Gardasil Vaccine Hoax: Vaccine Side Effect Risks Higher than Cervical Cancer Risks

By the age of 50, the CDC reports, more than 80% of American women will have been infected with human papillomavirus (HPV) during their lifetimes. And yet, amazingly, over 99,000 out of every 100,000 women will never be diagnosed with cervical cancer. (It is useful to point out that deaths from cervical cancer are an even more miniscule 1.5 cases per 100,000 female population per year.) Those statistics say that the vast majority of girls who don’t go along with the crowd and refuse the vaccine recommendations will never get cervical cancer. The question that should come to everybody’s mind: “Why vaccinate millions of young girls (and boys) when the entirely theoretical chance of any of them ever getting cervical cancer approaches zero? Not only that, but skeptical parents will save a ton of money (an outrageous $140 per shot, plus office call charge) as well avoiding the distinct possibility of seeing their children become chronically ill with one or more autoimmune disorders that are becoming increasingly common among fully vaccinated children.

Japanese Doctor Discovers Link Between HPV Vaccine and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

After receiving the HPV vaccination, many women have reported that they have developed chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Many researchers believe that that the condition is linked to autoimmune disease, however, until recently, the reason why some women have developed the condition post-HPV vaccination has remained a mystery. However, after years of speculation as to why some women develop this condition post-vaccination, one doctor in Japan believes that he has the answer.

Gardasil HPV Vaccine Trial Using Infants as Young as One Year of Age

For years I have said the goal was to add Gardasil to the infant (vaccine) schedule. It appears that's where we are headed. Sales of the Gardasil vaccine are slumping, as this has never been a popular vaccine due to the dangerous side-effects. In spite of the fact that HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, and that the vaccine wears off long before an infant is sexually active, it appears that drug company lobbyists and the CDC will successfully add the Gardasil HPV vaccine to the infant vaccine schedule. It's not unbelievable and it's not over the top for the CDC to do this. They've done this before. They did it with the Hepatitis B vaccine. Hepatitis B vaccine was initially introduced and targeted at-risk adults, including those who engaged in promiscuous sex (heterosexual and homosexual) and IV drug users. Other "at-risk" populations included hospital workers (due to potential exposure to infected blood and body fluids) and people who were incarcerated or institutionalized. The problem was, just as has happened with Gardasil, they couldn't get the numbers up. They couldn't get enough adults to take the vaccine (Hep B), so they added it to the infant schedule, because that's when they could "get everyone."

Had I Known Then What I Know Now, I Would NEVER Have Allowed my Daughter Anywhere Near HPV Vaccines

Our daughter Holly, was an energetic, unstoppable, full-of-life 12-year-old. Very sporty, playing netball, rugby, rounders and football for a local club, the school, and county. She was also part of the Newcastle United development academy. She was so full of energy; we would send her for 15 minutes on the trampoline just to use some energy up. She loved sports, she loved being active and she loved being outdoors. Then, between November 2013 and May 2014, she was given the HPV vaccinations. Our life would never be the same again.

Victims in Japan Sue for Damages Due to Gardasil and Cervarix HPV Vaccines

The Japan Times recently reported that a class action lawsuit will be filed after June 2016 against the Japanese government, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline by victims who have suffered severe side effects as a result of receiving the former government recommended HPV vaccine (Gardasil and Cervarix.) Twelve plaintiffs will file the lawsuit at four district courts in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. The plaintiffs are demanding answers as to why they were not informed of the risks of HPV vaccine prior to receiving it. The defense team will be hosting seminars in the next two months in hopes of seeking additional plaintiffs. Unlike in Japan where vaccine-injured victims can directly file a lawsuit against the state and the vaccine manufacturers, the judicial process in the U.S. for vaccine-injured victims of HPV and other government recommended or mandated vaccines is remarkably different, to say the least. Under current U.S. federal law, no one can directly sue a vaccine manufacturer in civil court after a vaccine causes the injury or death of a minor child or adult, as they are protected by law against any liabilities due to faulty vaccines that cause death and injuries.

Colombian Health Officials Demand Changes to Stop HPV Vaccine Injuries

Colombia’s largest mainstream news outlet El Tiempo is currently reporting on a public forum that was held in the Bogotá Council. The forum heard testimony from doctors, lawyers, politicians, health ministers and numerous HPV vaccine-injured girls in an effort to determine the country’s next steps concerning its HPV vaccine program and treatment of the massive numbers of vaccine injuries caused by the shot.

Gold Medalist Dies Of Cervical Cancer- Could It Be Because Of The HPV Vaccine She Received?

Australian, London Olympics medallist rower, Sarah Tait has died after a battle with cervical cancer- she was 33. She is survived by her senior national coach husband Bill and two children. Sadly, the HPV vaccine she had when she was younger didn’t save her and neither did the chemotherapy.

Gardasil Vaccine Put Our Lives on Hold

At 8 years of age, my daughter Calli was diagnosed with ADHD. She was full of energy, constantly on the go, enjoyed singing, acting and music, loved meeting up with friends. Fast forward to the 11th of December 2013. That’s the day Calli received the second dose of the HPV vaccine Gardasil. The 12th of December Calli went to bed at 10pm and at 10.45pm screamed ‘mum!’ I rushed upstairs to find her in a state of acute confusion, unable to see and very frightened. At first I thought she was dreaming but no, this was the beginning of our nightmare. What has concerned me since the 12th of December is that when the school sent out the consent form and their information leaflet, no mention was made of any serious adverse reactions which could occur following HPV vaccination. The serious side effects are listed on the Patients Information Leaflet which is not sent out to parents at the time of requesting consent. Friday 13th December 2013 at 10am while the doctors were at her bed, Calli had a Tonic Clonic Seizure. This was the most frightening experience I have ever witnessed. I thought my child had died in front of me. It’s over two years since Calli received the HPV vaccine and it has been very difficult for her. It has also been difficult for me to watch her every day not knowing how she will be or how much she will suffer. We just have to work on a day to day basis and cannot plan anything. Our lives are on hold at the moment. I just wish I did more research on the side-effects of this vaccine before I consented to vaccinate. I feel very guilty.

Ireland’s HPV Vaccine Injured Fight for Human Rights in Dublin’s High Court

Fighting for the recognition of their vaccine-injured daughters in the eyes of healthcare and political policy, growing numbers of Irish mothers and fathers throughout the country are garnering the world's attention. At the same time throughout Ireland, many are asking for the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine to be withdrawn in the country. Countries globally are experiencing their newly unveiled mandatory HPV vaccine programs in various stages of deterioration and failure. Amidst this chaos, a perfect storm of well-deserved bad press, mounting HPV vaccine injury and political apathy has descended upon Ireland. Mainstream special reports and news stories coming from the Emerald Isle continue to cast a light on the negligent silence of Ireland's political class. The Irish healthcare system is rapidly losing the respect of its people through years of misdiagnosing Gardasil vaccine injury and medical incompetence in its treatment. The mishandling and inaction regarding Ireland's vaccine-injured daughters is now front and center for the world to see in Dublin’s High Court.

Colombian Constitutional Court Orders Official Investigation Into HPV Vaccine Injury Epidemic

Unlike the U.S. where victims of vaccine damage cannot sue the manufacturer of the vaccine, lawsuits against the HPV vaccine are mounting in many countries around the world. Colombian mainstream media has been reporting breaking news this week as the Colombian Constitutional Court has ordered health authorities to deliver “as soon as possible” thorough tests of the initial HPV vaccines given in 2013. The court order directs the District Department of Health Bogotá to conduct toxicology tests to determine whether the HPV vaccines contain heavy metals such as aluminum, lead, cadmium, silver and titanium. Following these studies, the National Institute of Health (NIH), the Colombian Association of Rheumatology and the National Cancer Institute are to deliver to the court any studies demonstrating the negative effects and contraindications of HPV vaccines. According to statements, the mission of the court is to establish whether health authorities violated the fundamental right to health of Colombian girls by not previously warning about the alleged negative effects of the vaccine. Said another way, the court wants to know why, like in every other country where the HPV vaccine is administered, informed consent was not given.