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There is a cancer clinic in California that labels itself integrative, but is far beyond the normal medical approach that many cancer clinics advertise as “integrative.” Most cancer clinics use the term “integrative” in assisting patients with managing the toxic side effects of conventional chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

This clinic uses natural modalities as a major part of its healing while using some low dose chemotherapy as needed with an advanced targeted approach that limits side effects. The clinic is in Irvine, California, and it’s called The New Center for Medicine.

The New Center for Medicine’s founder and medical director, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD, has written a book, The Cancer Revolution: A Groundbreaking Program to Reverse and Prevent Cancer, that will be released January 24th, 2017, but can be ordered hardbound or on Amazon Kindle pre-sale now from several sources.

From the book’s website:

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy offers her groundbreaking integrative approach to both treating and preventing cancer. Now, in The Cancer Revolution, Dr. Connealy shares her program, offering the practical strategies that have helped thousands of patients:

  • Let food be your medicine
  • Remove toxins to repair and restore your body
  • Harness the healing power of supplements
  • Get moving to get well
  • Reduce stress and reclaim your life
  • Strengthen your immune system with sleep

With a 7-day detox and a 14-day healing program—including recipes based on anti-cancer foods, as well as inspiring stories from patients successfully treated at the Center—Dr. Connealy provides the tools to prevent and treat cancer, and hope for patients and those at risk that they can live cancer-free.

The New Center for Medicine actually offers several clinical practices including:

“… the latest in cancer therapies, addiction therapies, detoxification, holistic dentistry, nutrition, fitness and weight loss, cosmetic/laser treatment, pain management, allergy therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and much more.”

The New Center for Medicine’s Cancer Treatment Approach

The Center is a pleasant modern outpatient facility with all its treatments for various maladies, including cancer, under one roof. Irvine is situated between Los Angeles and San Diego and is easily accessed by all modes of transportation.

Cancer Center for Healing customizes a treatment approach according to blood test toxicity and genetic reading results to combine the best of natural and integrative cancer treatments for shrinking primary tumors, slowing the growth of tumors, and eliminating cancer cells that may metastasize to other parts of the body.

Their cancer treatment plans protect your normal healthy cells, boost your immune system, and block the angiogenic process, where tumors develop blood vessels to promote their growth, while negating cancer-induced muscle loss or wasting away known medically as cachexia, a common occurrence among conventional cancer patients.

What impressed this reporter over a year ago about the clinic is how open and willing they are about using safe effective techniques unheard of by almost everyone in the medical field, as demonstrated by Ty Bollinger’s Truth About Cancer Quest for a Cure interview of Dr. Connealy sometime during 2015.

Due solely to medical suppression of whatever threatens the pharmaceutical industry, it appears that GcMAF is no longer being used clinically by anyone in the USA or Western Europe. Japan and Israel are still on board with it. It was a highly successful immune boosting agent that enabled many to stave off several diseases without side effects.

Dr. Connealy and crew are up on the cutting edge of safe and effective treatments that the lucrative cancer industry doesn’t want around as competitors.

GcMAF was the centerpiece of Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet’s autism treatments and research that implicated vaccines as strong autism creating factors. His Georgia office near the CDC center in Atlanta was raided by the FDA, and he was found dead from a gunshot wound shortly after. His highly promising research and use of it that led to his demise are explained here.

Specific Treatments Currently Used by The Irvine Cancer Treatment Center

Lets move on to what the New Center for Medicine cancer section is doing currently. Their approach involves determining how to customize a combination of treatments for each individual. There is no one treatment fits all as standard oncology practices advocates.

Their cancer center uses state of the art blood tests to determine several factors for each individual, including toxicity levels and genetic factors that lead to determining what nutrients and herbs could be used effectively.

Toxicity types and levels are determined and detoxification through various means are applied. Lymph drainage is encouraged through far infrared ray sauna and massage. Natural liver and kidney cleanses are also employed as needed.

Diet is completely addressed, again according to results from genetic testing. Regardless of what specific foods, herbs or spices, and supplements are recommended, sugar is out and so are processed and GMO foods. Organic whole foods and juicing are in.

Mega-dose IV vitamin C is used for all patients. Sodium bicarbonate IVs are also available to dramatically alkalize and raise pH in areas where cancer cells thrive in low pH or acid environments of cancer victims. Alpha lipoic acid and low dose naltrexone (LDN) IV therapy is also offered as necessary.

A process that draws blood into a device using ultraviolet (UV) light and/or ozone to purify it is at the clinic’s disposal. So is hyperbaric oxygen therapy which oxygenates cancer cells that normally thrive anaerobically on sugar fermentation, but have survival problems with high levels of oxygen.

These briefly discussed therapies used at the New Center for Medicine in Irvine for many other chronic ailments, even stubborn Lyme’s disease cases, have independently been used successfully in isolated clinics scattered throughout the world. But it is very rare to find them all under one roof.

In addition to all the above and more not listed here but on their site, the clinic’s cancer center offers a low dose chemo technique that prevents or minimizes normal side effects.

The chemotherapy the clinic uses if necessary due to tumor size and location is Insulin Potentiation Targeted LowDose (IPTLD) therapy. This treatment targets cancer cells with low doses of chemo drugs selected according to the types and locations of tumors and the patient’s genetic readings. An initial 10 day treatment period is followed by alternate five day IPTLD cycles if needed.

IPTLD chemotherapy uses insulin as a Trojan Horse for anaerobic cancer cells to invite in for their sugar cravings, then the drug kills them without affecting healthy cells. This low dose chemo targeted therapy is used sparingly according to what is appropriate for the patient’s cancer tumor type and location. The side effects are minimal to none.

Access to Their Services

The clinic is a comfortable outpatient facility in Irvine close to Los Angeles and San Diego. If you’re out of that area and interested, you could find a nice place to stay for awhile. But treatment expenses may be defrayed some with insurance coverage and other methods to cover treatment costs, which are reasonable compared to orthodox oncology.

For more information, see their website. If traveling there for treatments is unrealistic, Dr. Connealy’s reasonably priced book The Cancer Revolution will boost your ability to do the right things for avoiding or treating cancer.

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