Glyphosate May Be a Contributor to Creating Autism

by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

A few years ago, Dr. Stephanie Senneff of MIT made a prediction that by 2025, half of American children will be born with autism, or at least different individual aspects of the autism disorder spectrum. Yes, she mentioned the toxins in vaccines that are forced into infants, but also included another toxin, glyphosate.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the world’s most popular herbicide, Roundup. You may know of it as an herbicide you can purchase in a hardware or garden supply store, which kills any living plant when applied. It is used today in commercial agriculture on crops that have been genetically modified to not die when Roundup is applied. It is so prevalent in our food supply today, that tests show most of us have it in our urine, and nursing mothers have it in their breast milk.

Dr. Seneff and her partner Dr. Anthony Samsel claim there is a harmful synergism of glyphosate from foods with the toxic ingredients of vaccines that are accelerating the rise of autism spectrum disorders, whether diagnosed as learning or language deficits, hyperactivity, seizures, or the classic complete withdrawal from all social stimulus.

It may be time to look at what threatens our food supply as a co-factor for this recent incredible rise in autism spectrum disorders. Exactly how the rate of glyphosate application corresponds with the exponential increase of autism is demonstrated in the graph below.



This is one reason why glyphosate is hypothesized as a co-factor triggering the radical rise in autism rates over the past few decades.

Recent Practices of Desiccating Non-GMO Grains with Roundup Adds More Glyphosate Victims

Lately there have been reports of desiccating non-GMO wheat and other grains with Roundup, which has glyphosate as its active ingredient. This leaves non-GMO wheat and oats with potentially significant traces of glyphosate entering our bodies through the conventional food supply. It’s not enough that soy and corn crops are almost all GMO unless certified organic.

Ironically, so far wheat and oats have not been genetically engineered to withstand Roundup the way corn and soy have. If they were, desiccating with Roundup wouldn’t be possible. The purpose of desiccating is to end the life of a grain and dry it quickly just prior to normal harvesting time to avoid early winter snows that could destroy a grain crop.

Thus we have perhaps the most acutely toxic element of the GMO industry, glyphosate, being spread around on non-GMO crops. So much for labeling. Even USDA certified organic grains like oats and wheat have been found to be contaminated with glyphosate.

The phrase “active ingredient” is perhaps intentionally misleading. It ignores the toxicity of an active ingredient’s supporting cast of adjuncts intended to make the active ingredient more penetrating into tissue and even more active.

It goes without question that even without alleged collusion between high ranking EPA officials and Monsanto regarding Roundup, those other ingredients and the synergistic outcome would be unknown and protected by “trade secret laws” that allow manufacturers to withhold ingredient content with any proprietorial recipe or chemical solution.

Fortunately, using state of the art technological analyses, Professor Giles-Eric Seralini and his research team at the University of Caan in France isolated the non-active compounds of different herbicides and determined Roundup was the most dangerous and malignant of them. Its inactive ingredients ensured a more potent and penetrating toxic brew than only glyphosate alone. (Source)

Although the Seralini rats with large tumors from two years of GMO corn and corresponding levels of Roundup over two years got headlines, they found indisputable evidence of critical liver and kidney organ damage from glyophasate herbicides. (Source)

The crops sprayed with Roundup or other glyphosate herbicides impact everyone who consumes them, including the animals who are part of our food chain that are fed GMO grains instead of grazing on grassy pastures.

Recent Case Study Provides Biochemical Evidence of Glyphosate with Autism

In a recently published study, three triplets, two boys considered autistic and a third female with seizure issues and learning disorders, were tested for glyphosate initially and again after a period of organic food only as their diets. The results were interestingly expected. They supported the graph’s association. As their glyphosate levels dropped their autistic conditions diminished accordingly.

The family actually sought out this study because they were trying to determine the cause of all three triplets with poor health and abnormal behavior. Their family physician directed them to The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc in Lenexa, KS, directed by its founder, William Shaw, PhD.

The resultant study, “Elevated Urinary Glyphosate and Clostridia Metabolites with Altered Dopamine Metabolism in Triplets with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or Suspected Seizure Disorder: A Case Study,” was published in the February/March 2017 issue of Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal.

Apparently the makers of Roundup and other glyphosate active herbicides originally assumed human and mammal guts would not be damaged because mammals don’t have the genes that correspond to glyphosate’s toxicity the way weeds do. But glyphosate products do destroy a good deal of beneficial bacteria in the guts of both humans and animals.

The biotechnology industry used that assumption to railroad fast EPA approvals and create a market for the crops that were prepared to withstand them, aptly named Roundup Ready GMO crops, such as corn and soy, crops that are guaranteed toxic carriers through the food supply directly and indirectly.

In other words, the foods used to feed humans and farm animals were genetically created to pave the way for mostly Monsanto’s latest poison, Roundup.

You see, genetically engineered Roundup Ready plants absorb glyphosate without damaging it. Roundup’s toxic adjuncts even improve that absorption. Glyphosate and its toxic supporting cast can’t be cleaned off or boiled out. It goes directly into our guts or the guts of farm animals used for commercial meats and dairy products.

As mentioned earlier, the practice of desiccating non-GMO grains for early harvesting has increased the consumer impact of glyphosate among the majority of consumers who are ignorant of the differences between organic and non-organic or even GMO “agriculture.”

The triplets’ family diet was high in non-organic corn tortillas as well as all the other food like substances high in soy and corn or non-organic grains that may be desiccated with Roundup.

The fact that high levels of glyphosate were found in the triplets’ urine initially was not enough to determine glyphosate’s role in their variations of autism, even though other markers of relating to autistic symptoms were not substantially observed in their blood samples.

The researchers had access to a level of science that indicated a chain of events induced from glyphosate, which would be more of a smoking gun of causation for the triplets’ conditions. Here’s a summary of that cascade of biochemical events leading to metabolic acidosis:

  • Glyphosate formulas kill beneficial bacteria that degrades glyphosate
  • This allows harmful Clostridia bacteria to proliferate in human or mammalian guts
  • The result of this proliferation is dopamine neurotransmitter imbalances
  • These imbalances destroy brain cell mitochondria (Source)

Another fact remaining from this study is that all three children experienced diminished autism spectrum symptoms after being on an organic food diet for around a half year after initial base line analysis provided by The Great Plains Laboratory’s unique testing protocols. While eating organic foods does not ensure the absence of glyphosate, it should reduce levels. Glyphosate-tested products are tested per batch for the presence of glyphosate.

When politicians and biotechnology spokespersons claim “the science is in,” realize it may be. Most of it is not publicized widely and quite damning if you’re looking for the truth of GMO “agriculture.”

Other Related Evidence of Gut Damage Relationships to Autism

The autistic children who were taken to Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his colleague Professor John Walker-Smith were taken there for help with serious gastrointestinal problems, because he and Smith were highly regarded gastroenterologists.

The fact that the kids were autistic and their parents reported those symptoms began at or just after their MMR vaccinations was simply putting the facts as told from parents into the case study.

Both Wakefield and Smith had observed a correlation between the MMR measles vaccine virus and inflammatory bowel disease, which was corroborated in two separate subsequent studies, one in the USA and the other in Scotland. This inflammation was often so intense that autistic behavior could be perceived as the safety valve for escaping that chronic pain.

What continues to be ignored is the fact that Wakefield and Smith did not issue any conclusions of the MMR and autism connection, but based on the high level of gastrointestinal tract inflammation and when the shots were done, they recommended taking each vaccine separately. (Source)

Regarding gastrointestinal flora issues associated with autism, think about the fact that the gut is increasingly regarded as the “second brain” by more and more medical researchers. This area of normally high beneficial bacteria is heavily involved with immune system activation, emotions, and other neurological connections.

This makes autism a physiological issue connected to vaccines and other toxins, removing autism out of the realm of psychological dysfunction only. The addition of glyphosate based herbicides invading most diets as a co-factor with vaccines for autism makes sense.

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