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by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

Recent scientific research in France has determined cannabinoid receptors exist on mitochondria cells. This news has not reached mainstream media outlets and seems to be underreported even by alternative health sites on the internet.

This author only recently discovered the information after doing several articles on cannabis for curing many diseases, especially cancer. The internal endocannabinoid system with its two sets of cannabinoid receptors, C1 nervous system receptors and C2 immune system receptors, was discovered over two decades ago.

These receptors allow cannabinoids from cannabis to attach their health giving attributes to various internal physiological systems.

But the French mitochondrial discovery seems to be the key to understanding why cannabis is able to handle several different diseases, including cancer. Without this, skeptics can become more skeptical about all those cannabis cure reports and think of cannabis as snake-oil medicine and an excuse to get “high.”

Also, many others will be duped into using mainstream medical methods that have very poor cure histories with many adverse side effects before desperation drives them toward cannabis or any other alternative method.

Health Impact News has reported several cannabis cure anecdotal sources and scientific studies that you can access here.

The Mitochondria Mystery and Source of Cancer

Mitochondria organelles are within all cells in the human body except for blood. These tiny mitochondrial organelles provide the needed cellular energy sources that are in every multi-cell organism for properly metabolizing nutrients with oxygen. They create the adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which the cells use for energy and cellular respiration of oxygen.

Some nutritional molecules contain too much energy to be safely utilized by the cells in which they reside. Those high energy molecules need to be converted into ATP for efficient safe energy utilization. Sufficient ATP is required for safer, more effective handling within cells metabolic functions and their ability to communicate with other cells within the same or other physiological organs.

Mitochondria organelles contained within host cells replicate independently. They have separate cell walls or outer membranes. All plants, animals and fungi are endowed with mitochondria.

There are other functions of ATP as well but what should be taken away from this brief explanation is how mitochondrial production of ATP is a vital function for cellular health and homeostasis that would affect overall health drastically. Mitochondrial damage has been linked as the basic source of many major diseases and annoying chronic issues that are not as life threatening, such as chronic fatigue. (Source)

One of those homeostatic imbalances leads to the Warburg effect. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his cellular respiratory enzyme discoveries. He concluded that all cells need to contain oxygen for proper metabolism, but cancer cells survive without oxygen.

Instead, cancer cells survive by fermenting sugar to survive an acidic environment. This is a major reason why cancer victims should exclude processed sugars from their diets. This underscores the importance of healthy active mitochondria. Without their contributions to normal cellular respiration and metabolism, fermentation takes place to create cancer cells.  (Source)

Cancer cells are hungrier for glucose than normal cells are, thus taking away the glucose needed for normal metabolism among healthy cells, which can then be forced into fermentation as well to become additional cancer cells that form tumors. Our polluted and toxic environments, toxic foods, and anxiety ridden lifestyles contribute to mitochondrial damage and dysfunction.

But cannabis can come to the rescue. Cannabis’ helpful cannabinoids can be received by the endocannabinoid receptors, which are now known to be on the surfaces of mitochondria organelles, allowing restoration of mitochondrial activity to restore cellular energy balance or homeostasis by simply ingesting cannabis oil.

Full Spectrum Plant Based Cannabis Offers the Widest Variety of Cures

Cannabinoid receptors within the body make it possible to accept healing cannabinoids from cannabis.

The various cannabinoids exhibit their healing qualities, without adverse side effects, for healing disease situations that mainstream medical drugs cannot come close to matching.

The two major and most well known cannabinoids are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the cannabinoid that’s known for creating the “high” while contributing heavily toward healing, and CBD (cannabidiol), which interacts with THC to regulate its potency while also contributing to the healing. (Source)

CBD alone is useful for handling several medical issues, especially epileptic seizures with children and other neurological disorders, however, the balance of CBD and THC has proven to be the most effective solution for many diseases that mainstream medicines harm more than help, especially with cancer. (Source)

The combined THC/CBD ratio and its entourage effect or synergistic combination of all other 83 or so cannabinoids that are part of a natural healing plant surpasses the degree of curative effects for many diseases that CBD does handle alone. The full extracts from the whole natural cannabis plant will never be successfully imitated by the pharmaceutical attempts to cash in on cannabinoids either.

A recent study in Jerusalem, Israel, which has nationalized medical cannabis for research and use among its population, did a study to determine that which many CBD users have concluded as well. Here’s the abstract for that study.

Dramatic Cancer Recovery Stories That Are Becoming Common with Cannabis

Even a most difficult to treat lung cancer, asbestos induced mesothelioma, loses out to cannabis. Doctors attempted to cure Andy Ashcraft’s mesothelioma with an experimental chemotherapy drug. It failed. The doctors recommended hospice.

The official mainstream oncology stance is treatment can help, but this condition can’t be cured. “About 40 percent of USA patients live to the one year mark. By the second year, about 20 percent of patients are still alive. And by the third year, the number is 8 percent.”

Andy’s wife Ruth refused hospice. Instead she utilized California’s medical marijuana program to allow Andy’s use of full plant cannabis oil with both THC and CBD and all the plant’s other cannabinoids and terpenes that utilize the plant’s full “entourage effect.”

Amazingly, Andy recovered quickly from this type of cancer that mainstream oncology openly states “treatment can help, but this condition can’t be cured.” Of course, mainstream medicine does not use cannabis oil.

Ruth reported to

“The man is healthy today, and there is no other explanation for that. Beyond a shadow of doubt, this cannabis oil has worked wonders for him. I’d recommend it for anyone with cancer. I’m not saying it will work every time on everyone, but it’s working for us.” (Source)

A previous Health Impact News report told of a 77 year old retired dentist, Stan Rutner in California who was declared terminal after several mainstream medical interventions had failed to cure his stage 4 lung and brain cancers. He was assigned to hospice and given two weeks to live.

Neither Stan’s daughter Corrine and his future son-in-law, John Malanca wanted Stan to be in such a miserable condition, nor did they want to see him exit this earth plane quite yet. So they set out researching all the ins and outs of cannabis for cancer.

What they found: cannabis oil encapsulated with coconut oil taken orally was effective. In a few months of using the cannabis oil high-THC capsules, Stan was cancer free.  Not only did the cannabis get Stan out of hospice and over his cancers, he was healthy enough to go to Corrine and John’s wedding three years later at age 80. His cancer free condition has held for even six years after his escape from hospice. (Source)

John and Corrine realized they had stumbled on their mission, to help others suffering from terrible health and chronic diseases discover their path to healing with cannabis. They created the United Patients’ Group.

Time and time again those who have cured themselves of diseases ranging from Crohn’s to cancer become enthusiastic advocates and supporters of cannabis for health. Even some senior citizens who were once condemned to a lower quality of life through a stream of constantly prescribed pharmaceuticals have turned to cannabis and ditched most of their no longer needed meds.

Israel openly researches and prescribes cannabis products.

There is a reason there is not more “science” in the USA to support all these wonderful stories from those who genuinely wish to help others without financial gain.

The medical, pharmaceutical, and government regulatory establishments don’t want to lose the business and control that would be lost if many more switch to nature’s “sacred plant” for so many health issues.