Green chlorella. detox superfood. close - up

by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

We are plagued in these modern times with insufficient nutrition in our foods while being overwhelmed with toxins from an unbridled chemical culture. Chlorella offers solutions to both issues for all who wish to take advantage of its nutritional and detoxification properties.

Chlorella is the perfect food for letting food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food as Hippocrates urged over 2000 years ago. Scientists claim chlorella was around well before Hippocrates. It’s a truly ancient, perhaps prehistoric, food.

It’s both nutritionally dense and strongly contributes to detoxing heavy metals: mercury, cadmium, aluminum, and lead. Even if you don’t live near a coal burning energy plant that spews mercury, how many “amalgam” dental fillings that contain mercury are in your mouth.

It’s very expensive to have those mercury fillings removed by a holistic dentist equipped for such undertakings to prevent toxic vapors from contaminating all involved. And finding the insurance that will cover holistic dental amalgam removals is a bit dicey. But that’s the only way to have them removed without suffering heavily from the sudden release of mercury vapors.

High blood levels of even lead are still being found in humans with health problems. Aluminum and cadmium found in ground air, soil, and water or snow samples are highest in areas that are subjected to frequent chemtrails or geoengineering high altitude aerosol spraying.

The nanoparticles of aluminum and cadmium descend to contaminate plants and water and are capable of being breathed in by animals and humans on the ground. These are heavy metal toxicity threats that chlorella can minimize while offering high protein and many other nutrients with only three to five grams consumed daily.

Chlorella for Nutrition

The reason chlorella’s single celled green algae has survived for so long is that its single cell powerfully healthy offerings are protected by a three wall structure. In order for it to be digestible, those cell walls need to be opened without damaging what’s being protected.

Just about all commercially produced chlorella has done some sort of cell wall cracking to make it more nutritionally accessible. Extreme heating, freezing, and chemical methods are considered sub-optimal in all ways. The more efficient and safe cell wall breaking methods are listed below under “Finding and Using Chlorella.”

Chlorella is made up of tiny 10 micron sized green algae cells, smaller than red blood cells. It is relatively easy to farm in high volumes on fresh water ponds in temperate areas that benefit from year round sunlight. The water used for farming chlorella is filtered, constantly monitored, and purified to minimize pollution potentials.

During the 1940s, research was initiated to make plans for producing chlorella on a grand scale as a solution to world hunger fears because of its high amino acid protein levels and other nutrients. But the “Green Revolution” of industrial farming took on world hunger with large scale monoculture cultivation.

Thus began the demise of topsoil quality and nutritional crops with its dependance on synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides and herbicides that have led to decreased nutritional levels in our food supply.

It is fortunate that chlorella is so nutrient dense. A little bit, three to five grams daily, could be enough to compensate for what is lacking from our soil based agricultural food supply. Still, it’s important to avoid GMO and processed foods while supplementing with chlorella.

Chlorella is one of nature’s best super foods. It contains all the amino acids, providing easy-to-digest protein. It also contains very high amounts of vital minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and iron as well as essential fatty acids, polysaccharides, and human growth factors. By providing gut friendly bacteria, using chlorella helps boost digestion and our immune systems.

Chlorella has more chlorophyll per gram than any other plant to help optimize getting oxygen into red blood cells. Atmospheric oxygen levels have declined over the past several decades. Insufficient oxygen levels inhibit metabolism. It is the most important nutrient our bodies need on a cellular level.

Detoxing With Chlorella

But chlorella offers even more than high nutritional value per gram. We are subjected to countless swarms of different chemical toxins in our modern world. Our bodies can’t eliminate them all without some help.

Chlorella is a powerful detoxification agent. It’s able to detox the heavy metals mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, and barium and eliminate other ubiquitous pollutants, such as PCBs and other dioxins. It even helps remove typical metabolic waste from our bodies.

And chlorella detoxes without disturbing the necessary mineral elements of magnesium, potassium, iodine, and other important minerals.

Chlorella is used throughout Asia and Japan as a common food supplement, and that is where most of the world’s supply originates. Chlorella’s detox abilities have been tested in several nations. In Japan, it is known as the great regulator because of its adaptogenic qualities, e.g. if blood pressure is too high it gets lowered; too low it’s pushed higher.

In Russia, a three year test of 350 foundry workers in Russia demonstrated that chlorella combined with using cilantro not only removed specific metals involved with foundry work, it removed all heavy metals.

Amazingly, chlorella cells are able to bind with heavy metal molecules and usher them out of the body. The process is a type of adsorption, not absorption, where negatively charged chlorella cells attract positively charged heavy metals and bind them to escort them out of the body. It is actually chelation.

The tiny negatively charged chlorella cells actually differentiate between positively charged toxic heavy metals and other toxins while leaving negatively charged mineral nutrients alone. Within each chlorella cell is what is known as the chlorella growth factor or CGF.

CGF is a nucleotide-peptide complex derived from a hot water extract of chlorella. It is made mostly of nucleic acid derivatives. Researchers have discovered that CGF is produced during the intense photosynthesis that enables chlorella to grow so fast. It acts as human grown factors as well.

If serious illness, especially cancer, warrants taking CGF, it can be purchased online as a separate item and added with one’s normal chlorella supplementation.

Protecting Against Cancer

In recent research, chlorella has shown the ability to induce apoptosis in cancerous cells, making it a potent natural fighter of cancer. A hot water extract from Chlorella vulgaris (CVE) was used.

Studies using CVE were conducted at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Kebangsaan in Malaysia.

Their purpose was to confirm known reports of chlorella’s anticancer properties and further analyze the mechanics of how it stops cancer from proliferating.

The in-vitro (in glass contained cultures) observed how chlorella creates cancer cell DNA damage as a precursor to cancer cell suicide, known as apoptosis. Converting “infinite” cancer cells to normal cell self destruction is considered less messy than killing the cancer cells with external means.

The researchers observed that anti-apoptotic proteins in cancer cells were inhibited by chlorella, while normal cells’ apoptotic programming was left intact. Pretty amazing. (Abstract)

Another prior study by the same group was done to observe chlorella’s effect with an animal study. Chlorella stopped cancer proliferation in the liver with the majority of mice. Chlorella also tends to generally help detox the liver and support liver regeneration. (Abstract)

Finding and Using Chlorella

Shopping for chlorella can be confusing. A lot of its efficacy depends on where its from and how its cell walls are processed. It’s available in table, capsule, or powder form. Tablets are the easiest way to consume chlorella, which is not the tastiest of foods, but manageable at three to five grams daily. More economical powders can be purchased in bulk and mixed with lime water or smoothies.

Generally, most health experts consider Chinese sources of chlorella to be the most contaminated. Taiwan quality ranks the highest among experts, but is not as accessible. Japanese chlorella sources put out solid quality chlorellas and are easier to find.

They tend to be uncontaminated as long as they are not located downwind from Fukushima. Most Japanese sources are far south and westward. Northern Japan’s Fukushima pollutants drift mostly eastward.

The preferred cell wall eliminating techniques are: Dyno-Mill, Pressure-Release, Spray Drying, and Sound Vibration.

Three to five grams per day can be continued as long as you want. But allow several months for noticeable effects. It takes a heaping tablespoon of the powder to get five grams. Yes, you may experience a minor healing crisis or Herxheimer event. Nothing serious usually, if at all.

If it happens, back off a bit temporarily and then continue this food that is so overtly a medicine for these toxic modern times.