Image of upcoming book to be published. Image from Remembering Dr. Bradstreet Facebook Page.

by John P. Thomas
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How are autism and cancer related? Two internationally known doctors may have lost their lives, because they knew about the connection between these two diseases.

Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, MD, an alternative autism specialist, and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, an alternative cancer specialist, saw the truth and were willing to step outside of the standard allopathic medical model for treating cancer and autism. They were pioneers in their respective fields and both recently died or perhaps were killed because of their successful treatments of sick, suffering and dying patients.

Death of Dr. Bradstreet

On June 19, 2015, Dr. Bradstreet reportedly shot himself in the chest after his offices were raided by U.S. FDA agents and State of Georgia law enforcement agents. Three days before his death, agents exercised a search warrant to gather information about the use of GcMAF with autistic patients in his clinic. [1]

Human GcMAF holds great promise in the treatment of various illnesses including cancer, autism, chronic fatigue and possibly Parkinson’s. Since 1990, 59 research papers have been published on GcMAF, 20 of these pertaining to the treatment of cancer. [2] 46 of these papers can be accessed through the GcMAF website. [3]

Dr. Bradstreet speaking at a conference

Dr. Bradstreet speaking at a conference. Image from Facebook page – Remembering Dr. Bradstreet.

When agents from the USFDA and local state of Georgia law enforcement raided Dr. Bradstreet’s clinic, they had a very specific agenda – they were after everything they could find pertaining to GcMAF. The search warrant stated in part that agents were to gather all Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF), GCGlobulin, and/or any other products or component substances thereof that constitute misbranded drugs under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

They were to collect all records, in whatever form, associated with the use of GcMAF. This included patient records.

Here is a link to the complete search warrant.

GcMAF is a Substance Produced in the Human Body

GcMAF is not a drug, but a natural substance produced in the human body. GcMAF was being produced in Europe and Dr. Bradstreet was using it with his patients. He was conducting clinical experiments the results of which were published in scientific medical journals. [4]

Scientific medical research is also being done on GcMAF for the treatment of terminal cancer. The results are very promising. [5]

Death of Dr. Gonzalez

On July 21, 2015 Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez died. The cause of death was indicated as a heart attack. At the time of this writing, results from an autopsy have yet to be published. He was reported to be in good health. [6, 7]

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. Image from

Would a healthy man who understood how diet could be used to prevent, reverse and cure disease be someone who was likely to have a heart attack? Was his heart attack just a natural occurrence, or could it have been caused by an external intervention?

In 1975, testimony before the U.S. Congress indicated that a weapon had been developed to shoot a projectile into a victim without the victim’s knowledge, which would introduce a nearly undetectable substance into the body that would cause a heart attack. The victim would be killed without the telltale evidence of normal bloody assignation. [8] How much more sophisticated weaponry has been developed in the last 40 years since that testimony? Are there new ways to permanently silence doctors who stand alone on the outside of conventional medicine and who will not be quiet about the truth they see?

Are the causes of death for these two very well-known alternative medicine doctors coincidental? Are we being told the truth? Is there a connection between their research and their deaths? Was there research about to cut a large hole in the cancer treatment business and the vaccine business? Let’s take a closer look at GcMAF.

The Power of GcMAF to Cure Modern Diseases

What if there was a simple treatment that could reverse all forms of cancer without radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery? What if it was an unpatentable natural substance produced by the human body and could be given to boost the human immune system to such a degree that it could eradicate cancer from the body without side effects? What if that same substance could be given to autistic children and 85% of them would experience improvement in their autism and many would be completely cured? Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Most people would think so, but there are many major corporations who would see such a substance as a major threat to their financial prosperity. It would be a major threat to the cancer treatment industry, the cancer drug manufacturing industry, and the vaccine manufacturing industry.

Many believe that substance exists and is called GcMAF. Its technical names are “group specific component macrophage activating factor” or “Vitamin D binding protein macrophage activating factor.” It is not a miracle drug – it is simply part of the human immune system. GcMAF reportedly activates special cells called macrophages in the human body that have the ability to destroy cancer cells and viruses. GcMAF reportedly also has the ability to treat and often completely cure autism. The connection between cancer and autism is GcMAF.

Nagalase Inhibits the Power of GcMAF to fight Cancer and Autism

The ability of GcMAF to do its normal job can be inhibited by the presence of a protein called alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase or nagalase for short. Nagalase is made by all cancer cells and viruses (HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, influenza, herpes, Epstein-Barr virus, and others). [9]

When a person has cancer or a viral infection, the levels of nagalase increase and can be measured to assess the level of cancer or viral activity in the body. [10]

Nagalase blocks production of GcMAF, thus preventing the immune system from doing its job. The macrophages are still present in the body, but the nagalase prevents them from waking up and becoming active. This means that cancer and viral infections can grow unchecked while macrophages sleep. [11]

Nagalase and Autism

We also know that the levels of nagalase are elevated in children with autism. What is interesting here is that these children do not have cancer or life-threatening viral infections. In their case, the level of nagalase is elevated and is directly linked to symptoms of the autism spectrum. The result of the immune suppression caused by nagalase is seen in digestive disorders, sensory overload, and numerous types of processing dysfunction in the brain. Higher levels of nagalase are associated with higher levels of autistic symptoms.

Some autistic children do have high viral loads in their digestive system, which would explain the elevated nagalase. However, this is not always the case. If autistic children don’t have cancer or viral infections, then what is the source of their elevated nagalase levels? If nagalase wasn’t made in their bodies by cancer cells or viruses, then how did it get into the bodies of infants and young children?

Is Nagalase an Ingredient in Vaccines?

According to an informant who wishes to remain anonymous for reasons of personal safety, Dr. Bradstreet and other alternative medical researchers came to understand that nagalase is being introduced into the bodies of people who receive vaccinations. Dr. Bradstreet understood that people have different reactions to nagalase, and a small percentage of people do not experience suppression of their immune systems. However, for the majority, there is dangerous immune system suppression, which opens the door to cancer and autism. [12]

Were These Doctors about to Reveal the Truth about GcMAF and Nagalase?

Were Dr. Bradstreet and Dr Gonzalez about to explain to the public that one of the key causes of cancer and autism is nagalase, which is being injected into the body as a part of vaccines? [13] Is it possible that those who claim that they are preventing communicable diseases are actually creating cancer and autism? We will likely never know about their plans for disclosure – we can only wonder!

Was Dr. Bradstreet simply so upset over what the United States government did to his clinic that he just got depressed and took his own life? Was he just a quack who was out to fleece the parents of autistic children as the mainstream media suggest? Did he really kill children as some allege? [14]


Dr. Jeff Bradstreet – Image from YouTube.

Dr. Bradstreet was Planning to Make an Announcement about GcMAF

Dr. Bradstreet spoke at the 2015 AutismOne Conference in May of this year. He spoke about GcMAF toward the end of his hour long presentation. He made note of the fact that he had certain important announcements about this therapy that would be released in the near future. Whatever they were, he apparently didn’t live long enough to make them.

During his presentation, Dr. Bradstreet provided an introduction to the therapies that were provided by his clinic, and provided an explanation of how they help restore normal health to autistic children.

He specifically stated:

GcMAF products influence the endocannabinoid pathway. GcMAF has been one of the most powerful tools that I have ever used for autism. How many of you were GcMAF responders and thought it was amazing? How many of you are really pissed off that it is no longer available? I have a little announcement about that coming too. [15]

You may wish to listen to Dr. Bradstreet describe his clinical activities. This lecture was recorded a month before his death. Does this sound like a man who would crumble under pressure from the FDA?

What about the Other Suspicious Deaths of Doctors?

Various reports from Florida and other U.S. locations reveal that a number of alternative health doctors have been found dead or have gone missing without a trace. These events have occurred during the month that separated the deaths of Dr. Bradstreet and Dr. Gonzalez — June 19th through July 21st. [16]

Disinformation websites have already popped up and have begun to paint pictures in the mind of readers that all this is coincidence and the deaths of these nine doctors had nothing to do with their work. They insist that these events are all unrelated.

The available information about the other deaths is limited. It is hard to judge those situations, because the information about the work of these doctors and their deaths or disappearances is sketchy.

One thing, however, is true – these events create an image in the minds of alternative healthcare providers and their patients that we are entering into a new era of concern, where death may be a real consequence for those who dare to speak out in opposition to big pharma, the dominant conventional healthcare system, and the U.S. regulatory system that is controlled by international mega corporations.

Conventional Media Sources Specialize in Cursing Dead Doctors They Brand as “Quacks”

Conventional media reports of Dr. Bradstreet’s death paint a picture of quackery. They quickly apply the label “paranoid” to anyone who raises questions about the possibility of murder and conspiracy concerning his death and the growing list of dead doctors.

There is clear reason to be concerned. We are now living in an time when the pharmaceutical industry has just about taken total control over the healthcare system, just as the chemical industry has just about seized control over the food supply. How long will it be until the most vocal opponents to corporate domination of healthcare are simply driven out of the United States, or simply silenced under mysterious circumstances? It is a time for alternative minded doctors to become more vocal, and not to be silenced out of fear. It is a time for patients and their doctors to speak the truth about how our conventional healthcare system is killing far more people than it is helping.

A New Day for Health and Healing

There are some people who may not be affected by the nagalase in vaccines. However, for the majority, this substance is suppressing their immune system each time they receive a vaccine. [17] Some infants and children develop autism spectrum disorders as a result, and other children and adults develop cancer.

What would it mean for the call for mandatory universal vaccination of all children if it was understood that vaccinations cause autism spectrum disorder and cancer, and the prevention and treatment of these problems is to stop vaccinating damaged children and to administer weekly doses of GcMAF until they become healthy again? [18]

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However, nothing could be further from the truth in the vaccine debate. Doctors are not unified at all on their positions regarding “the science” of vaccines, nor are they unified in the position of removing informed consent to a medical procedure like vaccines.

The two most extreme positions are those doctors who are 100% against vaccines and do not administer them at all, and those doctors that believe that ALL vaccines are safe and effective for ALL people, ALL the time, by force if necessary.

Very few doctors fall into either of these two extremist positions, and yet it is the extreme pro-vaccine position that is presented by the U.S. Government and mainstream media as being the dominant position of the medical field.

In between these two extreme views, however, is where the vast majority of doctors practicing today would probably categorize their position. Many doctors who consider themselves “pro-vaccine,” for example, do not believe that every single vaccine is appropriate for every single individual.

Many doctors recommend a “delayed” vaccine schedule for some patients, and not always the recommended one-size-fits-all CDC childhood schedule. Other doctors choose to recommend vaccines based on the actual science and merit of each vaccine, recommending some, while determining that others are not worth the risk for children, such as the suspect seasonal flu shot.

These doctors who do not hold extreme positions would be opposed to government-mandated vaccinations and the removal of all parental exemptions.

In this article, I am going to summarize the many doctors today who do not take the most extremist pro-vaccine position, which is probably not held by very many doctors at all, in spite of what the pharmaceutical industry, the federal government, and the mainstream media would like the public to believe.