marginalized.

When 90 percent of domestic dwellings, offices, restaurants, and even hospitals have and use microwave ovens, you know there would be enough vested interest to defend their use and stonewall any science that threatens both sales and the convenience so many prefer to rely on.

This article is an attempt to display a preponderance of evidence sufficient for readers to at least question the wall of denial from defenders of microwave cooking, both the industrial interests and those who are addicted to its convenience.

A Fairly Famous Dramatic Example of Microwave Energy’s Impact on Human Cells

Norma Levit died on an operating table in a Tulsa, Oklahoma hospital, Hillcrest Medical Center, during a common hip surgery procedure. Because a nurse involved used the staff lounge microwave oven to warm blood for IV transfusion instead of warming it with a traditional blood warmer, members of the Levit estate sued the hospital and several practitioners within the establishment for negligence.

The plaintiff’s counsel stated:

“Heating blood in this manner destroys the red blood cells, resulting in ‘gross hemolysis’ [ruptured blood cells] of the blood, releasing large amounts of potassium. Excessive potassium, when introduced into the body, is often fatal. The practice of warming Intravenous (IV) fluids, other than blood, in the microwave was an accepted practice at Hillcrest Medical Center, as reflected in its written procedures.”

Expert witness for the plaintiff, Dr. Larson testified:

“Dr. Jones failed to recognize the potential risks of warning [sic] IV solutions in the standard microwave in the coffee room in the lounge.”

“He failed to recognize the flaws in the study that was done of IV solutions and the temperatures after microwaving. And I have a series of flaws in that study that Dr. Jones should have known would invalidate the study and make it meaningless with respect to the microwaving of IV solutions.”

Apparently Dr. Larson was referring to a flawed study that condoned or even recommended using microwave ovens for warming IV fluids. There are a few. The legal procedures went on from 1991 through much of 1995, and were too inconclusive to offer as material proof against using microwave ovens for warming blood in this article.

Many others have used this case as a demonstrative example of microwave oven dangers. But the details are omitted, motivating microwave oven danger debunkers to parse the court records and “prove” microwave oven dangers for warming IV fluids and heating foods are invalid.

Actually, special microwave heaters are used for warming those fluids, including blood. But Norma Levit’s IV blood was warmed in a common lounge microwave oven.

Unfortunately, there is more convincing evidence of microwave’s cooking food damaging dangers.

Scientific Warnings Against Microwave Oven Use, Ignored or Suppressed

Breastfeeding practices were previously modified to storing mother’s breast milk in refrigerators or freezers then warming them in microwave ovens.

Stanford University researchers discovered:

“Microwaving human milk, even at a low setting, can destroy some of its important disease-fighting capabilities. (…) Microwaving itself may in fact cause some injury to the milk above and beyond the heating.” (Emphasis added)

The injury discovered was negative effects on the immune resisting compounds that are so important for breastfeeding within the first two years of childhood.

Prior to that study, microwaving human or cow milk in microwave ovens for infants was discouraged solely because of uncontrollable hot-spots that could burn babies’ mouths.

The Stanford University study was published in the April, 1992 edition of Pediatrics: Effects of Microwave Radiation on Anti-infective Factors in Human Milk. (Study Abstract)

Another study in Vienna reportedly warned that microwaving breast milk “can lead to structural, functional and immunological changes,” and that microwaves transform the amino acid L-proline into D-proline, a liver, kidney, and nervous system toxin.

It’s reported they had warned that:

“the conversion of trans to cis forms could be hazardous because when cis-amino acids are incorporated into peptides and proteins instead of their trans isomers, this can lead to structural, functional, and immunological changes.”

Some say the study authors, Lubec, Wolfe, and Bartosch were pressured into withdrawing their study published in the Lancet in 1989. The title “Aminoacid isomerisation and microwave exposure” is on the record as published, but there is no abstract currently available.

The Scientific Explanation of How Microwave Ovens Render Foods Toxic

In 1991, food scientist Hans Hertel, with the help and support of Bernard H. Blanc of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University Institute for Biochemistry, conducted a more conclusive and impressive study in Switzerland.

Hertel organized the study in a small hotel using a group of eight macrobiotic dieters, including himself, as test subjects. This group was housed for eight weeks and served the same foods under one roof. No alcohol consumption, smoking, or sex was allowed. This put all the study subjects within the same cohort that excluded other factors from interfering with results.

“We had one American, one Canadian and six Europeans in the group. I was the oldest at 64 years, the others were in their 20s and 30s,” Hertel explained.

Hertel drew blood before and after meals to analyze the effects of microwaved foods on human metabolism and internal biology. The same meals were alternated with normal or no cooking and microwaved cooked.

Significant changes were discovered in the blood of the healthy volunteers who consumed foods cooked in the microwave oven, including:

• A decrease in all haemoglobin values and HDL (the good cholesterol) values.
• Decreased lymphocytes (white blood cells).
• Luminescent bacteria (from EMF exposure) discovered in serum.
• Radiolytic compounds that do not appear naturally but are unique to microwave cooking.
• Leukocytes which are signs of pathogenic toxic effects and cell damage. (Source)

Microwave heating depends on extremely rapid molecular oscillations in water and fats present in all foods. Some argue the sun creates similar radiation as microwave ovens. But Hertel points out the sun’s radiation is like pulsating direct current.

Hertel concludes that the food is damaged from alternating current powered microwaving’s rapidly oscillating polarity changes, one to 100 billion per second, which no organic cell can endure without modification to its structure and its vital electrical nature. The damaged food then becomes not only deficient nutritionally, but carcinogenic.

Human cells are forced by the electrically damaged food cells and radiolytic compounds created within them to adapt into an emergency mode of energy production. This is true with microwaving water only as well as meats and vegetables.

Foods contain water and/or fats, without which the EMF energy would not be able to generate heat by agitating their molecules. Conventional convection heat works by heating the surrounding environment of food with the normal thermodynamics of heat generation instead of vibrating molecules to the extent of ripping them apart.

The Swiss Association of Dealers for Electroapparatuses for Households and Industry forced the President of the Court of Seftigen, Kanton Bern, to issue a gag order against Hertel and Blanc, prohibiting them from discussing their findings on any platform of discourse.

The imposed penalties for violating the gag order were so severe Bernard Blanc recanted and withdrew his support. But Hans Hertel fought on and violated the gag order. He appealed the gag order to The European Court of Human Rights and won. In 1998 the Swiss government was ordered to award 40,000 Swiss francs to Hertel. (Source)

Dr. Max Gerson’s Revelation

Interestingly, circa 1950 Dr. Max Gerson, creator of the natural highly successful Gerson method of healing cancer and other diseases, explained in a lecture how his initial enthusiasm over using blenders or high speed centrifugal juicers to create abundant vegetable and fruit juices for curing his cancer patients was dampened by relatively poor results.

A physicist he knew explained that the machines’ rapid spinning caused the electrical polarity to become distorted in the liquefied foods and diminished the food’s vital electrical energy enough to hamper results in cancer patients.

From then on Dr. Gerson used only slow masticating and pressing machines to produce the juice his patients drank. Positive results among his cancer patients increased significantly.

The often ignored electrical nature of human cells distorted or damaged can impede normal cellular oxygen respiration into the anaerobic energy production of glucose fermentation. This is a cancerous condition. Anaerobic glucose fermentation is how cancer cells survive. In other words, chronic microwave cooking could be considered carcinogenic.

From Russia With Love

It’s apparent that the scientists who point at microwave cooking hazards are treated the same way researchers who point to GMO hazards are treated by powerful vested industries. They are all harassed, marginalized, censored, and even fired from tenured academic positions.

Even journalist William P. Kopp was given the same treatment, forcing him to recoil and hide for simply summarizing and reporting the Russian research findings on microwave cooking. The Russian studies began with analyzing radar microwave hazards. Radar uses similar high frequency magnetron tubes to generate EMF energy.

According to Kopp, the Russians during the USSR’s reign did several scientific studies that led to Russia’s banning microwave ovens for general use. That ban was overturned during perestroika, which dissolved the USSR and opened up international commerce in Russia, including the sale of microwave ovens.
The Russian microwave report summaries were divided into three categories, each of which described several issues detected from microwave cooking:

• Category I – Cancer causing effects of microwave cooked foods
• Category II – Decreased food values of microwave cooked foods
• Category III – Biological effects from external EMF exposure

The fine points and details of each category can be found past the half-way point of this document under the sub-topic heading “Microwave sickness is discovered.

Alternative Health Practitioners Report on Health Issues from Microwaving Food

Naturopathic doctor Iva Keene compiled evidence on microwave cooking dangers from the foods cooked and links them to infertility among several other health issues. (Source)

A successful Australian kinesiologist, Stefanie Relfe, admits her early reluctance on warning clients of microwave cooking despite hearing she should was based on her use of it. This perhaps is another factor that motivates denial and debunking from many – addicted to convenience.

Then she discovered that many clients who had returned with their physiological electrical impulses out of balance were using microwave ovens. She told them to stop using microwave ovens, and their bodily electricity remained balanced after following her normal recommendations.

David Bridgman, another highly experienced kinesiologist, told Iva:

“Of all the people I test for allergies, 99.9% so far show severe sensitivity to any microwaved food.” (Source)

A Dr. Joseph Mercola, DO, article in 2010 contained this statement:

The majority of studies on microwaves and nutrition were conducted prior to 2000, I suspect because the focus of radiation research of late has shifted toward a more ominous threat: environmental radiation from electromagnetic devices, such as cell phones and computers, which has mushroomed into a gigantic cloud of electrosmog worldwide over the past decade.

Perhaps no one has made electrosmog research more dominant since 2010 than Dr. Magda Havas, Ph.D., of Trent University in Canada.

However, the 2010 Mercola article proceeds to highlight several of those microwave oven nutritional studies, adding to the preponderance of evidence against microwave cooking. (Source)

Think about it. Is convenience worth malnutrition from zapped out nutrients and the risk of cancer from microwave radiation’s toxic compounds?